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AUCKLAND TROTTING. CLUB'S ! AUTUMN MEETING. ATTEMPTS AT RECORD FAIL. The opening day's racing in connection with the Auckland Trotting Club's autumn meeting took place at Epsom on Saturday last. The weather was dull and threatening, but, lortunatelT, no rain fell The course wag holding after the rain of Friday, and -was all against fast times. The attendance was large. Mr. Ike Hill officiated as Judge, Messrs. F. W. Edwards and G. Head as timekeepers, and Mr. C. O'Connor as starter. The latter gentleman wa s as successful as usual, but, owing to some of the competitors in the Middle Class and Electric Trot trying to beat the clock, there was a false start In each event, while in -he pony race too much consideration waa shown Nora Soult, which was very fractious and delayed the etart for some considerable time. Aβ the pony in question carried 2st and lib overweight, it was evident that her connections did not esteem her chance too highly, and that she was allowed to upset the field in the manner she did was hardly fair. Mr. O'Connor is altogether lenient with this class of animal. r lhe management of the gathering, under the secretary (Mr. C. F. Mark) was in keeping with the club's reputation, everything passing off without a hitcli. Mr. 1. King hud charge of the luncheon arrangements, and during the afternoon the Garrison Band, under Bandmaster G. P. Cater, played a. number of selections on the lawn in front of the stand. THE TOTALISATORS. With a good attendance, speculation was naturally brisk, the machines, under Messrs. W. Blomfield and Co., handling the sum of £2683, which is an increnee of £193 on last year's amouut. In addition, £210 was received in bookmakers' fees. THE BOOKMAKERS. Another case of welshing, which Is fact becoming fnshionable, occurred after the sixth race, won by the favourite (Manderene), and a mild riot occurred, which might have developed into something serious but for the kindly interference of the police, who rescued the welsher from hia victims. Once more has to be pointed out the unfairness of the clubs In licensing nil and sundry who choose to apply, and it would probably be as well if they recognised the fact that the frequent eases of welshing are not doing racing any good, and they may wake up some day to the fact that thel".' actions have caused a strong antito'.e feeling nmongst the public. Amongst the victims on Saturday was a prominent official of the club, and his falling in with the rest luay eventually be a blessing in disguise. THE RECORD. The feature of the afternoon's sport was undoubtedly the attempts at the mile record by the Christchurch horse Lord Elmo and the local crack Specialist. The state of the track was all against fast times, but Lord Elmo made a great effort, and under anything like favourable conditions is sure to get the time stipulated. Starting off at bis second attempt, and paced by the hurdle horse The Stroller, 3ie ran the first quarter in 345, the half in 1.8, the six furlonps In 1.40 4-5, and the fnll mile in 2.20. Rounding the home turn Lord Elmo made a skip, which probably cost him the record. Specialist was not so successful, and his time (2.27 1-5) Is some six seconds below what he has already shown on the track. His first quarter took 375, the half 1.14, six furlongs 1.49 2-5, and the full mile After the trials tho committee met, and, with commendable enterprise in the Interest of trotting, offered the two horses another cnaiice of securing the purse of which has beer, accepted by the owners, and they will both make another attempt on Wednesday next. With anything like decent going, it is the general opinion that Lord Elmo Is sure to get the stipulated time. STEWARDS' HANDICAP of 70sovs. Distance, two miles. C. R. Leigh's b g John Harold, 14s, (Mabee) 1 R. A. Shepherd's b m I'rincess Ena, Cyrs, scratch (Shepherd) 2 J. Molloy's br g Bogey. 