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Moon's Last Quarter, April 114, 2.0 _.m.

Sunset: This evening, 5.29. Sunrise: Tomorrow morning, 6.16.

HIGH WATER. Auckland: This evening, 11.35; to-morrow morning. —-. Onehunga: To-morrow morning, 3.45; tomorrow afternoon, 4.4. Manukau -Heads: To-morrow morning, 2-25;' to-morrow afternoon, 2.44. Kaipara To-morrow morning, 8.50; to-morrow afternoon, 4.9. ARRIVALS. SATURDAY. Dandy, scow, from the Coast: Seagull, scow, from the Coast. Tally-Ho, scow_. from the Coast. Alma, scow, from the Coast. Waiotahi, s.s., C. Hopkins, from Tau__ng_. Apanui, s.s., J. Wilson, from Tauranga. Alma, scow, I. Soars, from Ngunguru.—R. S. Reynolds, agent. Seagull, scow, J. Vasta, from Whangarei.—Ford Shipping Line, agents. Clio, schooner, W. Pelley, from Whangarei.—J. J. Craig, Limited, agents. Greyhound, a.s.s., H. Subritzky, from the North. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Dalsley and child, Messrs Johnston (3), Irvine, Masters Dean (2), and three Austrlans.—Master, agent.

Ngapuhi, 5.2., E. Stephenson, from Whangarei. Passengers: Misses Stott, Proudfoot, Hall. Xoakes, McT-aughlin. Mesdames Badle3". Sioft, McLaughlin, Bestford, jProudfoot, Messrs Wilson, White, Cook, D. Maschiez, Mcßeth, Crawford, Pearson, Climo, Preston, McClune, Armstrong, Turbott, Macklow, Roland, Foster, Eyres, Proudfoot, Condon, Harris. Cook. Dj-sant, Tremain. Lees, Schultz. Namer (2), Dennis, and 10 steerage.—Northern Co., agents. YESTERDAT. Apanni. s-s., J. Wilson, from Tauranga. •—Northern Co., agents. Wairuna; s:s., 3947, W. P. Collins, from the South.—Union Co., agents. Rona, barque, 618, Broadhouse, from Lyttelton.—Russell and Somers, agents.

Stella, s.s.. E. Sellars, from the coast — Leyland-O'Brien Timber Company, agents. Dandy, scow, R. McKinlay, from Whangapoua.—Kauri Timber Co., agents.

Louisa Craig, barque, 653, R. Kennedy, from Newcastle.—J. J. Craig, Limited, agents.

Yeddo. s.s.. 4563, R. Woodfield, from San Francisco and Apia.— J. C. Spedding, agent. Waiotahi, s.s., C. Hopkins, from Opotiki, Ohiwa, and Tauranga. Passengers: Sliss Seddon, Mesdames Hazieman, E. Wood, McCavish, D. McKenzie, Messrs A. McNeil, McLauchlnn. Ross, H. Allen, Perkins, Brown, Hogg, FarreU, Master McCavisb..— Northern Co., agents.

Mokoia, s.s., 3502, R. E. Smith, from Dunedin, via ports. Passengers: Misses Button, A- Harker. Flavell, Whitburn, Parrott. Worth, de Lautour (2), Chitty, F. Johnson, Digby, Quinn, Fleming, Fuches, Murray, Martin, Mesdames Acheson, Gernv Hendon, W. C. Todd, Kirkland, Boot, Fiiilayson, Dewsbury, Watkins and child, Farrell, Jarman, Richardson, Stone, Ingham, Harding, Fisher, Messrs' .T. Dunlop, Gernv, Hendon, Acheson, Teen, W. J. Todd. Kirkland, J. McKenzie, A. Ganham, Harker, Gerber. Earrell, Fleming* Shorter, Mitchell, Wheeler, Greslcy Lukin, Hudson, E. G. Vaughan, Acheson, Gleeson, Edmundson Ryan, Lee, McKain, Richardson, Hall, Osboga, C. Taylor, Hammond, Harding, Graham. Matthews, Mossman. Tales. Bunion. Burton. Staff. Tamahori, Glttos, Fisher, Orr. Captain Parnall, the Rev. Pine; and' 36 Bteerage.—Union Co., agents.

