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BACINO FIXTUBUa. March 27, 81, April 3 — A.T.C. Autumn April 1, 2 — Masterton B.C. Autumn April 1, 3 — Neleon J.C. Annual April 3 — North Canterbury J.C- HacK April 10,' 12 — Walrarapa R.C. Autumn April 10, 12, 13 — Auckland R.C. Autumn April 10, 12, 14, 17 — A.J.C. Autumn April 12 — Patea B.C. Annual Meeting April 12, 18 — FelhUng J.C. Eastoi April 12, 13 — C.J.C. Autumn April 21, 24 — Wellington B.C. Autumn April 24, 28—Avondale J.C. Autumn April 28, 29 — Manawatu R.C. Autumn May 5, 6 — Hawke's Bay J.C. Abtumn May 22, 24 — Takgpung XC. Winter ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. ■Enquirer, Puhol.—Parltutu fell at the ninth fence In the Great Northern Hurdle Race. No previous winner of the A.R.C. Easter Handicap figures In the acceptances for this year's event. Mr Morse's adjustments, for the minor events at the A.R.C. Autumn Meeting are due early nest week. The racehorses Freevata, Haiku, and Sir Artegal were brought from the South by the Rarawa this morning. The most noteworthy defections from the A.R.C. Easter Handicap are Bobrlkoff, Tumnt. Gold Thread, Tiptpe, and Dlabolo. Both the Great Northern Oaks candidates. Gold Lace and Chanteuse, have been freely nominated for the minor events at tho gathering. Notwithstanding the reports that Parltntii is amiss the veteran son of Castor appears amongst the acceptances for the Brighton Hurdle Race.. - * : Three boxes hare been engaged at the Harp of Erin Hotel for H. Telford. Two of bis charges will probably be First Mate and Sir Antrim. The Hutt Park Committee (Wellington) are giving permission to train horses on the Hutt course at a fee of £1 per year, or any part of a year. Tlie Hon. J. D. Ormond Iβ evidently to be represented by a sfrong team at the C.J.C. Autumn Meeting, and accommodation has been booked tor seven of his horses. A private cablegram received in Wellington states that Slgnor has broken down badly, and Is to be brought" back to the Dominion next week, in company with Carrisslma. After an absence ot about nine months from the turf the St. Leger gelding Scotty appears amongst the nominations for the minor events at the A.R.C. Autumn Meeting. Master Delnval, First Gun, and Master Soult axe the only Auckland horses engaged at the Wellington Racing Club's Autumn meeting. A Southern writer Is responsible for the statement that an Auckland sportsman made' a tempting ;offer for Gold Crest, but his owner-was not induced to part with him. The crack Southern lightweight, R. Hatch, was offered the mount on Ngapuka In the A.R.C. Easter Handicap, but his engagements would not permit of him accepting it. The Chrlstchurch writer "Petronel" credits Uranium with being a previous winner of the A.B.C. Handicap. A glance at the winning list would have told him to the contrary. The account of the running of the Taranaki Cup states that the Great Northern Oaks candidate Chnnteuse had her nose badly split by the starting gear. She took no - part. in the. race. The second day's racing ot the Auckland Trotting Clab'e 4utum*< Meeting takes place on Wednesday next, March 31et. The weights are due on Monday, and acceptances close the same evening at 9 p.m. The loss of Stylish, as the result of an accident on the Hastings course, during the week, Is a severe one to her owner, Mr L. Furr, who quite recently refused an offer of COOgs for the daughter of San Remo. Nominations for the Avondale Handicap, 'Autumn Handicap. Steeplechase Handicap, and Railway Handicap, to be run for at the A.R.C. Autumn Meeting on April 24th and 28th, close with