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"- 'MOTOR' A'ftD WHISSLE' BYLAW, 191f. f.N tfUIUUANCE of. the ro-««* and vosfed iv it •JL"'. 'by."1 I heo'ianti<*B Act, 19(8," am) '-The Motor Herniation Act, 1008." Bn.l all Acts omentum? tho s\r !>f .. soul taC'i and rvery powt-r in that behalf o■ ■ ahl i>:; it, Uw W.i' ( oiini.v Uoi.moii, acting on behalf of iho Cin'tnuin. lnli'iim. (Hits of the Co nty of Wairiiw;. cl.jl i Iw.'by by .Sμ- tul l> inui:--' the following Bylaw: — For the purpose of thi? Bj'*w'iin(i iinin- , iir:>u : i-t *^> , un: contex' : ■-. • ■ . "COUNTY COUNCIL" sImII mew ro-p'-ctivuly the County vi Wairewiv and the Waii uwa County Council. -MOTOK" shall mean and inclndu any vehicle included in iul fU-fi'.iiion "motor" in thn eaiil -Motor Bfguktion Aot, 1808," and iv any an endraenfc theroof or any wh:ou may bo pa36ed In substitution therefor. C "! IGBWai" shall meaa find iuolude any highway, voßd, street, pqusre, o- any open epwe which may for tfce time being Dβ under the jurisdiotioo or control of the County "OWNER" shall inolnde every poreon who either aone or in partnership with any other person aha 1 keep or he o< nof.rnsd in tho ■■■looping, emplojing, or letting of an,y vthieleto hire for the carriage of passengers, and incudes a toiporation aud bd iiworpurated oo t-p-ny, and also v SmiW nmiiled to the possession or urn o! (i motw or v«lupi« "VKiIICJjB" shall inel'jdj every whaled cart; wunau.o, ot wtiMnn whatever in.iv , be it 3 form of eon.<truation <]i-.nrii or n &(.--■!:til l>y any- twimal or ty mechtitiiual ■ ' L'A^BNGeif , hiclttfifl <-.-ry P°>' son carried by .»r.y ' vfhiulf, except ono rlrivc-r in.d {where there ehnll be a con. duolor ti> :uip.M vfiiicli;) ntio nunduolor. ' i'l'.HriuN" Mull inulii'if! * ii-n» an I nl«o a corpora , ion. ... ■ •■JN-l'l-'CTOi , ." ehnll nißHii mij anJ t-v ry p'Tmn i in|'!oy<<l by ii.o Wmicw* County C-Micii U)f the mm- i»;iuy nin^'ct pllbl C Llld Vk'hrclHS: W, r Is iiuiiortinjj ihe iiuu:bi.-r dhaU iuc'ude ing pUI ill, ' nml \v>r/)-\ iinp-ir ii g V c pinr-il number shall include tn« Finuuiiir. «ii>( woidriiuyoriyig lha masculine gender shall ineludf f< nnlee. PART 1. ikhaiiKj to the vis of Mo tort on roach within the County, I. TttkßH-aball be iv charge of every MoSor. when used on α-nj hgbw»y a p»rion competent ti control and direct its movement. It Khali be the duty of the ownor of the Motor to soo that the fore, going provjjion ia observed. a. No penon »h»ll caiiio or permit ft m-itor to bo u.ed on any highway or shell drive or have ohargo of a motor whon u-ed on any bif?hwiy uneislhe tonditions hereinafter h t forth are β-itwli d, namely '•■— (») The motor shall fmva two Indepandent brakes in good work--. ii3B order, and of fcuoh efficiency that the application oE to the motor shall, in the ea3e of ft motor having two wheels on oae ails, cause two of its wheels o» obb-*sl«, and in the c»ae of a motor haviog only on* wheel on ono tx'.s oause one of its wheols to be pileotually prevented from revolvin :,• or shall have ihe same eSect.iu stopping the motor as if suoh vyhe.el or wheok Wore so held. (b) The Motor, if it oseeed in weight unladen five hundred weight, shall be capable of being worked so that it may travel either backward? or forwards(e) The motor and all the finings thereof shall, bo in such a ABp!r,aitiooM , iJdt;teoa-flifc-''or , -':bß likely to cause daug.r to any .. perean.on .tljij.highway.. -~ .;..: , '$. Mo •pWTOfr-wJVitig'OL^ih , charge of a motor whan used on a highway thall eauaa the motor io travel backward!) for a greater disianao or time tjben may be. requisite for purposes of safety or for ■ tlie purpose of turning. • .' i Evatj peteon driviag a motor 00 n biglitvaj , , or having cbargo of a m»|or iß.etaJionary on -a highsF»y,~ eliall cotaply with ihe Following regulations,-■namely :~~ (a) He'(ib>ll follow the ordinary rule (I the road exoopt th>f when driTib'K, on ;^''Vga<l "formed tin a hilfsid'e having a ba'nk'on ono aide (hereinafter '* called ilia inside"), mid a fail from the level on the other side {haelnnfter called tho "oriteid*■) ho =hall, if requcflted or signnlle-l to do so fey a p«r<«on in. chu!?p of horses or a boras and vcliiole, dr've hU motor r>ll or to thj outside of the road ao sw to j»!ve the poraon in chai'i'o ' 1 the . 