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Pr.radnnl;: Mr W.- H. _.!onlo.-imor. Vicnp.p-!:!,- _r - : flI-.-- T . r ; i I<\ __un-i-i,..sari and J. O. Cm p. Auditor: Mr J W X _'_ .\v fßi-iOo 'iho-i-nvi-r: Mr T Qi.vindy. Hpurotary: Mr V. H. Line Asfiistrmt Hacrotr.ri-n; Me.frs H, Blylh. and __. Lewtbwaits.

The Banks Penin-u'a A and P Association carried out another voty successful Show OU their floe .-nor? ground on under ideal wer..h°r concii:ions. The in every respect compares favourably wi:h any country /U-socin .ion Bbo.v in Can tertiary, and Tne..xhy's Show was no e7-.cep.ion. Tbo Li:tin River Associa tion started their big show in tbo year 1909, when it was hold on the old racecourse. Ton promoter, the- ener colic President of tha .Association (Mr W. H. Montgomery), from \A ineep tioa pot i_ high stsndar i, encouraging th-i exhibition of purebred stock, and a great range, of for horses, domestic and farm produce, roots and seeds, pig. nnd cattle. In ibis first aim the Association, has been very successful, and bas enabled every Peninsula farmer to avail himself of the opportunity of inspecting practically tbe very best ehi-'!. of slock and prod ace which tho province can boast. From this .-duca'ional point alone, the Association has done great; service for the district, and tbe President, to goi-ber with the strong support he ha-; received fiom those intG'vai.<.d in (.he Show, have carefully guided its dcs linit'ri until now it is. on a solid foo'it.oboth for organisation and finance Ir.h fin-in ad.-. I support is almost pheno raenal when it h eonsidm rd that the Association revives £250 in special prize,-., and his a- _i_rmibnr_hip of over. 260 The Ass.ocia-.ion has h-id i.s uu- j and doWiV, bur, what, has helped to! put it on a bet'er working b.i-sis is the ■ use of 'ho Awaiti Domain, which | makes a fine show ground, especially ; as th' Wairewa County Chambers, ?be j Coronation Library aud Messrs 14. Matsoa & (Jo's i-rueyards aro all lent the Association. The organisation from vbe commencement has been wonderfully g.'od, the President and Mr i. 0. Jones, the first secretary, I being peculiarly suited in starting on I the very best workable lin»a.

Tuosday's Show resulted in a falling off in some department.*, and an im pavement in others. For instance, the sheep and draught horse s.cuons were trucb below previous phows, while the cattle, light and harness horses, domestic produce, flowers, and the now junior _cefciou were, if any thing, an improvement on previous shows as far as the present war and weather conditions would allow. At all events, Peninsula exhibitors were more prominent than usual and more successful against tho Plains r-j_bihi tors, which snows tbat wo are steadily progressing in better breeding, and learning what preparation is required for tho show ring. Another fen-tun-about tho Show was that tho oompet-i tion waa good, and ihat the piizes in special breeds of cattle a-ud sh-ep especially were not confined to promi nont breeders who are successful iv every show in Canterbury, Tbo entries for the dhow agg-e gated G73, and included 113 en cues in too new junior secticu_ for Feb <v work oi; every description. Thi section has been very much amplified.