10a .. 3 Also started: Waitekauri 13s; Barmeguie, 13s; Kohine, 14s; All NMght, 16s; Tableau, 17s; Harold Abdullah, 17s; Huou LeaJ, ISr. When they had gone half a mile John riiirold was In front, followed by Bogie, Waitekauri, and All Night. Passing the gate Bogey headed John Harold, but broke badly. John Harold getting in front again, and being joined by Waitekauri, the pair raced in close company to the staud, where John Harold had a slight advantage of Princess Eva, who had made np her ground very fast. Going along the back I'rincess Ena shot to the front, and it looked all over, but John Harold got on terms again as they went through the dip, and from there out the issue was never in doubt, John Harold winning easing up by four lengths. Bogie was twelve lengths further back, third, mid All Night fourth. Time, 5.22. All Night was favourite. AUTUMN HANDICAP, of GO soys. Distance, four furlongs and a-half. J. Murphy's b m Quadroon, 4yrs, by Menschikoff—The Slnve, 7.5 (J. Kelly) 1 S. A. Lindsay's b m Mistune, 4 yrs, 8.10 (Ackroyd) 2 A. Walter's br m Mahinga, 9.7 (Deeley) 3 Also started: Leo Grand, 8.0; Matarere, 7.5; Norma, 7.7; Celebrity. 7.2; Starling, 7.2; Malka, 7.0; Nora Scult, 6.10; Cisco Rose, CIO, and Laurel Wreath. There was a loug delay at the post, but eventually they were dispatched on fairly even terms. Leo Grand was first to show out, followed by ilatatere and Mahinga. When the straight was reached Norma was in front, but when fairly in line for the post, Quadroon shot through, find easily holding her own. in the concluding stages, won comfortably by a length from Mistime, which was half a length is front of Mahinga. Leo Grand was fourth. Time, 59 2-ss. Mahinga was favourite. HOBSON HARNESS TROT HANDICAP. Of 40sovs; one mile and a half, llrs W. Orange's's b m Queen Anne, syrs, by King George—thoroughbred mare, 30s (Orange) 1 T. Richards' b g Royal Albert, aged, 25s (Richards) 2 •R. Coates' b m Pierotte, aged, 14s (Hamilton) 3 mso started: Count 18s, Green Lavender 25a. Queen Anne put in a break on the field before the others got going, and was never troubled, winning, pulling up, by four lengths. Time 4.19. Queen Anne .wag favourite. MIDDLE-CLASS HANDICAP of 40 soys. One mile and a-half. C. Wren's blk m Lady Park, 4 yrs, (Wilmington—unknown), 14s (Hamilton .. 1 A. Cameron's eh g Major Election, 6yrs, 28s. (Wilson) 2 H. S. Canham's cr. g. Bert, aged, Us. (Canham 3 Also started: Harold Huon, as: Cleveland's Pride, 9s; Huanui, lls; Day Dawn, 12s; Wilhelmlna, 13s; Castaway 14s; Dan, 21s; Mikado, 235. Major Election, from tho limit, was quick to settle to his work, and passing the stand had an advantage of nearly 100 yds from Lady Park, which was followed by Wilhelmlna and Bert. Lady Park was within two lengths of 'Major Election when they crossed the top stretch, aad at the distance was on terms. An interesting race was spoiled by Major Election stumbling badly. Lady Park eventually winning by two lengths. Bert was six lengths further back third, with Wilhelmlna fourth. Time, 4.10 2-5. Lady Park was favourite. CORNWALL HANDICAP TROT, of 40 soys. Distance, one mile. J. G. Leeky's blk c Mauderene, 2yrs. by Nerval— Eland, 12s (Gladding) i A. Watt's b h Le Rosier, aged, 6s (Hamilton) 2 J. Molloy's br g Bogey, aged, 13s. (Orauge) 3 Also starter: Princess Ena. 2s: Itobex, 6s; Scotia, 6s; V.S., Ss; Waitekauri, 10s; Autocrat, 12s. When the stand was reached Bogey, Manderene amd Autocrat were racing in line, the latter being in front when they passed the gate. At the dip Mnnderaue had caught the leader, and was. first to turn for home. In the run to the post, Le Hosier and Bogey put in their claims, but they could not get up, Manderene winning by a length and a-half, with half n length between second and third. Time, 2.41. Mandareue was favourite. ELECTRIC TROT HANDICAP of 40SOVS. Distance. 1 mile. W. J. Greenwood's eh m Rosebud, aged, by Childe Harold—Rosemary, 4s (Greenwood) 1 G. E. Kinsey's blk g Royal Victor, 17s (Orange) ~,., 2 J. G. Leeky's b g Maplewood, 6 yrs, scr (Crotty) ~ 3

