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a r,i the cricket cham- ■■*»* Toletiion Saturday In the light being bad, du U, " in fair order. Scoring, on tot the *>*•*£,, and several teams in SENIORS. EDEN.TT CITT. ne Eden-City match *•■ »» withont a cm ce n tothe t WickcK innings, and the latter Archel , s S« nSt wicket fell at 23, tfeket felL i" Heaney made a M d the K , *™ l al , up before another wicstand, and « went up v M to let ,was lost closed. Mills and

QIIX —First Innings. s ;::: :;: j X'c b Muraoe h :-b-Mhls: W Extras Total . M E f "tmnpVwere drawn E^bad EDEN.—First Innings. Cnrnmlngs, not out 48 Brown, b Gieesou « b Heaney 1Boblnson, not out * Extras " Total for two wickets 121 PONSONBY T. PARNELL. The senior grade match between Poneonby and Parnell was begun on Victoria Part Parnell won the toss, and -ith two men snort, went in to bat. Sale and Andreae going to the wickets, lie last-named went ont lbw to Snedden after compiling IS, the first wicket fulling {or 40 runs. Hutchings was shortly afterwards clean bowled by Woods, when the jcore had reached TB. Scoring was renartably slow during the first hour's play, oijy 40 runs being scored. After Hutchlujs' departure, wickets began to fall faster, the fourth going down with the total at 84. Sale, by steady cricket, had scored 45 before he was caught by Robineon, off Woods, a minute later. Nothing of ■ note occurred until the conclusion of the Innings, which closed with 122 up.

■Woods and Sneddon opened the innings (or Ponsonby, and, incidentally, there commenced a rot, which lasted right until stumps were drawn, only one batsuian (BCCTanajfli) making any stand at all. Woods was thiown out for one, the first wicket falling for three. Snedden followed him to the pavilion h"" , a minute later, there being no addition to the total score. Hobeob contributed a brace before his wicket fell to Kerr—tnree for B—and Francis' score of 2 was concluded with four wickets down for 11. Jacobsen put up 5, but GaTin followed with a duct, stumps being drawn at this stage. The light was cerfalßlj bad during the half hour or bo of Ponsonby's Innings, but whether It would wholly accoimt for stich cricket Is a matter lor conjecture. The following were the icores:— * PARNELL.—First innings. 'Anflteae, ibw, b Snedden „ 18 Hntealngs, b Woods .....* IS B. W. Barry, Ibw, b McCoy 7 C. F. Hartlaaa, c and b McCoy 0 E. V. Sale, c Robinson, b Woods 45 A. Kerr, c and b McCoy . O G. «ale, c and b McCoy . 6 E. J. Grertlle, run out 1 A. Falrbnrn, not ont 21 ExtOS --i.iiir 8 Total „ j22 80-wllng Analysis.—Woods took two TOtets for 48 runs; Hobson, none fo- 8" aTanagh, none for 14; Snedden, one" for 3a; McCoy, four for 22. PONSONBY.—First Inningß, Woods, thrown ont * i Snedden, stumped HntchingH .. L* *"" o Hobson, b Kerr "' o Francis, b Hutchlngs*).*.".'.". """ ~, /Ecobsen, b HntcMngs . 5 Givhi, tstctmped Sale, b'HutchinEs O naraaagh, not oat .?."".".". g Total for cii wickets . oj 1 Kerr, i

GRASTON t. TTNTVEHSITT '■-'< TiNivßasiTtr mae;e 144 _" «.^'fia e I c rt Tel n F ] ?? ailCe >. S ' aDd « ot Us h ™ . b Mason -. J™*. Ibw, b C. Hay — %* Graham, b. C Hay ~ G w^'i b - 2 ° 0 3 Dertoan, not out 32 Eitras 11 0 Total .. **■ one XW ' Or PlaT Grafton 2l tras 13 »»th colts V^ a tie total Sa &p l e . n = c ' s off stump, P»eiy Xr bILtnV" 61 " 1 " followed r-rtea?r c ? g H S e n -as caught am "»>te S later, with S^^ag 0 "* 1