the secretary, Mr H. H. Hayr, on Friday next, April 2nd. The owner of Tan San has evidently changed his mind about visiting Auckland with the San Fran gelding, as he has been allowed to drop out of the Easter Handicap, while his name does not appear In the nominations for the minor events at the gathering. The Stewards of the Otahuhu Trotting Club yesterday continued the Inquiry into the riding of the pony Mahinga at their recent meeting, and, after carefully considering the evidence, decided to disqualify Pearson, the rider of the mare on the first day, for two yeors. Four boxes have been engaged at the Harp of Erin stables for Sir B. J. Watts horses engaged at the A.B.C. Easter MeetIng, and T. Quinllvan, Junr., Is expected to arrive next week with the quartette, which will probably consist of Maori King, Aborlglnie, Morlarty, and Wimmera. The Stepnlak gelding Kremlin was brought from the South on Tuesday last, and has gone Into W. Mobberley's charge. An effort Is to be made to get another race out of Kremlin, and he is now owned by the local sportsman who races under the nom-de-plnme of Mr. C. Thede. The unfortunate accident which befel the ro*ell-ttiown croste-coiyitry piorseman W. Wilson will, coming Just at the start of the Jumping season, mean a serious loss. Wilson's Injuries are reported to be very bad, and will probably keep him out of the saddle for some time. A coincidence in connection with the opening day's racing.. i ,at the Taranaki J.C. Autumn Meeting was the fact that Speci'6sa"and Kareroa,' which' won the first two races, won the same events last year, while Mahuta, whl<sh tooted las fulinen-up to Waitapu, filled a similar position to Uhlando last autumn. Messrs. A. Buckland and Sons offered the racehorses Elenore, Hatarere, Nora Soult, Discoverer, and Lady Ellen for sale by auction at their yards yesterday, but only the last-named was disposed of,- being Knocked down to Mr. T. Stewart for 25gns E!»nore was passed in at 120gns, and Nora Soult at SOgns. . The veteran honseman Frank Burns, who was recently granted a license by the Auckland Metropolitan committee, did a bit of riding at the meetings in and around Opotlki, and plainly showed that hl s hand had not lost its cunning, for out of eight mounts'he'rode five" winners, two seconds, and a third, his victories Including the Whakatane Cup. Aucklanders who have been doing the rounds of the country meetings in the Bay of Plenty districts, give anything but a favourable account of the goings on at these gatherings, and state that catch-as-catch-can rules prevail. A little stricter supervision by the Metropolitan Club would probably have a good effect. In commenting on the running on the first day of the Taranaki meeting, an exchange says: Freevsh), one of the starters in the Pukaka Hack Race, came with a great reputation from Auckland, but he got chopped out at the start nnd fell back to last. He put in a sensational run at the finish, and was close up fourth. Freevata won on the second day of the gathering, but his price was a very short one. .'. The Jockey Clayton, who, the cable teiii ne, has succumbed to injuries sustained in the smash-up at Rosohill last Saturday, was an exceptionally successful rider, and during tuo past few yoars has won the Melbourne Cup 'twice, Cnulllold Cnn twlco V.R.C. Derby, A.J.C Derby, Futurity 8tnl£0», and a number of other good race*. Clayton had the reputation at being a level, jfleer-hetded fellow, n»& Iβ started to bwe bMn.feWf. WMtby, Uβ winning* Wing bmwtll Inverted,

It is stated that tbe Hon.'J. D. Ormond parted with St. Aidan for 200gs.

