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Patron, Bon. E. H. Rhodes; President' Jos. Gnskin, Esq ; Vice Presidents, Messrs R. Paton, Jas. Pettigrew, H. W, Piper; ] Judge?. Messrs Jas. Pettigrew, D. McKay, D. Barwick (foot events), and Messrs F. RlcKen zio and E. Garrick (both of Christchurcb), horse events; Committee, Messrs A. Barker, J. Cairns, D. Curry, E. Cnsdin, P. Cunning ham, R. Johnstone, L. Banvick, T. Mould, G, H. O'Callaghan, T; Wakelin, T. W Wil kins, A. R Prichard ; starter, Mr H. W. Wil kins ; local handicappers, Messrs T, W. Wil kins, P. Cunningham, 11. A. Pettigrew ; clerk of course, Mr E. Latter ; hon, secretary, Mr T. E. McKenzie.

One of the most successful and enjoyable litt'e sports meetings were held j on Bankg Peninsula took place at Duvauchelle yesterday, wben the newly formed Club . held fheir first gathering The sports attracted a largo number of people from all over the district, and two launches carried about a hundred people fvom Akaroa. The day was overcast, with bright sun at intervals. The cold north easterly which sprang up in the late afternoon spoilt an otherwise perfect day. Tba Little River Brass Band played enlivening music all day, and were certainly universally appreciated, as they were fifteen strong under the capable baton of Mr W. Aitken. They cer> tainly did themselves credit, and were much preferable to a smaller band with half its volume of sound. The bancilis not often heard in this district and more is the pity, as their music is very creditable, and was generally enjoyed yesterday. The sports programme provided a long range for aspirants in all branches of sport. The most noted event was tbe school boys' relay race for a challenge shield and medals presented by Messrs J. Gaskin and E. H. Wright. Six Peninsula schools competed in this event, and the running of the winning team, Lβ Bon's, was really excellent. The other boys' events were also very well contested, a good entry coming forward in every case. The post entry events were in every case well filled, the ladies' races being especially interesting. The handicap running events were well contested in each case, but it was a pity that so many of those who had entered could not put in an appearance. There wore good fields, how ever, and good racing provided, S. Hammond being the most prominent winner of the day, as winner of the 100 yds, 220 yds and 440 yds (open. He ran in excellent form, and easily won most points at the sports. Roger Mason won the 220 yds hurdles vrith ease, and J. Q. Hammond won the half mile handicap after a fine effort.

The horse events were also most popular, the performance of the hunters being especially good, as the .best Peninsula horses took part. The cigarette and men's thread the needle race on horseback also created much


The tracks were well laid out, but wero rather rough, and a iittle top dressing would have made a wonderful difference. The 220 yds circular course was in better condition than the 100 yds, but both were short cut, and in fairly good running condition.

The enthusiasm with which the officials worked was responsible for a most successful day's sports, and, without exception, every official put bis soul into his own department. The hon. secretary and treasurer (Mr T. E. MeKeDzie) deserves especial mention as fillirjg that office to entire satisfaction as an energetic worker, both before the sports and at yesler day's gathering He certainly filled the post in a \ery proficient manner.

Tbo club should find itself with a substantial credit balance to carry on its operations next year. The gate takings amounted io £15 14s, which is exceptionally good, and the entrance nioney should be very good indeed, as the post entries wore more than satis factory It was an excellent arrangement holding the sports at this season 'of the year, as the weather is generally good and everybody in holiday It is to be hoped the club will keep up its present enthusiasm and cany out annually the nice little gathering that took place yesterday. There were three side-shows on the i ground that attracted plenty of custom for those who cared to risk sixpence on the chance of getting any article from shaving soap to a gold ring with a ruby in it.