ilSilll; i Total " k\l tttee for 4B ! ' m c' e ' One for 3r >- T "5-

SECOND GRADE. EDEN 11. A. V. PARNELL 11. A. Eden. First Innings: Williams 78, Hamilton 2.">, A. Freeman 5, J. Mills 4, A. Smith 3, Clarke 0. L. Tayloi- 21, SomerTell 18, Thomas (not out) 0, C. Freeman 3, A. Jenkln 0. Extras 18. Total 175. Bowling Analysis: U. D. Cnro. two for 27; A. Sinclair, two for 26; C.Resteaux, one for 50: C. Seed, one for 33; E. J. Schofleld. one for 6. Parnell A..—First innings: E. J. Schofleld, lbw, b Taylor, 5; C. Seed, st Thomas, b , Taylor. 4: W. J. Diunison, not out, 1; R. Dow. not out, 0; total for two wickets, 10. Bowling analysis: L. Taylor, two for G. PONSONBT V. 'VARSITY. FOXSONBY.—First Innings. Cnradus, c. Goulding A., b. Speight, 5; Beatson, b. Budd. 7; Young, lbw., b. Budd, ".; V. Plummer, run out, 21; Jackson, c, b. Budd. 10; Uailcheou, b. Budd, 3; Cornwall, run out, 14; Haddock, c, b. Bottrill, 0; Harris, c, Goulding A., b. Speight, O; McMatli. b. Budd. 4. Extras, 8. Total (one man short), 84. Bowllug Analysis: Budd, fire for 19; Speight, two for 83: Bottrill, one for 0. 'VARSITY.. —First Innings. Goulding A., b. Beatson, 8; Brown, b. Beatsou, 1; Speight, c, Young, b. Plummer. 10; Goulding F. (not out). 12; Budd (not out), 22. Extras, 3. Total for three wickets, (Q. Bowling Analysis: Beatson, two for 36; Plummer, one for 11. PARXELL B. V. NORTH SHORE A. (Played at North Shore.) Parnell. —First innings: IJainblln, c Miller, b Coleman. 6; Turbott, b Townsend. 1; Barusdnle, c Nettletou, b Culeman, 1; Moss, C McXelll. 1) Coleman, 12; Bennett, c Walker, b Townsend, G; Dufaur, c Walker, l> Towuaeud, 1U; Uiugle, c Suttou, b Townseud, U; Warner, not out, 22; Gatland, run out, 0; extras, 0: total SO. Parnell batted t\v*emen short. Bowling analysis: Townsend took four wickets for 34, and Coleman three for 9. North Shore A.—First innings: Coleman, c Warner b Dufaur, 7; Miller, b Dufaur, 13; Nettletou, c Bennett, b Dufaur, B; Sutton, b Dufaur. 3; Cerrutty, lbw, h Hambliu, 4G; Andrews, b Hiimblln. 2; Holland, c Williams, l> Hnmblln. 42; Townsend, b Dufaur. 11; Butters, not out, 10; Walker, o Gatland b Dufaur IS: McNelll, b Hamblin, 4; extras, 14: total, 17.->. Bowling analysis: Dufaur took six wickets for 45, and Hamblin, four for 46. NORTH SHOHE B V. GRAFTON. (Played at North Shore.) Graf ton.—First innings: l.awry, b Mather, 1: Jack, b Porch, 30: Eastgato, h Mather, 0; Horspool, b Porch, 73; I.opine, not out, 19; Stewart, b Porch. 4; Totmati, r and b Porch, 5; Brierley, 1) Hobday. 0; (ii'.mour, b Hobday, 1; extras, 8: total, 14i. Grafton batted itwo men short. Bowling analysis: Mather took two wickets for 19 runs; Porch, four for 32; Hobday, two for 8. North Shore B.—First inniags: Wallace, c La wry, b Gilmour. 13; Cnrson. c Brierly, b Eaatgate, 5; Mather, c and b Eastgate, 14; Hobday, b Gilmour, S; Stewart not out, 11; Porch, b Eastgate, 11; Eyre, b Brierly, 1; Oakden, not out 2; extras 3: total for six wickets, 08.


A GRADE. Devonport v. Newton East (played nt Pevonport).—Devonport, first innings, six wickets for 102 (Johnson 53, Parker 16). Xcwtou ICiist, first innings, 13 ', second inniDgs. 18. Devonport won by an Innings and 71 runs. Evans was the pick of the Newton East bowlers, and kept a good length. For Shore, Johnson took seven Coleboume four for 3.

Ponsonby v. Newton West (played at Victoria Park).—Ponsonby, first innings 59 (Yond 16, Browne 14, Blomneld 10): second Innings, 27 (Stevenson 11 not out, White 10). Newton West, first innings, 34 (Brinsden 12, Philip 16): second innings, four wickets for 21. Ponsonby won by 25 runs on the first innings.

