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The principal interest in bowling on Saturday was centred in the doings of the New Plymouth team and -the tournament among i winter green players at Carlton. An impromptu match had been arranged for the Taranaki men against Rocky Nook to take place in the morning, but owing to some misunderstanding -when the New Plymouth Players rolled up at Rocky Nook, there were no opponents to meet them. So perforce the match had to lapse. In the afternoon tne visitors met Remuera. A match also took place on Saturday" between a Hamilton and an Auckland team, the latter winning. THE CARLTON TOURNAMENT. A SUCCESSFUL GATHERING. The tournament for winter players, inaugurated and carried out upon their green by the Carlton Bowling Club, has\been proceeding on Friday and Saturday, and is generally voted as about the most successful and. pleasant foregathering of bowling brethren ever held under the auspices of one club in Auckland. The entries were sumcient to occupy every rink of the club's main green, which played sweet and true, notwrthstendlng the recent heavy weather, and the hospitable arrangements'to cap the general pleasuife of the tourney were carried out in Carlton's usual style. Friday witnessed some,excellent contests on a fast green, but tho rain of the night and the weather outlool .on Saturday morning caused somewhat gL -omy prognostications, which were not veritt -tt. Eor although the green held a little wu ,n play started on Saturday, yet the weathe ■ favouring, saw matters improve as the da progressed, and the green standing the heavy wear and tear grandly, ""went merry as the proverbial marriage bell, and everyone departed home at night thoroughly content with a capital two days sport. As the result of the section play, the teams skipped by Wakerley and V. Casey played off for first uiace in "A" section, the winner of this, section being Casey's quartet. In "B" section three teams were left; Thornes', Osmond's and Cutler's. In the game between Thornes' and Osmond's Quartets, the former won, but went do-am to Cutler's team, which thus secured top place in "B" section. The play-off in the final between the teams skipped by V. Casey and Cutler respectively was to take place to-day, weather favouring. The prize for the team having the lowest aggregate of points scored against them was secured by Wakeriey's which came through the seven rounds ' with but 77 points against them. Osmond's team, with 81 points scored against it, being runnerup. The following is the detailed result of the play in the seven rounds of the two sections:— " A " SECTION. First Round: O'Neil, Anderson, Tutt, Kilgour (skip), 12, v. J. C. Wilson, Gribble, Watkins, Wrathall (skip), 19. ■Humes, Haresnape, White, Wakerley (skip), 14, v. Walker, Packman, Cahill, Martin (skip), 16. Healy, Carey, Gilmour, Eagleton (skip), J.O, v. Cottle, Keesing, Badeley, Mercer, (skip, 19. Flower, Macgregor, Crowhurst, Quln, (skip), 13, v. M. Casey, Edgcumbe, Young, V. Casey (skip), 19. Second. Round.