Maher-o, 5282, M. Livingstone, from Sydney. Passengers: Misses Friend. Mergentnein, Smith, Carver, Searle-: White, Coleman, Morris. Hobbs; Cameron, Holt, Nurse Greig. Mesdames Friend and" infant, Beeche, Walsh. Norman, Wilson and three children, Haddington, Watts and child. Brown (2). Smith, Cairns, Atkin, Searle. White. Kirmear. Port, Stewart, Coleman, Myers, Doidge, Barkley, Miessrs Grlmwade, Hawkins; Corps, Norman, Graham. Kissling, Fry. Lamdon, Elliott, Yew,. Master, Ray. Froud, Bent, McLeod. Benson. Dare, Rensha-n-, Scoullar. Tims, Parkes, Martin, Soppett and boy, Hearne, White. Hopkins, Bitheli, Pott, Doidge, Stewart, Hould, Morris.- Duffy, Forgie, Patterson, Barkley, Captain Cairns, the Rev. Ryan, and 75 Bteerage.—Union Co., agents.

"> DEPARTTTKES. SATtTRT>A„ Squall, s.s., J. McKenzie, for Tolago Bay and Gisborne. YESTEBDAT. Kanieri, s.s., T. Meyers, for Whangarei. Tasman. s.s., C. Faulkner, for Whakatane. ■ Totomam, s.s., 623f, Macfie, for the South \ UNION iMOVSiIENTS. To-day: Wairuna arrives from the Bluff, Oamaru. Timarn: Takapuna leaves for New Plymouth and .Wellington at 5 p.m. (4.5 train). Tuesday: Maheno leaves for Southern ports, at 5. p.m. Wednesday: Hanroto leaves- for Eastern Pacific at noon; Maitai leaves for Fiji at 3 p.m. Thursday:.. Squall t arrives from Tolag6 Bay.and Gisborne. Friday: Waikare arrives from Southern ports; Takapuna arrives from 25eW Plymouth and Wellington, and leaves for New ] Plymouth at 3 p.m. (2.10 train). Saturday:' Waikare leaves for Southern portß at noon; Squall leaves for Gisborne and Tolago Bay at noon. ■. IMPORTS.' Per Louisa Craig,' from (Newcastle: 1040 tons coal. Per Yeddo, from San Francisco: 400 tons general cargo. Per Mokoia, from the .South: 3415 sacks wheat, 733 sacks potatoes, 421 sacks 834 sacks seed, 121 bags onions, 555 sacks flour. 151 bags malt, 20 sacks linseed, 345 hides, 34 cases tea, IT5' cases'" meats, 25 sacks oatmeal, 16S cases jam, 47 cases pickles, 36 cases tobacco, SO bb„S' buttery 2pT sacks peas. 97 cases matches; 66 boxes eOap: and sundries. Per Maheno, from Sydney: 31 cases wine, STibags" valonia, 40 cylinders gas; 30 ingots tm, 50 ingots" copper,, 18 cases celling- material. 30 bags .peanuts, 10 drums carbide; SO cases tobacco, 24 cases' emulsion, 1103 bags phosphates, 235 bags bark, 121 cases soap, 23 sacis f seed, 50 cases candles, 410 ■packages tea,. SS.bales cornsacks, 1070 bags rice, and sundries. . , ,

Per "Wairuna, from the Bluff, Oamaru, and Timarn: 1811 sacks, 679-100's,' 2020 50'sj 30 sacks 25's flour, 20 sacks 25's oatmeal, 20 sacks" wtieatmeal, 1806 sacks bran, 676 sacks pollard, 9630 sacks wheat, 10,013 sacks oats. 74~ sacks'barley. ITS 4 sacks pota: toes, I*! sacks chaff, 73. sacks, grass seed, 11_ cases 32' crates preserved milk; 25 cases meats, and sundries'."

The schooner lAwahui, which sailed for Gisborne on 'Friday, returned to port yesterday, owing to the rough,,weather. . The turbine steamer Maheno arrived from -Sydney at 2.30 p.m. yesterday after a moderate weather passage. The Maleno sails for Duwdin, via,ports. . .. The' s.s. 'Wairuna arrived from* 'Southern ports -with a cargo of produce at 4 p.m: yesterday. Tlie Wairuna will dock at Auck. land for painting and survey.. The s.s. leddo arrived from.. San. Francisco, via Apia, at 2.15_p.m. yesterday. She left ''Frisco on March 15, and experienced fine weather on the trip. The Yeddo proceeds on to Sydney this evening.

