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Tbe ordinary fortnigU.iy rn ; ;P'ir;g of tbo Akaioa Courjci! wbs held on Wtdn&gd>iy <* IVtspiit —Crs NoomiD, Fyhs, nUniro, '.Oee-'p. Williams, Henning and Oantrell. TIIK CHAIR. In the absence vi tho Llu.yo-c's illnes?, Cl , Iviunro vi'as vo'.ed to ibo chair. COUUKSPONI)ENCI-\ Cori'sspondiiDee wtis read — From Ohi'iaicJiiirc'u City Omin-cil and Borougb of Dovonport tbii«king the Council for season's greeting.-, r& ciprocatiDg same. From Me?3rs Lai.vr'.i.C9. and Gj , re electric ligbt. From St Jobn'd Arabulaace Society,

Oiii i.-i:cHttrcii. pniismuj nut i!m /.inod woik uoui3 by >b ! Rod i:i (!-■ war and the iiosti for moMetmy as-is' unco. In ar.swpr to Or Lr-ote, thn chair iriiin prtid ihe Connci! conic! nmko c snu-.H s;r<uu. in aid of the Red Oro*?. Or lleouing moved that a grmv of I five guineas be made-. Seconded by O L<?otp and canicrl. Iv-rs F Wiighi-, careUiiccr of ih p hu.!bn, .\vr oto (i>»inj7 whether A It'""!' il:!;:i School cbsidf'-r, cm'il cms ?■> I)-' !).,,'hs f;eo '.f -Ainr<r-} «hf-n not, wi'h ih.-ir ioi"hor. TLi- , eir-'.irman said ho heluvH] ;ho bn'k fit tho children p.". id during t ho • hoiiday-i. Of Ounrroi! moved the letter be! referred to the Bsif.tu Ooraraittce with power to net. Seconded by Or Williams p.nrl | carried. INTERVIEW. Mr E. E. Lulievre waited on tb? Gonnci! in reference to fbe whirfngo him for come slock h r > bad ■ hipped by tbo s.s. Wootton. He said tbo cbfM-gr-s for 80 bead ol" oattla wna £4 18-« 2.1, ami £8 ]6 8d fer running 400 -beep over (ho whi/.rf. This was an exorbitant nod wouitl prevont nny stack being whipped over Ibo wharf. A-' the K-nnpoi Freezing Co. wa? operating beiv ■■horriy there would mos 1 ; likoij be n number of fat iamb.?, etc , sent over ho wharf At tho |.resent rate 3 v,o body would ovoi - send stock by Aka"oa wharf Flo could bnvo ?!nppe■» his fti; Pigooo Bny, but decided (o send tbera by Akaroa Ha hid erected bit! own pen, Ho knew hp would bo oburged \vba.rfngp, bui bp 'lir! nos exp-c 1 ") to pay nb tLo rate, of 1G 8d for running 160 pheso off Lbo v.'barf in'o tbe lioa!;. Hβ r.pked tbom not only to alter the charge* fm , bim bar. for ali shippers of stock He ">a~ f not fcbere to make a compiaind for himself alone, but to point out rba r . if 'be Council cbargtd these rulea, no iuoi'h Rtoek would I)e shipped ovor (.be wharf. Tho Council did not wnnt that, but »o gat thfir whurf usi-d. I' would prevent .my ppop'e sbippin; , -stoelc cIT the wharf. would be. b hi nefir. to nil shipping stock to arnf-t>d :ba Kuheriulfj of cbarypp. dOO ] bfep ran in f o rh? bua , iv 15 -it p. cost of £8 6;' Bd.

Tho chairman tuid they had beard Mr Lsiiovre , .'! nornuhiiiit, Cγ Honning rrovpfl tbifc iWr compicinr ro chrnppof of: l< li,) referred to tho Wbnrf Oorouiittae:o report lo nexf. meeting. Seconded by Cγ Will in rag ami c:.'i rried, Tht! Ak-iroa District High Hchco! Committee wvo'q asking thnfc the Council's sttiff tar the a*pbii!(:, etc., •onnd iba ?cboo!. Tho OornmittfG alfo tnankfd the Council for Greeting (ho ffinco b-lnw tua Febooi.