—Cottle, Keesing, Badeley, Mercer (skip), 13, v. W. Casey, Edgcumbe, YToung, V. Casey. J. C. Wilson, Gribble, Watkins, Wrath-all (skip), 12, v. Hemus, Haresnape, White, Wakerley (skip), 16. c Flower, Macgregor, Crowhurst, Quinn (skip), 14, v. Walker, Packman, Cahill, Martin (skip), 15. O'iNeil, Anderson, Tutt, Kilgour (skip), 10, v. Healy, Carey, Gilmour, Eagletos., (;ikip), 17. Third Round.—Cottle, Keesing, Badeley, Merser (skip), 14-, v. Walker, Packman, Cahill, Martin (skip), 11. O'Neil, Anderson, Tutt, Kilgour (sljip), 17, v. Flower, Macgregor, Crowhurst, Quinn (skip), 20. J. C. Wilson, Gribble, Watkins, Wrathall (skip), 13, v. Healy, Carey, Gilmour, Eagleton (skip), 12.. Hemus, Haresnape. White, Wakerley \ (skip), 19, M. Casey, Edgcumbe, Young, V. '■ Casey (skip), 8. Fourth Round.—J. C. Wilson, Gribble, , Watkins, Wrathall (skip), IS, v. Flower, i Macgregor, Crowhurst, Quin (skip), 18. -Hemus, Haresnape, White, Wakerley <s3£ip), 10, v. Healy, Carey, Gilmour, Eagleton (skip), 12. O'Neil, Anderson, Tutt. Kilgour (skip). 9, v. Cottle, Keesing, Badeley, Mercer (skip), 12. Walker, Packman, Cahill, Martin (skip), 6, v. M. Casey, Edgcumbe, Young, V. Casey (skip), 15. Fifth Round.—Healy, Carey, Gilmour, Eagleton (skip), 8, v. M. Casey, Edgcumbe, Young,, V. Casey- (skip), 23. O'iNeil, Anderson, Tutt, Gilgour (skip), IS, v. Walker, Packman, Cahill, Martin (skip), Cottle. Keesing, (Badeley. Mercer (skip), 9, v. J. C. Wilson, Gribble, Watkins, Wrath, j all (skip), 12. Hemus, Haresnape, White, Wakerley (skip), 19, v. V. Flower, McGregor, Crowhurst, Quin (skip), 6. Sixth Round: J. C. Wilson, Gribble, Watkins, Wrathall (skip), 10, v. Walker, Packman, Cahill, Martin (skip),' IS. Healy. Carey. Gilmour, Eagleton (skip), 12, v. Flower, Macgregor, Crowhurst, Quin (skip), 13. *vjJeil, Anderson, Tutt, Kilgour (skip), 16, v. M. Casey, Edgcumbe, Young, V. Casey (skip), 8. ' -Hemus, Haresnape, White, Wakerley (skip), 15, v. Cottle, Keesing, Badeley, Mercer (skip), 9. Seventh Round. —J. C. WUson, Gribble, Watkins, Wrathall (skip)—l7, v. M. C*sey, Edgcumbe, Young, V. Casey (skip)—l9. Flower, Macgregor, Crowhurst, Quln (skip)—ls, v. Cottle, Keesing, Baddeley, Mercer (skip)—l6. Healy Carey, Gilmour, Eagleton (skip)— 6, v Walker, Packman, Cahill, Martin (skip)—ll. O'Neil. Anderson, Tutt, Kilgour (skip)— 16, v Hemus, Haresnape, White, Wakerley (skip)—2l. "B " SECTION. First Round.—Davies, W. Baildon, McGregor, Osmond (skip)—l4, v. Harkins, Raynes, Baddeley, Ledingham (skip)—l7. Peterson, Dlmery, Moir, Laurie (skip)— 22, v Goldsmith, Perrett, McLeod, G. Baildon (skip)—l2. Smith, Cottrell, Brown, Thornes (skip)— 18, v. Fookes, Colledge, Arey, Rankin (skip) —12. Bruce, Lamb Burnard, Cutler (skip)—l3, v Sehiska, Davis, Otter, Curteis (skip)— 12. Second Round.—Fookes, Colledge, Arey, Rankin (skip)—G, v. Harkins, Raynes, Baddeley, Ledingham (skip)—l7. Bruc= Lamb, Burnard, Cutler (skip)— 26, v. Smith, Cottrell, Brown, Thornes (skip)— 11. Sehiska, Davis, Otter, Curteis (skip)—2l, v Peterson, Dimery, Moir, Laurie (skip)— 9. Davies, W. Baildon, McGregor, Osmond (skip)—2l, v. Goldsmith, Perrett, McLeod, G. Baildon (skip)— 6. Third Round. —Bruce, Lamb. Burnard, Cutler (skip)—l4, v. Davies, W. Baildon, McGregor, Osmond (skip)—l9. Harkins, Raynes, Baddeley. Ledingham (skip)—l4, v. Peterson, Dimery, Moir, Laurie (skip)—l9. Fookes, Colledge, Arey, Rankin (skip)— 20 v. Goldsmith, Perrett, McLeod, G. Baildon (skip)— 6. „ , ,„ Sehiska, Davis, Otter, Curteis (skip)—l2, v. Smith, Cottrell, Brown, Thornes (skip) —IS. Fourth Round. —Smith, Cottrell, Brown, Thornes (skip)—l4, v. Peterson, Dimery, Moir, Laurie (skip)—l2. Harkins, Raines, Baddeley, Ledingham (skip)—l3, v. Goldsmith, Perrett, McLeod, G. Baildon (skip)—l7. Bruce, Lamb, Burnard, Cutler (skip)—l6, v. Fookes, Colledge, Arey, Rankin (skip)— 13. , Sehiska, Davis, Otter, Curteis (skip)— 9, ' v. Davies, W. Baildon, McGregor, Osmond (skip)—2o. Fifth Round.—Bruce, Lamb, Burnard, Cutler (skip)—ll, v Goldsmith, Perrett, McLeod, G. Baildon '(skip)—l3. Sehiska, Davis Otter, Curteis (skip)— 21, v. Fookes, Colledge Arey, Rankin- (skip) —s. Smith, Cottrell, Brown, Thornes (skip)— 12, v. Harkins, Raines, Baddeley, Ledingham (skip)—2l. Petersen, Dimery, Muir, Laurie (skip)— 15, v. Davies, W. Baildon, McGregor, Osmond (skip)—l7. Bruce, Lamb Buruard, Cutler (skip)— 11, v. Goldsmith, Perrett, McLeod, G. Baildon (skipj—l3 Sixth Round.—Davies, Baildon, McGregor, Osmond (skip)—ll, v. Smith, Cottrell, Brown. Thornes (skip)—l6. Bruce, Lamb. Buruard, Cutler (skip)—ll. v. Harkins, Raines, Baddeley, Ledingham (skip)—lo. Petersen. Dimery. Muir, Laurie (skip)— 12, v. Fookes, Colledge, Arey, Hankiu (skip)—S. Sehiska, Davis, Otter, Curteis (skip)— 13, v. Goldsmith, Perrett, G. Baildon (skip) —14. Seventh Round.—Bruce, Lamb, Burnard," Cutler (skip)— 33, v. Petersen, Dimiery, Muir, Laurie (skip)— 7. Davies. W. BaildoD, McGregor. Osmond , (skip)—l3, v. Fookes, Colledge, Arey, Ranj kin (skip)— 9. '

Smith, Cottrell, - Brown, Thornes (skip)— , 18...v. Goldsmith, Perrett, McLeod, G. Baildon (skip)—ls. , Schlska, Davis, Otter, Cnrteiß (skip)—l6, ; y. 'Harking, Raines, Baddeley, Ledingham (skip)—l4. " -".', At the conclusion of play on Saturday , Mr Ledingham. on behalf of the visitors, testified to the general good time that ail had experienced during the two days, and congratulated the Carlton Club upon the successful tournament they had arranged and carried out. Mr Cahlll, vice-presi-dent of the home club, voiced the gratification of the homesters at the evidences of bowling satisfaction about him, as shown in the faces of the visitors and by tlie expression of the spokesman. Reciprocal cheers wound up all save the strictly social business of the afternoon. AUCKLAND GREEN. Ordinary Games.—Gover, Llttjer Coldicutt, Pearson (skip.)—ls. v Morton Thomas, Dean, Diddams (skip), £ tx J ,\ T * *f°" and ' Culpan, Evorsieigh J. J. Holland (skip.)—l3, v. McO.-ae, Pos'senulskie, Benney, G. A. Buttle '<skip )—">B Morgan and James—2o, v. Dr. Jiardie Neil and Dr. Pa'bst—l3. The Auckland Club has lost In the past week two old and good members by the deaths of Messrs. Lewfe and Easton. The loss of these two bo.wlers will be keenly felt by the Metropolitan Club, particularly by tie older members, with whom they have oeen associated for so long a period. The late Mr. Lewis was for many years a prominent worker on the Refreshment Committee, while In tne