Also started: Irish. Molly 6s, Pierotte Bs, Pukerlmu Bs, "Ballot 9s, Rosie Wlltea 10s, lago 103, Macquarrle lls, Miss Tusie 425, Bert 13s, Colenso 13s. Royal Victor, the limit horse, had a lead of about a hundred yards when they passed the stand, the colours of the others being hardly - discernible owing to the light. Going along the back, Royal Victor still had charge, and led to within a short distance of the post, where Rosebud challenged on the inside and Maplewood on the outside. A great race resulted, Kosebud getting the -verdict by three parts of a length, half a length separating the second and third. Bert was fourth, jnst in front of a close bunched field. Time, 2.35. Royal Victor was ' favourite. SECOND DAY. The following 'handicaps have been declared by Mr. F. W. Edwards for Wednesday's races:— Manukau Handicap; two miles.—'Princess •Ena scratch Scotia Is, Le Rosier 2s John Harold 10s, Happy 14s, Little Paul 15s, Kohine 16s, All Night 17s, Bogey 17s Cavalier ISs, Tableau IPs, Huon Leal 21s, Wild Nell 21s. Class Trot Handicap, one mile.—Lord Elmo scratch. Specialist 4s, Princess Ena 6s, Le Rosier 9s, Maplewood 10s, Rosebud 12s, V.S. 12s, Barnieguie. 13s, Mauderene 14s, Irish Molly 16s, Kohine 16s, Autocrat 16s, Bogey 173, Dan Traeey 17s. Hill Handicap, one mile, ana a-half.— Robex scratch, Kosebud scratch Lady Love Is, Cedar Bs, Olive 10s, lago 12s Macqnarrie 14s, Lady Park 15s, Cleveland's Pride 15s, Miss Tuxle 16s, Bert 16s, Janitor 17a Huanui 17s, Colenso 16s, Daydawn 19s, Castawny 20s, Royal Albert 21s, Rawene 21s, Albert Edward- 225, Green Lavender 225, Inaha 275, Fibre 275. Adams Memorial Handicap, one mile and a-half.—Le Rosier scratch, John Harold- ss, Waftekauri 7s, Barmegule 7s Stranger 9s, Huon Leal 13s, Pierotte 13s, Harold Huon 14s, Lady Park 18s, Queen Anne 18s Count 18s, Miss Tuxie M)s. Rita W. 21s, Royal Albert 245, Black Temple 275, Dan 2Ss, Major Election 28s. Autumn Handicap, one mile and a-half. — Robex scratch. Stranger 6s, Harold Abdal- : lah Bs, Wild Nell 10s, Pierotte 10s Harold Huon lls, Kirikirlroa 12s, Rosle Wtlks 14s, Macquarrie 14s, Bert 10s, Colenso 18s, Daydawn 19s, Nelson 20s, Castaway 20s, Royal Albert 21s, GTeen Lavender 225. i Novel Handicap Trot, one mile and ahalf.—Black Mire scratch, General A. Is, Harry Mace Is, Miss Wittnie Is. Cora Bell Is, The Dove 2s, Dan 4s, Monty 7s. Mikado 9s. Maud G. 9s, Mamma os, Timidity 9s, Elba 9s. Merry Will os. April Handicap, six furlongs ami a-half. — Glenora 9.4, Mahinga 9.1, Necktie 8.11, Octoroon 5.9, Mistime 8.7, Carmania 8.6, Cyrona 8.0, Frontino 7.10, Leo Grand 7.6, Elenore 7.5, Btonia 7.4, Norma 7.0, Matarere 6.12, Laurel Wreath 6.7, Nora Soult 6.7. Acceptances close with the secretary. at nine o'clock to-night. FIELDING JOCKEY CLUB. (By Telegraph.—Press 'Association.); 'WELLINGTON. Sunday. The following handicaps have been declared by Mr. J. Henrys for th e Feilding Jockey Club's Easter meeting: Walata Hack Handicap of lOOsovs, seven furlongs.—Palsano 9.0, Anemone 8 3 Nyland 8.2, Maidi 7.13, Mulga Bill 7.11, Buoyant l.i, Notorious 7.3, Wa.ipuniu 7.2, Wharekoa 6.12, Grand Poplar 6.0, Dervish. 6.9 Jf°, n , s S°_ ne stake s of 300sovs, six furlongs. —Gold Thread 9.0, Crucinella 8.11 Longner B.D, Whetumarama 5.4, Golden Eagle 8.4, M 8.2, Moa Ami 8.0, Sandstream 713 PeroHna 7.12, AberbroThoek 7.7, Flotilla 7.0, Hermia 6.13, Genuine 6.10, Debonnaire 6 1O Toa Tuhi 6.7, Tanekaha 0.7, Llanwern 6.7. Kawakawa Hurdle Race of 200sovs two miles.—Maidi 11.8, Aorangi 11.4- Master Douglas 11.0, Xavier 10.10, Commander 10 4. Tonderghie 9.13, Oryx 0.13,, Rookby B.S Paparaehi 9.9, Showman 9.9 Don Carlos 0.2, Scenery 9.0, Whatakura 9.0. Taonui Hurdle Race of lOOsovs one mile a °d th ree-quarters.