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(BY WHALEBONE.) RACING FIXTURES. March 24, 25 — South Canterbury J.C. Autumn March 24, 25 — Taranakl'T.Cf-Antumn March 27, 31, April 3 — "A.T.C. Autumn April 1, 2 — Masterton R.C. Autumn April 1, 3 — Nelson J.C. Annual April 3 — North Canterbury J.C Hack April 10, 12 — Wairarapa R.C. Autumn April 10, 12, 13 — Auckland R.C. Autumn April 10, 12, 14, 17 — A.J.C. Autumn April 12 — Pntoa R.C. Annual Meetinc April 12, 13 — Feilding J.C. Easter April 12, 13 — C.J.C. Autumn, ~, ,« April 21, 24 — Wellington fc.G; 'Awtrima A.prll 24, 28—Avondale J.C. Autumn April 28, 29 — ManawatU B.C. Autumn May 5, 6 — Hawke's Bay J.C Aticamn May 22, 24 — Takapuna J.C. Winter ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. A.E.H. — St. Michael won the Auckland Cup In the nomination of tHe late Mr G. G. Stead. The Hotchkfss gelding Haldane la now an lumate of A. Robertson's stable. The Ben Godfrey gelding Pukenul has mnde his re-nppeflrance on the tracks at Elloislle. V. Davis Is expected to arrive on Saturday next with Mr T. H. Lowry's horses, for the A.R.C. Autumn Meeting. It is understood tnat Mr. R. l. Cleland's horses, until recently trained by H Thompson, are to go Into T. A. Williams'- charge. The Lflolantis gelding Censure sadly disappointed his connections at Papakura, and mny probably do better at the Jumping game. Now that the sale of Master Soult has fallen through, the son of Soult is one of the ruling favourites for the A.R.C. Easter Handicap, The big field of ten started In the St. Patrick's Handicap, the principal event »t the Wellington Pony and Galloway meeting last Saturday. F. MacManemin has just broken In a two-year-old colt by Bluejacket-Lady Marion, which takes greatly after his sire In appearance. Tlie Auckland horseman R. E. Brown left for New Plymouth yesterday to ride Sir Artegal in the Turanakl Cup, which wa s run to-day. The racehorses Elenore, Nora Soult, and Matarerc are to be offered for sale at Messrs A. Buckland and Sons' yards on Friday next, at noon. It Is expected that further developments are likely to eventuate In connection with the disqualification inflicted Upon the Jockey Pearson by the Waloeka Club. F. Hill journeyed to Cambria Pnrk during the week, aud brought the Sonit — Miss Annie lllly to EllersUe, and she Is to receive her education at his hands. Inglls was made a very waim favourite for the Papnkurn Cup, but let his supporters lown very badly, and was well beaten three furlongs from home. The Soult mare Sweet Alice was taken to .New Plymouth ou Sunday last to compete In the Hack Hurdles at the New Plymouth meeting, which opened to-duy. Applications for licenses to bet at the Auckland Trottlug Club's Autumn aleet'ng must be mude to the secretary or or before Fililay next, the 20th lust, at noon. fo? U /,, Pn i ,f> ? k , ur< V R , acll 'S Club have no cause for complaint of the support accorded them by the public Inst Saturday, ami theTatcord'oue "'■ the """" o ' £ our se wun a reThe Soult gelding Frontiuo was very lain* H«SIJ P P "!' e ,'l UP after »-'«»'4 the FlyU?| Handicap at Pnpnkura last Saturday The should°er. lhe U ° Uble appented to be In the The Finland gelding Bobiikoff is not to fultll his engagements at the A.U.C Autumn Meeting, and the colours of Mr T H Lowiy will be carried by Downfall, Slcrrfwa, uua Cauuteusu. Messrs E. A. Price and J. F. Hnrtlaud lenve for Wellington to-morrow evening epr T nt , tbe Am ' klllt "l Metropolitan com! mlttee In the appeal cases which come before the Conference next Saturday. grsu fc .£ araul ~5 The Lpolnntls gelding Censure Is (ho latest aspirant for Jumping ho, ours and he was given his first lesson over Vh e smSll fences yesterday morning, 1,, company with a n begin a hor he,, " c ebnpea •"**&{£, The Solllt Rel(Iln X Sedition was a bit on the bie side whei. he went out *„" c!. Hes" thp Papakura Cup. He was out with the lenders for about half the journey, and outside of o U pta°M eveutunlly finishing Acceptances for the ICaster Handicap, Brighton Hurdles, and Autumn Steeplechase and nominations for the whole of the minot events at the A.U.C autumn meeting close wlili tile secretary (Mr. J. V, Hartland) ou Friday next at I) p.m. The weights apportioned Tarlna for the TaranaUl meeting by Mr. Morse were not sufficiently encouraging to Induce her owner to send tlie St. (.'lpiiipnts' tnnre to compete a-t the gathering, and she was allowed to ( drop out of her engagements. There is a probability of the appeal of A. WuitUker against the disqualification of the Avondnlc Jockey Club, which was eudoreed by the Mettopolltan Committee, lieing heard ou Saturday next at Wellington, at the stuue time ns the other appeals. The Phoebus Apollo gelding Haurakl, which accompanied the crack mare Prophecy to Melbourne from Western Australia, Is to be Riven nn opportunity to earn a name for himself over fences, but so far bis displaye lv private have not been very encouraging. There were no less than three Browne riding at Papakura last Saturday — R. E. Brown, C. Brown, and It. W. Brown — the latter being a diminutive apprentice of Frank Macmnnemin'e, who