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On Friday, April 27, the Little Kiver Tennis Club gave a dance and euchre party ip the Town Hall to close the tennis season. There was a fair attendance, the winners in the oards being Miss Nellie Fahey (lady's prize), and Miss Maud Kissel the booby's prize, while Mr Farrell secured the gentleman's prize, and Mr Harry Marsh tbe booby's prize The profits, which amountei to about £1 10s, go towards the club funds. NEW ANGLICAN CHURCH, KAITUNA. On Friday, April 17, the residents of Kaituja held a bazaar in Mr J. O. Coop's wool , shed in order to. raise a fund for the building of an Anglican Churoh at Kaituna. The baazar wa:- organised by Mrs Field, and it is chiefly owing to the energy displayed by her that the bazaar was a financial succe s, a sum of £40 being secured towards the building fund, ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH On Sunday, the harvest festival service was held at St. Andrew's Church, but unfortunately tbs attendance, owing to the threatening nature of the weather, wae orny moderate. Thanks are due to the miiny parishioners for their gifts of fruit and vege< tables, which enabled the church to bn vey prettily decorated. The anthem, which was sung on Easter Sunday, was repeated. OKUTE SCHOOL GBOUNPS. On Saturday, the residents of the Oknte Valley had a working bee at tho school in order to clean up the playground • and cut down some of the pine trees which surround the building, and which badly rtquired removing, ns they sheltered the school and grounds from the sun, keeping them oold and damp. For Children's Hacking Cough at night, Woods' Great Peppermint Cure," 1/6, 2/G


IMPROVEMENTS REQUIRED ON ...J .- NEW COURSE. The success of the Akaroa County Racing Club's annual meeting on tbp new ftlotukarara course, which has been u'ilised during the past three years, is almoet miraculous, and a? each succeeding year goes past it is likely that this popular sporting fix

ture willgrowintoavery important race meeting. This new order of things is

probably due partly to the easy distance of the course from Cbrntcburcb whence people now flock in thousands each year, and partly from the fact that the Gaining Act hae taken away practically all the country permits in Canterbury, and the fiktiron County Racing Club is one of n" very few which wan able to bold its permit, With a view to deciding upon tbf future policy of the club in making improvements for its ever increasing number of patrons, a meeting of the , Committee wa9 held at Motukarara on Saturday at which there were present — Messrs W. P. Parkinson (chairman) J. CO. Gebbie, R. M. Morten and the hon. Pec, Mr T. Quealy. Mr Quealy read the interim balance flheet for the last meeting which is given as fellows with the figures of last year.—

Total... £1302 11 7 £923 5 6 It was decided to go into the ques tioD of the improvements to be effected to the course before next meeting at a general committee meeting to be called later as the. attendance was so small, and ask Mr Duncan, Sir Geo. Clifford and others who had expert knowledge of such matters to attend and make suggestions. Mr T. Donald Duncan, stipendiary steward, wrote re improvements as under:—"With reference to the re cent meeting of your club, the follow ing are extracts from my report to the stipendiary committee in connection with improvements:—Since the Last meeting the committee have completed the railing of the course, and in addi tion have enlarged the totalisator house. There still remains much to be accomplised in the way of permanent improvements, and it is to be hoped the success of last week's gathering will be on incentive to the Club's committee 'to pursue a pro gressive policy both in rfgard to im provements and increases in stake*. The present grand stand is old and quite inadequate for the large num bers now attending this popular meeting, The jockey's room should be enlarged before next meeting, and a door made between that and the clerk of the scales room. Thie would enable the boys to come direct to the weighing room, and would save considerable time. There are no horse stalls on the ground, and it would not be an expensive matter to ersct a range of say fifteen or eighteen'if the galvanised iron fence at the north of the saddling paddock were utilised as a back ground, A railing halfway between this fence and the grand stand would also make a presentable -birdcage, and would keep the botfes away from the public whilst being saddled The board showing the scratchinge and jockeys' names is out of date, and should be replaced by something more modern. The erec tion of a suitable stewards stand or the partitioning off of a portion of the present grand stand (with a stairway on the south enn) for use of stewards only, is a necessity. In connection with the above, 1 think it would be as well for you to bring these matters be [ fore your committee to see if arrange meats can be made to have ihc un

provements enumerated within carried

out before next meeting. I shall only be too pleased at all times to assist your committee in connection there with, and if you desire my presence at your course any afternoon I shall be pleased to attend." The hon. sec., Mr Quealy, also read a short history and suggested improvements by "Possible" in the "Canterbury Times," which is as follows \r"For some years the Akaroa County Eao« ing Club'a meeting has been tho most popui lar country racing fixture in Canterbury. At one period we had a fair amount ol racing in the nieghbourhood of Christchurcb, but einoe the Christohurch Racing Club, North Canterburj Jockey Club, and Ohoka and Eyreton Jockey Club lost their totalisator permits, following on the tour of the Gaming Commission, the sportsmen who find their pleasure in.galloping event 3 have been left with the Akaroa County fixture as their only opportunity, outside of Kiooarton, for indulg ing their fancy. In tho days when the meetI ing was held at Little River it was a very popular outing for city folk, many of whom made it the oooasion for an annual picnic, with the racing as an extra, though secondary attration. The Club's tenure at Little River , was not satisfactory, and failing to obtain any improvement in that respeot.a shift to Motukarara was decided on. This move was only

