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i -I fte commencement of ' £he firsfc B»dt • i\ letweeii Ponsorfhy and Eden, colt--1 f ■ honied one of the best exhibitions yei |l jT jn-Vktoife Park this season> al I &as far as the game had proceeded Ijß P JD -» when 3 ' lrelle 4rawt ll'f • -the nigM> and Ponsonby's innings ■If s !^ e j it was msiinly a two-man affair |1 I" pindi praise .cannot be given t< i i" as and Henius ipr the splendid score; •■l hkh they compiled, but the others v?hc 1 1 SLj one and all, cut a sorry figure If M-*** disposed of ior A v<*X modesi I libations— one far a duck, thiee f o; i I and one each, for a brace and s Hβ ,;, reflectively. IH innings was opened bj 111 and Kavaoagh, ilie former battinj #| jjonffhr and carefully for the first hour 1 Svine tsitaSn tiiai period three oSffeareni 8 "Timers. Hβ tos then, joined by Hernus J I Q tiere ensned one of the finest part I i .jjships jet -witnessed on any ground ±±u< 'W season. With three -wickets down lo: I ifl (of which nine had been compiled bj [ {L.twee men out), Hffmns -went in tc laiand by steady play his score giadu jjj mounted to -a totaj not fax behini ' of Woods. The last-named pfciyei wit In some magnificent -wort, and hi 'i TfeH-dnected nits found the boundari ! and time again in succession, Jit \-. vasuot in the least shaky, even wfa f n]ajjng thiongh the nineties—always i I ted of iheacrves —and ttos JoudJj (jjfsred when his score reached three fig nresb tifltotal being -tiifm 195. 7 Jen,minnies later, Hemus Tras lifcrgria ' EweessM in attaining tihe century.. K( iai been Jiitting -otcE lip to the 80 mart tni- from that stage xmtil -he coEnjdetet iig 100, iisplay much more cantioni glffiDngTi by mo means slow. H3b total j gfcfle ]ater -topped fiiat of "Woods, tari joti continued Efcnngly. TTpmns 3^a; iawfed by Baylor ior a total c& 141, aX taougfa. -wny le iad not been cangfat ouI longbeftns'Trasainystery. Quite haW-a I iasEQ chanoes fj?om his Lat sexa rmisset i 5y the Eden feldexs. Woods' score at the time of Bennis jjsniisssil "was 133, but this he Sncpeasec to 166 "before Taylor levelled has stamps The pasiaieisbip had resulted in -file ad aitioaof;2S4!t»-the scores, andJPonsonby'e totalof 333 for eight -wickets leaws tin Eden CoJts , team a na-rd nut -to crack i o; Icsi Saturday* Ihe Hon. George Towldsthas aunouncei Ms Tntg-nfa*" , " f>f presenting a trophy ii I iis'&ape of a bat to the yonnges cricketer trho has taken part in firs •.grade cricket this eeason. For\s>nie time the interest of -tie {2tj riayera eeemß to have been ■waning, aw on Satniday they were again withour Sieir fnD etrength. Success is generally the father of enthusiasm, but it is tc be icqed ihafc the low place occtrpie< . in ttte list 3s not the reason of the Citj men'sirequant.absence from ithe fields o . late... . City and "Dniveisity opened, -a mate! on the Domain on Saturday, and so fa; the former are ihaving a little tite bes of mslteii, but the game is at a. sta® which cannot indicate the result. 1j f .: their firat innings University scored aj exceptionally small total. The best in dividual score in an innings realism; only 61 was 15 by Wallace.- Eobinson B wlo~usn^ny*-Cbp3' ;^aski£y*s<: «co*ei' ; -STBn : : - -out iEor a single. TVith such a small score the bowler. bad a feast. W. eight -wicket average of 43 runs eaoh» H ■bowled 3S overs> five of -which wer 1 maidens. Cossey, who ibo-wled nine mai ■ = dea oveis out of 17, took two Tsicket for 20 runs. a • The fourth -wicket, -widch. produced V. Tans, was &b most profitable. The euc cesgrre -wickets fell as follows^—o/3, 23 So, H, 48, p2, 60, 60, 6L Csty went in in a very ibad light, bu ■were not l(n?g in passing the •Varsit ; team's tally.' Gleeson and McCormacl i between -them -mocked up moretSian al i of ike otter batsmen. But, on. th : •! whole, the City 'batsmen, in one cense did woise tlian their opponents. Xhi ; ealy scorer3-abosre five were deeson {vrh< \ nade 38) and ilcCormaek (who stil (•Jcairies'Jiis bat and has 23 .to his -credit ' (3ty, being short of snen, cent tni Teterim S. Keill to ihe wickete, JTeil kept up Jus Tiacket till etumps sreri <naanjy^aad-roth'iMScCoiTnack glayed-ou "! time. • Iα- th&dHßt-around <the -meeting vt Ear nell and Gratson provided «ome sense, tional criokat, when E. V» Sale and H M> up 240 juns between them (120 «ent .down to each, and Earnel jwere piaoticaay secured againstjfcire pos 'sibilities flf drfeat by the proclivities-of ihe two -men -fiistTia -defen< ■&b stamps, Sa tnrdsy 's -wjs i any uay grrnlar; it was Befe^ion 1 4o the -oiAer -snatoh. Parni.4l in-,£rst,-aniL-oiit<if <fH»w-j»mWigj» jivaa i«ne jgood- and a cougle of fat scores, Hutchlngs -played an innings -of '3&ni cricket for the 67 which -WBjre -pencillo< eff «a ais, -esoeciany as wa* -very. bad. C. J, 3Sartlaad?S -S& ■seas * fair igerfoimaaee, and A. Kbb-.-W*9 #tal going,.-with 29 to, .wien : the iast swekei fell. Thew3cketß-wMe&-ieU4o^Giafton^«a wen-dSsfeabHted<Mnoiig'l*B awvders fC. Ik Earfgate took three ior 19, J>. JEt& gfawj for 22, Bfsv. Bcotb won 9 <for 31, iB Horspool faso for Iβ; and F. R 3ia«« one.for 37. Eaafgate, iwlte las just beet yromoied from junior cricket, was 1 _ decided faccea?, ' As .wan. -as -Banifill were vdl disposec , x>f, play ■■wag eqspended for 43ie day ot account vof the faSOxtg liglit, The match be|areen the Shor< team and Eden should provide an in tarestmg next saJtni4ay» Xasi sreek the sha?e iotalied the "moderat< a»re of 142, fet Edea fe ineir firs( haye lost ihrea men foi I .a hare 4S, Shore started anj J -better, losing tihree -wickets for 51, anc Jaefc that thsy patted a man I gives, t-he home rteam (Edea) 3. goofi chanc^. Though .the wicket looked good enoagl from the pav-Hion, It made the ball aci • V 1 * Jather erratic manner, which, was : ; very pnzding at times to the batsmen : : sic ruins came ypsy slowly at the-start £is gut of the first eight overs being "maidens. The most consmeuous featurt ; of the afternoon's play was the inningf _.- of Haddon. He started elowly, but finding that the careful game brought ne r-'rons, started taking chances, JJe gav< ; Jleaij too, but luck favoured him, *nd - :he was mbsed no fewer tiian. four times * before being finally caught out. One oi tie chances, however, was a yery difficult ,??pne. B Kone the less, Haddon ? g innings was - ; a fina effort, and when be get going sttt of eight successive hits sevea were Boundaries. Hjß Apropos of the times he was missed Bf may be rema|ke j that %%* fieWwj ; ;f4 iia Iden teafflf|a,s^Sa ( tur4aapga& %i

