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Patrons—Hon R H. Rhodes. Hon. W Montgomery, J. McCombs, Esq. ftl P , H. D. Buchanan, Flsti , Jan. II y, 'Ec-q ; President, < F. W. Willia - p, Esq ; VicoPrepidents — ' Mopsr-' R A. ppttierew, W. Warner, D Bar wick, and W. W Williams ; Standard Mea J Kurers, Messrs T E McKenzio nnd W W WiT liams ; liing St«>wnrde, (Ring No 1) Messrs T W Wilkins. M Flannery, J. Cairns, f I Mould (Kins No 2) Messrs R. A Pefctigrew, F Arm'trorg, E Latter. P Cunningham, and B Barker (Competitions) Messrs T Masefield, J Newhegin. D Bavwick, A L Williams, W Hawkins (Cooko y and Flower Exhibits) M<=sdames Kay, Oos=ar, Barker, Mes.-rs C. W. Lpetp, W Warner; Ground Committee, Messrs F W Will'nms. R b. PeU'grew, 0 Rich fi"ld, J GfiF-kin, D McKay; Judges, (Light Horse=) Mr G fi'oddar* (Draught*) Mr J Scot* (Cookpry) Mr Davis and Mrs H Ball (Oheppe) Mr J B'-ownlpf! (Rutter) Mr Rathsa h (Flowers) Mr A E Lnwe; Hon. Secretary, Mr G H O'Cnllagban ; hon treasurer, Mr T W Wilkins. As them was a record entry of horses for the Hor=o Show at Diivauehelle, a most successful <!ay was expected. Unfortunately, a routh«'-ly iv\W liJp.w nil night and continued ■ •n thrnnphont Thursday. In ppite of this tan',, the atU-ndfinoe waa very Rood, and there I T.-pre <i record number of motor cars on the j "round. The visitors included our member (lion Ii H. lU'odf-s). Mr W H. Mnnt % gomory (v'ce president of the Banks Penin tula A and P Association) Mr and Jas. Coop , of Littl'i River. Owing to the high \vind< the sen was very rough, and this stopped a number ot Akaroa people who had intended malting the trip. The arrangements for the Show were ex , cilient, the flower nnd cookery events, which wHie in the Duvauchelle Hall, being a great improvement to the tents on the ground. The ground itself was in good condition, and the ring", jumps, etc., wero well prepared for the i ocasion. The Association has made an endeavour ! to extend its scope this year by the addition (of iluwt-r classes' and when it becomes finan ciall stronger it is hoped that a good many other fe.ture will be introduced which will include cattle, shaep and pig classes. The cookery and domestic produce sections could bo extended considerably without much additional cost in prize money, and would make the domestic and other produce sections far more attractive. The member' ship of the Association has been steadily urowing, and now embraces some 123 rnenr bore, while it is hoped that ac time goes on this will be considerably amplified. The executive look forward it > the time when they will be übie to secure a ground of their own, and extend t'ho scope of the Show so as to bring the programme on a par with other Agricultural and Pastoral Assnß. j It is always admitted that the horse classQ [i of the show are a striking indication of the ! splendid stamp of hack bred on the Penin , j sula, and, considering the email area from j which exhibits are drawn, the hersos ihown j nt the show yesterday are a credit to i. Penin-ula farmers. The hor-e, especially the j htok is gonerall- used on the Peninsula thht j i it ia not surprising that a good deal j i of enthusiasm is tak n in horse breeding, j ' In past years thera have been noted bugs J ]

