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M*J€*k?%&'%*' is extremely popular on account of the very wide assortment and the specially keen values shown. In addition to large stocks of regular goods we have bought a number of LARGE JOB PARCELS at desperately low prices. The result is that we have too large a stock for this time of the year, and as our LACE BUYER is now in London and can be relied on to send out a very complete range of NEW GOODS for the SUMMER SEASON, we have decided to reduce our present stocks very considerably. when, besides offering a great number of CLEARING LINES, we shall give a Special Sale Discount of 20% (4/- in the 4D off all Goods in the Lace Dcpt OF Laces, Embroideries, Nets, Veilings, Chiffons, Tulles, Trimmings, Neckwear.

THREE WEEKS 201 Viumt SALE of LACE S "20% A Job Clearing Line from a large Melbourne Warehouse of HIGH-CLASS LACES must be sold.

JOHN COURT, LTD. Neckwear Speei&li&ts A Superb assortment and unrivalled values. Charming Novelties for tbe present season and all less the Sale Discount of 20% until May Ist

Great Sale OF Embroideries 20 per cent. Discount off our Fine Prices of these everyday Goods should attract very big business. A WIDE SELECTION OF MUSLIN and CAMBRIC EMBROIDERIES at lid, 2d, 2id, 3£, dto 1/11 yard. MUSLIN & CAMBRIC IXSERTIONS, in an equally good assortment, lid, 2d, 2 id, 3id, 4Jd, 6d, 9d, 10Jd upwards. A JOB PURCHASE OF WIDE MUSLIN & CAMBRIC INSERTIONS, Beading both sides, 5 to 11 inches wide, marked ridiculously low at Bid, 1/-, 1/6, and 1/11 yard. CAMISOLE EMBROIDERIES in the Open Patterns, which are so much wanted, B*d, lOid, 1/-, 1/3, .1/6, 1/11, 2/6 yard. WHITE MUSLIN & CAMBRTC EMBROIDERY READINGS, with and without Holes. 2*d. 3d, 3Ad. 44d, Od, 7jd, 9d, 1/-, 1/2 to 1/11 yard. WHITE MUSLIN & CAMBRIC ALLOVER EMBROIDERIES. 18 to 22 inches, 1/6, 1/9, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, to 4/11 yard. CREAM. WHITE & PIXK FLANNELETTE EMBROIDERIES, Cotton and Silk Finish. 2Jd, 3d, 3id, 4*d, 6d and 7*d yard. CREAM CASHMERE EMBROIDERIES, 9id, 1/-, 1/4 and 1/11 yard.

Special Sale OF Allover Laces 8 Nets Several Clearing Purchases enable us to offer very exceptional value and all prices are subject to the Sale Discount of 20 T o . WHITE & PARIS OH PURE ALLOVER LACKS are worth considerably more than tho marked prices. 2/6, 2/11, 3/13, 3/11, 4/11 to 13/0 yard. WHITE. CREAM & PARIS XET ALLOVERS, particularly good value, at 8R 1/-, 1/0, 1/11, 2/6 to 15/ li yard. BLACK SILK XET & GUIPURE ALLOVER LACES. 3/0. 4/11. Very Special Job Value at 0/11, 7/11, 8/11, 9/11 to 14/0 yard. WHITE VALENCIENNES ALLOVER LACE, 1/-, 1/3, 1/0, 1/11 to 5/11 yard. 42 INCH BLOXDE XET DRESS LACE, usual price l<>/0, to be sold at 3/11 (less Sale Discount of 20 per cent.). BLACK. TUSCAN & IVORY SILK "TOSCA" XET, 30 inches wide, 3/0 yard. PLAIX & SPOT BRETOXXK NETS in Paris. Cream. White and Black, at BJd, IOJd, 1/-, lA 1/0.- 1/11 and 2/3 yard. SILK WASHING NETS, Satin Border, Reversible, in White, (ream. Brown, Green, Pink and Sky, 2/0 yard. PLAIN & SPOT TUCKED NETS in Ulnek, White and Paris, at 2/0, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11 yard. JOB PURCHASE SILK SPOT XET. 27 and 45 inches wide, in Cream and Black, worth 2/0 and 3/6, selling at 1/11 and 2/6 yard. SPOT MILLINERY XETS in all colours at 1/-, 1/6 and 1/11 yard. 20 per cent. Sale Discount off these prices until May Ist.

