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T Worms in Childr m^ I A LTHOUGH Intestinal and Stomach Worms are one of the most common I •*"»■ ailments in children, yet there are but few mothers who realise its seriousI ness, or have any idea as to its cause. 1 It is not alone the irritation and annoyance caused by these parasitical animals I that infest the stomach and bowels, but the more serious consequences which Eg will follow that must be kept in view. From the highly organised and sensitive 1 parts which they occupy, Worms give rise to great constitutional derangements - I and produce a variety of symptoms, more particularly affecting the stomach and „ ■ the head. Grinding of the teeth, violent movements of the legs and and I undue flow of saliva which causes frequent efforts to swallow during steep I denote the presence of worms. awake there is a constant desire Ito B pick the nose and scratch the anus. The bowels are irregular, and frequently & the movement of the worms causes diarrhoea alternating With costiyenejss, r I The breath is usually foul, and the child is languid and peevish. The tongue B preter-naturally red or alternately clean, and covered with a white slimy mucus. H A short, dry cough; frequently slimy stools (excretion from the bpwelsl; I emaciation; slow fever; irregular pulse, and sometimes convulsions. Loss ©f 1 appetite frequently alternates with a craving for food. Indeed, the 1 fl is most pronounced in many cases, and many mothers have noticed the fl insatiable appetites of their children without realising the cause. B ADULTS are not so frequently troubled with this complaint by reason B of their stronger constitutions, but they are none the less subject,: and more I especially to the larger species of worms. *:] n are a purely vegetable preparation compounded on a scientific principle for the eradication of worms which m infest the intestines. They contain specific properties which destroy the worms, but cause no injury to the n stomach or bowels, and do not weaken the system. The Pellets, are prepared in. the form of a confection or H lolly, have no disagreeable taste or smell, but, on the contrary, inspire children to take them as they, would"' ■ an ordinary lozenge. Obtainable at all Chemists and Stores, or direct from THE W. H. COMSTOCK CO~ ' ■ LTD., FARISH STREET, WELLINGTON. 1/6 per box, (6 boxes 8/6) post free. Write for New Bookjet, & A Safe, Sure and Reliable Remedy for Worms in Children and Adults. ,

WEAK AND ILL FROM LACK OF BLOOD. .;, There are thousand of gbls ahJ women ia - New Zealand in the toils of Anaemia. Becaiiae r~ their blood has become thin and watery, and our summers always make the blood ; health is wrecked. They have a deathly pallor, dull ' eyes, fickle appetite, dragging steps, without strengrfi or vitality* If the state be neglected there-ate serious chances that consumption may develop. A replenished blood supply will banish-the7" -*' whole trouble. Amongst blood makers never heard of anything that seriously competes with; ; Dr. Williams , Pink Pills for Pale People. .That what they are for—to make new blood. They make -. girls and women well and happy, impart an appetite; and steadily bring back the charm and . j perfect, regular health. They cured the.New2«a|ind :. residents whose statements are given in adjoining 2 columns, and which were taken down" word for -1 by reliable reporters, — « Dr. Williams , Pink Pills are sold by all Chemists - and "Storekeepers, or7/11l be sent post paid .on receipt :: of prfee—3arper box, six boxes for - Ifo $/£ -.-:. ; ;;;,;- ••{ The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co. OF AUSTRALASIA LTD, ■$ riu* I N, Z, f DR WILLU4MS , PINE PILII

