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•'• v'Jtilui annual: meeting-. o.f. the .As.hb.ur-?wn>'-Branch ofvfcht' .-.Red Gross Society mis- held oa-.Sawi-slay afternoon in the jSkwrojigh Council- Chambers, »when] the Mayoress (Mrs'.R;.' Galbraith) presided over a-fair-'attendance.., . , .',. . ; '•VOh; the mption:' of: the, fiaybress a vote'*'of Kympathy was.- passed .with. Mrs'-'-C. W.-'NfeoUy:- the ' Society's, late treasurer, onj'fche !death of her hus-\ l>alitl;; the members standing in .token of Sympathy and respect. ,■ t . ;- l.\.- ■ANNUM. REPORT. • - 'fhe - annual., report, s.t^ted that' the chief work-pf:,'the .Society Had been the making iip...aiid ..sending .a^a>; of' gar^ mentfi and ptlier.'hofip.ital cbnifqi-tsi but sow the eifOTts,lay,chiefly'iii' the direction; of helping.,jh. ■fvery',;wa.s|' possible towards the:, comfort of, the ..returned men. - This work has beeii undertaken by the Comforts Committee aiid members of this commiUee have carried out their work in a very satisfactory manner- Mrs E. Grigg is in charge' of this Committee and Miss Waterson secretary. That the efforts of the committee lia-v© beear appreciated: vitas:; been .shown by the letters , !of. appreciation from the men, The members consider that after sending away thousands of (founds' worph of garments fof the Empire's soldiers, the sick and;J wounded,' AshVurton men were- 'e'h'fcitlecF-'to anything the Society .'could da for them. The executive and ; organisation was-the same, with the exception of the treasurer (Mrs C. Kicoll). The latter had .held office from the start of the-Red Cross, and her resignation fii October, last was a big iocs to the Society. 'The Society would also; like to place on record its sincere .thajfks for all: thefhelp given to if by,; the late Mr C. Nicoll. tie was always a good friend to the Society and furthered its vrelfare in every way possible. Ashburton people can 'never forget the debt they owed both to Mrs and Mr C, Nicoll. Mrs Bi'■Kuddoek accepted the position ■> as treasurer. The bandage department ceased work in- August," and" the head •of-this department transferred her energies to tlie garmertt 'department. During the winter' an appeal was made for blankets and this was most liberally responded to. All contributions were forwarded to Christchurch for <'Honey Day." The work for the prisoners of war wa-s one of the most urgent and vital for which the Red Cross was responsible, and members learned ■ from 'returned: men, who had been prisoners, that many -of them would have died of etarvation-had it not been for thelted Cro'Sfi ■ paroelsvof food they received. ; In- Ashburton this appeal was .ta&eto-." up by a men s comj mStee and £256ti'18s 3dwas forwarded, to Christchurch, for this:;fund. A tur-: fcher donation, subscribed, by local.. bo<t-.. ies for this (and; will-be forwarded .to headquarters, i|. passed by the^ Govern-ment-Auditor, 'fhej "Our Day'^appeal mittet'. with the' assiHtaiice of the Ked Cross. 'Each, district supplied its own quota and raised money ra .whatever way was most suitable. On> Saturday, October 19/.the^ Red"-Cross members made a. final effort for the fund. Tents were erected 1 along East Street with stalls for the 1 sale of cakesy produce, aweets, etc. <\ Tha- band helped to pake the afternoon » success,' and^ stirring Red Cross appeM was made'"by Mr..AlV evs, of OhrUehhrch. TllerAshburton iuota for this invA was £3219 8s 3d. In- October, "Mr Ferriman.-'.who has always been a generous contributor to Sf patriotic fi#ls,; ***? ■WM-.tiuagfr. the local Red Orose for the .British Red, Cross The amounts raised; m>ttio CoSy during May v l9lß to.May 1919 for lied Cross work e^u^ «criptions, donations, etc., » *» id; material soli £100, fund £797. 