REAL TORCHON LACE AXD INSERTIONS (Hand-made), 4id. 6d, 7id, 9d, 1/- to 2/11 yard. VALENCIENNES LACES & INSERTIONS, a very large stock, and specially keen prices—Black, White, Cream and Paris. Id, lid, 2d, 2Jd, 3d, 3id, 4id yard; Wider and Better Qualities, aid, 6id, 7Jd, 9d to 1/11 yard. FRENCH VAL. LACES & INSERTIONS (to match), 3id, 4jd, Od, 7id, 9d to 1/6 yard. FANCY WHITE VAL. LACE, with Tinsel Finish, also White relieved with Pink, Sky, Helio., and Turquoise, at 4id and OJd yard. REAL MALTESE LACES & INSERTIONS (White), 1/-. 1/3, 1/0, 1/11 to 6/6 yard. CREAM SILK MALTESE LACES AND INSERTIONS, 2/3, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11 to 8/6 yard. DUCHESSE POIXT LACE, 21/-, 25/6 yard. XARROW BLONDE LACES, in Black, White. Cream, Sky, Brown, Green, Helio., and Magpie, 3d yard. COLOURED LACE INSERTIONS—A Large Stock of the Leading Shades at 1/6, 1/9, 2/3 and 2/6 yard. Veilings and Veils Less 20°/o Tlie Latest and Most Desirable Styles and Qualities for the present season. There is no doubt about the value at the marked prices, and for the next three weeks a Sale Discount of 4/- in the f is taken off the amount of all bills of goods in the Lace Department. COMPLEXIOX VEILINGS, in Magpie, Brown. Myrtle and Pink, at 1/11 and 2/3 yard. RUSSIA VEILINGS in Black, Cream, Sky. Moss, Brown. Navy, Saxony, Myrtle and Purple, 1/6 and 1/11 yd. CHIFFON MOTOR VEILS in Brown, Navy. Cream, Black, Green and Wliiie, at 2/11 each. Also in Black. Sky, Nil and Bronze Green at 6/11. READY-MADE XET VEILS in almost every Shade, 1/11 and 2/0 yard. GOSSAMER & CHIFFOX VEILINGS, Plain and Spot—Black, White, Xavv. Brown. Moss. Pink. Sky, and Grey, at Sid, 1/-, 1/3 to 2/3 yard. READY-MADE GOSSAMER VEILS in Black, Navy and White, 2/6 each. BRIDAL VEILS, Embroidered Corners, a splendid assortment at 6/11, 8/11, 9/11, 11/0 to 35/- each. BRIDAL TUI T T 72 inches wide, 2/9 yard.

Allover Laces to match, 3/6 to 13/6 yard. GOLD TINSEL INSERTIONS, Very Smart Goods, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, 3/6 to 5/11 yard. XARROW GUIPURE LACE EDGIXGS and INSERTIONS to match in Paris Colour only, 7id, 9d, IOJd, 1/-, 1/3, 1/6 yard. GUIPURE LACES in White, Cream and Paris, a great variety at 6d, 7 id, 9d, 1/-, 1/3, 1/6 to 5/11 yard. SPECIAL JOB PURCHASE OF PARIS and WHITE GUIPURE LACES, 2 to 8 inches wide, usual price, 1/11, 2/0, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/6, 4/11, 7/0, now 1/0, 1/11, 2/0, 2/11, 2/11, 3/11, 3/11, 5/11, with 20 per cent. Sale Discount oil the lower prices until May Ist. XET AXD GUIPURE LACE & IXSERTIONS, Straight and Waved Edges, in White, Paris, Cream and Black, 1 to 5 inches wide, prices range from (3d, 7£d, 9d, lOid, 1/- to 6/11 yard. PARIS NET INSERTIONS, with Gold and Silver Tinsel Cord introduced, Straight and Novel Edges, li to 2 inches wide, 4/11, 5/6, 6/11 yard. Lace to match tlie above, 6 inches wide, 5/11 yard.

