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Several letters have been written and sent to you and ihe General, Conference during the lest twenty years. .But to none has thsre bean a reply, or even im acknowledgment. There Fe°ms, therefore, to be n need iqc an Open Letter. All through your past history you fanve protested against Papal errors and dogmas. You have frequently quoted the rarlyin« cry of p .at apn=, "Thn Bible, and «h« Bible alone, is the religion of Protestants." I ask. where in the Bible do yon find mitnor ty for : the name of your Sectarian Church ? It is true that tde bevemh Day is the !-abbß h, and that the Advent of Christ a second time is liible ''"' where in thes Holy Scriptures have you the authority io set aside the rmn.e of ttip Cnu-cli of God, whielye given ten times by the Holy Spirit, and which is Ml on m-o.d for us in the Holy Book/ In going with a message, and that *hich is the last, to the »orld, we bhould go with. Divine authority, that is, in (be nnme r I H-β Lord of Ho*l S . To R o with any nth-r name is denying the LOKD that boi-ht th-ni. WHAT D*Y v¥ IHE WEtL. If THE SABBATH IN NEW ZEALAND? . , . As you came to New Zealand from the Umterl SUU s of * mem-a, you omitted one whole day. und one whole night on the voyage. I abk for iiibie or command to do so. Are you not clearly viuliuing "God's covenant, of the day and the night / Uen. 'WherT'onol'oes 1, westward round the world, there is no violating God's Covenant, cot even at Eden ; there the Bal>bath >>v comes on «nd RO es cff thn globe. \on hw now not observing the same day as you did in America. Then you were a b D Amentia , now you are a Sixth Day Adventist. ■ o a i,i, o .v, This is an unevitabie posit, ntobe in You end your people hold that ''' c Sttbb^ d was mad 9 in Eden : thoee hours were blessed, and made holy i fter the Creator bad rested. Why then, should not those blessed nnd holy hours come to, us iron Eden, Ararat. Sinai, Jerusalem, and California in their course round the word ho.thatwe in N-w Zealand can keep the very day hallowed in Paradise ? It is nnlal to change, and break one of the Ten Commandments, and teach men so. 1 THE SABBATH IS A MEMORIAL OP CREATION. If the fourth day's work o£ creation week was to regulate by the the co Urse of the day all round the world, where is the eons.ereney m keeping the Sabbath as the Memorial of Creation, and at the same time making void onesixth portion of tnat wee,, s ""Vβ the Seventh Day Sabbath i< the for. front oE your and name, you ought to be able to pove from the Bible which day of the seven ie the seventh, and not accept and conform to the numberim, of th* days of the we»k as arranged by_ Papal U ome, or as practised by .he Wandering J -w. It ie just airwioydto try and obsen,| * h " «f r dß £ (or the seve' th, as it is to .ry to keep Sunday for the Christian Sabbath Neither the first nor the sixih day w.ii made holy, anil therefore cannot possibly te kept ° y in keeDine- the Sabbath the Creator is honoured, and acknowledfied, but in keeping the first day, or the n>th, .he Create- is dishonoured aod denied. If all things weieniade by Jesus Christ, then the Sabbath must be included, for Jesus says: The S»w» lb \ w " made." Thus the Seventh Day is Christ's Babbaih. In trying to keep the sixth day in Australasia, are you not denying Christ, and Anti-Ohnet ? It-.-a n™ o *™*™ to profess to know G d and in wo ks deny Him. "II we deny Him, He also will deny Your 1 Church being yoked with Rom-, in reJnsing to admit the Bible into our Stale' schools, is indefensible. The tame spirit would condemn Jehosaphat for sendin,? nia officers of Bute to teach ths law throughout ell the ciiiPß of Judah. and w< uld denounce the School of the Piopnets in the day of Eh jab and Eluh*. , If we hold to these find other eirjrs ol IJab.yJon, we cannot have come out from ner. If those errors are uniformed and unconfessed, ib it pos-ibl« to enter the Kingtt-in 01 G ° d P S R ! A Star." Auek'and. N.Z , July Ist, 1914. has reached mp. Pastor Daniels, when there was intervened by the -Star" "Porter, and when •askpd whether he had any sympathy with the view held by l'a«or Nield, of Wellington that New Zealand was obecrving the Seve.uh Day as the Subbaiti by reason of the diffierence of tim. 8 broughtabont by by geographical poshio",. Pastor Daniels said that he entirely dissented from that belief, and Pastor Nield to bu scientifically wrong in Lls C s°e e S t D n A. , Uacbers claim to have the Word of Grd for their authority to preach Sabbath observance. Has it tfome to thie : that th' t h'jve "back downed. ' and are basing thai, autho.ity on Science instead of the B ble ? Pastor Daniels, B «ys lam scientifically wrtny. why does be not show me to be Uibioally wrong? It is correct lam wrong by ihe 7th beodstio Congress which was held nl Borne m 18S3 and reoominpndedthat thelooation of the Greenwich Observatory should be the universal meridian 1 am wrong by the usßge, or laws of Navigation, and interna* ml ngieement, hb we las by -Science falsely so called." There are three facts that I want disproved before 1 will agree that I am vrme--lst-ThattheSun was nppoinled to rule day, and no< the navigator, faen. 1 14 19 23d-That the Sabbath w»s made in Kden, which was (he west of Assyria. Uen, 2 i 3 d That tL sun wai> performs its circuit Ps 19: 6. The Sabbath being made west o( i>ssyr=a. and eatt of Sinai; cannot end i s circuit in ihe pacific Ocean; where the day is reckoned as Starting and fini-hmg its »ccord>r X to It ».better to ackknowledge the mistake, and confess it. than to say I am Hcieut hcally wrong vtthont proof, and to continue the practice of the' Sabbath breaking in Australasia " ' . . louts vtry fai'nfally. July 16th, 19.4. DAVID NIELD.

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AN OPEN LETTER TO A. G. DANIELS, PRESIDENT OF THE S.D.A. GENERAL CONFERENCE., Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXIII, Issue 4415, 24 July 1914

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AN OPEN LETTER TO A. G. DANIELS, PRESIDENT OF THE S.D.A. GENERAL CONFERENCE. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXIII, Issue 4415, 24 July 1914