made after et-rious thought, there being many ißloiroy predi-tioni regarding the probable effect of the change. Pears were freely expressed that the fixture would lose its great cbarm for the picnic parties without any compensating advantages from a racing point of view. TheHe pessmistio predictions, how ever, have been entirely falsified. Three have been held on the new oourse, ana it m Ra fe t 0 pay that Rfbkukarara is even P?I? P n p - u ar with the P ioDi ° element than Uttle Kiver ever was. The fact o£ the course t,om« t0 much closer to Chriatchurch h a stronger attraction, and as time goes on I expect that it will become increasingly popu. !ar in that direction *>jlv

I have never seen such a big collection of motor .'urn on any country racecourse in Can tnrburj as there was at Motukarara on 'fhura day. [be couree is just a handy distince for a motor run, nndthis method of reaching the scene r.f activities is likely to be more freely made use of in the future, especially as 'he railway arrangements admit of much im urovement. Tlie provisions for motorcar* at the oours* last week was far from ?a isfaotory. In the fi st pace. it was unforrunato tliHt there was only one entrance to the course, the result being lung delays wiped by the bioek i.f motors and palest ram tri tt.o. .fhe club will need to make uhenge in the.future, with a view to handling ha motor-cars more expedhinusly. j-om* of the cars were accommodated down tho run ning, olose to the entrance. The majority, however, took up a position on a rise, on the turn out of the straight With a separate entrance from that end of the course this would be all right, but under, present arrangements it was necessary for them to encroach on the course in arriving and departing, and something better than that is required, es pecially with motor traffic playing su h a big part at the Club's meeting. Turning to the train traffic, I' have a serious, grievence againet the Eailway Department. Until recently it was customary to have race specials drawn up early at the Christoburoh station, and as passengers arrived they were able to take their seats in an orderly and leisurely manner. For some unexplained reason, however, a new system has been introduced lately and these trains are only drawn up to the platform a few minutes be , fore blarting time, causing a wild rush and scamble for the seats on • the part of the crowd. Under the old arrangement it was en easy matter for the railway oifioiale to discover if more carriages were required, but now, should it be necessary to add to the size of a irain, there is always a delay in starting. There was a considerable delay in getting the second train away last week, and those who patronised it were just in time to witnsss the opening race, the horses being at the post when the course was reaobed. Toe con. oicions for the return' journey wera quite inadequate. Many o£ those who went out in the morning by the blow special retnrned by the fi et train, which wae disgracefully overcrowded. The situation might have, been rel eyed by attaching come of the carriages from the other t-ain, which must have had pienty of ha t empty ceniiges for the return trip. Another grievance was ihat the firat sped .1 was la c in arriving back, there being a lo.;g wait an Lincoln. It was not only in connection wi h the passengir tiaffia that the railway arrangements weie bad. The tiain which was provided for the horseg left on the return journey about eight o'clock, arid it wa» after ten before Soctbnm was rtachei. Tb/s train, by the way, was ached , ultd tj lsave Motuksrma at 630 p.m. -The delay was particularly unfortunate in view of the heavy rain vvt.uh fell The loading arrangements were uich tt at t> ere was a long delay in petting the horses on board the train, the horsts and their attendants suffering considerable inconvenience in having to stand about through the downpour, v. this meeting is now assuming important mensions, the officials of the club should make it their business to ecure some better arrangements for iho ba> dlini? of all cla&see of traffic, not forgetting the horses, by the Itailway Department A repetition of last week's experience vs ill mak« owners very chary about sending valuable horces to the meeting.

