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. ■ BUSINESS NOTICES. GREAT CLEARING SALE FLETCHER BROS. .Whole of our Stock of CHINAWAKE. EARTHEN WAKE. CUTjLERY, PLATEDWARE, and BRTJSHWARE, Reduced 20 per cent. (4s in the £). No goods will be replaced, so tkis is your opportunity to buy any of the above at not less tha 4s in the £ Discount off present low prices. . , Herewith are only a few of the hundreds oi Bargains to be obtained at this GREAT CLEARING SALE. Japanese White and Gold China Cups and Saucers—Were 14s bd per dozen. Clearing Price, 10s 6d dozen. Or 3 Dozen for 30s. . . 110-inch White and Gold Dinner Plates. Usual Price 18s bd per dozen: Sale Price 12s 6d per dozen. 'Japanese China Egg Cups. Usually 2s 6d per dozen. Clearing Price 1s 3d Dozen. . 'Japanese Teapots, with strainers. Usual Price Is 3d. Clearing Price 11d each. . Grey Madrid Vegetable Dishes. Usual Price 8s 6d. Clearing Price 4s 6d each. > . . ■ # , ißig reduction in Lamps, from 4a to 6s Discount in. the £. JOHNSON AND LOCKWOOD'S ETC., TABLE CUTLER?, Table Knives—Usual Price 255, 28s 6d, 32s 6d. Clearing Price — 20s, 22s 6d, 26s Dessert Knives—Usual Price, 24s 6d and 27s 6d. " Clearing Price 19s 6d and 225. TABLE SETS, Knives and Forks Ebony Wood—Usual Price 18s. 6d dozen pairs. Clearing Price 14s 6d dozen pairs. White Bone—Usual Price, 15s ;6d dozen pairs; Clearing . Price 12s 6d dozen pairs. Cases containing Halfrdozen each Table and Dessert Knives,: Usual Price 24s 6d. Clearing Price—lßs 6d. CARTING SETS, all reduced not less than 4s in the £. James Dixon". Best Nickel Silver Ware—^Usual Price—Teaspoons 7s 6d, Dessert Spoons and Forks 12s 6d, Table Spoons and Forks ;18s 6d dozen. .'. . Clearing Price —6s, 10s, and 15s per dozen. Electro-plated- and Silver-plate Spoons and Forks, usual price Teaspoons 12s 6d, Dessert Spoons and Forks, 18s V 6d, Table Forks and Spoons 255. Clearing Price 9s 6d, 14s 6d, and 19s 6d. Bargains in Silver-plated Ware, Cruets, Jam Dishes, Butter Dishes, Butler Knives, Bread Forks, Jam Spoons, etc. WATCHES subject to 5s in the £ Discount. TUMBLERS in GREAT VARIETY— Usual Price—ss 6d, 6s, 6s 6d, 7s 6d, 8s 6d, 10s 6d, and 14 6d per dozen. Clearing Price—4s 6d, 4s 9d, 5s 3d, 6s, 6s 9d, 8s 6d and 11s per dozen. Bargains in DINNER-WARE, BEDROOM-WARE, and ■■■;. TEA WARE, Etc. 1 REMEMBER—EVERYTHING TO BE CLEARED OUT AT BIG DISCOUNTS. | Please Noto—Goods Cannot Be Exchanged During the Sale. FINEST GROCERIES AT CUT PRICES. Roller Flour—2slb. Bags 4s 7|d, 501b. Bags 9s, 1001b. Bags 17s 3d, 2001b. Bags 32s 6di . Thistle Flaked Oats—Small Bags Is 6d,;or 201b. bags 7s 6dj. . Creamota Is and Is 9d packet. NEW SEASON'S DRIED FRUITS. 'CANDLES. 8. d. *• d Finest 3-Crown Cleaned Currants Eclipse Candles, per lb 0 8J per lb 010 Magnet or Searchlight Wax, 0 11£ Finest Golden Sultanas 0 9j National Sperm, per lb 13 New Pansy Brand Seeded Rais- Carriage Candles 1 3 ins 0 8f Dried Peaches, per lb 010 KEROSENE, Laurel and Big Tree. Choice Cooking Dates, per lb 0 8 _, .„• n _, Choice Dessert Dates, per pkt 011 £ er £ ln 9* 6£ Lemon and Orange Peel, per lb 1 3 f e* Case, 18 9 Choice Prunes, per lb 0 8 „ . . 