Or Williams tbafc the p!aj? ; ground ba tarred iiijd asphalted and (bat tbe feucs below the school bo conaplptfd. Seconded by Or Caaferell and carried. Tbe Grajmouth Borongb Council wrote re numbsi , of men who were un rviiiiog to pgi'vo in tbg war to tffect sbafc tbeir niuriPS bo pubiisbt-d. Tbe letter wah recoived. From Mr J H Blow re electric ligbt plan?. Lottfef received. Au application tot n water pormit wq.3 grunted. Fksekves CojiurrrEE, Tug foilowing report was road by Mr G W Thomas. In eourpaay <niih tha Ghiirrarai of :bo Reservoa (JoiniuiUGG I visited tbe Boiougb Jteserves at Dromore on tbe , 'It-li instant and beg to report as follows. ''Considering tbe dry season fcha

'c.-c 1t..-.k y- i,v v> i ; !', i b■.■ c-ojr' ■iti'i f.y\-- : n••■'.■■■ iookiiv.r Ij•.-■ in«■ limn i i itmioit.r:.:-: d. The f(;;ce:" mo in g-o , ! JjM'd-i , nn<i ni two c>f she « IT..:;!.: j v!:- ! ieicl ihir tho gorpo ?<'<■■s ! ; ';■•■;; v. m m (; n ! tM> i- :;f';, i-nd rt quire? i.',;'i:ij! j r j ;.;.. J .-, ;-:|:irt) v< i;< i'/. ;j r .:.-rcl <tl :>.» Siy (t;: 1 I •oeiu, Th=:- 'new picot.-.-,] for Mi- 0 H: r.l.y n ppcf>; yin !:>f> v.*■"ll bi:iir, ni.■ d ■--ii i• ;■ li r f--- {'..ii , pren-nf, rr(j!iiips;)pn(9. \'r ]J'gby h>>,<:. rnaclo n/ cono'eto path . >oi:i"id ibo 'rou.-t! r.nd a poncn-te pn'h -it ii.i(> ij,-,cl"', bo fciro |:;ii!iinp- in n linr , I of pipf;; for dr(.iiii:ge iiou) tbo hou-'c- ' to It ad into a ?hinglo pit, I ;\ir n;:-;ui-T.ii I-.:■!,-:•■ ;!.j-if ■]■? Counnil «l' : ! ! xifTid l.i.i- i;.il : : u> p-,rt r,i iijs hoii'G ;'.iif] Pi';k) f , '.-■':.--li';.■:•.■:■■•■' !;;:;•] , !i;iui room of s-a:no. r ;'i::£t'e h iio toil venieuco oi" Uiib kind to eitht:: , of litr i ;jm; - 3 - ] rr- io rljfi q'ip = hoa oi !"!iakui:T pi^n iHlioi:."', !L;c..-'v-i Uv;'< i..iir,;j!s ivill the council in tho por.tiO'- if planfn-lions aro takvß t:i hand," Tbo Obi-ii-mna ?>-id L r r Tboinas and he hid p>:id a vi-i , - ro Iho Dromorp rs -■f-rve.s /U!]l)!i!-io!i i'-nd found every ' ■' lonian?; ni',\nh hzUe.v than tbey ) cxi-pfO'f-d. Tho cvon iooked weii and :'<p h.roan':: all fopn.ii--d -mi■■■fuel ' i\:ni cnn wantfd ft w.i.?bhouso. Thi« fcp;.(d to him i>. ve r y reasonable r- q-ißsb Ho movocl thai; the roport '[}<■• reti-rnd lo tbe Kescrves Committee to rc-porb. Seconded by Cr Williams and carried. In answer to Or flenning tbe cbiiirtnan said thero wois four farms ciich of yOO ficres vougbly. 1 Works (Jommiteee. C: , Fi'rrtfli'icksoo, chairman of the Wo;ks Ootiianttoa sent the following j rfpori; WOI'.K.! GOMMITJEK UKI'ORT. Kince iftsL i.uetsiing all tho pceplic t«nk'd woo:h'n eovern have been ro i p:\ir.pd and all ironwork cleaned and! tarred, 2 floats aro rotten nghf'l throuab ana wi!i h'tva i:o bf> rf-newed, ! use iernpn; nry iioal' h--n pnh in j to enab't; tbe council to send the o'd ! one to town as a ?;<;np!f\ aU '.ho :.) inch fi:-o piu , .;' b'lve br'fM mndfi nniform wir.h Ihfi -i ii-.eb ping- 'o ma!::-on-> by dr(!.:it fir. I,he, lot. Tbn firo bail ropo? which were broken New Year's eve ' hnv9 been Ppairpd The foreman been engaged with Mr Lano fix iug tho new half- watt sirrst; lamp;; «.nd eloiining tno gl"bag. A number i f 'o'ocked dr-iina have been amended to nnd ft number of s'opcocks repaired. /The asphalt round tbe pub , ic school i. li'ivp b j en tarred aud sanded. The forernao bus p.i wnter taps , in ibo Borou.fjb iind found forae loa'kin;.« which sine- b-en repiiired. Sint-G shopping wrtaking with hose the ' wilier pupoiy re.-prvoi' , bays been fai'ly fiiii Ti'i-j' loi'omasi reporrs Mi-io Mr [l-.-nniDt; svn i wa'erinrj U"o bawling , ai- ton wi'ii a ho.=r> fit 4 pro on Tne?-3-iy, J:m\i:iry llih in-t '