5s lOd, 1 Our Day £3219 /8s ,3d, Prisoner of >ar£2566 18*3 d,< • making f total of JtSGO'O 2fl 5d.: When the epi-. Serie c£nt like a thunderbolt upon the Red Cross was appealed to & Usance. The members at once responded ami set to work to do eFervthiiU and -aßjthing within then Towei to relies aaedistr^ and sufferin* *° work was-too arduous and S &k too M7 f« tho WCSr o ut attemnt. Moat of the women went, out jSarilv nursing. Often no trained »urso elector was available and workers had to use their own judgment in. most cases. They never gave "working night and day with sick Sbpuf^utU theyivad gof them^on-the could «ot get other aid. Little cmi flren ad babies* were cared for by wo- : and weak Pa *ie°*ar- r^ssmade up the,...warm Red Cross gar Znk Specially pneumonia jackets and flnnne! brd iivekets tor use of the ttul- &' The spUit of unsjiashnesaand LeUiM for others was abroad in our 'iSt So '«'arlls or cert.flcates were o7k«i for.aua, in fact; <™™ M^;-H^irrt^-e-frieS in t s 'ir^srn^'topfone^;?M.XSos»rS'<Sfrt away, not including the cost of rnak--fng,? w^ 83608 JB» 9d. - the Society deßires to exprr^e Mocere thanto .to the ioUowin- for ,Ati Uieir help,, financial «nd otfaorwiw*:—Tlie Mayor and Council for this continued use of the rooms. The Gounciliorß entertained' the memj bers of the ;£ady Liverpool and Kett. Cross v^ocioties at luncheoi). in. the IJoinain on April".3 and the thanks of the Society are duo to them for generous recognition of. past services. Mr J. W. Bowden had this year not only audited the books, but prepared the balance sheet. • ■ Mr T. Hayes removed the shelves, for--work and re-arranged them in the room free ot charge. The County Council donated £200. to tho- funds, and promised a further'denation. .should- the need arise. Lastly, the Society wished to thank all members, friendw- and supporters, who had helped to m'afca the year's work so iiarmonions and .succesaful. Sincere sympathy wa^ ©sfcuad-ed to all members wifo had^'n en wh«.t ih bo much greater value thun time pr u-ork or money, i.e., th<;ir t own flesh, and blood. Every day

members were saying '.'welcome home" to many of the boys whose faces had been missed during the anxious years, but there were many gaps in the ranks. - For those who had passed on before "member's, would "riot sorrow as those wlio had ho ltfope!, but rather say not ;"€robd-iiight," -but in sonic fairer ch'tiie ; bid f them "Good-morning." * .'The. annual balance-Sheet showed a c'rea'it" balance af the bank on March 31 .nf -£613 4s Bd. Receipts included bal- ! an<:e ' from' .1918, ;- £2181 . lls 6d ; subscriptions, donations, etc!,' £1916 9s Id; material sold, £170 2s Id; blanket fund 'subscriptions, £797 6s lOd; —total, .-fi.5.08'4- 15s 4d. : Payments'' included : Matmal, £3602 18s 9d; blanket fund, £546 "13s lOd; British' lk-d Cross, £200-.—total, £4471 10s Bd.—The reoorC" and balance-sheet were adopted. ..... COMMITTEE HEPOHTS. , . : Bandage Report.—'The bandage, committee' were advised:; last August .to discontinue the making of bandages owiaa: 'to; the shortage of shipping si>acev - but,. for various reasons,; 'it -was October before our last packing was sent-away. In spite of the short, year •worked, the number of bandages sent a-way was 21,512. The committee specially thanked members for regular attendance.' Mrs D. Wood making special mention of the Monday and Wednesday evening classes for their loyal/work;— The report was adopted. Knitting —The committee thanked those responsible for the splendid result of tlie-year's work, amountincr to 4376 knitted articles, including socks, bed-socks, cardigans, balaclavas, etc. A special request from the OrthoD£edic Hospital- for stump* socks, gloves, -and mittens had been received, so the committee hoped for continued work from knitters during the winter months. Patterns and wool would always be •available at Red Cross rooms on Saturday afternoons- —Report adopted. Comforts Committee.—The committee reported that on March 8 definite steps were taken towards looking after returned and returning men, and. work besran at once. Two members were on duty each week, who attended at the hospital each Monday morning to supply out-patient soldiers with any clothing or other com forty to visit soldier in-patients, to provide, cake and other delicacies, to take them for drives and outings, and also to meet all troop trains to distribute fruit, cigarettes, etc. Arrangements had been made j with the railway refreshment rooms to ■ supply free tea to any returning .men J on trains who wanted it. Out-patients and returned men had been provided with double complete sets of underclotliinfit, and blankets, waistcoats, etc., where needed. The president of each branqh. in the Ashburton County being on. the e*>mmittee. the wants of all County soldiers had been kept in view. Four, monthly .magazines—two given by j the ; Red.