was making his first appearance tn the Saddle with the colours up. The Explosion gelding Explosive-figured something In the light of n champion a I apakura. winning two events the Rail way Handicap ami Welter Handicap, otic were oirtafc The lM " s Erosive beat nere lertainly very moderate, but the jreldIng is certainly on the up-grade. The Auckland Truttiui* Clnlre n,.t,, m the purses offered by the club "1, 0 at tempts will be mnde between the second and third and the third and fourth event" aud tne draw as to which will vi-v first wi'ii p!a °M T° n Frld , ny mor " la 8- Speclalis Is the well-known local chnmpiou. und ns he has a record of a shade over 2.21 put up Iv a race, the more favourablo conditions under which the purse Is competedl for should see him make a blir -irnirrto »e f the 2.18. Lord Elmo's connections are It is stntcd, confident that he will'trot"the specified time, and it Is stated thn'r slneo his arrival lv Auckland he bis shown n satisfactory trial. All things taken into consideration, the display ought to be the finest yet witnessed in Auckland The attack on the two-mile record by Lord Elmo will be made on Saturday, April Brfl

Nominations for the Avondale Handicap, Autumn Handicap. Steeplechase Handicap, and Railway Handicap, to be run at the 3£. autumn meeting, close with i^T*, 111, * H. Hay? on Friday, April 2nd, at 9 p.m. Particulars as to the minor events will be advertised later. The winner of the Maiden Plate at Pnpakura last Saturday (Blue Garment) was bred by his owner (Mr. J. Muir) and is by the defunct Bluellgnt from Seamstress, the latter being a daughter of Mr Muir's old favourite, Dressmaker. A coiuci«enee in connection with Blue Garment's Victory on Saturday, when he was making his first appearance in public, is that his grand dam (Dressmaker) won her flret race on the Papakura course, returning a ble dividend to her supporters. Snnif i fa i"? s thr ? u «* of the sale of Master Soult has been the seusation of the week, and although the majority probably think the price (2200 gns) was an exceptionally good one, the executors of the late Mrs. A. M. Loombe hold an opposite view, and at ;«•*■"»« not prepared to come down In price. There is ho doubt the son of Soult is a good one, and, personally, la m of the opinion that the best has yet to be seen of mm nig action when going slow may be a bit against him, but oue has only to look back on his work to see that there cannot be much the matter. Starting in the early spring at Avondale, he ran two severe rfl h es, HH e thea J°» r neyed to Hawke's Bay, where he won the Flying Handicap (Wβ only start), a race at Wellington, and then to Chrlstchurch, where he Competed on each day of the meeting, and It is significant that he registered his win on the last day After Christchurch, he was brought back to Auckland, aud, as is well known, ran four hard races at the A.R.C. summer meeting. What constitutionally weak iiorse would stand this? . j BOOKMAKERS' LICENSES. " (To the Editor.) Sir, —When the Gaming Act of New Zealand was passed, pne of its most important features was the licensing of bookmakers, The clause In the Gaming Act permitting bookmakers to ply their calling on a racecourse reads as follows:— "Every racing club which Iβ authorised to use the totalisutor shall from time to time, on the application of any person who is, in the opinion of the committee or other managing body of such club, a tit and proper person to be so licensed, grant a license to such person to enter on any racecourse used or occupied by such club, and there to carry on business as a bookmaker. Every such license shull be for such period as the club thluks fit, and the club may charge for the issue thereof any fee not exceeding twenty pounds for every day of the curvency of such license." It was incumbent that racing clubs would do their best to conform to the above. Have they done so by lieenslug nny oue who paid the fee demanded? The fees chnrged bookmakers are very high, so It behoves racing clubs to only license those that are worthy of following their profeesion. If racing Hubs have not used any discretion In Issuing bookmakers' licensee, it Iβ their fault If disreputable men are allowed to follow their so-called calling of a bookmaker,, and the evils resultant thereof. It Is also an Injustice to the reputable bookmakers, who wish to work harmoniously with racing clubs, and are desirous of their protection. Now that reputable bookmakers have the same legal standing as the rotnllsator, and have to pay very dearly for the privilege of plying their calling, it Is time racing clubs were more conciliatory to bookmakers, and did their best for their proper regulation. There Iβ no disguising the fact that racing clubs have been lax in granting bookmakers' licensee, and lv consequence a few of the public have been victimised by weighers, so I will suggest that stricter Inquiry should be made as to a man's charactet and finances before granting him a bookmaker's license. I am quite sure if that is done racing will be kept cleaner and the public better protected. The Racing Conference were wrong in refusing to recognise a Tattereall's club, and by doing bo. It -was apparent they did not welcome the change, and had no great desire to conform to the law that licensed reputable bookmakers.