The refreshment booth, which was run by the ladies of Duvauchelle, in aid of Duvaucbelle hall funds, netted oves: £12 for that object, and the ladies provided an excellent lunch, and work untiringly all day providing meals for those on the ground. Following are the results : — 1. 10(1 Yards, boys under 14. First prize 7s Gd, second 2a Gd. W, S. McKay .. .. ..1

G, Hawker .. ~ .. 2 G. P. Moia 6 A good sfcsrt resulted in McKay spiint ng *he-id, and holding fais tkrt of about 2yd3 (0 ; lis tape. Hawker and Mora were about on <l' terms, and finished with a yard separ'ting them. There were ten entries. i- Maiden Race, 100 yds. F.rsS prize £', satond 10g. W. WilEon 1 A, Craw .. ~ ~ . 2 C. White 3 Five started in this racs, ard Wilson sprinted well, winning comfortably. Craw and White had a good race for Etcond placa.

i. Sohool Girls Kace, 100 yds. First prize 5.5, second 2s Gd E Venerablea 1 M. Hawksr .. • .. .. 2 U. Barker 3 Five start-d in this race, and Miss Venerabies held the lead she established early in the race. She won by sft, the second and third being close up. , Bowling Competition. First prize 10s. J. Gidriens } a . , . . ~ , (T. Wukelin f 3 wicke,s H ual ) l There were (h'r-yfive entriep, and the competition web very successfully o.mied out. 5. ICO Yards, open, handicap. First prize £1 10s, second los, entry 2s S J Hammond, 7yds .. .. 1 A. Craw, 7yds .. .. .. 2 Roger Masjn, 4yds .. "..3 | Five s'arted out of an entry of thirteen. The field got off well together, B. McKey running second to J, Hammond, who established a lead early. A Craw then came through olosely followed by Mason, who : splinted well, but had too stiff a task. The race was an excellent one, and was oiiily won by a foot, with second and third close up. 6. Ladies' Thread the Needle Race. First prize 10a 6d given by the New Zea laud Farmers' Co-operative Associa.tion, sfcond trophy value sb. ' MrsV. Joblin 1 Miss N. Mould .. .. .. 2 Miss I. Johnson .. .. ..3 There were fourteen entries, This event created a good deal of amusement on ac count of the outstanding long period th< men who were doing the-thieading took to accomplish their task. Ten minutes vas the shortest time done. 7, Schoolboys Relay Eaoe, 880ydg, open to all Peninsula schools, for challenge shield presented by Messrs J. Gaskin and E. H. Wright. Teams of four, each boy to run 220 yards. Each of winning team to receive silver medal. First Heat, Leßcn's School (W S Crotly, C F Mora, T W Mora, W S McKay) 1 Akaroa School (B Thomas, X i Rhodes, W Hayward, W I Newton) .. .. .. 2 German Bay School (L Arm' strong, G. Armstrong Ivan Bammond, W Shepherd .. 3 Second Heat. Little River School (P Colornbu?, L Colombus, T John , stone, L Lewihwaite) .. 1 Wainui School (T Gardner, W Paurini, H Roxburgh, G Hawker) 2 Duvauohelle School (J Brownies, A Shadbolt, H Giddens and L Kerr) were disqualified for leaving the course. Final. Leßons .. ~■" .. .. 1 Akarca .. 2 Little River 3 Wairui .. .. .. .. 4 Ti is event was the most popular one of tbs day, and the Le Bon's boys certainly ran an excellent race, and, though small boys, got over the ground in a surprisingly rnpid fashion. The Akaroa team, who were big boys with the exception of one, put up a good performance, but were outclassed in pace. There were some promising runners included among the boys.

8. 220 Yards, open, handicap. First prize 355, second 15s, S. J. Hammond, 14yds .. .. 1 H. P. Giddens, Byds .. .. 2

B. Mason .. .. .. .. 3 Five started out of an entry of eleven runners. From a gcod start S. Hammond established a lead, and won easily by three yard?, H. P, Giddens being an easy second. J. G. Hammond and C. Barwick dropped out at 50 yards. 9, Stepping Competition. First prize 10b. L. Giddens, 50yds, lft 9in .. 1 (Correct distance 50yds lft. 7in.) There were thirty-two entries. 10. High Jump, handicap. First prize 153,

