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: ' "' "(By "wfiirißßbiiJsiv' , ;:-•"• ••' '■'-■ RACING FIXTURES. ~ ■ March April B■—' A.T.C. Autunia April 1, 2 — Mttstertou li.C. Autumn April 1, 3 — KeUon J.C. Annual April a — Korth Canteibory 3.C BacW Api-ll 10, 12 -7- tt.C.- Aiitnum April 10, n, la — Auckland B.C. Autumi April 10. 12, 14, 17 — A;J.C. Antomn April 12 — Pa tea B.C. Annual Mo.Uns April 12, 23 — Pelldtoe J.C. Eastof April .12, 18 — C.J.C. Autumn April 21. 24 Welllngton K.C. Autnma AprU 24, 28—Avondnle J.C. Autumn '• AprU 2S, 20 — Manawatn H.C. AutußU. ~ May 6, 8 t- Hawfce'e Bay J.C. Aa,«upa' ■: Mrv 22, 24—- j.c. ■Wlntw , The Eton gelding.Noterlnl Is now an Iα mate'pf R. Hall's Itable at Qreen I^ne..; The 6oult gelding Flying Eouit'bak bee: transferred: from; P.v.BUl'b, charge to tha of D. Moraghan. ■ ■ ' . : • Explosive was^wlthdrawn-from the Seism Handicap at the A.B.C. Autumn' Meeting a 0.30 a<m, to-day.,, ~;.! .._ :;•*"'\/ ■' .. .--f It Is estimated that, the Teranakl lockej Club will make a taoflt pt £000 oj fiTQ over thelr'receht autumn meeting Acceptances/forcthe. concluding day's rac ing of the Auckland Trotting Glub'S Aotnmi Meuting close with the , secretary (lire W Mark) to-morrow (Thursday) evening at 1 p.nv ■ , ";.■'<<:? : : , ■•""!'•',' ■' '• Kohilnatlons for the. .AvWdaJe Handicap Autumn Handicap, Railway' Handicap, an( Steeplechase, to be run at the Avondnle J.O Autumn.Meeting,, close with' iie eecretan (Mr H. H. Hayr), on Friday next, April 2nd" at 0 p.m. ' -•.:,.-. t*fa That noted Australian high jumper an( hunter, Doonybrook, Which once cleared i height of 6ft dead. While «areerini round a paddock, he fell :ever a plough and broke his neck. . .. . > The Southern crack trotter, Lord Elmo: ii to make im attack on the two mile record 4.48, at Alexandra Park on Saturday next for a purse of lOOsovs offered by the Auck laud Trotting Club. ' » The Explosion horse Pohutu, which was 1 big dieoppointment to his connections in thi last Auckland Cup, is now trained at Waipawk by A. "White. Pohutu is reportec to be going very well on the tracks. The Avondale Jockey Club has decided t< appeal to the conference In connection witt the llfo disqualification imposed on S. Cun ningham by the clnb, bat which the A.H.C Metropolitan body refused to endorse. The gelding Midcyr, which has been locat ed in the Northern Wairoa for some time, during which period he has mixed harnesi work with racing, has made hie re-appear ance at BllersUe, and nas gone into C. Colcman's stable. •. . ■ ' ." ■ . , Mr Morse seems to have; formed, a very high opinion ot the Explosion gelding Explosive, and, In awarding lilm 9.5 In the Nelson Handicap, and asking him to concede 71bs to useful performers in,.Jena and Hohungatahl was, in my opinion, unduly harsh. Acceptances ' for the Brighton Hurdles. Easter Handicap, Autumn Steeplechase,-and the whole of the minor events to be ran foi on the opening day of the A.R.C. Autumn Meeting close with the secretary (Mr J. F. Hurtlund) on Friday next, April 2nd, at 0 p.m. ■ . „ .-. . ■ The election for delegates to represent the country clubs on the New Zealand Racing Conference takes place next month.. Messrs Q. W. Alison , and W. H. Herrles, M.P., who have filled the positions for some, years, are to be opposed on the present occasion by Or. Sharinan. .The wet weather has greatly hampered Mr V>\ Casey, the contractor for the new .