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The Two Thousand,

, The wibhdrawal of Orme from bhe Two Thousand lefb the markeb in a sbabe of chaos—Mr Fairies Galeopsis, Mr Maple's Scarborough, and Mr Milner's Sb. Angelo each in turn becoming firsb favouribe before, on bhe strength of a high trial, the Duke of Hamilton's Persistive settled down firmly at the head of the quotations. On Wednesday, bofore racing, Persistive stood ab 5 to 1, wibh Scarborough close on his heels ab 11 to 2, Sb. Angelo 100 bo 14, and El Diablo Bto 1. No sooner, however, did the ring meet than a tremendous run set in on El Diablo, Colonel Norbh's horse ulbimately finishing up favourite at 9 to 2, whilst Persisbive retreated to 9 to 1 offered. Fourteen runners were telegraphed in good time, and mosb of them showed in the paddock. The gentleman of the party was Lord Alington's Goldfinch, bub he wore a suspicious clobh on bis near fore leg, and the absence of-John Porter indicated that tbe Kingsclere folk did not anticipate the colt's victory. El Diablo looked as though he wanted time, and neibher Persisbive nor Dunure were liked. Scarborough is a very handsome colb, strongly resembling his sire Saraband, and beside him bhe Aus-bralian-owned Lover looked a common hunter. Bonavista few noticed, as on the Craven Stakes running with Curio The I Lover seemed to hold Mr Rose's colb. Tho stable must, however, have been sweeb, as Bend Or's son crept up from 13's to 10 to 1 in the betting. Mr Coventry despatched the fourteen runners on beautifully equal terms, and as the gay cavalcade (the jockeys resplendent in their new silks and satins) came sweeping across the Rowley Mile, they seemed for a couple of furlongs or so to be head and head. Then Mr Milner's scarlet jacket, on Sb. Angelo, showed to the fore, with Galeopsis and Scarborough as nearest attendants, and The Lover and Persistive prominenb on tho extreme righb, with Bonavista under the rails on the left. Backers of Persistive were soon put out of their misery, as the colb could nob go the pace and disappeared from the van before the bushes were reached. Scarborough, too, to our horror, shut up at five furlongs, and at bhe bop of bhe hill The Lover also compounded. Descending on Abingbon Mile Bobbom St. Angelo book bhe measure of Galospsis, and as bbc riders of Goldfinch and Curio now book up their whips it scarcely seemed imprudent to bet 100 to 1 on bhe all scarleb. "Sb. Angelo wins, St. Angelo wins in a canber," we were all crying, when Greaves, bhe bookmaker, bellowed, " Do none o' you see Bonavista ? Bonavista wins for a monkey." Alas for backers of the second favourite, Mr Rose's colb, on the extreme inside (" under your bloomin' noses," as Greaves gracefully observed) was drawing rapidly level. As bhe pair commenced bhe brying ascent for home Bonavista challenged for the lead. For a few seconds bhe issue hung in the balance, and it seemed probable Sb. Angelo would shake bhe oubsider off. The excitement in the ring ab such a momenb beggars descripbion. Men shoub and scream like madmen. Dick Chaloner called ou his mounb vigorously, and Robinson likewise to go down bo ride. " Crack ! crack !" wenb the latter's whip, with instant result. Amidst the triumphant yells of the victorious bookmakers Bonavista forged slowly ahead, and ultimately won in brilliant sbyle, byalengbh and a-half, wbilsb to make the_ ring's, triumph complebe, the rank oubsider Curio, halt a lengbh off, occupied the third place. Galeopsis was fourth, Goldfinch fifth," El Diablo sixth, and Dunure last. This season Bonavista won the Biennial, during the Craven Meebing, beabing Tanzmeisber and Curio. Afber the Two Thousand some heavy I Derby betting took place, 6,000 to 2,000 being laid on La Fleche three times, 100 to 12 St. Damien, 10 to 1 Bonavista, 1,000 to 80 Orme, 1,000 to 70 Sir Hugo, 15,000 to 900 St. Angelo, 500 to 25 Galeopsis, 40 to 1 Persistive. One Thousand Guineas. Six runners only opposed the unbeaten La Fleche for the One Thousand, the best of a poor lob being the Duke of Portland's cast-off The Smew, now the property of Mr ] Arbbur James. Sbrange bo say, bhe ring ■were —nobwithstanding tho certainty bhe race looked for the favourite—extraordinarily, nob to say suspiciously, liberal. Backers expected to be called upon to lay at least 4 to 1 on the good thing, but after bookmakers taking 3 to 1,5 bo 2, and 9 bo 4, bo small sums, " I'll bake 2 bo 1 " became bhe general cry. This generosity, instead of loosening our purse-strings, simply paralysed speculation. " The filly's been got at, like Orme," was bhe whisper which wenb round. Of course, bhese fears improved the posibion of bhe second favouribe, The Smew. From Bto 1 she came bo sixes, and 100 to 8 was bebbed Adorabion, LOO bo 7 Lady Hermib, 100 bo 6 Ganbleb, and 50 to 1 each, others. The race calls for little description. The pace seemed slow for three furlongs, whore Adoration shob oub, followed by the favouribe wibh The Smew and Lady Hermib close up. La Fleche, pulling double, was kepb alongside Mr Milner's filly till ' descending the Abingdon Mile Bottom, where Geo. Barrett let her go, and shooting at once to the front she won in the easiest fashion by a length. The Smew passed Adoration ascending the final hill, bub could make no impression on bhe winner. Ganbleb was a bad fourth.

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Auckland Star, Auckland Star, Volume XXIII, Issue 147, 22 June 1892

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The Two Thousand, Auckland Star, Volume XXIII, Issue 147, 22 June 1892