- Cross, and one.; each by Mrs Lill .and Mrs Gilmour—were sent regularly to the soldiers' ward. The committee thanked the .Matron and her staff for 'assistance.,-' 1 and.; also country friends,,.for._providing;/tea,.for. sol.dierstake'it -for runs into; the: country, for. which. ; th^J!Automobile Assbipia-tion-V had' offeretV to; provide a car at any" time; ..All the members.-.had worked, with' /interest- 'and enthusiasm' to produce this gratifyins result in this new department' of Red Cross work.—ReDort'adopted.' ....'■", Garnrente Report.—TJie first half of the year 'showed an increase on the" DreViiDus six months, .7963 . garments beihoc' forwarded "to: the Christchurch Centre for tho seven . months' work. The'fii;st large consignment had been sent in ' November, and a", further, case in' February, including 38 gowns for the Christchurch Military Hoßpital and lounge suits, and scarves for the Red Cross. "VVith the 'sigtiihg of the armistice, the. 'need to send Red Cross, supplies overseas ceased, and it was decided. to:keep'the ''made-up garments 'at this centre for distribution to returned soldiers. Judging by the rate of npplications'for these, the supply would not exceed .'requirements. The sudden close of the' war had left over a good deal of material ordered and in hand, but where ft was uncut the factory and shops had willingly taken it back, and, where' cut out. ,wa« gradually being made up into garments. The thinks of the committee were due to all helpers. ;—Report adopted. :-;. ;; ..!' GENERAL. | ... The Mayor (Mr .R> Galbraith) remarned that the attendance was sufficient to prove that the war was over and the functions of the Red Cross niu&h . curtailed- hi:. .consequence; He added his words of appreciation of tho late Mr C. W. NicolL He congratulated the Red Gross on their financial statement and .on the new departure (Comforts Committee) that was proving :so; valuable. The work was not yet, cover. Mr Galbraith expressed appreciation, on behalf of Mrs Galbraith; of the willing relief afforded her on many occasions. -Ho assured the society of the continuance of ' the privilege of using the Borough Chambers. Mrs D. Wood referred to the portrait nf Mr C. W. Nicoll which the society were presenting to Mrs Nicoll. The portrait was- handsomely framed, and attached was a silver tablet bearing the inscription: "To Mrs C. W. Nicoll, in loving sympathy from the Ashburton Red' Cross workers, and in recognition of good work done during 1914-18." Mr Galbraith mentioned in this cennection that the War Relief Association intended to present an illuminated' Mrs Nicoll in recognition of the late: Mr- Nicoll's services. Miss McKce movctl that each guild in the society should be represented by a decorated car in the peace celebrations procession, each car to bear the name of the. guild it represented.—The motion was carried. A letter of appreciation of the work of the Red Cross from Surgeon-General Henderson was read. Tho election of-officers resulted: — President. Mrs 11. Hunter; treasurer, Mrs E. Ruddock; secretary, Miss E. McEee (the last-two being re-elected). Hearty votes of'thanks were placed on the minutes to tho secretary and treaHurer. Tlie executive committee was re-elected, consisting of the president,secretarv, and treasurer> and Mesdames A. McClurc, J". "Watson, fD. M. Montgomery. D.-Wood, Fi. Grigg-, and Mis 9 Wntersou. the last two named as president and secretary of the Comforts Committee. Tt was resolved that the Comforts Committee as elected on March 8 continue in office, with power to add to their number

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RED CROSS., Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXXIX, Issue 9607, 12 May 1919

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RED CROSS. Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXXIX, Issue 9607, 12 May 1919