5 9 a£ es for. , 90, ° 21b. Tins Dessert (Prunes 1 9 Spirits of Turpentine—Bottles Is and 1 Is 9d, per 4-gallon tins 24 6 EDMONDS' BAKING POWDER. At SUGAR Small Tins Is 2d, medium size „ „ o1 „., „ ,„ ,„, ..... tins 2s, large size tins 2s 4d, Per lo 3d; /01b. Bags 1/s 3d, 1401b per dozen 275. !_ ,ba& 3 Ms- o Edmonds' Custard Powder, per [Brewers Crystals ougar— large tin 10L „ J f\ Bag 18 0 Edmonds'. Egg Powder, per tin 2 4 Ll Sht or Dark Brown Sugar Silo Baking Powder, per tin 1 6 701b- BaSs 16 6 K^kpatT^s 'Baking Powder, per ■ H , QHLANDER M|LK Foster Clark's Baking Powder, Q „ o , , v o _, tin§ ; fe o 11? Per tin B^> Per dozGn 8s 6d > P6 * Garland's Custard Powder 6d. „ cas« ??? 11 6d- , A Foster Clark's Custard Powder lid Cocoa and Milk 1 4 j I g Nestle s Coffee and Milk 1 6 Nestles Creani, per tin 10 CREAM OF TARTAR, BAKING NEW SEASON'S FISH. SODA, Etc. ... , Wallace Fresh Herrings per tin 1 2 Finest Cream of Tartar, per lb 3 10 6 tins for 6 9 Finest Clover Cream, per lb . 110 Conner's Herrings in Tomato ; Brunner Mond's Baking Soda, per Sauce, per tin . ; 0 11 lb. 0 4 Maconochie's Mackerel in Sauce 1 3 Steven's Health Salts per bottle 2 6 Booth's Herrings in Tomato Finest Powdered Boras, per lb, 10 Sauce 1 3 Borac»c Acid, per lb 16 Maconochie's Kippered Herrings 1 4 Powdered Sulphur, per lb 0 6 (Morton's Herrings in Anchovy [Washing Soda, per lb 0 2 Sauce 1 0 71b for 1 0 Capstan Herrings in Tomato Lilley Washing. Fluid, per bottle Sauce 0 11 sd, and 0 9 Crystal! Spring Sardell 0 8 English Caustic Soda, per lib tin 1 2 N.Z. Mullet, per tin 011 Euglish Caustic Soda, per 21b. tin 2 3 SALMON COFFEE EXTRACT, Etc. | Small tins from lOd tin. Large tins' from Is 5d per tin tMgg's Essence of Coffee, pints Sardines small Bd, 9d, and Is. Ti3d, rep. quarts 2 9 King Oscar Is 2d. Brooks' Essence Coffee 1 6 ; Sardines Is 4d, Is 6d, and Is Bd. Camp Coffee, per bottle 110 f , rtf4^ l«erts 2aSymington's Essence of Coffee 2 0 COCOA- „,,', a o aa Symington's Dandelion Coffee 1 0 Aulsebrook's lid Is 9d, and 3s 4d Grigg's Club Coffee, 2s and 311 Triumph Cocoa lid, Is 8d and 3s 3d String's Maori Brand Coffee 110 gandow *lb. tms Is Bd, lib tins 3s 3d Strani's Soluble Coffee, per tin 1 0 Fry s Breakfast Cocoa per tm 1 0 Harp Brand Coffee, per tin 1 2 Fry's Homoepathic Bd, Is 2d and 2 6 H ' Van Houten's Is 6d, 3s, and 5 9 Bournville Is 5d and 5 6 MATCHES. RICE, TAPIOCA, Etc.— Finest Japan Rice 41bs for 1 0 Plaids, Bell's, or Palmer's, per Finest White Sago 31b for 1 0 d oz 0 9 I Finest Pearl Tapioca 81b. for 1 0 Per Gross 8 6 Finest White Flaked Rice 6d and Bell's nr Palmer's Roya^ Vestas i q Fl*ed. T*pte* Fl*« Oil Bell's No. 5 or 250 Vestas, oval Barolla, per packet 1 0 or square corners per pkt 1 8 Semolina, per bag 16 Bell's 1000 Vestas, per tin 011 Crown Brand Macaroni, per pkt 0 7 Ship Brand Safety Matches, 2 Crown Brand Vermicelli, pkt 0 7 packets for 10 . NOW 8$ THE TBME TO BUY IN YOUFJ WAITER REQUIREMENTS AT FLETCHER BROS. Great Clearing Sale, f ?.O. BOX 67. TELEPHONE 24.

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1, Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXXIX, Issue 9578, 4 April 1919

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXXIX, Issue 9578, 4 April 1919