V:f- ■ h:ui, in-T fi?i;J thf> bowling β-reov had bt>.">■ wa!.i-r. d for noariy o m';n*h nni! tho gru?s was hsing buruf ■inc. Ha had Ssocm up to ?'Q9 the '■e ; ;('!"voic r.rid t-av; rii--. ; ; ir >va? runumg over He hi)/: p.'sd Of-V;;r>!t;d tho \!, iV .u- and (I: a Gb!!irraaa of tho> Works (Jojaiaitteo During tho holiday pen-on tht-ro were ft largp liuuibtii , of vi.-'itot'ti who n?ed tbe bowlin<,' green It v.'Duld bo a con?irlorp.b!.p !03? for ibfi town if they 1-Übe bowli g green be spoilt, (> lijovfii that Or Hnnniug'p GKp'ftuuiitin bo ace-pted oceondeu by Oi , Vv'jliir. :ri3 Or Nooii'-.r, aaid ho did not believe in allowing tba bowling green to be watered, while some people who got their living from tht if gardens could not «3G b hose. Or Fyfe agreed with Or Noonao The gardens were more important than the bowling g>een. .

Cr Onntrell faid bo did not ngree, Tbo bow lint.; green was a public concern. Mi' Hennmp; iisked tho Mayor and Gr Freclerick'cn, and hia explanation was a :-.m.irifae-ory oae. Gi , Noonan said the gmen was a private oaa ofi-ntd !\y a club. Ct , Canh'Gl! said he witbdt'ow bis rcinarks, as bo tbeugbt tho gveen a public one. Of Kenning e.v.J tbat ss to Cl , Noonan aayi;:g that tho bowling grseu was ia?a iuipoi'liiut; than iba β-irdjne be did not agree ftfc ail. Tha bowlinggreen stood on a diilVi'enfc footing al Uißsthei'. Tha walei , bad been run iownste at the reser'/oir.

f h ft nnl I- ' , onrj eti p I ' * I cii f pod , \i lv Glt • r ( mi ii I n.jfa 1 'ui'i i f Ci l 1 ! |im ii lv i 1 " Ij i* l< £ 1 1!( I \,\ln\ ? to f< 1 \ (I p\ r t i l n no hi , • 1 r o I i l( K( i! C f ' i i i v n cairin"! i 'jli n umni irnvf-d the t loptson ci i \\ i l 0 vu iillll 11i ) !S) I n C 1i( md e~u>! c d I !( Ij'NG ( PMllini ! ' i r imf ( ! n Light ' v v ii tf , i g f oiii I\l I j ! fi i i Ml t ( ' i i.h 1 au'< |i ' I !i U I { ( V! 0 I, T 1 a IIHH f] 1 i M) i v ri " La! 0 y kci ,a (i I i I d Li fi o Coifl The cbriirirj-iii sr.i<] it would bo bast to p.nk tfao City Council to in.-ipecs the ■■niirhmg rlY j r;u]. They raust. have the Qihico of a CLU'tifiifl m-tn They ovid j i-.o'- iirld outHiQpiM fr> !.,ho Lighting HomrniUe?. He ihe Diesol c-n eino vv;;s th-3 ciii.-'ji^-' . In inn. They about an hour v>. hiia the others roovo expensive Or Hnaninjr f.■ njcl tha•; this question of (ho Disgt'l engine had been di?po 3 t ! d of bectUj-'Q it was vmy Gsponsivo, and the ratepayers had decided not to spend & iargfi sum oh an auxiliary engine. Hβ moved the letter iwm Tumbull and Joaos be referred to 1 Mei=3! , 3 J D. Druoe nod H. L G. Hay ) lock to report. Ho he would rathei' refyi , to local people thv,n to an outsider who y,'z-\ iatGrc--"ted

