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BOOTH, MAODONALD A CO. % jjuts pumping by wind power on an entirely new footing. It removes lest drawback wifldmilis ever had, viz, the.Hooassity for semeor-i' having to climb the tower at laaet once a week to oil bearicg;), etc. Witb I theJ BOOTH 'BELF-01L.E3 I thij job i< AN ANNUAL ONE ONLY, and an eaaior on then ! Tba f OIL BATH in which the gears and epindlea rotate is WATER PROOF, I DUST PROOF, BUN PROOF, FOOLPROOF, and with cur HYPHON *! PUMP the whole outfii id i ABSOLUTELY AUTOMATIC AND SELF»G§VEBNIKG They cosi but little (if any), more than the old "oil once a week" type, 1 are simpler in construction, better finished, audinfinitely more durabia. I Get Iho latest and best i Write for Illustrated Pamphlet, Mcrnion tbid t'evhe. I NEW ZEALAND DISTIUBUTING AGENTa I CHRISTC^URCH, || I>KANCHES--Auokknd, Hamilton, liE>tiuy-,,H,v,va'u, Tinr.u. 15 EVERY such license shnil ba for one rehiolc oaiy. &wl shall ' bo in force from the day of the data ih.-Vi-e.n' untH the iilst day of December in tha year in whiah it is isciiiU. 10. AS often as any parson (other thd'> it ej;'_iJoraUi.t:i ov cuan jiany) named in sitoh Licwtiso shnil hi:; piics ot aboa?, h-j .;h:iH, within 7 day.-i after such chan.jf-, ijiv; notice tiieiToi in v;riciu:: to the Olet!< of the Counoil Fpsaiijin..; in such noTce Li!-; now |kiC3 c abode; and ho Ehtili at ttia Edine tiui-" , proiiu'j-;! sash Jj!i!t'U3-j to tho said Olirk, who shall onuso to be r;vJ:.'i\"il therein !'. inGinnTUiuvun ' BDscifying the particulars of such ohiin^n 17. THS owuer of every vohicit ii-rt■ 3ri-- Ito cr,vry hhall eiu3fj So be painted on a itk-U! plf.t.iVi ni"n inoiiejin by s\:\ iashea iv breadth in c } .e?,t: iegiu.p c^r-J.-? r.nd ilgurcfi lii 3 Ohri. : i thin or first name in fill and mrnaaio in hill; Sha number of ths iiconse of such carriage, anil :!iai! udis B;ia'n in<-':.d nlato insiils suuii vehiole in such convenient f.ii-,1 oiiapin;; ;vi- y>\:xt' a-- !':e shall approvß. 18. THE owinr of any Jiceti'scil vehlc-iu fSi-iH kc-fj/ sr.-i ,!nniu' tain tho lutno, number and other p?.ii'ouli\rj hereby directed to b». paiu'.ed, written cr oflixed to his \eiiici:; uiuiiftcsJ, legible and eon 1 apiouous during the currency of the Lijonse iv." suoh vohiclp. 19. ANY p3i - eon who sll s' 1 beaonia the purchaser of any licensed vehicle ehnll fnrthwith-deliver to tho Olerk of the Council tba axis'.■ lux lioonaa fer .us same with a irmmorandum 0! transfer duly ai^ncri cause his nanio to ba registered ia His of thy Council p.» owner of such vehicle atvl for sush registration shail pay to tlie dark of Counoil a fee of '.'3 Gd ; and it pLi rtll noS he lawful for oush putvha-;er to use or permit the use of such vahiclij to ply for liiia until sach iJeliTery anil «-' i.f.resoid, bus no i - ?{.'ieitr4tioii sasli plaoo unless and until auoh licenaed vehicle shall have been inspsoteu by the In3peotor, and he ahall have oariilkd ia wtitiog that thy same is in all respects in suoh proper ccatliti6n. .20. THE driver of any licenaed vehicle or vehia'?;-: plying for hirg wiiilst using tha same 3hall 'be ae:ited ov the bns sorst thereon in such a position as to bs able to fully control, reyulttte and maiiiis , * thu driving of the vohielo. L'L TBE Council shall have porvei , to cancel or suspend any Hcanso igeaed to any persos in respect of any or as owner, driver or conduotor of any vehicle if ik is proved to the saiisfscHoa of the Coiu oil that the owner of suah vehiole vt driver or conductor was drunk while in charge o£ hia vehicle, of failed to keep his vehicle or harneie cl«an nnd in good repair, ot the vehicle prcparly harnessed or ia guilty of anj misconduct; which, in ihe opinion, of tha Counoil.phaU disqualify him from holding mob. lioeiee. 