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Ti h fth)va held iig a mill >it Duvauobelle yeateiriny in idi-'nl wna'her. the pbow it-elf pmvirg to be far the most successful held ninoe its inauguration The exhibition of catiln, clntneaiio P'oduOf>, fl «Whi'h and fiog-i proves th» r . i-. phnty of fcope for ibe Aeencimiuij to oignniae an annual exhibition of the Peniiieula's grent produO'ive nndironn b" rnilv Bflid (bar. ?bo* nflccrd tb-j gieat produouvH qinlitins of iLβ rich paatui'B di<tfiot w« live m The exhibit in the buruß QiitßHt-8 wi-re well got up for fhow and ro fleeced credit to tho exuibitora. The now oauie section was patronised far DHyoncl the hope of the Association gfAbUiiiiliti !(UUIUJUIVt)d 1U UUUUtiiug title'

most suitable classes for the district, Oeruiniy the dairying store and cattle olasses made a eplendid exhibition and the exhibits were of the highest class The domestic produce and flower section made a good show, the entries taken being 'treble those of fast year, good competition being thus provided all through. The entries in Horses, Cattle and Dogs were— Homes ... 154 Cattle ... 74 Dogs ... 15 The Horse entries last year which constituted a record numbered 162»

The Bbow this year waa held on the new ground next to the Peninsula Baleyards in Mr Jos Gavin's paddock and proved a most suitable ground as the yards were utilised for cattle and dogs, there was a fine ground for the horse rings end competitions, while the Duvaucbelle Hall housed the Domestic Produce and Flower olasses. Since the formation of the Assoc iation the show b&s gained financially, while the organisation has improved immeasurably. Under the direction of Mr Fred W. Williams as president, and Mr O'Callagban as secretary, backed by a strong committee the Association has been able to build up a membership of 180, and extend the scope of the show beyond all exspectations. AM these things have grad ually: resulted in the splendid exhibition the Association was able to obtain yesterday. Mr W H.. Montgomery, theentbua< iaetio president of the Banks Penin sula A. end P. Association freely expressed biR surprise and pleasure at the strides made by the Association, and said tbat the entries received for cattle classes, tbe increase in produce, and the successful competition of a number of horses againat Christchurch Show winners proved how progressive the Association was. The attendance at tbe show was was in excess of last year and tbe interest taken was keen throughout. Wβ have not spare to refer to prize winners, but the fact that some of the best horses in Canterbury competed, and were in some cases beaten, proves that the Peninsula bred light horse can still bold bis own, The judges remarks wera very complimentary upon the exhibits and in many cases improved manners in the show ring would have changed tbe order of prize winners. The entries for Fat Cattle were not quite as good as might be expected, but considering their present value owners no doubt would not risk the driving. The Store ane Dairy exhibits were as well filled as any Association, in Canterbury could wish and the exhibits which were typical of our valuable pasture country, could compare favourable anywhere. Those who have borne the brunt of the organisation preparation of tbe ground and carrying out of the show should be extremely gratefied with the result, viz; far the best show that

has ever been held in the Bays. The officials and visitors to the show, bad luncheon at the (Somerset Hotel, where also there was a big public luncheon m the big dining room. The public and officials were splendidly catered for and the arrangements refleot credit upon* the proprietor and bis staff. There were a number of visitors to the show and a great many motor oara. The teuncbea and cars from Akaroa were also well patronised. The following is the prize list —;

HORSEB, Class 1-HACKNEY YEARLING, foa'ed Ist July. 1914. First prize £1 Is, s cond 10a 6d. F. Broohsria'e eh f Butterfly, by Oinaka 1 R W Kelly's br f. by Probable .. .. 2 H W Wilkins' oh o, by Oinaka ~ v h.o Ten entries Glass 2 BACK, to carry up to 11 stone. To be shown in saddle First prize £2 2s, Beoond £1 Is, third 10s (Jd. (First and eeoond prize given by Eon. R. H. Rhodes) A Gilianders'Brushwood .. .. 1 Mould Bros ' gr g Dick, by Dauntless.. 2 T Masefield'a blk m Nanoy, by Viotor.. 3 Twenty-five entries. Class 3—COB, over 14.1 and up to 15 bands, capable of oarrying 14 stone. To be shown in saddle First priae £2 2s (given by Mr G B Thaoker) second £1 la A Gilianders , DundoDald .. .. 1 S Sheen's b g General, by Tatlow .. 2 L Fahey'e b g Nobby, by Viotor .. o Six entries Class 4— HACK, to oarry up to 13 stoneTo be shown in caddie. First prize £2 2s (given by Mr E E Lelievre), second £1 Is (given by Messrs Strange* Go). A W Maophail's b g Colonel, by Tatlow 1 F G SUnbury's b g King George, by Curraghmore 2 Mrs T Masefield's b g Laddie, by Viotor .. vh o Eleven entries Glass 5 -HACK, to oarry up to 15 stone. ' To be shown in saddle. First prize £2 2* («iven by Mr W H Montgomery second £1 Is A Gillanders'Wetitwood .. ~ 1 A W Maophail's b g Colonel, by Tatlow 2 F Armstrong's b g Maok, by Curraghmore .. .. ~vho Seven entries Class 6-LADY'S HACK, whioh has been thoroughly broken in us. a lady's hack. To be ridden by a lady. Fir tpr za £2 2s ( iven by Hon R H Rhodc-a), second £1 Is, third 10a 6d G E Scott , b g Puturannirautu, by .. .. ~ l Mrs T Masetiald's b g Laddie, by Viotor .. .. .. ~ 2-