cricket this" season. . In this respect the ] team could learn something from the club's Second Grade eleven. a The home team had only 40 minutes' ' 3 last week, end towards the dose . ■t tie hgbt was very bad. If the wicket '. I- is a 'batsman's one, then chances next • d Saturday ehould be slightly better than n evens. I 3 following players will go by this s.a. r. Wimmera on Tuesday next, 6th April, at o 3 p.m., «to Gisborhe, to represent the ■s North Shore Club in a eeriee of o matches: A. M. Howden, F. A. McNeiU. 8, -k. H. Sale, J. M. Husaey, C. L. Eastgate, it 3. C. Coleman, P. G. Andrews, W. Robin- * son, H. L. disc, C. C. Bayliaa, L. L. Moa Mahon and F. L. Prime. y SECOND GBADE. g The tenth round of the premiership r, matches opened on Saturday. The wic- * kets were not fast owing to the continus, ous rain during the week. t> At Devonport Eden A and North Shore 13 A axe having an evsn match; on the Doc main Eden B cried enough with Parnell y A after a one day's play; Grafton have o the advantage over Parnell B; University l- scored a three-pointer against City; and d Ponsonby also obtained the triple points ■r by default with North Shore B. ia The ball triumphed over the bat at y Devonport, when Eden. A met North c Shore A. The Park-siders batted first, n and were all out at S3, only three of the a batsmen reaching double figures, y Clarke top-scored well, making 20 bej- fore putting his leg in front of one from Townsend. Taylor and Freeman -were reb sponsible for 17 and 15 respectively, c Townsend was in great bowling buckle, •1,. and came out with the fine average of d wickets for 37. He quite surprised ono IB of the Edenites by clean bowling him a round bis legs. tfc Sforth. Shore just made 'Jl more runs s than Eden, but lave a wicket to fall. 1- Coleman'e was the best display, and , he it had 26 to bis -credit when le -was run out. ir* Eden 15 were unfortunate in mustering d. only «ix men against such a strong team . ■as Parnell A. Notwithstanding the airs'' cumstances they gave a deplorable display d and had it -not been for Morry Gray, they s, Tvould have' fared even worse. Out of the 1- S3 runs scored off the bat he was responds sible for 22 not out, and carried his bat ;e through what there was of the innings. ,r' Reeteaux and Caro did the trundling for Parnell. and both obtained flattering .a figures. The former's three wickets cost jj seven runs, and Caro secured two for 5t four* jfc Parnell did not take matters very seriously, yet put up the record total for the ijr day's cricket in the grade. ji Caro -was the most aggressive batsman, [fc rattling up 58 not out in very quick time. y C Sale notched 41 in good style; Dinni--0 son collected 27, and Breese's first effort £, of the .season realised 22 not . y- .lankJns, whose bowling capabilities jf had not been tried previously this year> secured -the average, his four wickets costr ,jx ing 63 runs. v "With three batsmen away Parnell B, ; fc. only managed to score 30 against Grafrg ton bowling. At one time five wickets 'a -were down for eight runs, but Gatland j! and Turbott made the position more . Q . hopeful and the innings wound up for ig 36. 01 Gilmpur captured four wickets for 21 x t and. Erierly-hit.,'the leg stump t-wice- ; in succession for six runs. -.. rs . Grafton passed their opponents' total ts: -without the loss of a wicket. [ c F. Horspool hit in spirited style for :e 41, Jack was much steadier in compiling i- 22-----ts The wickets taken for Parnell were : Dufaur 4 for 25 and Warner and ' 19 land with two apiece, c- After being dormant for some lime " l a City turned out once more against Var- ' city, and when, the bell sounded, had ; it just one wicket to fall to avert an inn- i y ings defeat on the afternoon's play, i ik They decided to finish the match, and '. IX in the approaching darkness the last j is wicket -soon fell, which gave University ' c , a three point win. i ue The third gTade championship was ' 10 vron by Grafton ■wi'Hi the -fine Tecord of i 11 teji Snatches played and won, and in each • t. case three points were scored, makkg Iβ a total of 30 points. This constitutes a 3 U record for the competitions tinder the re auapipes of -fche Auckland Cricket As- i tt sociation. ] For the past lew seasons Grafton have 1 E-, failed to place -a third grade in the field, i- and it is mainly due to the energy of ■ I. F. 6. Baffin, Tvho took over the captaincy • a, of the team, -that am eleven -was placed ' 1L In the field. gj W!. Henry wins -the/ batting average ' g Tnth an </i 201 runs for nine ; d, completed' inning«. The feature of the ; n team was the bowling of one of the ; t"' most promising of the colte, Hewson • tin no Jess than 84 wickets at a * a. «ost -of under five -runs apieae. The aver- • [r, ages of the team are ac follows:^— GRAFTON HL a Matches played, 10; won 10; points scored, 31 BATTING ATEEAGES.