■members'- stand at ?!Herslle', and the .pco"babllltles'are, Indging from present appearances, the building will not. be completed In time for use at the forthcoming A.B.C. Autumn Meeting. F. Davis was expected to arrive' yesterday with Mr. T. H. Lowry'a horaes Downfall, Chanteuse, and Merrlwa, but, owing to the rough weather, it was, deemed Inadvisable to ship them from New' Plymouth. M the weather is at all favourable, they will be brought to Onehnnga by the Rarawa to-morrow. . . . . .. '.' : Mr. .T. Watson, who came across to Inspect Master Soult, on behalf of his would-be purchaser, paid a visit to Napier last week, and. purchased The Cockatoo for 500gns. The son of The Possible was brought to 'Auckland by the Main Trunk express last Sunday, and is at present in F. Hill's chnrge. It is understood he - will be shipped to Sydney on Monday next. There was no work of "Importance on the traick6 at EUerslie this, morning, the whole I of the horses being restricted to steady pacing. Most of the local horsas engaged at the A.H.C. Autumn Meeting are well forward in condition, and the work oh the tracks between now and the opening of the gathering will probably ba more of th? useful than sensational order. After an illness extending over several months, the well known Randwick trainer, William Brenuau, died at his residence, "Graftondelle," Randwick on March 22. Mi Brenrian was one of the'qldest-establlshed trainers In the State, and had trained many good winners In his time. T?rjqr to starting for himself, the deceased gentleman wns as Boclated for a number of years with Mr B. De Mestre, when the-tatter's stable sheltered Navigator, Bobloeon, Crusoe, Kobln Hood and other good horses. Alchemist ane Bravo were in Mr Brunnan'g charge 'foi several seasons and both made a name foi themselves on the turf. In later years, Mi Brennan trained for the gentleman. wh< races as "Mr W." T. Npwlah," and won foi him two Summor Cups and the Australlai Cup with Blue Metal. ( ", Mr. I. G. Duncan has decided to Bend t< Sydney foi' the Easter sales a ; number pi high-class brood mares, and; 'taking Intc consideration the high prices given:by Aue truliim buyers for. brood maree at tin xaldhurst sale last August, there should b< keen bidding ,at Randwick for those fron Woikanae. Arrangements have been mad< for the mares to be railed down froli Waikanae on Thuredey morning, April 8 and they will leave for Sydney the sam< evening by the Manuka, In charge of A Cochrane. The shipment will comprise th< following lots:—Astolet (Boyal ArtHleryBelllcent (In foal to Charlemagne-11. J Petti coat (Multiform—Bloomer}. In- foal t< Achillea) ; Berenice (Daunt—Flattery), ii foal to Conqueror; Jemima (StepnlakGlauvina), in to' Mahaklj Tamarlnc (The Ofllqe—Thame),. in foal to Kilcheran Delhi (St. Andrew—Delft), in foal 'to Kil cheran; Veronique (The Offlcer^ —Bequest), li foal to Achilles; La Gloria (StCharente), In foal to Charlemagne II.; Ladj Maude (Grafton —Aureole), in foal to SI Laddo; Ringlet (Castor—Bnngle); and Bon netto Kinglet anc Bonnette foaled late, and were not- served The Auckland Trotting Club is the lutes to be in the unfortunate position of havinj welshing carried on on' their cburee.'anc last Saturday's outbreak was nearly' endlni In a free fight. In connection with thi licensing of bookmakers, I have credibli information that some time was spent b; the officials of the Trotting Club in en deavouring to get at the