Mra J G plievre'e br gKitohener by Nabocklian .. .. ~ 3 T Lelievre'e br g La Reuese, by Stepnifilr ~ ~ ~ .. vh 0 Fifteen entries Class 7—TROOP HORSE, To be shnwn in saddle. First prize £2 2s, second £1 Is. A W Maophail'e b g Colonel, by Tatlow .. .. .. ~ 1 R Wright's 2 T Lelievre'e b m Charity, by Victor co" vho Eight entries. CUas B—M4IDEN HUNTER. For horses that have never gained a first prise io thai ciaas. To be juiced for general hunting qualifications, and to be tried over such fences as tha Committee may decide, First prize £2 2s, second £1 Iβ. W A Maopbail's b m Madoeo, by Victor 1 V Craw'rt oh m Flip, by Lord Looh .. 2 L Kearney's Starlight .vho Eight entries C'asa 9-HUNTER. To be judged for general hunting qualifications, and to be tried over suoh fences as the committee may decide. First prize £2 2s, second £1 Iβ. A. Gillanders , Westwood .. .. 1 Mould Bros; Starlight, by Merry Bachelor .. .. .. ~ 2 G F Bailoy'e b g.. .. • • ..'vho E\<M Entries. Class 10—DAIRY CART TURN-OUT, belonging to a supplier of a Peninsula Factory, factory manager's certificate to accompany mtry. Horse 20 points, oar, 10, harness S. First priae 32 2g, seeocd M li.

BA 0 Brides oh m Dolly .. • • 1 T Wi kei in's bg Prince, by Good Times .. .. .. .. 2 Olats 11—DRAUGHT HORSE OB MARE

First prize £2 2s, seoond £1 Is R Latter* b g 1 X t atter'eb g .. .. .. .. 2 Class 12—HACK BBOOD MABE, in foul or foal at foot. First prize £2f 2n, second 10a 6d A F Clark's b m Belle, by Prince Victor l E W Hammond's b m Mary, by Woodi burn .. .. ... .. 2 J V Chapman's b m Mag »• *• v ho

Seven entries. Claes 13—HACK (two-year-old), Filly or Gelding, foaled einco Ist July, 1913 First prize £1 11s 6d, seoond 10s 6d. R Gunning's oh fWillochra, by Willowwood .. •• •» 1 J G Barwiok's b i, by Navigator ~ 2 8 Waghorn'a Stewardess, by Navigator .. .. *. ..vho Class 14 —DAISY CAST HORSE OR MADE up to -14.3 hands, to be shown in harness attached to vehicle. First priKa £2 2s (given by Messrs. Dalgefy Ss Co), second £1 Iβ (giren by Us Q. Cheoklcy). F G Stanbury's b m Trixy, by Londei" borough .. .. .. •* 1 T Gilmour's oh m Jessie, by Londesborough .. 2 E W Hammond's oh m Daisy, by Tatlow u Tho Six entries Class 15 HORSE OB MABE, suitable for all round work, 15 2 hands and over ; to be shown in harness attached to vehicle. First priie £2 2s (given by Messrs H Matson & Co.) second £1 Iβ (given by Messrs Fletober Humphreys & Co.). T Wakelin's b g Prince, by Good Times 1 H Peri's b g Tommy, by Renfrew Lad 2 T E Taylor's b g Major, by Lord Nortbcote .. .. .. ••The Three entries i Class 16-PONT, from 13.3 to 14.2 hftnAe to be shown in saddle. First prize £2 2s, seoord £1 Is, third 10s 6d (first prize given by Messrs J. Ballantyne <fe Co). F G Staobury's b m Trixy, by Londesborough .. 1 F Armstrong's b m Niobe, by Nabook. lish .. .. .. .. 2 L Fahey'e b g Nobby, by Victor ~ 8 Mrs D A Stiles blk g Gin .. ..vho