which have left thnir mark among Peninsula horses, notably Victor, one of (he finest stuv.p that ever left stock in the whole country. His stock have taken prizes in j every show ring in the country, and still at a j Pennsua Show there is a large sprinkling of his 'stock in the rinp. There are other sires which have left good stock, such ns Washington, Cnstashore, Londesbro , Kent Audit. Tatiow, Naboeklisli,. Woodbnrn Chipf, and of the more recent times Currngbmure, General Syinor/s and Dauntless (a Victor colt). Messrs Gordon Stoddart and J. Scott, who carried out the arduous task of judging with satisfaction to all concerned, considered that the hacks were a firet class lot, tho 15 stone hacks being hard to beat anywhere, while the winners in the cobs were ex-ra Rood. In the 11 and 13 stone hack classes there were some really fine animals, but some of the exhibitors would have been bettor in' the harness classes The lady's hack class was a Strang one In (he harness classes they considered' the daisy cart horse or mare class really good, and the pony class a splendid lot The Pen insula does not breed draught horses, but the judge remarked that the light heavy horses or those used on the Peninsula hill sides were very good of their class, though there was not a draught thai would be looked on In a Plains Show ring A man who has been among Peninsula horses for many years now considered that yesterday's show of horses was no doubt one of the best Shows for a number of years The animals wero all in good order, and exhibitors had taken a lot of trouble to get them up The classes of light horses were especially a great improvement on the last two years, though they were a few oE the old exhibits which cnuld not be ignored by the judge, and still held tbeir own Hβ considered the daisy cart horse or mare class included as .fine a 'ot as would be exhibited at any show iThe j.'iu; class 143 to 15"2 hands was also are liiialiably good class [ One of the most pleasing featurgs about the horse classes was the splendid competi lion for a'most every olass Many classes filled wpII this year which have in former years allowed for no competition, and the Association in revising their programme have coneiderablyimprovpd it and allowed for every clas3 that is suitable for hor?es likely to be shown at this Show One little matter which the exhibitor should be careful about ia the measuring of his horse Yesterday on two or three occasions exhibitors were not quite up to the standard end had to be disap pointed The number of entries in the horse classes constitute a record for the Show, and shouli 1 be gratifying to the Association The tota was 102 compared with 100 in 1913 and 131 in 1912 Tho attendance at the Show was greatl; affected by the Akaroa people not caring t< cross the harbour by oil launoh with such i strong southerly blowing, and although then i was a whole holiday observrd by Rhop I keepers and echolos, only a sprinkling ; attended. The bays attendance was, how , ' ever, very good, and the gate money ; amounted to £18, compared with £17 8s 6d iv 1913 and £21 Ss in 11)12. The Aseocia , j tion is, however, receiving spleddid support, I which it thoroughly deserves, and in a few ' years' time it should be strong enough to be able to make it a • noted ' Canterbury show. The Duvauchelle Show is always a very pleasant outing and our best Peninsula gathering, and it is gratifying to see the general interest that continues to 1 be taken in it. ' The thanks of the members of the i Association are due to the president (Mr F. ;W. Williams) and his officers for the very i efficient way in which the show was carried i out. The honorary secretary (Mr G H. i O'Cal ! aghan) is painßtakingnnd thorough in '■ all his work, and deserves the thanks of ! all interested in the show. The whole I work of the show, both the preparation oi j the ground and the oarrying out of the i show yesterday was well bandied by the j executive. Everything went off smoothly. j A fine luncheon was provided at the Somerset Hotel by Mr Jos. Gaskin for the i flicials and visiters, The thanks of the Association are due to the judges in the horee classes and domestic p.oduce. Id the flower section there were not as many entries as might be anticipated, but, no dnubt, the rain and rough wind militated against exhibitors bringing flowers. A feature of the show was the beautiful astortmeDt of roses shown by Mr F. Armstrong, of Akaroa. The Association was fortunate in seciring Mr Lowe as judge in this section. There were only four classes for vegetables, and these were well filled. The entry for the cookery classss was disappointing, being far short of those shown last year, The quality of the exhibits was of a high order, but in many classes there was no competition at all* The committee expected to have a good entry in this section, but for some reason the support given was very poor. Mrs Bell and Mr Davis kindly acted a? judges in this section. PRIZE LIST Hackney Yearling foaled since July, 1913 First prize £1 Is, second 10s 6d. It. Gunning'e eh fby Willowwood .. ' 1 The only entry. Hack to carry up to 11 stone. To be shown in saddle. First prize £2 2s, second prize £1 Is, third prize 10s 6d. G Scott's b g Puturangimutu .. ..1 Miss Latter's b m Mis 3 Buccleugb, by Buccleugh .. .. .. ..2 Miss L Lelievre's br m Larouse, by Step niak .. .. .. ~ .. 3 There was an entry of twenty three horses in this olass, and the judge had some difficulty in choosing the winners. The horses were of a good class all round, though some looked somewhat low in condition. The prize winner is a fine bay horse from Pigeon Bay. Cob, over Ml and up to 15 hands, capable of carrying 14 stone. To be shown in saddle. First prize £2 2s, (given Mr, C.B, TLmcker), second £11, Miss E. Masefield's r m Flirt, by Pom Pom .. „ i L Ware's br g Billy, by Victor .. .. 2 This was an exceptionally fine entry of cobs, and one of tho best seen at the Penin ' >-u!a Show for some time. The prize<winners were a splendid class, Hack, to carry up to 13 stone. To be showa

in saddle. First yrize £2 2s, second Jb'l Is Mts T. Masefied'a Laddie, by Vntir .. 1 J 0 Coop's br g Waitaps' by Victor .. 2 D Barwiek's gr f Searchlight by Onrr.ich more .. .. .. .. ... 3