Belore the first race on the second day of the Taranakl meeting the stewards met, and held an Inquiry Into Mortarty's running In .the Flying Handicap yesterday, and the outcome of It was that the jockey, Harry Price, was cautioned, and warned that ,h e would-be watched In the second days events. .Moriarty ran unplaced hi the Grandstand Handicap, but Hatch being substituted for Price In the Farewell Handicap, the.Merriwee gelding hopped out first, and led all the way. The stewards, after holding, another meeting, decided to pay out on. Morlarty, but to adjourn the Inquiry till a later date. Probably the change of horsemen: made all the difference in the running. The dearth of good .Ilght-weigh't jockeys in -Australia at the'present time is by many attributed to. the comparatively few opportunities afforded apprentices, for exhibiting their skill. It has Been suggested that there are numerous useful llgh't riders in the large stables in Australia, who, because they are constantly passed over for the crack light-weights, never get a chance to gain the experience which might place them in the position of earning a decent income. This Is no doubt one of 'the reasons why suitable lads are not offering for racing stables. Anxious to Improve the present condition of affairs, the New South Wales Owners', Trainers', and Breeders' Association Is moving in the direction of having special races Introduced for apprentices, in which crnck riders like young Pike would be penalised or barred. The Australian Jockey Club authorities are to be approached on the question, and, if they cannot ccc their way to do something In the matter, the suburban clubs have promleed to place races of this description on their programmes. A.R.C. EASTEtt MEETING. ACCEPTANCES. The following are the acceptances for the A.R.C. Easter Meeting:— EASTBB HANDICAP of CSOsovs. One mile, st. lb. St. lb. All Red f) 9 Cbanteuse ... 7 7 Moral 9 5 Bully 7 6 Master Soult 9 3 Sedition 7 4 Downfall 810 Snnta Rosa ..73 Master Delaval 8 3 Auldearn .... 7 0 Uranium 8 0 Sir Antrim .. 7 0 Aborigine 713 Golden Eagle 7 0 Tamainupo .. 712 Delegate .... 613 NgapuUa 712 Perollua (lnclndWalmangu ... 7 11 lag :?lb penalty Gl3 Wauchope ... 7 8 Dunborre .... 012 Devonport ... 7 8 First Mate ... 611 Advocate .... 7 8 Coromandel. .. 67 Sir Artegal .. 7 7 AUTUMN STEEPLECHASE of 350sovs. About three miles and a-ualf. St. lb. St. lb. Bullworth ... 10 8 Capitol 10 8 Post-haste ... 10 5 Creusot 0 12 Goldsmith ... 10 5 Okalhuu 010 Mozart 10 3 Warden 0 7 BRIGHTON HURDLE KACE of 200sovs. Two miles. St. lb. st lb. Parltutu 11 9 Reservoir .... 10 0 Hautapu 10 13 Tn Aral 9 9 Walpu 10 12 Lußcombe .... 9 7 Aorangl 10 12 Okalhan 0 3 Culragno 10 10 Creusot 0 2 Nestator 10 8 Mozart 9 1 Ben Jonson .. 1.0 8 ENTRIES. Tradesmen's Handicap of 200sove, one mile aud a-quarter.—Freevata, Montlgo, "Chanteuse, Lycia, Master Delaval, Dardanus. Sedition, Delegate, Seotty, Carmanla, Glodsmulr, Auldearn, Dunborve, Necktie, Carl Rosa, Walmangu, Manapourl, Gold Lace, Advocate, First Gun, Bully, Mahuta, Uhlando, Azoff. Eden Handicap of 15Osovs, seven furlongs. —Ngapuka, Glenora, Tul Cakobau, Dardanus. First Mate, Walhtika St. Tul, Lochbule. "Inglis, Maheno, Miss Winnie, Auldearn, Santa Rosa, Mnnapourl, Morlarty. Victoria Handicap of 150sovs, five furlongs.