The barques Rona, from Lyttelton, and •the Louisa Craig, from Newcastle, arrived in port yesterday, the latter at 1 a.m.; and the former during the afternoon. The Rona will berth at the Hobson-street Wharf this evening.

The s.s. Mokoia, which arrived-from -Dunedin, yia ports, yesterday morning, ..'brought transhipments per Mashona and Indradevi, from Sew _or___-_ >R__pe_u.from.London. The s.s. Maheno, from Sydney, alsb brought transhipments per. .MpngoJia .. and.., Omrah from London, Aldenham from Japan; and ■Australian interstate steamers.. ... .

The first of the Craig trio, in connection with which an interesting race, across the Tasman Sea was anticipated, put In an appearance at Auckland-yesterday. This vessel was the Louisa Craig. She left 'Newcastle on March SI, the same day as the Jessie Craig, while the third vessel of the line, th* Joseph Craig, took her departure from the coal port on April 4. These vessels made the run across from the New Zealand coast to Melbourne in remarkably good time, and were discharging together. at . Port Philip. They then -proceeded to Newcastle, and left the latter port for Auckland as stated. The lLouisa Craig. has completed the round voyage m remarkably good -time, being to-day seventeen" days ahead of the other vessels. She made the run from Newcastle to Auckland in 10 days. For the first 24 r < * n^ s _ a ' t sea, she -experienced moderate S. . s"' ' """inds, thence- light east td -N.E. ■winds to sighting. the Three: Kings, ou Wed-*°"-° light baffling winds (With thick weather to.arrival as above. I via mi S '^ 0 , tol - a arrived from Dunedin, i * n Z SS^'*'- 2 a - m - yesterdays. She sails i ■*£*£?*%* 5 t „ 5 ' 30 °' clock ™S evenSgT I _S«? w» 6^ IoU ?S^ E Passengera-.-MissSs 1 jRWfIJ, mms-t mm m $ jnald, "Nathan, ___t .comply'! pffic«; <aii_^m i^*;^Tl

Miles, Quinn- (2), Butler; A. Wingfield,. t Palmer (3), Scott, Purcell, Warden, F. Keeling, B. and M. Jenkins, Niven, Mesdames Jones, Hooper, _ Loekwood, Man'der; Jowitt; Allster, Clark, Nathan and maid, Davis 5 and' maid, Payne, Quinu, hNicholls. Fraser, Nicholls. Simpson,. Morrison, Smith, Dean, P. M. Stewart, J*. A. Williams, T. P.' Browne;. Carnegie; St'ew•art and maid, W. Henderson, A. B. Kent, Robertson, Messrs Jones, C. E. Earsohi J. Ambrose, Hooper, E: Handcock, Harrison, W. Smith, C. Loekwood, Mander, A. W. Baptiste,, T. Dyer, W. B: Garmichael;. J. Barton, W. Cummings, Alister Clark, SGerber. Hardy, J. Fleming,. Payne, E. R. Lee; J. C. Buckingham. B*. Self, W. B. Scott, D. Mawson, H. L. Macintosh. 1 Robertson, A. Morman; Bl Humphries; Murray, Moses, Lawrence, D. Congaltou, Taylor, Smeatman, D; Smith; P." M. Stewart, F. Kenny, G. H. Lichfield, J. A. Williams, Robinson, A. Trotter, T. P. Browne; Carnegie, A. B. Kent, Sir P: Brockelhurst, 'Dr. McKay, Hon. H. Mosman, Rev. J, Hegarty, and 140 steerage; THE ARAWA-'S PASSENGERS. (From Our Special Correspondent.) LONDON. March 5. The following is the list of the saloon passengers by the R.M.S. Arawa. which sailed from London on the sth March: Mr. and Mrs. Bain, Mr. E. R. Cookson, Mr. J. Graham. Mrs. E. C. Lang Mr. E. S. Pink. Miss A. M. Sanderson. ' Miss L. M Tanner. Mr. E. W. Bailey, Miss M. Haige, Mr. G. F. Hillman, Mr. A. Knight Mr W. G. Lyon, Mr. D. J. Parry-Croc-ke. Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Miss M. Smith Mr. J. Smith. Mrs. Smith. Master E Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. Street, Mrs. Street and family, Mrs. M. Wilson, Miss K. Wilson. In the, steerage the Arawa carried 220 passengers.!

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SHIPPING., Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 86, 12 April 1909

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SHIPPING. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 86, 12 April 1909

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