demise of Mr Eastou they lose, besides a Stirling clubman and a good bowler, the club auditor. Mr. Jiaston s interment was private, and, therefore, the c'.ub was riot represented but a floral emb'jem and letter of sympathy wasi sent to ttie relatives of the deceased mem-! ber. I MOUNT EDEN. «fr S , e 7s? al „ interestln S games were brought I on at the Mt. Edeu green ou Saturday alter- ' noori, the principal bowl being a match between Hamilton and Mount Eden. The green, considering the wet weather of the"! orevious night, was iv very fair condition,' HAMILTON V. MOUNT EDEN. Mt. Eden.—B. Walton, Coe. Ferguson i (skip.)— 22, v. Hamilton—Mitchell Gut-1 tridge, Aickin, Varuey—lS. First year players' match.—Stone—2l, beat Dickenson—l9. Ordinary Games.—Macdouald H Walton, Chandler, and Rendle (skip.)—l3. beat , May, Gordon, Gatenby, and Ross (skip)— Woolley, E. C. Brown, Cordes, and Bartley (skip.)—l4, beat Brown, Dr. Walton, Robertson, and Wooller (skip.)—2o. 11. Jones and Esam (skip.)—2S, beat Lewis, and Baker (skip.)—ll. Macdonald and Hudson (skip.)—2B, beat Harle-Giles and Rendle (skip.)—ls. E. Walton and Wooler (skip.)—lß, beat Marshall and A. W. Jones (skip.)—l4. Brown and George (skip.)—l7 drew with. Blake aud MacGregor (skip.)—l7. REMUERA V. NEW PLYMOUTH. The match between Remuera- and New Plymouth resulted as follows, the winners, Remuera, being quoted first in each instance:— Lennox. Hegman, Wilkinson, Baxter (skip.)— 27, v. Perm, Ewing, Barry, G. Gray (skip.)—lß. Spooner, Barstow, Menzies, Garland (skip.)—l4, v. Collins, Avery, U. Smart, A. Smart (skip.)—2o. Ellis, Hanna, Hull, McLean (skip.)—2l, v. Watkins, Rennell, A. D. Gray, H. Ward (skip.)—l,-,. Sanderson, Gamble, Patterson, Dingwall (skip.)—2l, v. Spencer, Burgess, Money, Kendal] (skip.)—lS. PONSONBY GREEN. The following games were played on the Ponsonby green on Saturday afternoon: — Atkinson, Dr. Owen, Evans (Wellington), T. Wetherilt (skip.)— 23, v. Kayle, Burtou, Longuiare (Wellington), Gorman (skip.)— White, H. W. Smith, Graham. Lee (skip.)—l9, v. Craig, Baguall, Miller, Crabtree (skip.)—2l. Cardon. Watson, Teacocke, Stichbury (skip.)—l2, v. Thompson (Dunedin), Adams, Oldham, Cou'tts (skip.)— 24. Leighton, J. Smith, Dewnr, Webb (skip) —20, v. Gouk, ' Abbott, Rouey, ParsouS (skip.)—l6. Shaw, Gribble, W. Smith, Veale (skip)— 25, v. Harris, Keary, Court, Langsford (skip.)—2o. | ONEHUNGA GREEN. Ordinary Games. —Gallaher, Fryer, Laird Davies (skip.)— 27, v. Mainland, Phitts, Michaels, Wright (skip.)—lß. I Rintoul G. J. Browne, G. James. Haslett (skip - .)—18, v. Foote, Brookfield, J. Xeill, F. Court (skip.)—3B. , W. Court, F. Court, S. Bradley (skip.)— 15, v. Laird Gallaher, Wright (skip.)—3o. Ellison, Anderson, W. Court, C. Schnauer (skip.)—l9, v. Kenny, Dr. Tresidder, G. Vause, Appleby (skip.)—l9. Championship (semi-flual). —A. Brown— 20, v. E. Clarke—24. GREY LYNN GREEN. The following games were played on the Grey Lynu green on Saturday: — Club Fours..