—Speclosa u -3. Rookby 10.12, Don Carlos 10.4 Yosami 100 Whim per 10.0, Chase Mab 9.13, Moose 9 13 Raneihaeta 9.13, Erl King 9.9, Grenade 9 9' Prince Hassan 9.7, Finnesseur 9.5. Somali 9*o ilontague 9.0. Keilding Cup of SOOsovs, one mile and ahalf.—Taugimoana 9.0, Kilmarnock 8.10 vv aitapu 8.7, Bonrrasqne 8.5, Mahuta 8 0 Sandstream 8.2, Uhlaado 7.11, Moloch, Waipaku 7.7, Tiptoe 7.7, Vasa 7.7 Whetumarama 7 5 Lady ■Menschikofl: 7.4,' Uenuku Ad ■ft, f" % X ?A Ta "Seroa 6.10. Belario 6.10 Hiro O.<, Golden Gate 6.7, Anemone 0. i T Palone 6.7. Onepuhi Hack Welter Handicap of lOOsovs one mile.—Paisano 10.0, Nyland 0.0 Midiaji 8.13. Paparaehi 8.4, Rangikapuka 8.3, Togo 8.2, Liquid Air 8.0 Grand Poplar 7.13, Canadian 7.12 Stevens 711 Mississippi 7.11, Silver Song 7.11. Aravore Halcombe Welter Handicap of 200 soys, seven furlongs.—Sandstream 9 v Roosevelt 9.6, Perolina 9.5, Probability 9.3 VI 91, Eclogue 8.13, The Cockatoo 8.12 Lethean 8.6, Flingot S.o, Moscow 8.4, Gold Treasure 7.11, Elro 7.11, Compass 7.11, Notorious 7.11. Ongo Hack Handicap of lOOsovs five furlongs.—Hermia S.O, Debonnaire 811 The Saint 8.0, Strategist 5.9, Waiari B.9'* Conquestina 8.0, Overtime 8.0, Contour 7.9, Guiding Step 7.8, Buoyant 7.5. Quick March 7.4, Singer 7.4, Thetis 7.3, Vida 7.0 Wharekoa 7.0, Vinco 6.9, Rangikura 6.8 Daisy Webb 6.7. ~ " - ,; **ii^u, "'' PATEA RACING CLUB, jSg (By Telegraph.—Press Association.) HAWERA, Saturday. The following are the weights for the Patea Easter meeting to be, held at Hawera:— Hurdle Race.—Chase Mab 10.6 Wiimner 10.2. Toddy 10.0, Black Banner 9.10 Recreation 9.6, Grey Dawn 9.6 Tauno 9 a Somali 9.3, Golden Glow 9.0, Torokora 9 0 Silent 9.0, Flying West 9.0, G-unstocfc 9o' Borough Stakes.—Clemora "9.0, Astraea 9.0, Mendip 8.0, Coronetted 8.4. Shannon Lass 7.12, Teaharoa 7.lo.lnaha 7.10 Tam^lvn 7.5, Maori Rifle 7.3, Faida 7.8, Royal Youngster 7.0, Montpellier 6.10, -Pukengahu 610 Tokoi-a 6.10, Handsome Paul 6.10 Kapaia 6.10, Park Lady 6.9. Flying Handicap.—Burton 0.0, Mul-Ti Bill 8.10, Nicotine 5.5.,, Coronetted 8.5 Shannon Lass 8.2, Clemency 8.2, Hydraulic 8.0, Te Waharoa 8.0, Inaha 7.12. Muskerado 7.8 Valentine 7.6, Lady Heroine 7.3 Whana 6.12, Muse 6.12, Faida 6.12 Montpellier 6.10, Sylvia Maid 6.10, Redwin°- 6 7 Colina 6.7, Ketort 6.7. " ' q^t 6l ", H^? d icnp.—Astraea 9.1, Clemora 8.12, Mulga Bill 8.5, Mendip 8.3, Coronetted 8.0, Panl (.12, Ikanewara 7.10, Tamglyn 76, Rohepotae 7.1. Valentine 7.0, Maori Rifle 7.0, Bismarck 6.12, Faida 6.12. Alton Welter Handicap.—Paul 10.3 Recreation 10.0, Coronetted 9.12 TanWlvn 9.10 Rohepotae 9.5, Bismarck 9.0* Puke£~ahu 8.10, Silva 8.7. ' ■ — i ~^^y ■y-. THE ROYAL SOULT CASE, m* (By Telegraph.—Own Corresponflent); ■WiELLINiGTO'N , , Saturday. The appeal by the owner-trainer and the Jockey of Royal Soult against the disqualification imposed by the Avondale Jockey Club, and subsequently endorsed by the Metropolitan body, has been before the special court of the Racing Conference today. The Racing Conference judges appointed to hear the appeal are Sir George Clifford and Messrs Geo. Hunter and Abbot. The sitting this morning was taken up in considering new evidence in the form of affidavits, which had not been before either the Avondale Jockey Club or A.R.C. Committee. A finding should be arrived at this evening. THE RAWSON STAKES. N.Z. HORSES BEATEN. CBy Cable.—Press Association.—Copyright.) SYDNEY, March 27. At the Rosehill meeting Lady Malttne by Malster—Loch Lava) won the Rawson Stakes by half a length from Flaxen with. Golden Slipper a length away third Artillerle, after making a good show in the early part of the race, finished in the ruck.

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RACING NEWS., Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 75, 29 March 1909

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RACING NEWS. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 75, 29 March 1909

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