1)i; _, jjo'rfeo or hora&,'a»d;,vdi:clu t!ia opportunity' o( taliifjj? tirj '' ! - "■iallds o1 the,road. .. ... (i) ■'Hβ'shall (furry atfaclitd to audli motor, and "hull v c vSi'ii naeessary a or other instrument ci»p'ibl« i<( imdibiu and euiliiito6 warning of the approach or pot-iiion 0" th-r m~A r and he shall by sounding such bell cr o'hfr in-lriiiticnt f;ive audible and tofli ient warniDg of' -the appronuh 1 r jiesUion ot Ihe m.'.tor at a rfnsonable distane from any coiner ot eurvo or from *ny »ppr»eehit'w μ-i *>n nr (!tiiiv?yani;r» or ffuiii Any p.i» rid XT which ha lusj b« ovoitnkinp; (a). y Bj»'»l>n!l fift i|,/*ii < !«no..f fir.o I.h'-,:,- p.i.'i.ti:.-- tj: de- .•, y|iq "if ajlow \\xt-. (*xi.iMi>t yMe Ur-t.n y\w. engino lJ ■»» 'i.tjjetnotffr'ear &'-t)tsni}is tUin-lhc iiiiiios'plx.-ii w.ih w lit p:\rz"ing lliir.Uh'U s .'ilcncar. rSil.iiiji'.'ii c:;,11>.'■: r, ...r uin^i■ ~.• \' ante iintftblii ni)!l sufiiu.fnt lor iMisiij ».■? f.:= nny re»»9n»b!y be prcjiiunliii? 11»•- n1 sp «h.cii \-.oi/tl otlia.-v.-i£f tin f!»Hßsd by 6h« (•-■=«!*;.;« i._f Ui .s ; aiJ RftaSi, (il) 110 ohnll en the r*(;i)i"Jt cil • -ny pylrua ofilnAi in uniform or r f fiHy hari/.g •iitrji l ' f '' "• i,, rr '' if 5 -' I' I'-fiiaer or I)'! ,, - BO* ilull put UJ Hit h»ivi us a !<'3-;(il I il tin!, puijvjsu eAUBi , lbs motor t) *i> p r.nd i"ii-sin ■•;a;:oinry ,\i l.i;;i*-; imiy I)-; veasoQably neopt-Hary to cupula such (jt-r.-uii safely io pa-ja the motor, and shell at the vl any cuch ollioer or perjun render atij asystiMios iljaj. m,iy lie nt'.M'ssrj to einibl: such person safely Io paa« lbs mo.or. (<•) Hβ »ha!l if, darinpt His n«iicd batwsen sunaet auJ ona hour b«fera Fanriss, cr it datk, any in cliaryo ot b horee signals to a motor by wavjni; a lamp up and down, or otherwise, proceed Uie motor cautiously, and ho Bhtll if daring the same ptiiod or whenever It is dark, any aucb perro.i elgnali by waring a lamp from side to sida or otherwise bring the motor to t atßncltliil,. ({) Hβ ih»il on the roassnabla request (in whatever tnjnnei coovejed) of a person in cbsrgo of a horse de&iroue of passing a motor nllow to such prrao.f : for the purpose of passing Iho motor the utmost width that fba highway efTordg. (g) If ha wieh te overtake ar:y horEomivn or vebiolc he shall, before atiemptiug to pass, signal hij approach to sunh hor=em%n or to (he driver of suoh vehlota, and eball also give sooh horseman time to dismount and load hla the driver of luoh veblolo and any other person or persons therein time to lnftT9 Buoh vihiflle and lead the horeo or horoca should suoh borsoman or drlrer indteate his wish in that behalf. (h) Hβ ahall not driva reokleisly or nogligently or in a manner which ia dangerous to tho public, having regard to ail the - eircutzistnnees of the care, inoluding tho nature, oondition, • and U39 of the highway, and the amoant of traliio which acttlftlly te afc ths time or might reasonably ba espec!ed to be on the highway, aad also to the degree of light obtaining at the time. (ij Hβ shall not, while drivirg at rtiihtni any highway in Iho County, exhibit or cirry any l*rup exhibiting light of euq'q pot?