1, W 1-G ■•• -i-U:it,,- A: I iS- 2 ! .: 11 . ' n n .h' (l)-l O '-iv, 1. -pa,, ~a , lvr3 , (0 3:lf!W, (1, MC ■>. ..■ ii■. a,a! ■' , |, W ; j..„-,.- s f "Otl'lty ' vi il •' -~,,- ~ • ,;..,, v a ov ... ,-.. IO 20 Wt :7) A "•' .Ii ttl II 1 A|!. n ;• -~ o i j. W <; Oek-r. vir: i.a". '-,- ,-:- (i) (' "o ■ dart 1 and spec: t(, 8 _' li-..■ ris 2. M LII'ARY HOll-R**, Troop h<,..0 (9 ; _,\ w M.cph.i! land speoial, R II Mho-tr.-* 2, J ,o o -op ;-. Mmifi .a infantry h irsc, owi;.- ( ] j.. ,\ vidtip.-i h-, o ;.•<>. r . ler of the N---.v 7,.-rdand Dot em a. Fnive (H) A W Mncphnil I nnd speoial, It H f-'h.irln-.- 2 Mara suitable Err breeding trojp ho -...» (r.).. Stanbury limn I and special, J V ("Inrr.wn 2, AvtiHerv hors< (C>) -Aliea D...; .nnd fpaeial, T WMianis 2. !<'. W !. neb.-].-.i- :-J. j I X.l! S'-FT K'S. , I Yearling col;. t 2) .T V ri npni n ! 'in.' epeoii'l, 'V X On- k ■ -.' ! ii fr (!) It X" Iy 1. Two j-ear ><!d (il) t.i'i'.nirv I.!"? X and --p. oi- 1 , ■- ...un-on 2 l.!'---e.! .teiv h'Ok (14) A Gil.iHl.aa I. b ,M,i.'.v,m '2, Mould B-'O- 3, Mrs 1) N W.Hs -1. Thir.-nn Bonn hack (7) —V. Tbonn. -n 1. Tlu-lm . Jftokann 2, A Mcl" ail H 15 -(.*-« h.ek'j:") — \ Gilland .|-s 1 nnd .p.... , J T. Ki«m ns.' '2 F G staolm'v 3 ind<-*. i- . h (ID) !< M Rhodes I I. Mrs-.. 'J V. fi if'ii h- miih 3 IWr*DN Whii. 4 R •- m>iia. d hud- (!i) A '. B tiehw -al 1 !! II i.h ..hi 2 WGriffith-Havl.h H COB - AND P<IV E Entire, not t-xn.-"* ■!•>!? i:< 2 l 'ii*"l-* (2) <l CiOtter 1 rtll;' -f)"C-i 1,1 rh. d's pin*. malar 112 hand-, rdln In e'dd under i\v )ve years (3) Ms- M--r.« C,vd-*r 1. J F X J.mi .- Bon 2. Cliil-i'- po 17. nnd'i* (2 2 ham?'..' ridden by ohil-I tinder t-.v. Ive yours ■?,) W. Loohhpad 1 and special, M'isier W ' II fonp 2. Child's pnny, nt i'Xcp. ding 13 2 ban's, ridd»n by child' undor fif* <y-n yea s (3) -W P Watson 1 and ■.p<*eisl. G "-toddart 2, FI S H Kylo_vho Po*iy nt pxficdimr 13 2 hands (5)-G'l-itnddart;' I and =p rial, W -Jn-on 2* Cob. no to 1. 2 hiu.l-t IS. ■ t-;i'lp.ndp!fl I and speoi'd, Ii Mat-soa 2, WG-iffiin Mtiith 3 and 4 HANNAHS HOIIHP.R. , Dot/curt Inrpp (H) ['ft Sta'bnry 1 nnd | Bp»cinl O Londtiga'i 2 --i.'_-!•■ bi!*"V lmr-p, , under lS2lianlß(7) W Gdfii'h.-*mith 1 and I speoial, S D I'.ovca 2 S G Gmharn 3, J. 0 Coop 4 D.isy n'irt under 14 3 i hands (4)-W Griffith -Smith I, -F-G Stan, 1 bury 2. G Sied-iarf, 3 T J ftilmo-a 4. Trot. 1 ting h.rsa in hanio as (2) -W. J Boyle 1, d '. J i*rabam 2 Milk out horse (2)-J R ] White 1, F W Crncl-'-tt 2 i CA.TTt,F, Shorthorns - Dairy en vq (2) ], W Crocket* 1, E A Patten 2 Ynslin- bull (l)-a , Chamb«rla ; n 1 and Two year bull (1) J V ObiuiiT-an I nnd *p c : al Bull over • two years (2) -A Chnmhpriai" 1 ,nl special, T Mill-grin 2 Y« rling hrvfpr (l)i A ChHm berla : n I and Bpeoial. Twn-year heifer (2)-— k nhamberlain 1 and . peeial. T White 2. Thrpe year heifer (1) -F Crookott 2. Jer-eya Yearling bull (1)-E A Pattpn 1 and pp.oial. Two-year bull (1)-T W Moor 1 nnd Bpeeisl. Hu'l, ov<t two years (2)— D Millar 1 and sppoial. Ypnlins heifer J (3) -J Prosper 1 and special, T W Moor 2. \ Two year heifpr (3)—E X Pa.ten 1 and « speoial. T W Moor 2 C*w (3)—T W Moor 1 and speeinl, F A Pattpn 2 Holflteins.