In this class VintorM proceny were placed • first and second, Laddie beiny a well known prize winne- at the Show, while WaH«n»i was a sturdy mount. The jndEte considered the cla33 an excellent one nil through. Hack Brood Mare, in foal or foal at.foot, First prize, £2 2s, seoond prize 103 6d. No entry.

Hack, to carry up to 15 stone. To be shown in saddle. First prize £2 2s (given by Hon. W. Montgomery), second prize £1 Is. JFK Jamieson's Sandy .. ... •• ' A W Macphail's b g Colonel .. •• 2 I Leliovre's blk g Jack Johnson, by Victor colt 3 The prizewinner is a beantiful bay horse, which ha<! gained prizes at the Christchurch Metropolitan Show and many Canterbury shows. Colonel was a good second, and both the second and third horses were most suitably o'assed and a splendid stamp ot heavy hack. Tbe whole class, according to the judge. wa« a remarkably fine one., and it wbb hard to place the prize-winners, Lady's Hack, whioh has been thoroughly broken in ai a Lady's Hack. To be shown in saddle and rildsn by a lad*. First prize £2 2s, second prize £1 Is, third prize 10s 6d. \ G Scott's b r Puturangimutu, by Caßt ashore .. .. • • .. .. i Miss Laitei's b m Miss Buccl-ugb, by BljCOlPtipri .. 2 Miss S Eelievr■'.-= br m Lnrouse, by Step '. nink ..3 There was a tplendid entry for this class, and the Captashore tzelding was a fine stamp of lady's hack and well mannered: Miss Buccleugh end Larouse were also worthy of n place in tbe price list. Troop Horse. To be ridden by a Territoral in uniform. The horse must be owned by the rider or his paren's. First prize £2 2s second £1 Is. A W Macphail's b g Colonel .. .'. 1 L Ware's br g Billy by Victor. 2 Sergt Latter's Miss Buccleugh by Buscleuoh ~ .. .. •• ..3 These were tin only three entries but th°y wpre a very snitaMe hn'se for th<? ila-^->. ColonA cpitainly deserved the plane of hnrv onr, and was particularly well Echoiled and mannered. Maiden Hunt°r. For.hor es that have never Kiinorl ft first prize in that Class. To be judged for general hunting qualifications, and to be t ri o* over such fences a« the Committer &t§ Jecide. First p*ze £2 2s, recond £1 ib. R J Boiley's b m Doris, by Washington.. 1 A A Macphail's b m Mad'otp -. .. 2 There was an unusually en'ry for this das-, though the jumping was in most oasps rather poor. Tin winners jumped clean, and the horses entered were a good class of hunter. Hunter To be judged for general hunting qualification, and to be tried ovt-r pnch fences a3 the committee may decide. Firf t prize £2 2s, second £1 Is Mould Bros, b g Starlight by Merry Batcbelor 1 .R J Bailey's b m DoriF, b Wa-hingotn .. 2 Starlight, who hns won this clas? ou many occasions, was again able to hold hi 3 own. Dairy Cart Turnout, belonging to a suptier of a Peninsula Factory, factory man-< ager's certificate to accompany entry. To be judged by points Horse 20 points, . Cart 10. Harness 5. First prize £2 2=, second £1 Is, Mr J, O. Coop gives a special prize of £1 Is in this class. C J Riehfield's b m Doliv, horse 19. cart 8. harness 3h. total 30£ points .. 1 T Wakelin's b g Prince, by Good Times, borßs 19. cart 8, harness 3£, total 29$ points 2 D Hunt's Tommy, by Gold Mine, horss 17. cart 9. harness 3, total 2D pom s .. .. • • .. 3 These were the only entries, and were a pood even lot. Draught Horse or Mare. First prize £2 2 , second £1 Ib. R atter'i b m Bonnie .. .. .. 1 R Latter's b g Clyde ... .. .. 2 The judgo chose these prizewinners out of a field of eight, and considered them a useful class for the hills Hack, two year old, Filly or Ijelding, foaled since Ist July, 1912. First prizs £1 Us Gil. second prize 103 Gd. Mould Bro3 gg by Dauntless .. .. 1 W Shidbolt's eh g Comet by Currsgbmore 2 W M Cossar's bf by Dauntless .. .. 3 Other entries were—T Warner's g g Tahiti by General Symons, T Thompson's br g by General Symons, and Mould Bros' b f by Dauntless. The winning rrrse was a fioe heavy btamp with a clean action and showed many of the good points of bis grand sire Victor. Shad' bolt's Currngbmore was also a fine stamp of back with plenty of bone and a good weight carrier. The third horse was also a Daunt less, and should make an exoellsnfc lady's hack. Daisy Cart Horse or Mare up to 14 hands To be shown in. harness attached to vehicle. First priz<s £2 2* second £1 1. E W Hammond soh m Daisy,'by Tatlow 1 J Chapman's bg .. 2 Other competitors wore—A Williams' blk m Dot by Victor, Miss L Lelievre's eh g Poi by Harold Dillon. P. abPettigrew's b g Laddie by v\ oodburn Chief Hammond's chestnut was a good stamp, with an easy aotion, and was in splendid condition for show purposes. The second prize winner was o useful sort. There were five entries shown out of seven entered.