22. ANY person who ehp.ll ooaimiS any bveash of or fail tj c'j'.u ply with or be guilty of aa ofbiice againsi any 0! che foregoing; By Jawa shall, for every such and enc'j faiiu/a or oli'dnce, bs liabU a penalty noS eiojedins; five pound?, aud where tucU breach ie a"i continuing one the penalty shall be a su'.n not five pounds for every day or part of a day ilu mi; whiah such bresah shall continue I 'Iv TUli Br :hil\ coiaa i. to forus en tbe uinlii d.iy of NoveiuWr, IUI-") j I^T" ! COUKIT OF WAIBiiWA- - Ai'FUO.VL'ION FOli A VE&ICLE LIOESbE. i To Tnu Waiuby/a Cockti Cotr^un.— I I reaiding in : dj Ij2ij'».v u'.jujst that a lie uae may be granted las to- kesy, uae, 1 emploT nod les h to ply for Lire withiii i tbn of Wairewa subj ol to tha ot Tha'Wairew'i j County Council Ur-hi'-r. ] I»ated thiu- " ' d«v of , jy Licvuse su'h'jrii:d hy ihe Wairowii CouuLj Ca'uueil liiu ciay of , 19 I Liat'use No. ! ■ Chairman, I DBiCRIi'TION OF VEHICLE: i . No. 2. CUUMI' OV WAIiiEWA. i * V l- ~ , I i e1 s 1C;o Jjieanse Ao. County of Wiiire-.v:!, Lowii; i . W hero a> c .' i iiit- r.iv.'.ii sjiplicuti.jri Iv tha G^uucUiji , a Li-.isii^o I a- tmove nutiibered purE'inii'. f, ■ the provisions ot iho ijy-lavr is.. Kiiiuii';|; the siiuKf, und [iiii'i ths Gum ol ", mkl thj insun ofaiisl: licensus hr. ; 1, , ii ti ,]f nnthoristil. No\,-, iheu'fcru. i. 'ii : Uo;i; of []■„■ L,,:d Cjausv. I] ib-: .-■■'i-h ;r:ty n;nj i>u l.'iiiiiui - 1 >\\n ~Jd C'oii : ;..ii, u.i irdrs' , y\;isni eue^t j.iic€-i!--t', which is iivaiii;-';:.! i-id utiir:i;i}u ;-,!;-r.j, nsfar. [ iiit!c3s, in sll ;u ,h p.- .i.iiouti -■'. Uμ Dv ir.-.v If ii:c j. ■ Council frnra tinn to tim.: '■ ■-! ■■■ toi'ns w ilic- l"ma btia;;. tl'i-i flay 01 , l'j County T!L'! rCv-:-.';j': in i..- •. . -.h--. f ■-':..■>. ?;/|.\7,- Wti? »v-,?B»r] i, v I'm; »V..ii\.AV,i Cviiiu;- O 1 ..,■:, in ,-•;••■; ,•,! ';>' :\ '-. i,-.i- iri.'lc! <m Imp ii«h day c' .'■••-•/. ■.. -r, ini-l. f;'u.;'. n.-.,.1u;i /:.">J!):'," li.:iw:l at a ?;:'■■- '.;cuS :i;-.. ;,,i • >.t lub Cj ■- *l (; -1;- i 1 ii-!:! r.ii i!, j "'i,:-, ,1,. >. o' Oe!')b?v i'.i:.', ' :tiii-: c-.:..,!,,-,:,-. ~; u;'C;,;.. ,aN. ;;,,;^, l ;i.:-., huui,;<>.;,,Ef,ui3o j ' i ! '.li'; - : iN.i. ~ ; ;/ fc to nffis'-U ti !'.; -3 a'.oTr! writlvli o t pe.j.iu Ui.:' .v i ;. .. ■■.= ~i 3 Ouioes of, v.vA pu-euruiS | () h rriiciitti'iri .iti •V. , : - .:; , n tj Council on t'.o ciuctec-ntu il. v ;.if Uctj.'ftr", i.i 13, i i an.- ......nee of: T. QOEALY, County Clark, ( -Q. .) MONiiY TO. LEND * MO^EY WB hare mt\om~nnmi of Trust and W X tl& « B .f i f-W0 to LEMo oc Jfrtoho. o'.her Mouey for at l¥ warily m vwion a eurae. Lowest Currant Itatos of fntf»r ß st. MEABBB AND WILLIAMS Borrowors can arrange tv pay of! in a in s ~ ~ to suit themselves. f •^''=•4^, W. E. D. BISHOP ' Lftvaiid SticeS, Akuo., fl ij ai «a, , Soli.'.l'o- Attend OiEce L-Ule Uivcr Crei Tuur-idi* Hereford Street Ohambtre, tn eath taoutb, tt l ß u Duvuuoiielle every Mail Uniißionuxon. [ Bay, *

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 2, Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 27 October 1915

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 2 Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 27 October 1915