—Lady Medallist, Impulsive, St. Amans, Fleet Arrow. Golden Water, nyperlon, Tetrazzlnl, Elegance, Lady Doou, Mary Anne, Hett Volt. Nelson Handicap of lOOsovs, seven furlongs.—Lady Jane, Freevata, Mlchaeloff, Urania, Spate, Zinnia llobungatahl, FlyIng Soult, Apolllnarls. Mies Advance, Walotahi, Jena. Tattoo, Rimlock, Pleiades, Jill, Epsom Lass, Explosive, Rarata, All's Well, Wlmmera, Mistime. Rosavere, Escamlllo, Positive. Totlka, Pufcenul. Tramway Handicap of ISOsovs. five furlongs.—Caron, Hohuugatahl, Tarlna, Jena, Dogger Bank, Almwell, Mahlnga, Morlarty, Wlmmera. Don Hannibal, Inez, Foremost. Stewards' Handicap of lOOsovs, one mile. —Freevata, Ly'cla, Zinnia. Tui Cakobau, Dardanus, Sedition, First Mate, Sir Antrim, St. Tul, Lochbule, Inglls, Delegate. Mahwio, Srott.v, Carmanla, Uranium, Gladsmuir, Auldearn. Dunborve, Necktie, Walmangu, Santa Rosa, Mannpourl, Morlnrty, Bully, Lncly MenschlkofT, Azoff. Gnlden .Eagle. EMerslie 'Handicap, of lSOsovs, six furlongs.—Merrlwn, Lady Medallist, Tufcu ■Tuku, Impulsive, 'Rosellke, Sea Elf, /Salute, Fleet Arrow, Golden Water, Hyperion, Elysian, K.ikama, Tetrazzinl, Maori King, Elegance. ißMrst Walrikl, Excnlibur, Hett Volt. Hula Handicap, of 2Ooscivs, six furlongs.— Glenora, Sir Artegal, Devonporti First ■Mate, Walhuka, Tarlna, Dogger Bank, Miss Wiliinde, Coromandel, Tanwiltuipo, •.■ Master Soult, iAborlglne, Moriarty, Foremost, Golden Eagle. Mangiere Handicap, of lOOwove, six furlongs. Lady Jane, Mdehaeloff, Urania, FlyIng Soult, iHohungatahl, Apollonarls, Miss Advance, Wadotahl, Jena, Censure, Tattoo, Rlinloek, Jill, Blue Garment, Epsom Lass, Explosive, Lady Frances, Rarata, AM'a Well, Wlmmera, Hard Rock, Mtetlme, Inez, Rosarere, 'Escamllla, Positive, Totllia, Watarere. Pu'kemii, Spate, Zinnia. Electric Handicap, of lJSOsovs, five furlongs.—Caron, 'Waiichope, Hohumgat«hi, Devonport, Tarlna. Jena, Dogger Bank, Mαhdnga, Aimwell .Necktie, Coromandel, Wlmmera, Foremost. Maiden Hurdle "Race, of HOsovs, one mile and tihree-quarters.—Moirtlgo, Wolmarla, iMozart, Paritutu, Wellc«st, Pleiades, Carlyle, 'Hinuera, Heathen, Ooldemlth, Te Arad, Noteorlnl, E-blls, Sol, Flnnesseur, Mldcyr, ■Haeremal, 'Melton -Hell. Gore-Browne Handicap, of lOOsovb, sJx fnrlongs.—!Lndy Jane, Mlchaeloff, Urairla, ■Spa-te, ZrliLUla, Apollonarle, Miss Advajice, Walotahl, Jena, Tattoo, ißlrolock. Jill, Epsom Lass, Leo Grand, Explosive, AU'e Well, Wlmmera, Don Hannibal, Inez, Escamlllo, Positive, Totlka, Pukenul. 'Onslow Stakes, of HOsors, five furlongs.— Tuku Tuku, Roselikc, Impulsive, St. Amons, Fleet Arrow, Maykoff, Golden Water, Lady Doon, Tetrazzlnl, iMary Anne, Etonian, 'Hett Volt. St. iHeHer's -Hurdle 'Ra«e, of 200sove, two miles. —(Ben Jonson, Nestator, ißeservoir, iWaimarla,. Mozart, Parltutu, Luscombe, Okalhau, Houtapu, Te Aral, Creusot, Cuir,, Waipu. Buckland Handicap, of 200sovs, seven furJongs.—'Moriarty, Lady Mensehlkoff, 'Foremost, Golden 'Eagle, .Ngapuka, Glenora, 'Sir Artegal, Chanteuee, Downfall, Spate, Wauchope, Zinnia, Devonport, Tul Cakobau, (Dardaniis, First Mate, 'Sir Antrim, Walfcufca, LochbTj.hle, -IragHs, Maheno, Dogger Bn.Tik, Car-mania, Miss Winnie, Auldearn, Esiploslve, - Santa Rosa, Coromande 1 !, Gold 1/ace," Rarata, Tamalnupo, Master iSoult, Aborigine. Tourist Handicap, of lOOsovs, five furilongs.—'Don Quex. Urania, Durability, Lady French. Silent, Hohung'atahl, iFlylng Soult, Devonport, Miss Adivanee, Jena. Censure, Ta.ttoo, Turbine, Almwell. Leo Grand, Lady (Frances, Ben Battle, Maihlnga, Laurel ■Wreath, Racnta, All's Well, W'lmmeni, Hard Hock; Mistime. Inez, Rosavere, Positive, Lady Weasel, Matarere. Auckland Welter Handicap, of 200sovs, one mile.