JANCY FLOBAL APPLIQUE INSER- , fIONS, Exclusive Designs, honestly \ worth 1/9, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, 3/6, j 3/11, 4/6, now selling at 1/-, 1/3, I 1/6, 1/11, a/6, 2/11, 3/3. Better Qualities, worth 5/6, 6/6, 7/11, : 8/11,10/6, now celling at 3/11, .' 4/11, 5/11, 6/11, 7/11; las the Special Sale Discount of 4/ia tie i until May Ist. ORIMTiI NET LACES, in Black, ,_ .White, Cream and Paris, are being I tfM at half prices as follows: — I Usual price, 9d, 1/-, 1/3, 1/6, 1/9, I 1/11, 2/6, 2/11 yard, now 4}d, Od, \ Tid, 9d, IOJd, Hid, 1/3, l/ 5£ yard. J- And 20 per cent. Sale Discount for 1 the next three veeks. BUCK SILK NET LACES. Guipure Edge, are well worth buying. Usual price, 2/6, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11. 4/11, 5/6, 7/6, now 1/11, 2/6, 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, .V 6,5/6. '->'>'>• 'iJIEBICAN LACES & INSERTIONS at Id, l}d, lid, lfd, 2d to 4Jd yard. COTTON TORCHON LACES (Insertions to match), 1/-, 1/3, 1/6, 1/9 i/n to 6/3 dozen. IMITATION- TORCHON LACES AND INSERTIONS, Id, lid, 2d, 2id, 3d, « to 7id yard. U.WmaS LACE t INSERTIONS Uachine made), 2d, 2}d, 3d, 3id, Hi to 7§d yard, Dress Trimmings. |&h. Buyer made a special I west Fashions and Remarkably Good Value. JwS* » everything in the Tnf M less 20 P« cpnt - Sale ( Discount until May Ist. BRAIDS, in Black. 'ik7» ,<? ream > and all leading shades, Id, i id) , dj 2 j d; 4Jd t0 6| | BRAIDS, Black and l «am, }to 2i inches wide. BRAIDS in Black. X FA - XCY BR AIDS fc, p^ S ' in and ApPhqu Edges, Black and good range •«■«*•. V*s**W TASSELS in Black, White, Moss > GoW Silver a , SS at 3d, BilT md eac!K "Buck, *Wte, Cream. J/SXd S ' an<lGrey ' 10ia ' **%sr »■* ™ » inches, 2/11, -**ar ib/i \ JS - hT > f °r evening BLW yar<L

COLOURED SILK TUBULAR BRAID TIES, Fringed Ends, B*d, 10* d, 1/-, 1/3, and 1/11 each. SMART SILK TIES in All Colours, at 9d, 1/-, 1/3, 1/6, 1/11 and 2/3. SPECIAL JOB VALUES IX MUSLIN AXD SILK STOCK COLLARS—A Great Variety at 3d, 6d, 7*d, 9d, 10id, 1/- and 1/3. THE FAVOURITE "GIBSON" COLLAR BAXDS, in .black, White and Paris, with X*et and Lace Frilling, a good selection at 6£d, Sid, 1/-, 1/3 to 2/6 each. "GIBSON" COLLAR BANDS in Embroidery, 1/-, 1/3, 1/6, 1/11 each; in Japanese Silk, 2/11 each; in Crcani Net, 2/6 each. COLOURED SILK COLLAR BAXDS, Lace Frilling, 1/11 and 2/G each. COLOURED SILK BOWS, very inexpensive, Od, Sd, IOJd, 1/-.. 1/3 each.

All REMNANTS which always show a reduction will be particularly good value during the SPECIAL SALE.


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Page 9 Advertisements Column 1, Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 85, 10 April 1909

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Page 9 Advertisements Column 1 Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 85, 10 April 1909

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