—l am, etc., J. BECKETT. TURF TALK FROM THE SOUTH. ""■(By v -Tetegraph.—Special to "Star. , ') CHRISTCIfURCH. Tuesday. -The welcome rain that fell ou Friday and Saturday last did the tracks at Klccarton an Immense amount of good, and they now aflord really excellent golug. A large number of yearlluge are belnc put through their facings at Iticcaiton at present. E. Cutts has broken In the Sir LaddQrrPutlty colt; and will shortly receive Blr Ueorge Clifford's annual draft from Stonyhurst. Mr 11. Knight has sent down three colts from Racecourse Hill to Dau Roberts The trio sire nil by St. Ambrose. Messrs. AY. and G. Stead's pair of yenrlings, by Royal Artillery—Saucere and Martian—Cruciform, are bclug haudled by U U'Donncll. _M!\..P. J3. Greenwood has leased the St. Ambrose—Savannah ally und the St. Ambrose—Miss Deiuster Oily from their breeder (Mr. J. B. Ueld). They will shortly be transferred from \V. J. Taggaifs to K. J. Mason's .Mtables. TV. McDonald's charges, All Guns Vuldlmur, and Cyniblfonu, which were given a short respite on their returu froiu Dunediu, are all bowling along in grent style. The West Coast horse Ellerton Is still at Rlccartou, and will be seeu out in some of the minor events at next month's meeting. Eobrlkolf. Downfall, and MeiTiwa were scratched for all engagements at the C.J.C. meeting on Saturday last. Evidently the llawke s Bay sporstuian (Mr. T. H. Lowvy) prefers Bobrlkoff's prospects in the A.R.C. Buster Handicap to his chance lv the big Ulccarton race. Gravitation was struck out of the Client Easter Handicap at 9 a.m. on Monday. Kilmnrnock, tue winner of the last Wangauul Cup, has been renamed Sir Prize. St. Aldau was sold by the Hon. J, D. Orniond to Mr. J. Buckley, not to Mr. F. Xelllgan, as previously reported. It Is quite probable that the sou of liirkeuhcad will be put to nul'dle racing. Stormont and Uruudstand have been taken up again at Wlugatu. The liore Racing Club made a profit of £547 over Its recent meeting. The Forbury course will be closed for training purposes after the 31st Inst., when the Koi'bury Park Trotting Club takes possession. The veteran Otago horseman. Jas. Cotton, who has been ruce-iidlng for over forty years, Intends following his calling In the North Island. S. Reid, who is at present undergoing n term of disqualification, has been a regular visitor at most of the recent South Island meetings. Apparently the officials take no notice of his presence, nor do the private detectives. Tho meeting of the Oxford Jockey Club on Saturday last was remarkable tor the laxness of its management aud the poor quality of the horses compering. The rain that fell till just on startiug time affected ths attendance, whlca was only moderate, but the course, which Is of a light porous nature, showed little en'ee'tß of the downpour. A large number of bookmakers put In an appearance, and, Iα view ot their limited sphere of business, the club decided to reduce their fees from three guineas to £2 10/. Helinnthes, which goes to the West Coast In a few days, had an easy win in the Stewards' Handicap, for which the daughter of Finland started a staunch favourite. She was followed home by Ivanoff, which later In the day also acted us runuer-uu In the Flying Handicap. Only v quartet of moderates, In Xarrangarie, Vnk', Good Marie, and Magnificent, went out to contest the Oxford Cup and they were supported anil finished In thnt order. There wiis little merit iv Xarrungarie's win, for none of his opponents were half wouudup. The Austi-aUiin-bred gelding also showed to advantage In the Domain Handicap, lv which Hellanthes. the favourite fflded out In the last lurloug. after looking all over a winner. A useful sort of gnldlng in Tyrant, by the Government stallion Tyranny, was made favourite for the District Handicap, which, : In light of his subsequent form, should have been a gift for him. After L. King, who had the mount, had broken away half-a-dozen times, the starter held Tyiaut at the post, and when the signal was given the horse crashed into oue of the posts, the accident putting him right out of court. The starter reported King for improper behaviour, end fined him £2. Both trotting events were won by My Mistake, whlen was favourite on each occasion. Her tasks were made easy, for she hent the watch in each rnce. While it was very palpable that a large portion of other competitors were not doing their best. In the Firing Handicap, Tyrant with a different horseman up, put down a fairly strong field, and from the manner in which he finished up his task he should be worth watching lor future engagements

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THE RACING WORLD., Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 71, 24 March 1909

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THE RACING WORLD. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 71, 24 March 1909

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