—Semi-tinal: Wheeler, Boyce, Jas. Ferguson, F. Parsons (skip)-—lO, v. B. Buckley, Ewen. Knight, Waddingham (skip) —16. Ordinary Games. —Eagleton, W. Baildon, senr., Norgrove, D. Buckley (skip)— 22, v. A. Howe, H Buckley, Thorpe, Gwilliam (skip)—ll; C. Mirfin, Cowdeu, Jones, Johu Ferguson (skip) —23, v. Parsons, Ewing, James Ferguson, C. Sexton (skip)—lS; Jenkins, McLaren, Richardson, J. Burfoot (skip)— 27, v. E. Brinaden, J. Rich, Gwilliam, D. Buckley (skip)—2o; J. J. Rich, Ewan, C. W. Mirfin, C. Wheeler (skip)—l7, v. Jones, Cater, W. Brlnsden, E. Buckley (skip)—lo. WAITEMATA GREEN. B. Van Veen, J. Maglnnes, J. Bower (skip)—lo, v. J. R. McPhall, Geo. Fraser, H. Frith (skip)— 22. Gammell, D. Elston, E. Clarke, W. Low (skip)—l6, v. Geo. Fraser, J. Bower, A. E. Greenslade, H. Frith (skip)—ls. M Saber, 18, v. A. E. Greenslade, 16. G." Fraser, J. Houghton, J. Bower, H. Frith (skip)—l9, v. Gammell, D. Elston, E. Clarke, W. Low (skip)—2o. GREY LYNN GREEN. The following games were played on the Grey Lynn green on Saturday:— Club Fours. —Semi-final: Wheeler, Boyce, Jas Ferguson, F. Parsons (skip), 10, v. E. Buckley, Ewen, Knight, Waddingham (skip), 16. Ordinary Games. —Eagleton. W. Baildon,. sen., Norgrove, D. Buckley (skip). 22, v. A. Rowe, H. Buckley, Thorpe, Gwilliam (skip), 11. C. Mirfin, Cowdeu, Jones, Johu Ferguson (skip), 23 v. Parsons. Ewing, i James Ferguson, C. Sexton (skip), 18. Jenkins. McLaren Richardson, J. Burfoot' (skip) 27, v. E. Brlnsden, J. Rich. Gwilliam, D Buckley (skip), 20. J. J. Rich, Ewan, C W. Mirfin C. Wheeler (skip), 17, v. Jones, Cater,' W. Brlnsden, E. Buckley (skip),' 16. RICHMOND GREEN. The following games were played on the Richmond green on Friday and Saturday:— Waverley Medal: Tomlinson, 25, v. F. Jeffries, 24) C. E. Jeffries, 19, v. Paterson, 16; H. Roads, 22, v. C. E. Jeffries, 21. Final—H. Tomlinson. 24, v. H. Roads, 21. The winner, H. Tomlinson, having won the medal twice in succession, it becomes his own property. Champion Pairs: C. E. Jeffries and F. Ralstou, 13, v. J. Paterson aud T. E. Short, 25Murray Handicap: T. E. Short, li, v. J. Paterson, 19; C. E. Jeffries, 9, v. C. Morley, 20. Club Fours: J. Thomas. C. H. Tomlinson, •M. J. Bennett, W. G. Meek (skip), 20, v. F. Ralston, H. Roads, C. Morley, T. Drlffell (skip), 23. . The semi-final for the club championship was a very exciting game, four ties having to he played off, the finish resulting as follows:— C." H. Tomlinson, 24, v. J. Thomas, 19. The final will be played to-day between F. Jeffries and C. H. Tomlinson. THAMES V. WAIHI. (By Telegraph.—Own Correspondent.) THAMES. -Saturday. The match for the South Auckland Bowling Association Challenge Stars was played on the local green this afternoon, the -Thames team being the holders and Waihl the challengers. A close game resulted in a win by Waihi by 24 poinre to 21. A five-riuk club match was also played between Thames and Waihi. resulting in a win for Thames by 8 points, tne scores being, Thames 116, Walhi 10S. WAIHI V. WHANGAREI. (By Telegraph;— Own Correspondent.) WAIHI, 'Saturday. A three-rink match, Whangarei v. Waihi, was played on bhe local green this afternoon, and resulted in a win for Waihi by eight points, the scores being 61 against 53. The details are as follows:— Waihi—R. E. Williams, H. Noonan, -Evans, Sarasnn (skip)—l4, v. Whangarei—Carter.