boha-fides of thosi applying-for licenses, but the difficulty t this: The men who are carrying on thi welshing on the difjerent courses are travel ling from place to place under as fiumed names, using one '.' at on< place and another 1 at another, an< therefore, are yerjr,. hard to detect. Th matter is becoming a serious one, and 1 allowed to be carried on much longer wil do' racing, considerable harm. The A:R,C autumn, meting is approaching, and what would suggest Iβ this: That the Metropollta; Oommittee set up a snb-commlttee who, wit! the aid of" the club's private detective, couli have' all 'tbe.appilcantn before them pet sonally before, granting licenses. This woul not only protect the. racing public, bu would be a good guide for the clubs' rac ing under the Metropolitan body, for if man was. unable, to seuuro a license fror tjia cpvernlng. club,, he would have n ctance of betting at'the other , gathet Inga; 'Jt 1 may'takA p, little 'trbable, bi>t WpOld }Jke te point:out that Uf the power tbit be ate net xtff; oarefal, «n •gltatlo acainsc tdtalulatoF. Daoknllufff. And mem 6*neielly n>By tißf' gt Atttd* ~ Jwhleb." "juUlTji

. I bar? reeelred a communication signed "One of :tie Beeten,"-ln reference to the -•- case of balancing last Saturday. The case ; nM been folly .commented: an ill these ■ : Mlttoins, so 1 do not publishhis letter.: Fof ine information of the racing public t nift? •'. State teat X ani informed there 1» erery pro. babllttr of a stricter supervision being mad* : Iα the -licensing ef bootmaker*,by-the dull. Oce of the theories put forth to account for Boultllne'g tremendous pace Iβ based on the great nmount of ground he eoverS. It is sola that ne covered ddlte two feet more than any of his rival* in the Futurity and Newmarket, One" admirably competent authority, whiles "oOmittln* that Sooltliiie" IB m on abnormally lengthy horge, considers thai- two feet in »n nbsuvd nllowanco, and Iα support of hie view, points out tha'ta iboderate-siced pouf only stands over tbont , si* Inches lees of frrounil than a full-sized . thoroaanbveil horse, " ' .', ; ■ ■"•• ■• »' ' ' • "'.'■," ■■''.. ■ ".. • '.'-'■■ ' ■■>. : '•■ ■'■• >: ; iticra^AiNiDi'icAoiNG ciofb'S 'Aureus *"■■ ;!■"-■• •:■'■..•' .'■-.'.MBBTENa ;■■.■-. ; ■ .'•'■'■.:■ '.- ■:- ' ;'. ' .'".' ■'; . '.".'. ': '' '_. - -■ n< PO-R MiINOB,' EVENTS.OF"'•. >'j >•-■;..:":, ;i FIRST JJAX'B HACKS, s sn, CBy Tele«r»siU. ;s t»reu AetoclaUonJ : ! jjr ■ ; '■ .•,—>.... - ■ - 1, ■-.- .-■ ■»...-.; .«; . - ■~,.%....'..; . ~.. ~.'..,,... ■tpwaaaj,'■■< : >jsffle iGtlewJuir .Weighte: ihaWtoeeuidrolaTed nr oy M*.,G. Morse for the minor events, to be, at run, on thennrt aeyoftho Auckland. 'Hoc- , ■;■ tog Club's Autuina Mcettng:.>-..'.'.. :.:..". -6.5;- Jenaj , T 8.12, Hohnhgatalit. SJ2, ~«arata B.lA,;:Ksca-" (jr. mlUo 8.6, Wiuluotiv 8.«(, Epsom lam-8.4,. fip»te.B.4, iWiioUM S.3,'Btalocls 5.2, Fr^e- 1 : -v*ta 6.1, Tattoo β-l, Mtest Advance 8.1; Aiis- ; time f.13, Zinnia T43, Positive 7.13,-&osa- ; ?- \«re 5M2, iPukemji 7.11, Jiil 7.10, Crania 7.6J J? All's Wett 7.S,:iM4cha«lotf'7.'V ApolUneris w - 7.4, ■Pleiades 7.2, Tatika 6.13, Jane "■ 6.12, (Flying J&>ult 6.12.. ' ..:•■.- ..•;.. Victoria. <H*ndl«ip.-4Jaay MstoUtat 8.9, Hyperion 8.8, -Golden W»t« 8.2,. Elegance P. 8.0, M. : AnianS 7.12, Tetraizlnl 7.7, - Fleet 'd Arrow 7.3, .Bet Volt 6.12, ''Impulsive 6.10, i Lady Boon 6.10, ifctary AinU-10. : :;' J C Tradesmen's ,H*udica.p. i T -M;a3iu'ta 9.0, Masa > tor OWttTeiaJfi, Carl ißttsa, 8.8, Walmangu ■ ■e.a.