second ss. H. Cossar, hop. sin, total sft i'<n\ e _ no] i j. Carrick, hop. 7in, total 5U 4in j equai l L. Barwick, the Peninsula champion, on scratch, jumped up to 4ft llin, and attempt' ed to tie by jumping sft 4in. He narrowly missed clearing the height but his best per , formance is sft 3in. He was set too severe a tafk. 11. Single Ladies Race. First prize 103, second 53 Miss W, Lelievre .. ~ 1 MissE.Lyall 2 There were ten stnrtere. Miss Lelievre won comfortably after having a good race. Miss Lyall was two yarde behind. 12i Cigarette Race, j?irst prize 15?, second J Leiievre.. .. .. .. 1 L Hunt ..2 This race was run on horseback, about a competing. Lelievre won easily, 0. J. Wakelin finishing seoond, but was die- , qualified as his cigarette was out. L. Hunt finished third, and was awarded second money. 13. 440 Yards, open, handicap. First prize £2 second 15s. S J Hammond, 20yds .. f . 1 P G Birdling, 23ydi .. ..2 S Pepper, 20yde 3 Seven started out of eight entries. BirdliDg was leading by some yards at the 220 yards, Pepper close up and Hammond not far behind. The flnai round resolved itself j into a good contest between Hammond and Birdling, but the former running with plenty of form overtook Birdling 20yds from home, and won comfortably. Pepper did not finish. j 14. Hunters' Competition, open. First prize £1 10s and special prize of 10j Gi given by Messrs H. Matson & Co,, second 103. G Mould's Starlight .. .. 1 A Barker's Jack 2

I There were seven entries, and the jumping was excellent, 15. 220 Hurdle Handicap, open; First prize £1 10s, second 10s, Roger Mason, 3yds behind scr .. 1 H P Giddens, Byds behind scr .. 2 P G Birdling was the only other starter out of seven entries . Birdling hit the second hurdle, and Mason led Giddens all the way and won easily. 10. Married Women's Race. First prize 10s second 5s Mrs Johnson .. .. .. 1 Mrs W Holdem .. .. .. 2 There were about a dozen entries, and the two women tied in the first run off. In the

final mn iff Mrs Boldem fell, 17, Turning Competition. First prize 10a second ss. P Moore, 36seo 1 O Wakelin, 36$ sec ... . • 2 Oliver Wakelin, 37seo .. .. 3 There were eight starters, and the event/* « proved a most interesting one. 18, 880 Yards, handicap, open. First prize £2 103, Fecond £1. J G Hammond, 15yds .. .... 1 C Londrigarj, 45yds .< •« 2 R McKey, 45yis 3 A field of seven started in this race out ol

eleven entries. J Hammond, C 1 ondrigan and S Hammond' led the field right up to G6oyds. In the last round S Hammond pulled out, J G Hammond winning with a A fine sprint over the last 30yds. B McKey runniDg fourth finiehed third. 19, Men's Thread the Needle Race. First prize 10s, second ss, entry la Orton Wakelin .. .: ..1 A Barker ..2 Oliver Wakelin 3 There were thirteen starters, and a good race for first place, 20, 220 Yards, boys under 16. First prize 10s, second ss. First Heat, A Colombus .. •• ..1 S Priest .. .. .. ..2 JTini 3 - w _ Second Heat. -Jfo — Colombns .. .. .. 1 '*' ■ L Armstrong .. »_. ..2 F McManus .. .. .. 3 Final. P McManus .. .. .. 1 - M I SPriest ..2 9 ' A Colombus .. .. .. 3 There were fifteen entries for this etent, and spirited competition made good races. McManus thoroughly deserved his win, as he pat up a fine race, Priest and Colombus both being well up. 21, Consolation Race, 150 yards. First prize 15s, second Sβ, C. White, syds .. .. ..1 C. Londrrgan, syds •.. .. 2 P. G. Birdling, 2yds .. .. 3 ~* Six started in this race, but White held the lead, and won by a yard from Londrigsn. Birdling was close up. # >' '22. Sheep*Gaessing Competition. Prize 15a* • V, Thomas .. .. ..1 . Correct weight 971b. There were .over eighty guesses, and Mr J. Cairns was in - charge. The sheep was put up to auction by .. Mr T. W. Wilkins and sold for 25s 6d.

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DUVAUCHELLE'S BAY SPORTS CLUB., Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXII, Issue 4363, 9 January 1914

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DUVAUCHELLE'S BAY SPORTS CLUB. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume LXXII, Issue 4363, 9 January 1914

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