Before dealing with the racing, there are one ornvo other puiius I would like to touch on. Tho Akaroa County Kacing Club has reached its prestut n<\ Lfactory position largely through ih ß picnic character of its meetings, and whne Uierc i* no < r speot, nor need eittier, of ttiai α-peci duuk loot sight of it is worth remembering that me club is making contmiernuie Dtn wi»y m another direction. Itß meeting is becoming each year more importaut from a puiely raoing point of viaw and the time has now arrived for the club to recognise the fact and cater for its racing patrons mors adequately. A great improvement has been effected, since last year in tbe course. The turn of the straight hae been altered, and the manner ia which the horses acted was ample testimony to the able manner in which tbe work has been dose. Another important improvement bae also been effected, a substantial, rail fence having been built right round the course. In the matter of appointments, however, the club has not kept pace with the require- 1 meats. The paddock accommodation ie quite inadeqnate and will have to be doubled The stand ia muoh too small, the result being that the mejority of the clu>'s p.Urons had to content themselves with tbe Jimittd view of tbe ruoing thnt oould be secured frotu the ground. I found the centre of the course t c best point, but from there ie wa* difficult to see all that 'happened in tie straight. It is certain that ttie club will havt to take iba qubbLion of appointments in hand soon. When that Is dene i would urge that advaLtaga 6bouid be taken of the hill at the end of tue straight, which forms a fine natural grandstand. The accom, modation fer (tie tffloials might also be brought up to date, and better peovia-on made for the jockeys. After these matters have been attended to, a range of horse boxes would, 1 think, complete tUe appointment and ensure the convenience of everyone I am assuming, of oourse, that the improved proviskn for the officials would include a balcony from which they, as well as the Press representative?, could view the racing. 'J he totalizator arangements were a great tleal better than formerly. The insidu machine has been placed alongside the outside building all the business being thus concentrated. Wbile this was an improvemtnt, however, there was a drawback in the shape of cou-' gested traffic at the back of the grandstand, due to the want of room in the p.i'idock, so that there is still need for something even better, when the saddling paddock is em liirgeil. I hope theee suggestions will not be vitwed in the nuture of captious criticism. There is no race meeting which 1 enjjy moie than that of the AkerOu Ci.uiuy Wuuing Club and it is with a genuine debt c to see it take a more prominent place in the liaciog Calendar that, I have pointed out some of the weak i neeses Mbe club is piuspering financially, and lust week's meeting should result iv a bg picfit. Before loDg tbe stakes will have to be raised substantially, and when that ia done we shall have some of the beet horsee ri.cing at Motukarara,. There is really no reason why the cracks from all our looal stables shou'd not be Been there, but this cannot be expected till adequate stakes are provided. In the meantime t&e officers should devote their energies to arranging matters so that everything will be quite up to date, • yen while they are gradually reaching the Higher position in the matter of priza money "

Tlo chairman (Mr Parkinson), mentioned the omission at the last annual meeting in taking Mr E. E. Lelievre's name from the list of stewards.: Mr Lelievre hud relinquished tbe post of judge owing to failing eyesight, and oy an oversight they had admitted to put him on the stewards list. Mr Lelievie was one of tbe oldest and most enthusiastic members of the club, and be thought that bis long sernice for the club's welfare entitled him to life membership. , It was decided to bring the matter up at the next general meeting of the Club.

Keceipxs. 191-1 £> d. Balance brought forward .. .. 69 13 1 Totalisator.. .. 716 10 C Nomination and acceptances .. 163 17 6 Gates and paddock 203 5 6 Sale of race cards.. 74 0 0 Fines .. .. 10 0 Members Bubs. .. 45 ID 0 Publican's booth .. 20 0 0 Refreshment booth 7 0 0 Fruit stall .. .. 1 10 0 Or. balance..' .. 178 17 7 1013 £ b. d. I 12 9 531 J9 9 142 10 0 m 2 o 50 8 0 5 0 0 29 8 0 17 0 0 5 5 0 I 10 0 69 13 ] Total .. £1302 11 7 £923 5 0 Expenditure. 19H 1913 £ b. d. £ s d. Bent Babbit Island 20 0 0 20 0 0 •Stakes .. .. 360 (I O 325 0 0 Audit fee .... 2 0 0 2 0 0 Racing conference 2 4 0 4 4 1 Trotting Assn. .. 1 11 G 10 0 Handicapping .. 14 14 0 14 14 0' Clerk s J Scales, .. 7 19 0 7 17 0 Detectives .. .. 880 880 Starter .. .. 8 8 o 8 8 0 Government tax, 2£ per oent receipts 225 17 0 165 0 3 Saddle cloths .. 1 2 fi Printing and adveri tising -- -- GO 10 O 52 7 3 Cop and ribbon .. 26 16 0 19 9 G C.J.C. honorarium 5 0 0 5 5 0 Hubbard interest PU' cbaee land .. 40 0 0 Band .. .. 7 15 0 7 15 0 Electric bells .. 15 0 4 5 0 Gatekeepers and messenger .. 6 8 0 G 19 6 Refreshments .. 7 19 0 2 6 0 Legal advice .. 6 5 2 H. Blyth honor. arium .. .. 5 0 0 Rate3 .. .. 10 5 Sale of race cards 9 2 2 Improvement? labi our, material .. 195 18 4 78 19 1 Credit balance .. 178 17 7 69 13 1

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LITTLE RIVER NEWS., Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXII, Issue 4389, 21 April 1914

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LITTLE RIVER NEWS. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXII, Issue 4389, 21 April 1914

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