d' Henuing'p mo:ion lupsetl for want of a seconder. The cbiiirrrmu innv-d (hat leiier be rti'erred to i!:q City Councils engineer. Seconded by Gr Lasts find carried, Ci , Henning dsspatiag.

Or Leste paid ba had a?led the oleotrical to sund in fi rppori;

■f the work done it) the Ja- fc foririigbt Ele moved tbe report be referred to '-■ba Lighutu-; !o report

(Seconded by Gr Williams,

Gr [lennii'g said ihore bad bcoti grave fib our, t be way tho po'.ver was i:nt; on. During the Inst iOi - i!mi«b& fbe power w«s orj from 7 to 11, At lifrncombe bo;jpo they were o'oiiged to iio their ironing in tho overling-!. Too senle of eLargea were for 21 hour,';, find yet people bad to do iheir woik in four hours. If, whs the fault of i-bo factory which coufcri l-iur.Rcl £70 to Iho lxms 3 bo!d?rs £000 Tho who!') town wan in darkness v.'hi'o the visitors were hero. Hβ ob j 'cscd to tbeir boing vio'imizqd for the eonvptii'.iiicp of tha factory Gr LjiM'to said that ho tork c-xcoptiou ! a 3i' Mffiining'r a!in=e of tbu factory Tho I'iiCiory ivna made the ecaps goal for all the troublo causpu by the dry reason Ho considered it most ua fiti:-.

Cγ [JGiiKing said the ioc'ovy ouEjht fen Liiive been cut off long ago. The •J i rector;, hixd fii'.ii they hsd on implied ga-urnniiLi granting power. ThfMayor had -aid tbr-re wan no gtiinm tee. Ho to these secros artnngoinents.

Cγ WiUiaras he did noi thiuk I here vvas any pcorecy Tho factory hud appliid in the ordinary way for power Or LpgLb s motion expressing the engineer's report to ihe Lighting Oox'mittoa was oarriod. 1 "'INAS'CE RKl'OltT. Amount received eince lasi; meeting ■• RiUes £16 17s 8:1, re»fc £5 15h lid, dniintige £t water £1, total £2-5 8g 7d. Banking account—Electric light ioan account No 2, cr , £82 19- 1 -i'l, district fuad account, d;\, £1110 IGa 7d. Accounts amounting ro £244 5s 10d were p-i3?ed for payment. Or Leetf, chiunuan of the Fire Brigade (Joiamittoe, said thero were two accounts from the Brigade. There wfi'3 three fires ia the last month, iwi) on New "Xear'si Eve, aud tho men bad been called out.

Ci , Fredeiicksen tendered hU resig nation, The ehair<ir.aa moved the lesigriali'in be accepted with regret Bocauded by Or Noonau find car I i-ioci Gi'3 Leete aud Munro were appoint ed to sign cheques Or Leete moved that Ci , Hanuing act oo tha Baths, Reserves and Wbsrves Committees. Seconded by Or Oaatrell aud car dad ' Or Leeoo said that there was a dead ii-jh oa tho beach, and ha had reported saiao io the Inspicto: - , and the j fish bad luiu t-Liero throo days. If things were rpported why could they j not be atteaded to / He also asked the Chairman of tho Works Committee to have tins romoved from the beach, and this had not been done. The chairman eaid the men usually attended to those things at oDce. Pfubibly holidiiyj intervened after Cr Luele'B complaint. The meeting theh adjoarnod.

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AKAROA BOROUGH COUNCIL., Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXV, Issue 3513, 14 January 1916

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AKAROA BOROUGH COUNCIL. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXV, Issue 3513, 14 January 1916

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