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• - ■ ■ ■ „.-.. ■ ,-vtA.J i- ' • i \ NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO SAVE ON - - MANCHESTER - - GOODS. We have Just Opened a Comprehen- By .py RCHAB|MG ■ yOUR REQUIREMENTS sive Range of Fabrics in this Depart- FROM ment, and advise PERSONAL INSPECTION. IVIO ORE'S These Goods were bought some considerable time and have just come 'special Attention is drawn to our large stock to hand, representing at least a saving of H o E ROCKSES;, Mannletees, Longclotlis, Maof 25 per cent, on present market , , n r o , „ ' O1 „. __ , dapolams, Calicoes, Sheetings, Shirtings, Woolettes, Drills, Blousings, Nainsooks, and Billow Cottons. SEE WINDOW DISPLAY FOR PRICES, at M . CORNER EAST AND MOORE STREETS. . . ASHIBURTON. \ . ■' — ■"" 4T^ T^^PVPTI /^fc^l if P^ nummmmmmmmmmmm *J For *hOOping COUgh, Croupyln l.%mJ W^lid* /f^**\ I Coughs, Bronohitia, Sore Throats, use (Cream o'the Oat) ]»«>*> I Regi>uffi Nam't *. Soliloquy No. 2: Before Breakfast— W'JlL^ \OSIIM&3 MEAN'S °ESSENCE 'Alwtyi r«ivdy t« bop ont in tbe morning nowaday* iinc» thiy're *^r/aS' 'J±\s f)Tha Gxsat Money-Savins Bemedy « ' put on Ctaamoata for breakfast. Feel a« lit as'* 4 tiddle, t00.,. I/mil. :.'/^u&&%.§ *'■ <«i»MtaS>/ U*ka>iDi H t «. uu tn/ -J I used Creamoat* I didn't realiia that the doctors knewioixwthin* '/Wfuftl V Mi*/^ g]mwt/- WIIMII rim aavw 10/» f^ ■wh«nth«y «iid there* co better breakfMkTood for a man who Jlslf«lfl% """™™""^""■"■"«■—■■ -»• .has »oput ioa hardd*y'«jwork." y'a» » ' !______—_. — ' la«y of digestion, rich in photphorm iscithiD ami proteid, !'jf% & ffWi. 9 —*- ' tksrn'i so better food for both big and little (oik*. Try on« *~~~Z**sy7&ii // 4> yJ^tT^'\ ■ <», J^<^Q^ , Mckal-tbe whole family, trill like Creamoata. * im^XtTi 1^ 1^? >— \ , x * <l^^ S»Te tb« Conponi and share in the Great Free Gift Scheme. 44 r*.«''« v-!r. 5A STI LISH BLOUSES Suitable for all.Occasions j S^^±sl^3 • popular health saline. In a few *--.--■•--- " ___ ___. ___, ■ __^ i' ' days you will prove it« power «R Ones g | E^ f Br^3f% to banish mental and phy ica. MM B ■■fl 1— ■■ P" *%. ■ J t^% lassitude and restore the vio #^L I II Mm I I ■m A^ mnd oi healthful efficiency. 3/6 per bottle JfSKMk Chemist* and Stores • ''^^Wt. FS^K F°v Afternoon Wear or Evening IWIiMfIBP WIII V/^ s9'3 )J+jq **&£%£- Wear, Theatre Wear or for the Dance; M H M |%|» y%^ y\\ <X. /Tm\ jS or c Euchre Party or a week-end out ™"*^* '™ *»•* w*^ ,/m\ j|y nhfll\ of town> these SMART BLOUSES are :^ / JnllA/l\ Jill i '111 L\ 6 Gai-ments for all formal occasions. J flj %11»TbWu5 Ma V-A T^""^ I llhrrMjir I rials-^Voiles,- Crepe-De-Chines, Tro- , — ■ \ Jill I Ml? J 1111 l \v\tlA baleo ' ant? other good washing mate" DID YOU F£EL THE W'' l|R Ml mlty Hals. PAIN TO-DAY? *%fcai I 2# ill In* ■ How has tlie oack been to-d&y? |r*~*l^ .VI j «J| / ■ U Maybe it caused you to groan often. . *"* .. • . ' But 6urely you haven't given up hope . . of ever effecting a remedy—just bePEEFECT QUALITY, Perfect Colouring,, Perfect Sitting, and . ge many , • so . ca lled remedies have above all, Priced at iPerfect Figures—that is Reasonable. failed you. Get a bottle of the pure, 'sure and prompt. Come and Choose from the Fine Array! j HU PATfll'fi G. HEFFORD & C 0.,! ARFfifi DRAPERS and LADIES' OUTFITTERS. j flllLUv "THE COENER." ASHBUBTQW. j fA CHE-GO) ■'"■■■'■ —™"™"-— I iisiws- ■auiiiiißiiiMiMiiiia "MADE FROM GRAPPA LIKES healing herbs." mmmK^m^*~ . It has brought welcome relief, health m wmm^^L ■ and happiness to hundreds who had ■->"**LJ?rWL'i V\\v vSt* "N. \l considered their cases hopeless. Real M^\ W-s«Sm\ \\\\ M (\ # _ i /—~^^—sr^rsy"~~^ martyrs they were, till Akego (Ache*"*H^\u\%^ %)\' > >-«<*%^§^ "I have much pleasure in reooma\\N%SK^ ' 'V^^^J^T^V mending your "Akego" to anyone sufHL^ly^s i ' W^^wl 1 ' fering with .backache arising from KidH» l^S^^^^^^^t^SW J/\ ney trouble, of which I have been a Hi • great sufferer for some time. A friend 18 i \ W^^^^^^^^^SU of mine told me of "Akego,'' which I 1^ |Bm'^<:i^^ffi»fflw Atl(i' inoeod—(Jrand- purchased from Scofield's Dispensary, mm HH^^^i^KinK^B*. P» isn>t tllc Ollli one Dunedin. I have taken two bottles, N^TZl^— V^B^i^ft^T^—% who enjoys it, because and since then I had no return of the HH ' *~M* M Ilii ■St^OK^iJ**^ *he «rhole family can pain. I feel that the remedy is going Sffiffl ! JIIUHMmxW 1 appreciate the comfort- to be permanent, as it is sis weeks wIM ijjL-J'"l ltill»jP|i\4 I ing and restful quali- since I had the last dose. I now feel Hi ' ml || I ■ |Ylw ties of a good Arm- , better than I have for years. |."ave «■■ I J\l I I M^^Mmmz&9 , • recommended to several lady friends II _ - JLU**"*^^^^^l^^r\. chair. w j lo are getting beneficial results. \ s|"""*^^^^ (^V There are dozens more like this one. 1 w • Get your bottle to-day. 2s 6d, -"Ss, •* • 10s, all Chemists and Stores. Our LATEST STYLES have been designed with every consider- ■ . ation to the comfort side as well as from the artistic viewpoint. T7ILETCHER BROS, are giving Is 9d They are nicely upholstered to give with the body, very roomy, Jj por dozen for Unstamped _ Fresh strongly constructed to render years of solid service, and in every Eggs, or 2s per dozen for Stamped way they are ideal pieces of Furniture for the home. Egg«. We are ako Buyers of PieJ J l ■ served Eggs at Is 4d per dozen; at«o, VERY REASONABLY PRICED. Extracted and Section Honey,. BeesOne of these ARMCHAIRS would make an ideal Gift for Friend or ?£> ***«*> Prime BUt Relative. TiT/P rmTF I''R BROS ' Why not make .a "peac»* J offering. CASH SXJP p L y STORES. /. Tig ii i ■II i% £\ — —— BUI lltHriiflll o<k& S A T7ICTORY AVashing Powder, 10 ii I I 111 I I 111 IW lllf™ V Packets for Is, as good as the « list vliMllll *w*» best FUENISHERS. . ASHBXTBTOX. DUXTON AND THQMAS, - ■ IMMauumMmU ux^rm« TRIANGLE STORES. ,

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