BOWUNG AJS'AMTSIS, Uns. Wkts. Avg. Smith ....,,.,-, 47 13 %.§\ Hewsori ,>>>>».. .393 84 4.67 Shergolt ,> , 149 30 i.9Q Martin ~,.....» 163 27 0.41 SCHOOL CRICKET. The scores generally last -week were email, the bowlera being assisted by a sticky wicket. Blair was to-scorer far . abe day -with 76, but, though, he scored : -yrifch good strokes, he was far from eomfartable to the breaks eenfc along by Burton. i *BusMll, -who did aot teach double fig. xareß, showed more confidence against i Jitixton. Philip and Freeman batted 'well for flieir runs, Newton West's batting was painfully • slow at the beginning, and this probably ' cost them the match, for ■with more time they must ha-ve made a win of it. j Massey was highest ecoTer for Mt. ; B4en with 3, well-earned 27. Bereafoid made a poor show eguinsi : iDevonpoit, getting only 32 against the j bowling- of Coleboume and Johnson. ■\VMte was easily the pick of the Nor- : mal ba-tting, liis 22 being scored by good cricket—especially good on the leg , side, ~.■-. ■~■' : Gleriister and Stephenson were the , ei\ly 3?on3onby boys "who did not seem ir|ght«ned of Westbrook, who took geven ; midfeet? i& §4 - - . ! '

