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Business Notices, ' :■■_,'. . A SALE OF fiKEOCEBIES :■: rmuvraycGs EV^r-rr mv^nivg- at : WE ar» not OVER STOCKED, wo hold by far the Largest Stock of Groceries in Ashbrnton. And why is this ? 'BneauPtt wo do the Urgeat Buetness By doing tbe Largpet Business snd Selling for Cash, wo nre euabled to Buy 10 the Bofcfc Market; tbo Finest Goods at the Lowo6t Price. IN THIS'PRICE LIST You will 6nd every Article mentioned irresistibly attraotive from tbe standpoint;of both Quality and Price. Those who buy on Credit should compare our Prices wifeh the Prices they are paying, and see the £ £ £ £ & Per Yea>' they would save by Buying their Groceries from us. In a Credit Business tbt Good Payers have to pay for those who don't pay. We also give Discount Ticket (eaual to a [direct Bonus of 3 to 5 T)er cent) with Every Article purchased. This is better than any Co-operative Concern can do for you Finest Cane Sssgar, Auckland No. Li— 561b Bags us Bd, or 2|d per lb New Oatmeal— 251b Bags 2s 4<l. 7lb Bags iod ■Finest Roller Flour— 2oolb Sacks 16s 6d ioolb Bags §s 9<d solb Bags 4s 6d 251b Bags 2s 3d White Hose Keruseno— Highest test, 3s gd per ti» Finest Japan Rice-Hd a lb, 7s lid 561b bag, DRIED FRUITS. ' TOBACCO. The quality of our Dried Fruits is famed ■ ■ . ■; . *. b throughout the Ashburton County. Juno, por lb or 7£ sticks _ 5 0 ft s d Havelock, per lb of 7j sticks 5 6 Cleaned Currants, extra choice, per lb 0 3£,j Derby, per lb of 7f sticks 5 6 Choice cleaned Sultanas „0 4 Golden 'Eagle, 7* sticks 5 9 Diamond G Seeded Raisins „ 0 51 Victory _ 6 9 Beautiful Large Prunes „05. Baby, * Pound sticks, per lb b © I Slbs New Dates for 1 0 Old Judge/per lb 8 0 - Old Gold „ 7 0 FLAVORING ESSENCE. Capstan „ 7 6. Lemon, Vanilla, Cochineal, Almond, Ginger, ~— TZ~T~~* — Cloves, etc. « MATCHES—R. Bell and Co.'s. Four Bottles for "fc 1 0 Made in New Zealand by New Zealand 50 Dozen Pineapple, per tin 0 5 Workers. . _ Plaids, per doz 0 3$ CORNFLOUR.! .. _„Pr f oss . no „ , „. . ... c in Royal \ eslae, per doz 0 9 Wotherspoon's Maize, 41b for 10 , •> r oroge . 8 g Brown and Poison's per lb 0 6 2 50 Vestas, per doz " 13 Brown and Co.'s patent, per lb 0 3i per gross , 14 6 Finest Arrowroot „ v b ] 000 Vestas, per box 0 4 _ —— p 6f ( j cz gjq EXTRACT OF SOAP. * __ Hudson's Extract of Soap, 10packets 1 0 . BACON. t Klenzo, 16 packets for U 0 Our Bacon is tne Finest to be bad for , IXL Recommended, 20 packets for 1 0 Love or Money. Give ue a trial. Superbus, per packet 0 5 Finest Roll Bacon Rashers 0 9 .__ . — By the Roll 0 8 SAGO TAPIOCA, Etc. Side Bacon, by the .Side 0 71 _„,_„,.,„ „ n t i Mild Cured Ham, by the Ham 0 81 Finest White Sago, per lb 0 11 '__J_ . 121bsfor 1 4 FISH Pearl Tapioca, peHb^ [0 11 Presh H erriiigs,per tin" . 05} Finest Japan Weeper lb 0 Herpinßß in Tomato^auce,, per tin 08* Pearl Barley andjsplit Peas, per lb 0 2 Herring*, per ** o*B laibsfor, 110 U 3 tins for 111 ____.- Half To Tins Herring in Tomato CREAM TARTAR, Etc. Rarice> per t > - 0 5 Morten's Cream of Tartar, (ho best in Half lb Tiiir, Kippered Herrings 0 5 the world, per lb 1 2 Salmon Cutlet A. 8.0. Oil Brunner Mord's Carbonate Soda 0 2 -altnon, Dai?y Brand . 0 9 Tartaric Acid, per lb 1 8 \ Othor Brands from 0 6. CANDLES.—Electric f-'tetirino, perlb|sd, fey the box 4-Jd ; Mapnet Way, plain, fluted, pet lb 6d, by the box 5%& ; Price's National Sperms, pev ]b 7d, by the box 6-J4 TEKMS — Projjipt Nctt €a?»h >vi«h Order. All Orders delivered daily Free of Charge at Railway Station, and within a Two Mile radius or' Asbburton. Tinwald Orders delivered on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridajs. , ; East Street . ... Ashburton. WHY " " A Most RemarkaHe Case. onwnnmn Five Sectors InJEled. t!mm& tiU9»*Hmrtd . w*inr««»». hugatoam. Suffering ft»p mr«r rim* \ - tomiMtei&mikitewmteMtoMty 1 PL*WTSKOA OIIfTMEKT. i < Mrs. Walter Muilis, Oriental Street, Petene, says:—"For over ntae ' ycftrs Fi»avebee« tiireafh the most torturing agony any human saortaf^s ever ' ,:■ « safifered. A»y per»«»i.