—Yenrliid bull (2) -J Johnson 1, a S Barclny 22. Bull, two ypars (2)— R J Fleming 1 a« d fp°p.i.a!, W H Mont gomery 2. Bull, ovpr two yenrs (1) J O Cnnn 1. Cow, in milk (2) R Wright 1, H. T, Chapman 2. Steers, h>-ifer_ >ird calves. Five nalves (3) —W H Mor.*{.nm»rv 1 nnd si-PO'el. E J D Joblin 2. F , W Cm k»H v h.o Three ynarhng «|«, r , (2) _.\ R Bi-diina 1 nnd ppenial, P. Fulte. 2 Two yearline cro c s Veifers. siiitub'o fnr rlniry i uvpnßpq (41 —J I nnd sppoinl W F Kudford 2 "ow. in m llr (5) --F Rpp>* 1 nnd | speoial. F W OrrH.ntfc 2, T (i Hnrp-r "he ' H Ree.l o. Two t 0 tbre-* voir orok= YteA heifpr (o) F W Crncfc tt 1 pnd Bpeoial. N S Barelny 3, (1 F Nnrrish vhc Three thrne y-iar c r.qq hred stn c B'per. (4) J 0 Cnnp 1 Hiid > pedal W n Mont* ;. goni'-ry 2, P Fnh.-y v' c Thr.-e two your oroai bred sfnrc pfenv. (4) .\ r BirdlinpM and Bneaial P F-ihoy 2 Bullnoks - Tesm-f . i-ht, (2) - Tt ,T Firm ing 1. nnd -ppfi'i l , .1 V nlt-iMitn 2, Hu'lnnl. driyins c mn'-t-tio* (S) -J V Chapman 1 and g eppcinl. It J F*. ni'ttg 2 B Fat Cuttle - Two -.ear huPoM. (3) A F, Bi'dlmg 1 >-nd sppoial. J 0 Coop 2 F G Stanbury vhn. Thrpe veur Imllcek (4)-- F Birdling 1, 2 ntul siipoM. J 0 Cinn vhe F h n. Tiv* year hp*f r 4, A FBird ing 1 and s--pn. jal, Ohamberlnin 2. . F ft v vhc Three y-ar hpifpi* 5 S A E Bitdlin-.! 1 nnd <-ppcial. F Tnvpndpr 2. J O Cnop p. Fpifpr 2, F Bailing I and _• pßia', T Th.-.mnqnn 2 O'vv 5. . Chiunh-'i-lni i I nnd \ E Bocpi v 2 and he, T Thamp-rm vhe. Thrpe bul j look 5 - F Bird ng 1. nnd .p»cial F Tuv ender 2 J 0 Cnnp vhd. J F Hnchanan c 'I hrpp he fer--. avar-ige weight not exceeding 700IH 2. -J 0 Coop 1 nod special, J, F Buabaniin-2 DOMESTIC PRODUCE. V Non peparntor fr*--h hut-er B,— Miss Trson 1 2, and speoial, Mri Plumm vhn Ffic tcr butter I, - Ta- Tapu Dairy Company I < andsppem.l- Farm ueparntnr butter 10 — Mrs J Fleming I, 2 and 'peeial, Mrs R B Doyle vhc, Fanoy. butter 2,—Mra R Flem ing I and special, vSalted butter 7, —MlR B Doylo 1 and special. Mm J Fleming 2 and vho. New factory chr-ose 2,— P-geon Bay Diiry Co 1 New farmers made ch-e-fe I.—Mi.s Ruth Vnngtone 1. Old farmer's m-ida cheese l~Mis.. Ruth Van stone 1 Homo made 3 -Miss Dorothy Field 1 and s. ecial. Mrs V J Rhodes 2, Mrs 8 Hurnm vho. Bakers bread 7— S T j Harris 1 and special. Home made brown j bread 2 -Mrs a. Hunim I and speoial Mrs V J Rhode. 2. Bikers' brown bread 1— S T Harria 1 and special Homemade oven scones (7) -Mies Rene Worapll 1 and 2, Mrs Timmings vho Horn .-math sweet oven scones (4) -Miss Rene Wornell 1 and 2.