match for hia'sidji. ■'■>"'■ | Cunningham also' batted \vell :at a critical time.- ■■•■■'' '■/' .'••■■•■ Dormer ('Newmarket) Fatted splendidly, showing how to put the wood on: to loose ones. . ■" '" "■":-". -■>..■■'■ _ EoUowing are tie matches and grouids for the final .round.of the first series o| matohes of school cricket:— '■''•'".'■'' ■'■' ■ Ponsonty v. Devonport (Devohpprtj; 'Pitt Street v. Parnell (Domain); Re«uera v. \Napier Street' (Domain); Grafton v. Mt. Albert (Dbmaiajj Newton East v. formal (Victoria Park); Beresford V. Mt. Eden (Victoria Park). ; DIBraiGT SCHEME AVEL- /■';■'■ ■;.'■■ ' LINGTON. (By Teleeraph.—Press AssociaUoo.) WELLINGTON, Tuesday. The Cricket Association to-night adopted the report of a committee recommending the adoption of fche district scheme. '

Innings H.S; ' Ttl. ■VTj. ftenzy ■-» 0 1 58* 201 it. » e 0 4? S7 «hfir/ioit ■->» 9 0 30 54 Masfln >. i »» 10 2 71* 124 ",....>» 43 ? 24« 127 XjiShea .>»>»> W 1 37 181 ,»». 13 1 53 137 Kewsoa ...>> W i 42 158 P S BaliUi •> 8 3 2i» 57 SJdtti ...»., 6 1 33 44 Ho&pnbi',..- 6 0 23 flO Brevftn ....,12 1 21 77 *Si£nJflta not out. ATg; 25.35 J7.4 ie.8 m 18.92 13-85 12.77 1X4 8.8 8.33

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CRICKET., Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 77, 31 March 1909

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CRICKET. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 77, 31 March 1909

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