—Freevata, Downfall, Lycla, Flying Soult. Spate, Ataster Delaval, Tul Cakobau, Dardanus, Sedition, First Mate, Waihuka, St. Till, Waiotahl, Delegate,. Scotty, Urandum, Gladsmuir, Auldearn, Dunborve, 'Explosive, Walmangu, Adnrocate, Manapouri, Mcrlarty, Bully, Azoff, Escamlllo. Weights wIH appear next Wednesday morning, while acceptances are due next evening, at nine o'clock. C.J.C. AUTUMN MEETING. (By Telegraph.—Press Association.) CHRISTCHURCH, this day. Tho following are the acceptances and paymenta for the principal events at the C.J.C. Antumn Meeting:— Raster. Handicap.—Bonlform 9.0, Tnmiit 8.11, CtM Kolohol 8.2, Sir Tristram 7.18. Armlet 7.18, Flltnway 7.18, Sea King 7.12, Gold Thread 7.12, Los Angelos 7.11, All Guns. 7.0, Dlabolo 7.0, Petrovnn 7.8, Lndy DUaalii 7,8 t Consolation 0.13, Valdlmar 010 Alexis 0.7, Pneslon G. 7. Groat Autumn Handicap.—Bonlform 0.1, Hmbaudmnn 8.13, Prim 8.4, Sir Tristram 8.0, iUftboio 7,11, Glonoqllocti 7,0, An«ele« 7,0, AH Guns 7.5, Bea Kins 7.0, riepigletloa c,16, Valdlmtr 5.7, Field Qua 6.7, Tikltere C.T.

Champagne Stakes.—Nautlform. Cymblforin, Provocation, Conqueror, Lady Principal colt. Xylophone. Stepnlak—Miss Nlente fllly. Broadsword, Sharpshooter, Kllwlnnlng, Stepnlak—Brltomart fllly, Raupare, Tαwhaki. Pilgrim's Progress—Stepaway fllly, Formosan—Wepana fllly, Marenga, Kllcheran—Purity fllly. Challenge Stakes.—Sweet Angelus, ■Nautl- * form. Cymblform, Perle DOr, Cronstadt, Xylophone, Glehculloch, Flttaway, Husbandman, Broadsword, ' Taskmaster, Ploughshare, Dabchlck, Aquatic, Merry Lass, Beneform,' Sir Artegal, Dlabolo, Stepnlak—Royal Plumes colt, Stepnlak—Gipsy Countess colt, Ukraine, Shuja, Provocation. Raupare,. Tαwhakl, St. Felix, Shnunee, Marenga, ■ Stepnlak—Miss Nlente fllly, Stepnlak—Brltomart fllly. MASTERTON RAGING CLUB'S AUTUMN MEETING. (By Telegraph.—'Press Association.) MASTERTON, Friday. TLp following acceptances have been received for the Masterton Racing Club's autumu meeting on Thursday and Friday next:— Hack Hurdle Handicap, one mile and three-quarters.—Don Carlos 10.5, Whatakura 10.5, Erl King 0.8, Waimarla 9.4, Rosegrove CO, Dreamy Daniel 9.0, Strabane 9.0. March Handicap, six furlongs.—Sunbonnet 0.0, Walkaraka 8.5. Rock Ferry 7.11, Toa Tuhl 7.2, Kelso 6.11. Masterton Hack Handicap, one mile.— The Cockatoo 0.7, Skye 8.7, Sealer 8.2, Roee Lethe 8.2, Mlldura 7.13, Knight Commander 7.11, Walwareware 7.0, Llanwern 7.4, Diplomatic 7.0, Rose Herald 6.11. Walpipl Cup Handicap, one mile and aquarter.—Moloch 8.6, Walpaku 7.13, Tangeroa 7.10, Osiris 7.7, Malora 7.6, Merrle Rose 7.2% Whetumarama 7.2, Inez 6.12. Ladles' Bracelet, one mile and a quarter.—Aotea 11.11, Sealer 11.8, Nadyne 10.12, Le Beccio 10.10, Stevens 10.7, Te tltußtu 10.7, HUlarlan 10.7. Dash Hack Handicap, five furlongs.— Axlte 8.10, Andrew Mack 8.10, Conquestlna 8.1, Conquer 7.13, Toanga 7.13. Royal Maid 7.12, Swallow 7.12, Oblivion 7.10, Wharekoa 7.7, Merrlng 7.7, Friday 7.7, Remission 7.7. Opakl Welter Handicap, seven furlongs. —Aberration 0.9, Walkaraka 0.9, Malora 0.6, Lethean 8.0, Seatoudtile 8.8. Lamsdorff 8.5, Kurawaka 8.3, Splash 8.0, Kelso 8.0. AUSTRALIAN JOCKEY CLUB. (By Cable.—Press Association.