Normal v. Beresford-street (played at Victoria Park).—Normal, first innings, three wickets for 275. Beresford, flret Innings, 30. Normal won by seven wickets and 245 runs. For Normal Westbrook took six wickets for 14 runs, Robinson four for 4, while Westbrook (139 not ont), Robinson (S3), Hariey (18) were hignest scorers, for Beresford Jones made Iβ runs. B GRADE. v. Richmond (played at Victoria Park). —Napier-street, first innings, 10 (Oleson 15): second innings, 96 (Baker 47 not out, Oleson 42). Richmond, first innings, 36 (Delaney 10); second innings, 51 (Delaney 26, Prescott 10). Napier-street won by 25 runs. Parnell v. Monnt Albert (played at Victoria Park).—Parnell, first innings, 95 (Baggstrom 40, Martyn 14). Mount Albert first innings, 18 (Beatty 12); second Innings 27 (Smith 11). Parnell won by an innings and 50 runs. Remuera ■?. Pitt-street (played at Victoria Park).—Remuera, first Innings, IS (Slater 13); second innings, 20 (Slater 14) Pitt-street, first innings, 24 (Leo 10); second innings. 55 (Lynch 11, Earlly 28). Pittstreet won by 40 runs.


Nortbcote v. W.Y.M.l.—Northcote, 10S. beat W.Y.M.1., BD. Batting for Northcote, T. Hurley made 49, aud for W.T.M.1., Greenwood and Pomery compiled 28 each Brown (Northcote) took six wickets for 15 r.M.C.A. t. St. John's.—St. John's, 51, was defeated by T.M.C.A. 63. H.M.C/s. Iris v. Herald.—Herald, first Innings, 57; Iris, first innings, 6ii; Herald, second Innings, 44; Iris, second Innings. 38. The bluejackets won by a couple of runs. Smith and Caughey v. John Conrt and Co., Ltd. (at Victoria and Caughey, Hβ (Sayers 24, Robinson 23 Flnney 22. Bntler 13). John Conrt'e, Ltd 61 (McMath 14, Johnston 12). For the winners French took four wickets for 13 runs and White four for 22 runs.


(By Telegraph.—Own Correspondent.) HAMILTON, this day. The wicket was wet for the East A v Rnngatira game, played on Saturday. Batting flrs<t, the former compiled 62 (ShenBlamlres four for 26. Rangatira have lost one wicket tor 31 (Rev. Blamirea 21 not out).


(By Telegraph.—Press Association.) ■WELLINGTON, Sunday. Son that the championship ( s decided Old Boys having won. there is little in. managed to defeat Old Boyg 'the first innings. Gas Company's first innings yielded 212, and Old Boys replied with 82 and 115 for seven wickets Ibiich M, J. P. Blacklock IS) respectively Newtown registered a four-point win against Waiwetu. Newtown's nrst innings reached 163, and the second 107 (Sehmoll 36 Carruthers 22 not out). Waiwetu i n their first innings made 113, and in their second OS (Rogers 28, Judd 27). Midland had a fourpoint win against Phoenix. Phoenix in their flrst innings compiled 96, and 123 in their second (Berensen 37, Addinwood 45 not out). Midland's flrst Innings realised 125, and their second 87 for sdx wickets CWynyard 24, Maneon 33). The WelllngtonPetone match waa not proceeded with, owing to the bad state of the ground at Petone. CHEISTCHUHCH, Sunday. The ninth round of the flrst grade matches was concluded yesterday In the match Kiecnrton v. West Chrlstchnrcll the former won by .in innings and ;{{j runs their opponents only scoring 221 iv two In'niugs. For the losers, Chrystall (41) ana Dounclly (40) were the highest scorers. In the match St. Albans v. Sydenham, Sydenham won after n fairly even game. Sydenham made 233 (Patrick 50, MeOlelland 44), and St. Albaus 175. Linwood, 322 (Lawrence 84, A. E. Ridley 50, A. E. Young 47 A \V Thomns 46) beat East Christchurch ISO (a' Costello 41). Linwood have now secured 19 points, and cannot be beaten for the championship, as there is only one more round 'to ulay

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CRICKET CHAMPIONSHIPS., Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 63, 15 March 1909

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CRICKET CHAMPIONSHIPS. Auckland Star, Volume XL, Issue 63, 15 March 1909

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