r | >-h. rtbr:-;id (71 Miss N ) A A ■■- M H Unwell 2 end sarcial Homo !--.*■! d» t-iti'ili cak»s (2) Mis-: R'-ne Wornell 1 - 'ia 1 2 il. me made frno b s.nits (3) Mips t" Mi-un Wn tied 1. 2 nnd Mr- X H - a. - v.-.!! vie, f'oine mcid ■ p'rin cakes (4) Miss Pi-no Wornell I. 2 and sppciiil. Ilarne lti-ilo rich Irnit oak" (4) Miss E,_ t Wiji-n-fll 1, vlic and jpeaiid. Homo mßde I r e!i fruit cak<\ heal («.)) Mrs V Joblin 1, 1 M-.. t Kthel .Steß-an 2, Mis R C French vhc, ■ Mr j V M Line c Home m de sponge g8) - Miss Jiene Wornell 1 and 2, 1 Mrs SHunim \ he. Mrs M Reynolds c, Col- . If-ntion hems made pastry (4) - Mrs S Hunam j I end special, Miss Rene Wornell 2 snd vhc, P.kelets (5)- Miss Rene Wornell 1 and .he,' | Mrs E H Unwell 2 pud ppeeinl. Pium pud p, r )) Mi =11. up Wnrn/dl I nnd speei-'tl, Mr--H Unwell 2 Horn p. m-d- j-jrna (5) Mrs F, H Unwell 1, 2 and .pecia', llr- W Rio* IM-1-yy vhc v:nrmaiadp'(7; Mr; J FI. mi-g 1 and p cittl, Mre E Harris 2 Home "lailP je|!i,.R (..)-. M,-s .1 Fleming 1 nn U-ciai. Mr F W I rn-k, v 2 Dome made prr-rrved fruits (9) Mrs Vnns-one 1 nnd -p eial, Mrs W Kiekerby 2. Homo made aeklta. (3) -Mrs J Fleming 1 and <-prc'al, Mt* H s o hr.Pll H 2. Mrs W Bickerby vho Flnr.ei (4) \v r, .). n .td 1 and Jfrs H 1,, 2 iierk >o i-ured 'ow--' ego . (4) Mr -\ 1 2 id pppo'bl. Livht an!- u-e.d f.-wls' w (4) Mis D Al-llar I a-td -ai-eal, Mr- •-- E Harris 2. .1. ho Gild) vhc ""ck-'eg... (3) Mis Ayii.s Mapieto-i 1, 2 -"d f-rr-ei ! Home made win-, any variety, (fi)—M-s II Schn. He 1. Mrs J E Webster 2. il'-nie in .do g.-oseiry wine (2) -Mrs H Sei.nelle I an.! 2. Heme.mad*' currant ' wii-e (3)- Mrs H Sehnells I, 2 and .pr C ia'. Home cured unsmoked "hum (4) Mrs A M'La.'hlin 1 nnd Bp-cial, G Harday 2. - Hnine cored .moke.i ham (1) G Barclay 1. I 801 l utiemok d bacon (1) G Barclay 1. ' emnbed buoon (1) —G Barclay 1. Col- ] i'C'.ion gnosfbenies (5)-F W Crockeit 1, ' ( -'yril MeM-nus 2. Collection apples (21—E \ Putten I nnd 2 i potatoes and roots, , Fnting patatoei (G)--A M'Pherson 1 and 1 special, (.'yi-ii M'M-iius 2 Kicb-ey po ntoe* < (1), Early variety new t eot ttoe-i (9) J O Coop 1. H H Kimber 2, t Mrs A E Harris vho. Yellow mangels ('!), / -Mrs A E Harris 1 and special. Collection 1 roots (1) Mra A M'Lachlnn 1. Pea. (8)- 1 F -W dockets 1, vhc and specal, Mrs What.. 1 man 2 Broad beans (6)-F W Crockett 1, 1 2 and Rpe.ial, C M'Manus 2. Cabbage (9)-- s F W Crockett 1, 2 and special. J V Ohap- ( man vhc, r GRAIN AND SEEDS, " r Farmer*' dressed cocksfoot (2)—Stanbury _ Bros 1, G Humphries 2 Pearl o>- Velvet r

