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The New Zealand?^ bilking' Machine. THE MACHINE THAT PRACTICALLY CUTS OUT HA&OD-STRIPPJNC. Exclusive Features. TEAT CUPS—(Sae illustration), un* like any other on the market. Can't Mouthpiece— . Mr {\\\ i^B^^^,^f%W CLAW PULSATOR—Perfect air ad- ■ p>^ v -'s 4?^^^§4^^^>- ' iiJJ^l mission and reduced vacuum. Milks lfe'*w^-^_^^ two teats and releases two at the vI! ffmfr?'^^^ I same time. Practically similar, ta }M. lITrTTTrTI \\W harid milking. Cows improved by H'^^Mm^' \\ I RELEASER—Of simple , type. Ahead f li/i ill I ' ' ! of'every other system. No cams, 11' 1 llil I t springs, weights, pumps, etc. Its Pulsator • _ 11' ■g|| . ■ ■ very simplicity proves its worth. connection > I,'!' ,ffl I • „.. -„ high up- ■ M////I ■■• \ RESULTS-,:.. Mi i vJllf f I I • ■ No strain on cow's udder. Alter/i///'/Y^M§m\ II! ■' ■' ■ : ■ nato cow's teats. Milk /£////////nWSm\ ' - ' : fiow continuous. Air admission imi- £/////////£ ill I 'I• ': : I i tales calf sucking.. Cows prefer f/fWI/m ail lli'l ill , ! r "New Zealandia" mechanical milkUITWj illllif Pi i ' : ing to hand milking. Increases lac-Highiy-poMshed , ' What Users Say. Aluminium ■ \ '■ \ ■'■'■ \ ~ > Barrel— ffllHl '':":'" ! "Middle of second season with my ffliiSii :' '■ i 4-Cow New Zealandia—have not had a . H|!lli 1 ' ■ !'• - i ' single• stoppage or a cow hurt. I milk mill . ' ' ! '■ M 70 cows, and wash "up in two hours."— ill 11 ] '' : I P.O. "Twelve sets working perfectHi ill ill ■ —Claw pulsatorS' far superior to' any Hill I ft ' others; milking 200 cows."—H.McM. ;THE :' ■" IHiVI l ' ' '!' "Fifty Jerseys-, milked right out with- ■' I—H C a;, ■• Ifiiiilll !' ou^ any trouble. .Splendid .thing to TEAT CUP. , ■../.■ CBPiliffi li' know one's cows will not be damaged { "■'- it I 111 ('i in any_ way.'—W.Q.C. "I milk 40 v } • "i ■iiifil I i' cows single-handed and separate milk } 1 . " ■liiliSil ' *n ess nan 2 hours. ■. The machine Wij{||lll | • leaves the teats perfectly cool and ■ffjfjjll - I moist."—C.F.S. "Use your machine I ■|jH|j I : on m J herd of over 100 cows, and have ■ w§l§ § / perfect results.'—C.B. "Beats hand I I milking, in fact my returns are bet- ■ Nut holding I W^Tj ter."—W.R. "Cows took very readily ■ inflation xp- \^////r jjjs>^ to the machine, and would rather it I ■Uffffflflf than hand milking."—J.CM. "We ■ i ■ Ml. 1 ' ■• milk them all without leg-ropes."—H. '■ -'•.■- HI 11 I ,>"\ :. and E.L. '■" "Cows seem to prefer it I. I II '■' .to hand milking."—A. and J.M. ■ Milk Connection— * J| §1 ..; ' "Cows much prefer it to hand milk- H WjjWjf • ing-"—W.H.P. . "Used 2 seasons on s ■ ™ iffif 70 Purebred Holsteins. Not one in- ■ jured in any way. Milk returns better I than neighbours, who hand milk."— I CALL FOR A DESCRIPTIVE CATALOCUE. 1 NZ FARMERS CO-OP., MACHINERY DEPARTMENT. WEST STREET. I W- —-\ 1111111111 : ■'- ■'■ •'■-'•* ■■'"■ >, ... , :','•■' r' ' * ■ CADI *V ffk + V # •' : j|i AUTUMN # ■ MOTORIST: MThe Tyre with a reputation—eh ?" SPLENDID VALUE mliliS S^^m^^m OuR ENVOY '• " Yes ' Sir, and won by its high quality,' £j£ W^^^^&W&^^^mk splendid service and reasonable selling price." ..... , __ W^S^^^^ffi^BMoTOßlsT: "Talkin« of prices—l see some im- IUS ?a l 0 SS« W^^li^K * porters making claims for superior quality to You will be pleased with a pur*ccount for their e»cepUonaHy high prict in c } la se made from our stock. They ENVOY: "Yetthe same cover sells at nearly are HATS of Special Merit and unhalf the price—say in New York, which rather usually good value—you won't find \~~^ 2 l"">9* explodes the super-quality idea. Anyway, Sir, better at the price anywhere. \ "*" •• "**^* claims don't build up a 2O.years' reputation for \&pp*f!