Horse or Mare suitable for all-round work, 15.2 hands hands and over. To bo shown \ in harness attached to vehicle. First . prize £2 23, seoond £1 Is. T Wakelin's b g Prince, by Good Time 3 1 C J Riobfield's b m Dolly 2 J The three entries were a good useful class i of heavy horse. S T Harris's g g Nobby waß also shown, and would have been placed but, unfortunately, he was slightly lame. Busrgv Pair, to be tried in a four-wheeled vehicle, tbe property of one owner. First prizs £2 2s, second £1 Is. E CusdinN b ms Molly and Jessie, by Victor 1 The other entry—Mr A. Wright's chestnuts Pyns and Company—were not shown. Mr Cusdin'a pair appeared in fine condition, and, as the judge remarked, they were worthy of a special. Pony, from 13 3 t0?;14.2 hands, to be shown in saddle. First prize £2 2s, Becond £1 Is, third 10s 6d. E W Hammond's eh m Daisy, hy Tatlow 1 F G Armstrong's b «n Niobe, by Nabocklisb .. 2 J Peach's, jr., gr f Nellie, by General Symons 3 There was an entry of eighteen in this class, and the winners were not easily chosen. Tbe class, as a whole, was one of tbe be3t that has been seen at this show for a good many years, The prize winner', were exceptionally good sorts, the winner especially. Horse or mare, suitable for all round work, under 15.2 hands. To be shown attached to vehicle. First prize £2 23, second £1 Is. E W Bachelor's blk g Darkie .. .. 1 J J Brooberie'a b m Dolly, by Ballantry. 2 W CGiddens's brmDolly .. -.3 There were nine entries in thia cla«s; all of j a good useful stamp for heavy work. The first horse waa an exceptionally good sort of his elas*. Gig horse or mare, from 14 3 to 15 2 hands To be tried in a dog cart or gig. First prize £2 2s, second £1 13. J 0 Coop's br m Bell, by Saoramento •.. 1 X G AfnßtronK's b g Jimmy, by Victor .. 2 B Barker's br g Charley by Victor .. 3 .Thera were nine in this class, and the