r I chuff wheat ( ) A M'Phersrm l. Spring when. (I)_A M'Pher-on 1 t nd specal. W 1 F Parkin«.-on 2 f.'hort o*t« (3)— A M'Pher- * son I and-ap«oial. J X Webster 2. Lnn 1 oats (1) \ M'Pher--or» I nr-d special. Malt 1 ing hurley \2)—W F Parkin en 1. Wind • rpf-isiin-/ barley (2)- J B Wob>te.- 1, A F ' li:>rris2 Peas (2)-Mrs H Schnolle 1, J ' ft Co- p 2 Pernnnial ryes rase (2)^ — \ I. Harris i, A M'Pberpon 2. I alian ryegrass (I)—-J O Coop 1. Colonial grown while 1 clover (I)—A M'Pber-on 1 Machine dr.s sed (l)—J 0 Coop 1 Unriddled coel.'foot Hu>n*..bries 1. 2 and special, Stannary Bros c. Farmers' riddled cocks foot. 13 breed (3)-T Thompson 1 and special, G,' Humphries 2. Farmers' riddled cecfc.foot.' 14' heed (3)—J O Coop 1 and t|>eoi.!. G Hiimjhr-ea 2. Silver beet (3)-F W Crocks-it. 1 and 2. DOGS Shepherd's turnout (4)-8 "c Comte ]. Shori-br.irpd col ie (S) - A W Harris I and vpeeial, J V Chapman 3' R Norrie vho Hough haired co lie (10) F Reed 1 and special Mrs Elliott vho J Chapman o. B-arded roilif (2) 8 S Barclay 1 and special, L Breitmeyer 2, FLOWERS. Dinner tahle ''eroretiens (0) -MrsCreckett I. Mips Hulston 2 Mr- G Barclay vhn, Mr« J Pa-kinson he. Sweet peas in bowl —Mrs Crockett 1 end 2 Most tastefully nrrang d how! of sweet pens—Mi»s Wilson 1, Mrs M'Mimu. 2. Mrs Crnckett vhc. Assorted Iflnwei--, t.velve vp.rictifis—Mrs Wade I, Miss Coop 2, Mrs M'Manus vbc, Miss Jacobson v c. Fern in pot-Mrs M'Ma us 1 and 2 F.-linge pot. plants Mrs Crockett 1, Miss N Fahey 2, Mrs M'Mnnus vhc Geranium in flower—Mrs M'Manus 1 and 2 Decorated b'.k»t—Mrs Crockett 1, Mrs M'Manus 2, ! Mrs M'Manus vhc, Miss Wade vho. Most tastefully arrpnged bowl of rose. Mr-* Aaderson 1, Miss Armstrong 2. Bowl ofas=orted flowers—Miss Wade 1, Mrs Crockett 2 Miss Jaonbson vhc. Collection native fhwer-* in" hnwl—Miss Wilkinson 1, Miss Hilda Montgomery 2- Collection flower*, children only - Misses Lewthtvaite, M'Manus ( and Fahey 1, Masters P G dd*ns, C Kelly ' and C M'Manus 2. Premier rose bloom- F ■ Armstrong 1 and 2, Mrs Montgomery be f Ro-e bloom, amateurs only—F Armstrong 1, ' D P Fahey 2 Rose bloom, grown on Banks ' Peninsula—F Armstrong 1, D P Foley 2 • Bloom of Marie van Houte rose—F Arm ■ strong 1. Red rose-F Armstrong 1, Mi_s ! Coop 2. Pink rose—Miss Coop'l. While ' rose—F Armstrong 1, Miss Coop 2. Yellow . rose—Miss C op 1. Hybrid perpetual roses * — F Armstrong 1. Mrs W H Montgomery 2 ( Tea roses -Mrs Montgomery 1 Six varieties roses, amatpur only ■ G Armstrong 1 and 2, c