-lDfeliiaSo 8.1, Gold Lace-8.1, Bcotty &0, AdToeate'7.l3, Bolly • 7.11. ■ Seaitlon 7.9, :(1 -QutnteuM 1.9, ManapourJ. 7.8, Auldearn 7.5, a D«ie«iite .7.4, pnvOxnva 7.4, Fdret Gon 7.3, ig 'Dqntra'rre 7.2,' Mpntlgo 7.1, Azoff 8.12, Carli, rnauia 6:12, Gladsmuir 6.11, K«cktie 6.11, 'Fieerrarta 6.11, X.ycla 6.10: : . 'Bd«n iKanilloap. 8.0, X<oeh'btrliie (5 8.7, > T gapoka- 8.5, MJes Winile 8.2, Mana1 F ppiirl 7.10,Tul Cakobau 7.9, Santa Rosa 7.9, L Auldearn 7.7, Dardairue 7.6, liiglls 7.6, St. £1 Tut T-β, Maheno 7.3, EMrst. Mate 7.2, VTalhuta 7.2, Glenora 6.12. Tromway Handicap.—Moriariy 9.3, Tara Ina B.9, : Forenioet 8.8, Dogger Bank 7.13, ,g Jena 7.10, Hohuiigatahl 7;H), Inez 7.9, Wim- ■ mera 7.6, Melilnga 7.4, Caron 7.3, AlmwesU Jj 7.1, Dou Hannibal 6.10. " . J , o TPELi,ING3X>N PONY AND. GAII/M>WAT h CIjTJIB. -• ' (By Telegraph.—Press Association.) • WCUIiINGTON, Tuesday, l> JXhe Wellington Poay and Galloway Club », has reconsidered itdie.cae* of Mr..and itre. is Troy and the Jockey Burns, who were dlsr- qualified in connection Tvdtu the running of >■ Sweet Lethe la a race at iUlramair recently. The club now find •that air. and Mis. Troy . were iwrt'to blame, and their disqualification 1 y Iβ, therefore, removed, l>ut .tiat of Bums (. Is conflrmed. c ; i '■;.... .j ;:■! .. . . ': . . '- TURF TALK FKOM THE SOUTH. j; CBy Telegraph.—Special to "Star.") r / ; .." CHKISTCHXIRCH, Tuesday. J 1 Heavy rain fell ■ on' Monday night, and • continued all day Tuesday, giving the tracks v at Rlccarton a much heeded soaking. This precluded any fast work being done for a ' couple of mornings, but, as all the local 0 horses are well forward In condition the efv g fects will be more beneficial than otherwise. b FHtaway, one ot the best fancied candi--0 dates for the Great Eastern Handicap, has c been responsible tor some rare gallops, and f I never caw her in sneh heart as at present. The manner In which she has been finishing np .her tasks suggests that she 4 ' will be capable of running out a very solid v seven, furlongs. ~: ;■ Glencullbch and Broadsword, In the same .. stable, have also been, pleasing the critics, j. while Husbandman and Sharpshooter ap--1 pear to be somewhat overdone. Goldbeat- "• er's knee troubles have prevented him do-^ ing any but the lightest: tasks, while: Thistledown, a very promising two-year-old '" of Sir Geo. Cllfford'c, is also under a cloud. * l Bpse Noble, has been troubled with bad •■ feet since his retnrn from the Dunediu a , meeting, and has been thrown out of work. " Sweet Angelus and Coronlform are another v pair that have, recently succumbed to the T exigencies of training. ' ■• » ■ Probaule is still suffering from the effects of an injured knee, and Silkweb broke t down badly when competing at the Timarn c meeting. ;, Though Prim was • paid up for in the i. Great Autumn Handicap she-Iβ still very o sore, and I doubt, if she will sport silk at t the meeting. These misfortunes will dcj plete the ranks of local horses greatly, and 0 will have a prejudicial effect on the slae of the fields at the Autumn Meeting. , Mr D. Hutherford's pair of fillies, Zemlia and Ingodai - have both improved greatly c since the'C.J.C. summer meeting, and the c former can be relied op, under her light. : " weight, to run wall in the Challenge Stakes. X She Is the filly tsatwon a race at the sum- '" mer meeting under the