winner wns bred fr' m a Victor aiare iuuT~wns j a fine animal. The other two prize winners | were both Victors. Dog cart bor.-e or mare, over 15.2 hands To be tried in a two wheeled vehicle. First I priz» £2 2s, second £1 Is JFK Jatnieson's Sandy 1 Mrs T Mnsefield's br g Laddie, by V'ctor 2 0.1 Wnkelin's g g Greyboy, by Nabocklish 3 Sandy was an easy winner, with Laddie a good second. Greyboy was a good stamp, but on tbe light side. COMPETITIONS. Walk and Trot-0 J Wakelin's G;eyboy 1, A W Harris 2. Fifteen entries. Egg and Spoon Bace (for ladies)— Miss D Lelievre 1 Miss Latter 2. Eight entries. Threading the Needle Bace (for ladies) — Miss D Lelievre 1, Miss Latter 2. Seven entries Threading the Needle Kace (for gentle 1 men—C Marshall 1, 0 J Wakelin 2. Thirteen entrie: Jumping Competition—J G Lolievre's Colleen 1. S Goodwin's Romeo 2. Colleen gave a fine exhibition. Borneo and his rider had a bad fall in the last attempt, but fortunately both horse and rider escaped unhurt. FLOWER SECTION. 6 Koses—F Armstrong 1, Miss Latter 2 3 Roses—F Armstron ■■<• 1 and 2 6 Ro?es (named varieties)— F Armstrong] 1, Mrs Montgomery 2 Beat Rose in Show—Miss Latter 1, Miss Moctiomety 2 j 3 variet es Stock-No entry 3 Geranidmß—Miss Latter 3 varieties Pelargoniums—Misb Warner 1 and 2 6 varieties Pansies—Miss Lyall 1 12 varieties Pansies—Mi«B Lyall 2 Distinct Hardy Outdoor Flowers—Mrs Jacobson 1, Miss Latter 2 6 Gaillardia3—Mrs Jacobaon 1, Mr F Armstrong 2 2 Vase 3 cut flowers Mrs T V Barwick 2 Collection Climhars—Miss D Leete 1 Collection Shrubs—Miss Leete Collection Paeo^is—Mrs Leete 2 Collection Rhododendrons—Mrs Jacob :cn 1 2 Lady's Sprays—Miss Donovon I 8 Guntlemin's Buttonholes -Mrs Donovan 1, Miss Latter 2 Collodion Swpet Peas—Mrs Sheen 1 G Sweet lEas (varieties) Mrs Sheen 1, Mrs W Williams 2 2 Cabbages - Mrs Jacobson 1. Mrs W W Williams 2 0 Stalk? Rhubarb—Mrs Cossar 1 . Collect on Saliid—Mrs Leete 1, Mrs 6a -J kin 2 COOKERY SECTION. Apples last season's—L Giddens 1, \V vV Williams 2 Preserved Fruit-Mrs F W Williams 1 Jam, 4 varieties, 1 pot of each—Mra F W Williams 1 Pickles, 4 bottles Mrs F«v Will'am 1 2lbs Marmalade—Mrs Gaskin I, Mrs Donovan 2 1 Bottle Chutney—Mrs Gaskin 1, Mrs Bark°r 2 1 l-ottle Homemade Wine—Mrs L6e(e I 2ibs Separator Butter—Miss Laiier 1. 2lbs non.Separator—Miss Slewart 1, Mrs Dono. van 2 Homemade Bread-Mrs Ware 1, Mrs Donovan 2 1 Sponge Sandwich—Miss Donovan 1, afiaa Fen-us 2 1 SpoDge Cake-Mrs Mould 1, Mrs Leeto 2 1 Fruit Cake—Mra Gaskin 1, Mrs Cos=ai 2, Mrs Bruce v.h c 1 f-'eed Cake Mrs Pool 1, Mrs Mould 2 I Madeira Cake—Mrs Mould 1, Mrs Gaskin 2 Small Cakes--No entry 6 Scones—Mrs Gaskin 1, Miss Ferguson 2 6 Girdle > cones—Mrs Mould 1 Plum Pudding—Mrs Barker 1, Mrs Gaskin 2 Puff Pastry—Mrs Barker 2 Shortbread—Mrs Leete 1, Mrs Kotlowski 2 Oat Cake—Mrs Leete 1 Ham, to be cured by exhibitor—W M I.AR Prichard 2 Honey, separated—T V Barwick Honey Comb—no entry 12 Heavier Hen Eggs—Mi3S Stfw.trt 1, Mrs R A Pettigrew 2 Dairy Cheese, this season, weight not under SOlbs—Curry Bros. I, L J Brocberie 2

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PENINSULA HORSE SHOW AND PASTORAL ASSOCIATION., Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXIII, Issue 3454, 20 November 1914

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PENINSULA HORSE SHOW AND PASTORAL ASSOCIATION. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXIII, Issue 3454, 20 November 1914

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