Nine entries Class 17-HORBE OB MARE, suitable for all round work, under 16 2 hands; to bo shown id harness attached to vehicle* First prize £2 2s, second £1 la (prizes given by the Crown Brewery Co), J Kennedy's b m Dolly, by Ballantry 1 C L Hopkin's b m Kitty, by Lord Northcote 2 Six entries Class 18-GIG HORSE OB MARE, from 14.3 to 15 2 bands, to be shown in ft dog cart or Rig. First prze £3 1* (given by NZ Loan and Mercantile), seoond £1 Iβ G Hay ward's bm Molly, by Victor ~ 1 TE Stanbury'a .. 2 J V Chapman's b m Sally .. ..vho Nine entriea Class 19-DOG CART HORSE OR MARE, over 15.2 hands, to bo shown in c, twowheeled vehicle. First prize £2 2s, second £1 Iβ F G Stanbury't b g King Geerge, by Curraghmore 1 Mrs T Maeefield's b g Laddie, by Victor 2 Five entries Clais 20-PONY JUMP, for ponies 14.2 bands and under, over three flights of hurdles; to be ridien by a boy or girl, 16 years or xnder. First prize £2 2a, second £1 Is A 0 Grotty's b g Tommy CATTLE.

Class 21—ONE FAT STEER any age (first prize given by Mr Gaekin) T Maeefield 1 James Pelfcigrew .. .. 2 Two entries, both bred by exhibitor? Olbbs 22—TWO FAT STEERS, 3 years (tirat prize given by Mr J Gaskin) P Pahey 1 TMasefield .. «» .. 2 Two entries Glass 23 -THREE BTEERB. 2 yiars. most suitable fur fattening purpoeea (prizes given by Mi J R Tbacker) Mould Btoa .. .. .. 1 Jas Donovan 2 TLFEay .. .. ~vbc Eight entries Class 24-TWO FAT HEIFERS, 3 years No entry Glass 25—TWO HEIFERS. 2 years, most suitable for fattening purposes Mould Bros 1 T Masefield .. .... 2 PShxdbolt vho Seven entries Claee 26-TWO YEARLING HEIFERS Mouid Broa 1 A B McKay 2 D Hunt vho Seven entries Class 27-TWO YEARLING STEERS Mould Bros 1 Jas Brown 2 R Latter vho Seven entries Class 28—THREE CALVES, any sex D MoKay 1 SJVogan 2 8 J Vogan .. ~ .. vho Three entries Class 29-BEST MILOH COW, any breed (prizes given by Mr J Gafkin) O 8 Wakelin'a Colleen Mary 1 FW Williams' .. .. 2 S J Vogan's Noran .. ~ vbo S J Vogan's Cowslip .. .. com Fourteen entries Class 30-ONE TWO YEAR OLD HEIFER, in milk or springing A B MoKay I J W Barwiok'a Agnes .. 2 Jaa Pettigrew .. .. ~ vho Eight entries Class SI—TWO YEARLING HEIFERS. most suitable tor dairying purposes R Latter 1 A M Helps 2 W Hawkins' Duohess and Countess .. .. .. vfao Nineteen entries DOGS Class 32-SHORT H IRED COLLIE I A Haines ~ ~ .. 1 E Gilmour .. .. .. 2 Seven entries Class 33-LONG HAIRED COLLIE L Giddena .. .. .. 1 J Barwioh 2 Eight entries EXHIBITION ONLY. T E MoKenjsie'B Pink Snow T W Wilkins , pedigree Jersey oow COMPETITIONS Threading the Needle Race (ladiee)—• Miss N L-lievre .. .. 1 Miss Donovan ~ .. 2 Sis entries Threading the Needle (gentlemen) L Kearney .. •* .. 1 B Wright 2 Nine entries Egg and Spoon Race (ladiee) Miss M Lelievre .. •• 1 Miss L Kearney .. .. 2 Five entries Pet lamb—S Lelievre 1 - eight of sheep (live)—W ShftdboHjlsUbfl. Oorreot weight 1661bs Weight sheep (dea )—D Hunt 91 Jibs, correot weight 9Olbs FLOWER SECTION