|||Bfe{j|w, giving the public a fair return for their money." ARCADE CLOTHING CO. , /^Kt^^^^ MOTORIST: "No, time finds out most things, and In BURNETT STREET ASHBURTON White Tread s slpl!Ss!*-SBa ' provea mat J HFNDFR9ON Grooved and R«(f; , V%TTlVTT^^\tt mT7IIT?n . . _ _ ' ij""IjIMU«i Tread Ksilroad. t "H^^pa j^3 jL^H *J"J Jti XJb J?CJCUIS^ IB ■ I R I 1 II I \VcUn°ton RChrirts» U r C h. . have no superior for service and tyr« •ceaomy." LJLJ'_J * J » 111 Auckland LADY: "Loyalty with profit—«h?" ' rmm """• ■'"■' *""■"■ m)m mmm »■-—*—"»► OUR ENVOY: "Exactly, Madam I" V^TTiniTT'W & mY fSt^r Cm Ml T* «H >tS storage ■<! UA9 MFT ITS MATPU ma/* H Til battery B A „ „ n>\o nirci 110 iviMiun. w f JLH.JBLCttJ.m m S i Rheumaline-Oxygena has dismissed I rom *^le a^ments which people are s*" CD ETC I\ICDC"(' Ti^"MV! I a compelled to suffer because there is no rr\C.t lINOIrCLV^ I I WIN I | remedy. You who suffer from RHF.UWillard was the first battery manufacturer to realise that I moul^lfkar^ how^undS regular inspection by an expert is the greatest prevention of 1 have been cured to stay cured. We can battery trouble. I show you the record dating back mar,? I years, and the Jist of grateful peop'e Every Willard S £ raol intlu S }->v leans and bounds, owner can get I a] ls an extract from one Testi- ' acard entitling ¥ £™™}£tTh asy wheS? 1 i M ??L£!f S°n ' 62 .Banner Street him to free ffi M n Ma«terton. says': "It is a wonderful semi-monthly i Cl / C s en 1 1 remedy. No one need suffer from semi mommy m M<xJ)pOuc& r j£pM*dte££g. . 1 f Rheumatism, if they only give your inspection at | i. to free Inspection tw^a raonth. i - remedy a fair trial." any Willard jjg ofthestora&e Battery en his car. , | | The original of this testimonial and Station. ■ /^iKHiKwpN 1 many, °^ iers can. be seen at the Com- - ■ y_ fTljJiftpa B pany's Rooms. H p«t»u, ut d. - - lot— | That is the word of experience. Tf A prevention that ■ ,~| j „ ■| > | „\f H \ . ~Ti YOU suffer it will pay you to enquiro. is better and gX g ~| T~T 2 S TTTtij 9«r Free Booklet tells the story. Fi!f cheaper than any in the Coupon, and one will be sent t> „ battery cure. ~ you without delay. Willard Batterie* obtainable from all leading sarmses. TO THU 1 TloliT^nS^lrvnAriTt^ nl.o from Willard Service Station.. CURE PTY S WILLARD SERVICE STATION He^'s^f^^Jg-*'^^ l 160 LICHFIELD ST., CHRISTCHURCH. '' Plense send me the Free' Book'•»»-««)» |t aot-o*">* a J Rneuniatißm in the "fi»>»r. - B^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_i^_^_^_^_E^-B_^-E-im__ni-mi-aaß &zn," Ashburton, A.U.95. jJr'-jj* "*" „---i.- Address

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3, Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXXIX, Issue 9579, 5 April 1919

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 3 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXXIX, Issue 9579, 5 April 1919