name of Ingoda, by c Btepnlak—Armlgera, , but was disqualified c for- wrongful entry. - •: . - . . •" . A halfrsister to Treadmill, by Pilgrim's Progress, Is being broken in by H. Thompson, to whom she was presented by . Sir U Geo. Clifford.' .... . . . - -, Several junipers have.made their appear- ■, ance oh the tracks lately, birt they are'at r best tC moderate lot. ' ■ .' > : d .Kurus is being kept going by W. Clarke, y with a view, to contesting the principal 5 steeplechases, while* Tessera; " Southern 1- CroBS," Ability, and Tawa are being/worked ]. In view, of more immediate engagements. r- Federal, which was purchased by Mr A. 1, Macfarlane for £600 at the South Canteo d bury' meeting, has gone Into W. Price's ir stable. The son of- Formosan -is just the ir sort to excel, at hurdle racing, and this may It be his ultimate mission. . ,0, ttellanthes left, in charge of his owner, ir yesterday, to fnlfll engagements at the West a Coast. The Hon. J. D. Ormond's team for the C.J.C. Easter meeting will consist of Sir .„ Tristram, Xylophone, BoHln,- "Woodhey, Dla--3 mond Star, and another. They are due on x Saturday and will be quartered at f Rlecarton. • *" Mr W. E. Bldwell will be represented at Jγ , the meetlng'by Provocation and 'Consola-. tion, both of which are well forward in. f , ; condition." The'latter has many friends for ' c both the Easter and Autumn Handicaps. 01 Very satisfactory acceptances have been *» received for the North Canterbury J.C. Ie meeting, which takes place on Saturday V; nest. Amongst the best taxown'of the comic petltors are Farley Grove, Salaam, Narran- — garee, Fa4lada, ■ Merry Lass, and English ir Kose. . . to Bea King's victory In the Stewards' HandiIβ cap at Tlmaru did not entail a penalty, the — race not-being worth TSsovs to the winner, d Mr -,J. ,W. Thompson, a steward .of the 1; Dunedln Jockey. Club, leaves shortly for a il- visit to England, and' has Tieen granted In leave of-absence by ..the-club. -■'. • — • The Dunedin J.C. calling for. tenders iy for enlargement of the paddock at Wangalr tul. a much needed improvement. a- A' meeting of the Ashburton County R.C.----d was held on Friday afternoon. The report i. of the sub-committee appointed to consider the Trotttos Club's application for the uso . of the course was presented. Owing to the' 8t unavoidable absence of several members '§ it was held over for further, consideration, at ia the next meeting of the committee. ' -■' ■ ig Frank Higgott, well known at Riccartori le and throughout the North Island, has joined ,B the ranks of the benedicts, and has purchas•y ed,.the lease o£ the "Hallway Hotel at the 1- tower Hutt. Frnnk has many friends who 3e wish him success In his new venture, is Should Higgott find time to train a few ie horses he will use old Hntt Park training J- tracks, which are in fair order at present. S- ' ■■ •■ : Iβ • : ■ ■ . -..■ .■: . .

id L-, ■..■'!== . ,-■. ;. . ... ' /,;■■"■ X The winter season is here, and McMas--111 ter and Shalders have now opened up p| tbcdi new stook of drees materials, model ,j, cats jackets, mantles, rainproof, cloaks, fch blankete, flannels, hosiery, gloves/ and Id every requirement for the cold weather *" at and 274, Queen-street.—(Ad.), ut - . '.' ":/""' '; ' :' ''' ' v c . ■—— . ■ - . : . , . . _■

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THE RACING WORLD. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 77, 31 March 1909