Altwood, Oarruth, Henderson (skip)—l6. Waihi—EClud, Fisk. Andrews, 'McWhlrter (skip)—l6, v. . Whangarei—Bray, • McLeod, Pearce, .SAone (skip)— 23. 'Walna—E. Morgan, Murray, Benge, Verfcoe .(skip)—3l, v. Whangarei—Outforth, Ec* cles,. Donaldson, Massey (s-klp)^M. 'EAKiAiNGA'HAKE V.- WHANGAREI. (By Telegraph.-r-Own Correspondent.) WAIHI, Saturday. A bowling match between teams representing the Karangahake and Wh-angarel Clubs was played on the former's green yesterday. Three rinks were occupied, and the visitors won by eight points, scoring 6S against 60. The scores were as follows:— Whang-arei—Cuthbert, Eccles, Donaldson, Massey (skip)— 24, v. Karanganake—Read, Christie, C. Lloyd, Waddell (skip)— 26. Whangarei—-Carter, All wood Carruth, Henderson (skip)— 23, v. Karangahake, Kemp, Deane, Morrison, L. Hilton (skip)— Whangarei—Bray, McLeod, Pearce, Stone (skip)—2l, v. Karangahake—Ritchie, W. 'Hilton, Guthrie, Noonan (skip)—l2. Totals: Whangarei, 68; Karangahake, 60. Majority for Whangarei, 8. TOURNAMENT AT CAMBRIDGE. (By Telegraph.—Own Correspondent.) CAMBRIDGE, Saturday. The weather cleared up sufficiently this afternoon to allow of play being proceeded with. Sixteen teams are competing. Section A.—First round: Paeroa No. 2— W. J. Ellis, W. Bettis, W. Towers, W. Forrest (skip)—l2, v. Rotorua—Swain Christie Herd, McFarlane (skip)—lß. Rocky Nook—Sayers, Sewcll, Elllsdon, Butler (skip)—2B. v. Hamilton No. 3— Hooper, Browning, Chappell, Whyte (skim —6. Cambridge No. I—White. Butler, O'Toole, Carr (skip)—2l, v. Te Aroha—Stanley, Gag- , hegan, Wallace, Burton (skip—l 3. Section A.—Second round: Rotorua 16, v. Cambridge No. 1, 20; Paeroa No 2 17, v. Hamilton No. 3, 14; Rocky Nook," 26, v. Te Aroha, 17. Section B.—First round: Cambridge No. 2—H. Ferguson, 11. Davys, R. Fisher J. Rivers (skip)—lo, v. Paeroa No. 3—Pay cock, Allan, Hamilton, McWatters (skip)—l7. Hamilton No. I—Aiken, Hyde Parr Gil- . lies (skip)—2o. v. Grey Lynn' No I—R. James, A. Burfoot, J. Pascoe, R. Waite (skip)— 22. Mount Eden, a bye. Section B.—Second round: Mount Eden No. 2, 14, v. Cambridge No. 2, 19; Paeroa ; No. 3, 10, v. Hamilton No. 1, 16; Grey Lynn No. 1, a bye. ; Section C.—First round: Paeroa No. 1— J. H. Wilson, C. Olsen, G. P. de Castro, E. : Bromwich (skip—l 9, v. Cambridge No. 3— Henderson, Clark, Bucklaud, Richards (Skip) Grey Lynn No. 2—Courtenny, Volkner, T. Mills, W. .Mills (skip)— 24, v. Mount Eden No. I—T. Gaviu, W. Dickey, 11. Gill, G. ■ Burns (skip)—lo. Hamilton No. 2. a bye. Section C.—Second round: Hamilton No. 2, 13, v. Cambridge No. 3, 15; Paeroa No. rl. 20, v. Mount Eden No. 1, 12. Grey Lynn . No. 2, a bye.

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BOWLING., Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 86, 12 April 1909

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BOWLING. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 86, 12 April 1909

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