PINING AWAY FOR WANT OFJLOOD. WANGANUI GIRL VICTIM OF DEBILITY. Strength dwindled stray ; violent headaches; nervous and depressed. Cured by Dr. Williams' Fink Fill*. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure anaemia by making new blood. In this simple way they have saved hundreds of New Zealand women and girls from a decline. For proof of this you have only to read the case of Miss Bosetta Boaz, 61, Liverpool-street, ■Wanganui. "For nearly four years I suffered with Anaemia," said Miss Boaz. "I had not a scrap of colour in my face and I was always tired. I was growing so weak that I could hardly waUc at all. Do you know I could not walk up to the 'Avenue' without getting an awful pain in my chest. It was something cruel, and ac If a knife were going through mc. I had It from the time I went out until I got home. As a rule I am not afraid of work, but I was getting so ill that I did not care if I did my work or .not. I suffered awfully with headaches. To make matters worse I could not sleep at all well. I tossed about, and even when I dozed off I usually woke with my heart palpitating like mad and the terrible feeling that something was going to happen. I did cot eat much, and what little I did manage to force down laid on my chest in a hard lump for hours after. My hands and feet were always puffed and swollen and cold. My blood was so poor that it could not circulate properly. I felt myoelf getting weaker every day, and less able to walk or work. I went to the doctor but Wβ medicine did not do mc the leaet bit of good. Then I decided to give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a trial. Do you know that before I had finished one box I felt a lot better. After that every dose put new life Into mc, and flvo boxes put mc Into the very host of health. Now I am as strong as ever I was."

and colourless. For two and three days at a time I had the most wretched headaches, and often I had to leave off working and go and He down. I was awfully restless at night, and could not sleep much. Often I I would be awake for hours after going to bed. Then In the morning I felt more tired than when I went to bed. I dreaded V getting up time coming round. Walking » I a. distance exhausted mc very much. I was a martyr to attacks of neuralgia—for ■ days when one waa on I waa la perfect * ' mieery. "Sudden sharp burning pains wonld shoot up mj face and up Into my head, and It felt 7 as. if my head and face were being split r open. Very often I would be taken end-; 1 aenly with giddiness, and -very neatly fall, f down. Everything spnn round and went' t black before mc. Every day I was gettln.| , weaker and more languid. I had often read about Dr. Williams' Pink Pills curing , people of Anaemia, so I got some from .' t Bonnlngtoa's chemist's shop to ccc if they s would do mc any good. By the time that, t I had taken six boxes all my pain had gone, j j and I wae eating better to*n ever. Ever t since I have been In splendid health, and have not had occasion to take any more medicine of any sort." I HEART PALPITATION, 1 HEADACHES, I MELANCHOLY. ] • AUCKLAND WOMAN BECAME J RUN-DOWN^&_NERVOUS. Weak and Pale; no appetite) „ couldn't sleepi l««t weight; t vtrong and well now. Cored by f 08. WILLIAMS' FINK PXXXS. o Those who haven't enough blood, whose a blood Iβ thin and watery, ate always vlcf time of debility, for they get rnn down. f To those sufteren Dr. Williams' Pink Pills !- are tar more valuable than any other medlt cine. The new blood they help to moke r cures debility and wards off much misery a oud suffering. Tola will be seen In the case b of Mn Minnie Sidney, Qβ, Howe-Btreet, , Auckland. She became very ma down, but Dr. Williams , Pink Pillg cured her, and ever alnco she hue been In eplondld health. "It is now about four yeara since I first took ill, sold Mrs JSdney. "I grew so weak that I could hardly move about. .The doctor laid teat 1 had Anaemia. My taco hadn't a iornp of colour in it, and people told mo tacit I wi like a miking chont. $ HJvou ray Upa and tfuiui were white and t bloodlom, end aador my cyo* wore groat dark rings. My foot and ankle* woro awollen. X foeline need to come over van Bβ It I wero choklDo, mid tbe next aiinuto I vrould be lyine on the floov ptrteetly helpn IODB. ft 1 never kaew what it wae te b* without a 0 bendßohe. I could not eat. I hardly made r 0 meal trom one wook'e end to the other. *• The eight of food wee enough for mo. I i. wfls »o n«rveus thftt I wen terrified to go *■ eat In the dark, My heart rated to pelpia tate 8 e baaly that when trotag npitain j eenia ea!y go twe cv tnree etsps, nad then i, have te eit flewi, Ouee t faiatee flfteea \ tiroeg ia 6n§ fla>. The dertetfg medicine a ai4 pet g§asa te fle jee as? good, so I i, §t4ft?3 J3f, miHaffig- yj B fe two . fflent'Bg I tfras t'B?ia beft?e i eeoia aeo fl tint iHe? Were aeinf nay geefl. Wnen I t «sh Sni§iseti fnii? feef deaen beiea, i wan 9 a fit?6Bg besiffiy wemaß, giaee ar enre I B iISVB J)(it list! a (Sftsin ilinono