«to may re*d these lines and who has been wafortaaate eß««gk tohave had Eoaema, wiii feaow my condition ■wiwi I say ti»t foe tbe , period above st*t«d I fead Eczena in its worst and most paiafnl forn on both « leg* and feet. At ffcnes it would tfeed and uuo, at otters tfce smarting, burotog, ; itca womH amify dtive mo mad, and! fefe I coats) tear myseW to pkces to get reHsf. At otter times (fee swelling would be so great tbat I ooe)d sot pat a . boot on oc even put my foot to tbe ground. I MgwMgHHMMtt^uß bad always tb wear bsawJages, and znany's the ': I "" ■ tkn» I feave got up 10 *nd i« Junes daring the j '. I m » iHiMWAa ■ n^fi^ t0 attend ■ to^ tkcfeot «aid tegs, *n4 «fp]y ■ Jtbohll'-JEBHkSP wk 1 oiataaerrtan<Mntioftstotrya»dea«ethe?ain. I B -^——^— .— ■ have oftea s»t oh tbe bed and cried tftcea cfaikl , I OiysKJSS § wftfa the tartwiag ae«ny I was itt, aMt wisfeed ■, a ■ - ..-,. - I wysoJf dead. Itariag tibose »ac yeais I was. -' ' v 1 «IV.lf Mn9 ! ■ tnsateel by five Afferent dortoi-s, »»d fke •«£- ; [1 ■ B uieirt, lotsoas, and salves I hare- tried I oaBMOt ■! §^gHMHMHP4nntfV HMsntioß. I bad«Dade us> »r raisd to ge into tfce ;' WeHington HospHal, and, if nothing couVd be ';. . don«, said I would fc&re m»y fMft tafe*B «ff if it would ssfy ease ray suffering. ■; One day a& little bey said t« me,' Mather, v»by *on't you try Hanteteea Oini- }, Men* ?' I oefHed that I was sick aiuS tised ef trying, and tkoufbt Fiantekoa was '] Kkc a tot rfi»«he«6 I fend nsed. Hewever, a few days after riiis a Mead a*w»sed i me to tey it s*jrieg that k was F aed that they had never seen anything | UJte k.sotiot t»f I scat toMi. EH:bbau»,okeEßist, Jacksos Street, and got a box, 1 and I fea,wt« sey tint was tbe beet purcbas* I ever made. Plftntefeoa OittCXMHBt iMM aared H**, and Kiy hosbaad often says,' It would be cheap Mit ceataffisißftaaboi. 1 As evidence of tiK change, lam new wearing a pak of boats teat I Arew aside twelve mcsdis ago, from tbe &ot that uay feet were so swoSeo I oohM set c«t tsens en, aeoA now I on weur them m rnl^i mub and oonftitorfc, I may say, there are score* " ■ ©tPetone residents vriio kaow nay case, and have kn«waase ff ■ for *. nmßber of years, and what a leraible suffiecec I have ; * ■ ■ beta, I shall be pleased to answer any enquiries er give 1 W^BIV fl tetheE: particulars if reared." m Mm.-»M. j. ■ To others wfco may be aaString from Eczema, or aiy ■ »■ I Gtfe^ a*cin U«ub-te, all we ask is tint you should tty it, ■ -BfO^J- I <-*nce7°uuseit,it wHtreeoismenditself. ■ yB&Xl I S*n<i 3* l**nny atitmps to l*t«nt*k«K Pr#pWot«ry, ■ *"rw ■ «Ht|«iM«tani «n«* y«c wIH r«cwiw« Irnrg* six* Im»x ■ I PlmuMim Wmlnwnt FRK by post, «m»ll B 4B> ■ Sampf* Box, »iw«»>woe.

The N Z Farmers' Co-Operative^ Association of Canterbury, Ltd auction" mart" Saturday, 15th My. OUR Weekly Sals will be held as usual, commencing at 11.30. a.m. Poultry Pigs Cattle Horses Implements Potatoes, Etc. T. F. GIBSON, Manager. 6 108 H. A. LLOYD, Auctioneer Tree Planting: Season. WE have a Lar^e Stock of Forest Trees, all well rooted and well grown. Fruit Trees of every description true to name and on BJigbt Proof ftccks. Shrubs and Flowering Plants in great variety. We stock Seeds of all kinds for theFartr. and Garden. I*OW IS TBE TIME TO PIANT. Inspection Invited. / Prices on Application. G. & C*. Clark, Ash burton Ntjbsert. SAY !—People who Buy thrir Wedding and Engagement Kin^s from Fraxk Curtis are People who save money and gel the Newest and Best Goods. XX 7 ANTED Known - That for the! "»' i" Smartest and Newest Clothing for j Boys.— Mitohki.l. ,and Tckneb &re i " right." ' !

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 5 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXII, Issue 6618, 11 July 1905