—Copyright.) SYDNEY, Marco 26. The Australian Jockey Club lifts made a number of alterations In the seaeon'e programmes. The added money for the Epsom Handicap has been increased to £1500, the Metropolitan Handicap to £3000, the Doncaster to £1000, and the Sydney Cup to £8000, with proportional Increases for second and third horses, and in the added money of a number of the smaller races. The distance for the First Hurdle Race has been reduced Irom two miles and a quarter to two miles, Second Hurdles from three miles to two miles and a half, Randwick Plate from two miles and a quarter to two miles, while the First Nureery Handicap has been Increased from seven furlongs to a mile. The prire-money provided by the Australian Jockey Club for the 1900-10 season, aggregates £41,750, showing an Increase of £4000. TT&F TALK FROM THE SOUTH. (By Telegraph.—Special to "Star.") CHBrSTCHUiROH, Friday. There has not been « greet deal of fast work at lUeeaxton during the current week, a large number of horses and their trainers Mug away at the South Canterbury meetIng. Kext week a large contingent of visiting horses are expected, and their arrival ot headquarters will serve to Invest training operations with more Interest. - Muskerry and Aborigine were scratched for the Great Easter and Great Autumn Handicaps at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, and B-uceleueh for the Easter Haudleap at 2 pjn. on Thursday. The latter .has. succunibed to the exLgenctee of training, and It is doubtful if (he will Again race this season. Prim still stands her ground In the Great Autumn Handicap, but she has been showIng signs of lameness all through the week, end may not fullll her engagements. The general entries for th« C.J.C. meeting are not up to expectations, and the acceptances received for the C.J.C. Great Eaeter and Great Autumn Handicaps are disappointing, only 17 standing their ground In the former, while Iβ remab In the latter race. There has been great weeding out of North Island horses, most notable defections being All Red, Gold Crest, and Saugipapa. After winning the hack race on the first day of the South Canterbury J.C. meeting, ■FederaJ was purchased by Mr. A. Mecfarlane for £600. On. tie second day the Formosan gelding ran In his new owner's colours, and dead-heated with Montreal in the Temuka Handicap. Seven boxes have 'been engaged at Rlccarton for the Hon. J. D. Ormonde horses engaged at the C.J.C. Autumu Meeting. Aftc-r running In the Nursery Handicap at the South Canterbury meeting, Applegarth, the itwo-year-old son of Treadmill ■and Gold Leaf, was sold by Sir Geo. CHfford to an Australian buyer. Unfortunately i the colt is badly affected in hie wind—so bad, indeed, that he la almost useless at present for racing purposes. For crossing Sllkweb, O. J. Pine, who was ■riding 'Mythical in the .Smithfield Handicap at the Tlraaru meeting, was fined £0 by the stewards. • (Though the weather conditions experienced for the 'So/ith Canterbury Jockej Club's Autumn Meeting were perfect, Jittli; interest was evidenced in the fixture, ami the attendance on both daye was not up to expectations. A very liberal use of the scratching pen reduced the fields In mo?t of the races to email dimensions, and theve was a want of class about the competitors that robbed the racing of much Interest. TMe led to a decided shortage In the tote receipts, which feM short of last year's total by £3030, and the club is