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SPORTS. • AKAROA ATHLETIC SPOKTS CLUB. 1 A NNHAL "4/JF.F.TTNG iI.NKU r. J'J ■; > -Y.G < ■.■,';'■ REAiION GROUNA Ai^A'AA OS \ ' EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 13,19 Li OFFitLU'.S: , Patron, Hon. R.H. Rhodes; President, Mr G. AvnistroM*.* ; Vice-pr--Mdents, Mr-si- . V\" --:,..) r , . J VMi--r.*, ■-" F 1.-i <*r*. v ;:. :-•-,;(,;,', V W f " e>- J. * ■■**■" ii"., VV .(. !•"■,■.!.,•. / l-i -'*■. l J v-:■:■; snd U- <,*.u*A-:; judie-**. V*-'ss> U VV Tbcma , J !'■ Biuce; J. R'i Newtoo, G. <:h<;--*.;cy, M. G. D;*i.y T. 2 Penlin*2'on, <.' W. f; Leete ; GroJH' < 'iii'mU*. . yy-- *s ■*. '>o A*'-- . j ... -~: , ,■■• Kaywur-i, G O 'i" A<"ui ; us, "•'' U -Jun-y, A .i.iretron-r, V Arnj.-i.--" 1 ---.;, G V\' Tf-iomus,'!' McGiiire ; tixtctvive Comai.Uee, ,'. Messi:-: C Narbey, W. Diiy, ti. Hnyward, G O TArmstnnp, h Langrouo, E W Wilkins, [ <\ Rhodes, F G Armstrong, L J Vangioni, C 0 Gcodw n, G W TBomas, and G 1-A-amey ; starter, Messrs G GheclAey and M G Duly ; Timekeepers, Messrs M G Ualy and L J Van jjioni; hon. auditor, Mr H W Wilkins: col • Mess's G Kearney, G O T Armstrongi and \ 5 Armstion-4; hon. secrutnry nnd treasurer, 0 W E M Jacobson; liandiwypfrp, the Canter--5 bury Athletic and '. j cling Union. a PROGRAMME, 11.0 a.m—loo Yards Handicap, boy* under 5 16. First prize 15s, second 03 ; entry j; ls Post entry. ■I 11 15—100 Yards Handicap, cpsn. First 7 prize 60s, eecond 15s, thiid ss; entry 3 [ 11.35—800t Race, 50yd?, boys under 10, post entry Trophy 5s ; entry Gd 11 45-Final 100 yds Handicap, open * 11,55—10ng Jump Handicap, open, Post 2 entry. First prize 103, second 53; en. 7 try 13 1 Noon—School Boys' race, under 14 yenrs, 5 post entry First prizs 10= trophy, seI to.-id 5i trophy ; entry 6d 12,15 —Kelayßace, school boys, teams of 4, ~< op nto all Peninsula schools Prizes 1 trophies 5s each ; entiy 2s per teaiu. LUNCHEON ADJOURNMENT. I,o—Grand Handicap, 120 yds*, first distance First''prize 80s, second 10.-5 ; entry'_•* 1.20—100.)ds back raJi*, poet entry i'lize JOj ; pmry Is 1 3!,'—Grand l?and cap, 2?oydr*, second distance First pr'.ze '603, second 10s; entry 2$ 1 40—Hon, Btoo, and Jump Handicap, poet entry Prize 10s, pntry Is 1 50—Throwing the Cricket Ball, post entry. Priza 103 ; eotry ls 2,o—Grand Handicap, 440 yds. third distance First prize 355, second 10s ; entry 2s (id. 210 -High Jump Handicap, post cn'ry Priz-* 10s; entry ls 2.2o—Veteans' Race, for Man over 45, post entry First prize 15s, second 5s ;en try Is' 2.30- Half Mile Handicap First prize 50.°, ssco d 20 s ; entry 3s 2.40 - v-Stepping Competition, post entry First prize los, second 10s, third os ; entry Is 2 50—Putting tbe Shot, fealed handictips poet -ntry First prize 15s, second 5-; entry Is 3.o—Mile Handicap Fin-t prize 60s, second ptiz -■ 20s; entry 4s 3.lo—Tug rf Wfii", tteir.s of 7. dist.iet or club representatives. Prize' £2 2*; entry Is' per man 3.15— Novelty Race, 150yds—50«r!s btckwjirds, 50yds all Tours, 50yd j run, no-t entry First pnzy 20a, second ss; em try Is 3.3o—Pillow Fight on Boom, post entry Prize 10.-*; entry ls 3.4o—Relay Race. 1 mile, teams cf four, po3t entry Prize 40s ; entry 5* 3.40- Fire Brigade Event, open, 3 men- De tails of competition may be bad on ' Application to !>uperinteud-'nr, akaroa Fire Brgad-**, post entry. Prizes valued 'i a' 21s enoh ; entrance 6s p.-r team BEAUTY >-HOW fc-r Men, to \-.p judged by ladif-; Prizt -ophy ; entry ls The Club fiives a gold medal to the com* p?titcr scoring most points in athletic events —points to count as rules Specify A gold medal will be given to the winner of the Mile handicap, and the competitor !-*corv ing most points in Grand Handicap events. RULES. 1. Post, entries cicse at noon on,tbe day of the sports. 2. Tlirr-e to enter or no race,-four to enter t or no second prize. 3. All protests te be lodged with the Secreary within 15 minutes of contest, together with a deposit of ss, v/hicb will be forfeited if protest be not sustained, 4. Three tries only allowed in Long Jump and Hop. Step, and Jump. 5 Three tries only allowed to beat each height in High Jump, 6 Points to count in running eventsFirst 5, second 2, third 1. Irr jumping events Fir t 2, second 1 ! 7. In all eases of dispute the dec-Lion of the Committee shall be final, 8. The starter is empowered to penalise or disqualify anc comp.titor disobeying his orders. 9. All races to be ttirted punctually to advertised time. 10. All events to be run under the New Zealand Athletic Union rules. W E. M. JACOBSON, Hon. bee. I

i ccnr;xsaxEean Y%y f\T\ ,"■■""- ---; HaptoouFS Myriads of i Disease Germs. J T^-J" 0 n,atter now sanitarily clean a | J3i city may be, there are enough .1 microbes to contaminate everybody. ! We are surrounded by germs*which carry, breed, nourish and support disease if we give them a chance, and thi:* vre do—as a rule—from ignorance, but quite often from negligence in keeping the skin in a sanitary condition. . . . Germ-life, the recognised basis of disease, is transmit- I ted through the air on to the sk-in, 9 or by contact per medium of the | hand's, due to handling coins or other | at tides swarming with them. In this I wav the germs are carried to the ' mouth or nbnised skin surface, the re- ' stilt is, if you are weak or the skin ■ii >i,en, serious disease follows. ..■■ays use. Sam-Buk Soap in • . :],ii!y idealising of the skin and ■;,!.- germs that alight on it are at rir.a* destroyed. It is a powerful ger- i | !uicidc: : and at'the saui'. time creates 1 sk'.« health, purity and softness. I ■p.o*'* Chciuist-*, St res, nnd The Zam-Buk j Mfjv. Co., 39 Pitt Street. Sydney. V.-'AAnv Ay. w j.f>

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