A DANGEROUS ATTENDANT SYMPTQM_OF_ANAEMIA. Many Bei'loce Diaordera juay reenli from izapovevisbed blood, bat Dr. WUUdhi' Pink PiUe Prevent and Oaro Taem. Canities tho thionlus of tUo blood In ftaaeffiia there ia n low vitality wliloh 1« a matter fop nerione coueideratlon, boeAueo tt bJ^ b < opportunity fop Roy Intent trouble to deTolop, Thus, Ruaemlo (bloodless) people often have reason to fear Gon»umptio'n, and the bleed falling to give proper nourishment to tUo nerves, debility, ■jmuralglp, and evee paralyels way resnlt. Mt'B Mey Siiebanap, "8, TBftja.gtveet, Unweed, CUrJatqUaron, i'powu»ep4§ D?. Wtlltems' Pln'K Plilg beeftßea tliey paatered her to health when ene was pub flewn, ■'■■eali BRd miserable, "I get that pad With pev-erty et niasfl hat it wag aa mqen rb I peujd de to ff§t •ibouti" gatd Buphanat): "J geqJJ aardly eat a marsai and m? fsee s?aa ariiite

- - ■ .Hi ■■ 1 iiimii ■nfi.ii .. ■ " ' " .' -' 'V' , •.;', v?itli(.tW daration of . —--'■ '■- ' T ■ - - T^STSTT— , ■—*'~r^*'~T—".',■.:'. " ■[.., -~'. ■■■ ' '- -STZ' ■ .heppliey, piftctioal working'of thia _ _ _-._—__ A■■ AIIIIIIDB A " : yrill be-traaersirooo; by aa HHUjyUiltyi A BEBBfek K& ■Qμ KgUm I TO IB ffl ffil fia fl Ilfl S* of the following examples:— He I A ■ » tifL I B Bi'wL * I life "■■■ OW THREE £1,000 POLICIES. H IS B El H ■ ■■ U ■Bβ I' ~ ' ■ \ m Jo iillili J-l O CUREtc;::-::-^^^^ 1 Those who have taken this medicine are amazed at its splendid healing power. Sufferers from Bronchitis, Cough, Croup, " ,-—-.. 18 , ~. . 2(W —" -- - a Asthma, Difficulty oi Breathing, Hoarseness, Pain or Soreness in the Chest, experience delightful end rapid relief; and to those '. TTL, '" n ' '- '" i who ar* subject to Colds on the chest it ib invaluable, as it effects a complete cure. It ia most comforting in allaying Irritatioa r . " J -"--', '■■;;■ ■'."■■' '" ■■ --.... —-^ f in the' Threat and giving Strengthto the Voice, and it neither allows a Cpugh nor Asthma to become chronic, nor Consump- ~.,.; GtVEiftirati Geo tion to develop, Consumption la not known where. "Coughs" have, on their first eppcatanee, been properly treated.wjth Cup i. - jx.. ._„ -^- r . --. <■■ ** 8 medicine No house should be without it, as, taken at the beginning, a dose or two ia generally eufficient, and' a complete --f ■■--■ m;.zmoisOß, mmi- ta.a DP ]y: for . a (pU?§ is certain. '-~ • •'; _•■ . .-..',. ...,,,.,.„ *■ ": r: * l "^ Ea '' 6 an « email 81*0, a/0 j Large Size, 4/0 Sold by all Ohemlstt and Modlclno Vendor*, and toy the Proprietor, W. C. HEARNBi > *e-Mstrfct Ohemlat. Qooloner, Vletorfm. forwarded to *ny AddroM, when net obtainable locally. H _ „ , }

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Page 9 Advertisements Column 3, Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 77, 31 March 1909

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Page 9 Advertisements Column 3 Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 77, 31 March 1909

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