sure to make a small loss on Its transactions. The withdrawal of Probable and Field Gun, both of which went amiss on the eve of the meeting, left .but five moderates to contest the mmaru Cup, Tikltere being the only one of their number with staying credentials to her credit. Running to the front early, the daughter of Finland forced the pace from the start, and had her field In difficulties a 'long way from home. There was a good deal of merit in the win, and showed Mr. Knight's neatly turned fllly in a most favourable 'light. D-abchlck, which finished second, was making her first essay over a lengthy course and ran a fair race, but Passiou and Tremulous never threatened danger. In the Autumn Handicap, on the second day, Tikltere had only Uoscoinmon, Chlarlnlan, Tremulous and Somarott as her opponents, and, though elie was Jumped up from 8.2 to 9.1 in weight, she was again made favourite. Roscommon endeavoured to win from start to finish, but was well beaten two furlongs from home. Then Tikltere took charge and looked all over a winner. At the distance, however, Tremulous put In a great effort, and, soon having, the top-weight's measure won comfortably In the excellent time of 2m. 0 4-ssec. It was a much, better display than her race In the Cup, and makes one wonder how she came to mles that event. Chief Dochlel, a speedy eon of Finland, registered two attractive performances by winning the Washdyke Welter and Seatown welter, his achievement of winning In the latter race in 1.43 being one of the <best of the meeting. Three fancied Great Easter Handicap candidates were seen out In the FlyIng Handicap, Sea King being installed a strong favourite. Lady Orison commenced particularly well, and Just lasted long enough to score by a ueck from the favourite. On the second day Sea King made some amends by annexing the Stewards' Welter Handicap, but there was little merit In the win, and he will linve to Improve a Rood deal, as will Petrovna and Zetland to nave much chance In the Easter Handicap. The two-year-old races were failures, the first day ovent only attracting three moderates In Bontade, Applegarth and St. Felix, the first-named of which was made a strong favourite. Jumping out In great style, she was never caupht, and won easily from St. Felix. Applegdrth, whose respiratory trouble Is getting worse, tailed off from the start, and gave a wretched display. On the second day St. Felix and. Pedometer were the only starters In the Juvenile Handlcnp, and tho former ecorod most decisively. Ho Iβ a quality-looking son of St. Ambrose and Fauna, and only for contracting a. bad dose of Influenza In the spring, which put him out of work for a long time, would have found his wny to tho front ere this. From the want of support accorded thorn, I quite oxpeot to see the club do away with future two-yenr-old racos, White Coukudo made a runaway race of ths President's Welter on the opening day but when oorapetlng In tfie Fwowell Handicap, broke down, end it will,be some time before the eon of Finland eperte silk ng»lu..

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THE RACING WORLD., Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 74, 27 March 1909

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THE RACING WORLD. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 74, 27 March 1909

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