6 Rosea (named)—F Armstrong 1. Mrs G Mould 8 Roaes—V Craw 1 6 Roses-V Craw 1 6 Hybrid Rosea— P Armstrong 1 12 Roses F Armstrong 1 Best Rose in Show (no entry) 3 Ten Week Stoa&B—Mra G Mould I 3 Geraniums- Mr Donovan 1. 3 Varieties Pelargouiums—Mrs Warner 2 12 Panzlea—Mre G Mould 1, Mra Warner 2 6 Panziea—Mre WarnaJ 1, Mra Mould 2 6 Outdoor Flowers—Mr T B Taylor 1. Mm F Armstrong 2 6 Gaillarpias—Mre H 0 Jacobson 1, Miss L Armstrong 2 4 Pestemor s (no entry) 2 Vases Cut Flowers—Mrs F Armstrong 1, Mrs C Innes 2 Oolleotion of Climbers -Mre 0 W Leete 1

Collection Flowering Shrnbs—Mrs T E Taylor 1, MrsC WLeeje2 Beat Vase Native Flowers (exhited by obild 14 yews)-Mies B Sttwwrt, Mies

Donovan 2 Colleotion Rhododendrons—Mm Jaeobson 1, Miss L Armstrong 1 Lady's Sprays—Mrs Donovan 1 and 2. 3 Gentleman's Buttons— Mta Donovan 1 Mies R Stewart 2 Colleotioon Sweet Peae—Mrs Sheen I, Mrs Cosaar 2 6 Sweet Peae—Mrs Cossar 1. Mrs Sneen

VEGETABLES. Tettuoe—B Barber 1, W Giddens 2 Cabbage— Jas P»ttigrew 1, Mre Mould 2 6 Stalks Rhubard—A MoFarlane 1, Miss B Stewart 2 j Collection Salad—Mts B Barker 1, Miss D Leeie 2 Collection Vegetables—B Barker 1, Mrs Leete 2 Preserved Fruit (2 varieties)-Mrs Mould 1, Mrs MoKenzte vho Jam (2 varieteis) Mrs F Williams 1, Mrp MoKenzie 2, Mrs Dixon v h c Jelly—Mrs G Mould 1. Miss Lyall 2 and v ho Marmalade—Mrs Barker I, Mrs A Duxbnry v h. o Chntney-Mre Cossar 1, Mre Gaskin 2, Mrs Barker v bo Sauoe -Mrs Leete 1, Mrs Cossar 2 FRUIT 5 apples, Mr J W 9iddens, S W Glddens 2 Ham. cured by exhibitor, Mr H Mould I, Mr G Mould 2 12 beavieat hen eggs, Mr R Stewart 1, Mrs Mould 2 DOMESTIC PRODUCE. Home made wine (1 bottle) Mrs Coesar 1, Mrs Leete 2. Mrs F Williams 3 Separator butter lAlbs, Mrs R Stewart 1, Mrs MoFhail 2 Non separator butter 1 Jibe, Mrs HnDt 1, Mrs Gaekin 2 Home made bread, not less than 21b loaf, Mrs D Wright 1, Mrs R Stewart 2, Mrs Donovan vho 1 sponge cake, Mrs R Stewart 1, Mrs Mould 2, Mrs Goeaar vho 1 fruit oaks, Mre R Stewart 1, Mrs T. Stewart 2, Mrs Giddens 8 1 seed cake. Mrs D MoKay 1. Mre W. Giddens 2, Mrs,G Mould 3 1 Madeira oake, Mrs D MoKay 1 and 2, MrsWOGidnsS 1 Sponge Sandwich—Mrs K«rr 1, Mrs 0 8 Wakelin 2, Mre R Stewart vho

1 Plate Small Cakes assorted—Mrs Donooan 1, Mrs D MoKay 2, Mrs T Stewart vho 6 Beones- Mrs GaFkin 1, Mrs D MoKay 2, Mrs B Barker vho 6 Girdle Boonee—Mrs D MoKay 1 1 Plate of Puff Pastry-Mrs R Stewart 1 Mrs B Baiker 2. Mro Gaskin vho

1 Plate Shortbresd Mrs R Stewart 1, Mrs J Donovan 2, Mrs Oossar 3 1 Plate Oatcake—Mrs D MoDay 1& 2, Mrs Laete v no 1 Plate Pikelets—Mrs D MoKay 1, Mils Lyali 2, Mrs W Kingston ho I Plum Pudding—Mrs Gaekin 1, Mrs Cossar 2 &vho Dairy Cheese (this season's) weight not under 30 lbs—Mrs L J Brooherie

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A MOST SUCCESSFUL SHOW., Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXV, Issue 3506, 19 November 1915

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A MOST SUCCESSFUL SHOW. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXV, Issue 3506, 19 November 1915

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