,J. S vhc, D P Foley vho, Twelve • varieties ro.*e3, amatmrs only—Miss Coop 1. Col eotion single ropes Miss' Coop 1, PanMes-Mrs J Moorhead 1, Miss Hilda Mon'gomery 2. Pnnsies, amateurs onlyMrs Moorhead I. Mrs Oraw 2 and vho. I'w.lvo pnnsies -Mrs Moorhead I, J Craw 2 *nd vho Geranium blooms—Mrs M'Manus I and 2 Collection sweat peas—Mrs Creckett 1 and 2 Collection s-veet pea., amateur, only—Mrs Crockett 1. Buttonhole, boys or girls under twelve years—Miss Iris Montgomery-1, Miss Hilda Montgomery 2, Miss Doreen M'Manus vho. Lady's .pray, boys or girls under fifteen year3-Miss Hilda Jones 1. Miss D.irren M'Manus 2 and vhc. JUNIOR SECTION. Standard IV-Sewisig (2/ -Grace Fahey 1, Edna Samuels 2. Standards V andj Vl— Sewing (10)— Irene Griffiths 1, Roßie Fahey 2. Plasticenc relief map of tbo Ga lipoli Peninsula (7)—Vera Line 1, Re-* Marlowe 2, B M'Manus 3. Writing, children under thirioon years (12)— Percy Giddens 1, Sydney >*cott 2, F Andrews 3. Writing, children under sixteen years (G) — Vera Line ). Pencil drawing (8) Line 1. Doreen M'Manus 2 Compptiiion, "England expects that every man this day will do bis duty " childr.n under sixteen years (7)-Hilda Jones I, B M'Manus 2, Vera Line vhc. Collection buds' eggs (3) - Courtenay M'Manus 1. Curved peg top (2) — Cyril M'Manus 3, Courtenay M'Manus 2 COMPETITIONS. Jumpsr, up to 13.t (3)— A Gillanders 1 Jumping, pony not exceeding 14 hands (2)-------.1 Harwood 1, Mre J H Nelson 2. Waiden hunter (3)— V Craw 1 Jumper, up to 154 (4)-J Harwood 1, Mrs J H Nelson 2 Hunter, up to list (3)— D B Boyce 1. Boy rider, under fifteen years, over hurdles (4)— i W Watson 1, R Jackman 2. Girl rider, under sixteen years (6)—R Wynn Williams ' 1, A Stoddart 2, D Doyle 3.

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BANKS PENINSULA. A. & P. ASSOCIATION., Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXV, Issue 3508, 26 November 1915

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BANKS PENINSULA. A. & P. ASSOCIATION. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXV, Issue 3508, 26 November 1915

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