«r or hrill[«noy beyond what h I'easonably neeossiry for ihe purpose, and bo b , to obsenre or purtialij obscure ihe vision for the lime being f iif any nsrton approaching such me tor. 5..1f the driver of any motor, who ootnmits, or who 'n ohallonged by a police offioer, or by fiay otht-r person v. hatsoavn , , willt having oonimieted an effenee under the last previous Eeetion yive3 a false name or a false addresf, or refnsea (0 give his trim name and address, he efaall bftgnilty of a breach of this Rj \,\\r, and any owner of or passenger travelling la n. motor, \vh > shall fail vrhsn required by any-pqlfde officer to &ive Informa'-icn which i<, in bin power to give, and which may lead to th» idenli&eatioii of any driver as afore ■ said, ahall be guilty of an rffanae under tba By law. 6. Sabjsck as hereinafter provided no motor ahall bu driven at 11 greater speed than : - (c) S3 miles an hour ou that pa,'t of mun Akaroa Eoad running from tLe thn bourctapy bbtwe-bn the Springs and Walrewa CountieH to t'iH foot 1,1 )j,&..- Fnr-.vth (b) 20 miles an hour from the last bef-ji-u i/oiut-so tho LnKe Forsylh Hotel. (a) Iβ miles an hour from the last bt'foru mciruawl jnn'. to ,in Hill Top; being the boundary of th».< Ouiin'-y. (d) Along all other tha County ..t a yi«a!Lr ip-ed ihau aftmllea an hour esoept on uH roi I". liut;,; 1 b hjU ono eldo and a fall on the other aide, aud on -u< Ii loaJj speed shall not ezeeed 15 tnllee aa hour. 7. THE driver of any raottr travelling onany nmi nlthiii tho County shall, where an interrupted vi<w of smcii •■: J fir at least iw jftrds immediately in front of such motor •? fn ;n any whaUoever not obtainable, teduee tho epeed of Nacii in.) ur to not more {'up.'., six rnllos en hour. _ pmr ii. Mating to tit Uctnaing nf vehicle* i>l>n,i'j hr hire in th County. 8. NO vehlole ehall bo used or kept 10 ply for hire for t^o car. riege ; 'of'passengers within the County luilcM the sarno shall have been dnly Heeneod aa heraineftor montioud, ond any person ve'inn in the County, to ply for hire, an unlicerisuc! vehicle ahall be deemed Jo ooinmtt Kn offonoe on eTery day th»t In shall ao usa suoh vobiclc. 9 Lieeneea for vehiolfi3 may be fjri'iitud by tho Council, 10. The following fees Bhall ba paid by die owners for such licensee :— (ft) For every vehicle used for tho 133 cO/ passengers, wbioh io drawn by two or more horses, thf yearly sum of £6 or £i 6a per quarter or part of a quarter of unexjvred yoar. (b) For every vehloia othnr than those corupr'sed in subsection (a) and other than motor vr.hioloG tho yea;ly eurn ot £1 or fis per quarter or part of a quarter of unexpired year. (t) For etery motor vehiale the ycar.y ruai rf £0 or £\ 5« pa , quarter or part of a, quarter of unrein*! \eir. 11. BEFORE any such lioonso is prunttid •n v. :;• « .::u• 1 1 ... iha same in tho Form Number 1 In the Sthenic -h •> 11 be uriiii- t>> t'lc Council by the owner of the vehiole in rc'-;i c. < f w'n :-h the lic-jnm in applied for, and in every application 'i. f<: ■■■ < nn,-.\?, surname and plaoa of abodo of the applioant, or in '•'■<.- imp , ut » (•■ i i))u'raiion or company its lull name, and of every 1 ,wier ■ ( rich vt.-n oip steull bo truly itated, and any applioant who state? i" hi fiiiplier.tiou tha nanse of any person on being the owner or n<\ mm t of ihi< vphlnlo In Mjpeotef whloh the application Iβ made v 'n ; ■ i> ; ■••ich nn cwnrr o» vrllfully traits to specify truly in eneh ii|ipiioftJam thu acme of every »waef of the vthiole, shall bo RuilSy »l an ufi , '. i , '~ " 19 NO upplloatlon for a lioensn i,!;?!: !:■•.• za>r.'.aa iiniil tn Inr-pootlon of the vehlole to which the f.ivk- p'uall have hien tnada by Ihe Inspeoter nor unlesw au#h \«»liicia fiinil, ufoa inepooliOQ, be eonildered and eeriified in writing signed by the Inspootor to be In a It and propor condition and sr.fficlenUy convenient In all roFpeets tor ynblie n?e. 18. IS every lleensa there Bball bo BpeoUrd tho number of the iietflit, the ohrisJian name, the eurnarae ami place of nhode of c cry owner (or in the caie of a corporation or company iv full name) ol the vehiole in rospeet of whloh the lieenso is granted and licenses ihftll be in tbo form Ho. 2 in the Schedule iursto -W. PABXIOUIjARS of every license Bhall be duly entend itoa ftgl|t» feoekr tA il* fctpt Iβ the Couueil'g ofiiuee tor the purpoa?.

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