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Judges—Messrs R. Matthews and R . Holley(jr.) Entire of any age—Mr McKendry's Diplomacy 1,» Mr J, Gilmour's Kelvin 2, Mr J. Small's Vanquisher 3. ' Entire 3 1 yeans old—Mr M. Friedlander's New Style 1, Mr N. Fitzgerald's' Emperor 2. ] Entire Oolt 2 ■ years old—Mr John Small's Lord Cranley 1, Mr J.\ Cunningham's Callum o 1 Glen 2, Clarke Bros. 3; For the best mare in foal, or with foal at foot—Mr J. Small 1, Mr "W. Jamison 2, Mr P. Cunningham highly commended, Mr W. Jamison commended. Best mare to be shown witti two of her j progeny—Mr >t. J, Stoddart 1 and 2, Clarke Bros. 3, Mr W. J. Staddart commended. Filly, 3 years old—P. Cunningham;- 1, J. Shearer 2, P, Cunningham 3, J. Crossan highly commended."" Filly, 2 years old—T. Taylor, 1. G. W. Body 2, W. J. Stoddart highly commended. Yearling Filly—W. J. Stoddart I,' J. Small 2. J. Boyle 3, W. J. tjtoddart commended. J. Small, £1 Is ; Yearling Draught filly on the ground—W. J. Stodxlart 1. Gelding of any "age—J. fcitrachan 1, Yi. Jamieson 2. J. Griggo. Gelding, 3 years old—T,' Hurley 1, S. Brown 2. : Gelding, 2 years old—J. Small 1,: J. Gilmour 2, J. Gilmour 3. ! J. Heseltine, head collar, value £1; Filly or Gelding, 2 years old—T. Taylor 1. Yearling Colt or Gelding—J, Small 1, A. Thomson 2, J. Gilmour 3. i J. Small, £1 Is, Yearling Draught Colt on the ground—A. Thomson 1. , W. Patching, horse cover; Yearlinc Colt or Filly—W. J. Stoddart 1. D. McKendry, £11; Yearling Draught Colt or Filly on the ground—W. J Stoddart 1. ; D. McKendry, £1 Is : Yearling Draught Colt or Filly by Diplomacy— A. Thomson 1. '■ ':. - . ,: John O'Shea; services of entire Prince Imperial, foal by that sire—J. Boyle 1. Mare or Gelding suitable for a carrier's cart up to 30cwt.-~A. W. Randall 1, T. Crooks 2. Twwof twQ liorsea mure or gelding,

or pair of either sex) of any age, in regular work, the bona jid>: .yruyavty ot exhibitor. j,>. "'• .-i", ; .J. R. Stool and Son, set swingle-trees ; team of two horses-rJ. Grigjj 1. J. Gilmour 2, VV. J. Stodd'art 3. Team of three horses,. same conditions .is above—J. Small 1, .W. J;, Sfcodtlart !2, J. Gilniour 3. BLOOD BTOt!K. , . Judges—Messrs A. W. Money ami P. .J. Henley. Marshall*—Messrs M. 'Stifct, J. C. N. Gri»g, F. McCatferty, and M. Friedlinder. ' Entire horse of any age—L. Ma.rkey, Johnny Faulkner, by St Albans,' dam Impudence. 1. Brood Blare in foal or with fonl at foot—L. Markey 1, Donald McLean 2, E. Gates highly commended. Yearling colt or gelding—L, Markey 1, Vi. Gates 2, S. Brown commended. Filly, two.years old— J. digg 1. " CARRIAGE HORSES. Judges—Messrs A. W. Money and P. J. ' Henley. '. . Marshals—Messrs Dan. 'McKendry. T. E. Upton, D. Cameron, G. H. Alington, and G. Croskcll. Entire horse of any horse —M. Friedlander, Blackwood Abdallah, by Homer 1, J. Porter, Rouser. by Messenger, dam Kate O'Shone 2, H. Scott, Bobbie Burns highly commended. W. C. Walker, £2 2s; Carriage Entire —M. Friedlander, Blackwood Abdullah 1. Entire colt, two years'old—Mr Friedlander, Duncan Abdallali, by Blackwood Abdallah, dam Fanny 1, J. Grigg,—-^ , by Blackwood Abdallah 2. E. F. Wright, Truck load of lime delivered at Mount- Somers Station, for the owner of "mare in any class on. ' the which, in the opinion of the Judges will, mated with a thoroughbred horse, be likely to breed a good Dogcart Mare or Gelding—W. J,Stoddart 1. Colt or Gelding, two years old—*B. Beattiel, J. Croy 2. Yearling Colt or Gelding—A. W.ißan dall I,' T. N. Digby 2, T.'S Digby commended. • Filly, two years old—J. She-U'er.l, J. Croy 2, J. G. Restell commended. '< M. Friedlander, £3 3s ; two-yeair-old by Blackwood Abdallali—J. Shearer 1. Pair of Buggy Horses, 15 hands, or .under (mare or geldings) the property of one owner—D. Brick 1. Busrgy horse, 15h. 2in. or under, mare or gelding—J. Grigg 1, W.Rollit 2. Dogcart horse (mare or gelding)—T.' Leahy 1, T. McDowell 2, Hon J. McLean commende M. Stitt, £2 2s ; Dogcart horse (mr»fe or gelding) to be shown in harness and driven—T. Leahy 1. HACKNEYS. Roadster" or Hack (mare or gelding) up to j4st weight—J. J. C. Quane .1., Roadster or hack (mare or gelding) fit to carry not less than lOst weight—Alc'xandes Bros 1, J. Grigs 2, W. J. Stoddart; highly commended, A. C. Hardy commended. Ladies Hack (mare or gelding) which must be thoroughly broken in as a ladies' hack. To be**Bhown in side saddle, and wridden by a lady—W. Dixon 1, Alexander Bios. 2. H. C. Segers, trimmed hat, value" 15c 6d : for the rider of the best lady's hack. W. Anderson, lady's whip, for best lady rider—Mrs Wilkie. Cob (marc or gelding) not exceeding 14?, hands high—D. McKendry 1, B. Hanks 3, VV. .Rollitt commended. lIU> TTKRS. Judges—Messrs A. Boyle and Marshals—Messts M Stitt, J. O.i N. Grigg, F. McCiifferty, and M. Fricdliindfai'. Hunter up tol4stJ. Cass 1, W. Dixon 2. Hunter up to list—Miss Saunders 1, C. Wroughton 2.. POMES. Judges—Messrs A. W. Money and P. J. Henley. Marshals—Messrs Dan McKendry, 1\ E. Upton, D. Cameron, G. H. Alington, and G. Croskell. ' ' ' Entire pony of any age, not exceeding 14 hands high Master G. Scott 1, W. J. Silcock 2. A. Hewson hiirhly commended. Pony (mare or gelding), nor exceeding 14 hands high, and thoroughly quiet to ride. To be shown in saddle, and ridden by a boy or girl- E Orr 1, J. Shearer 2, J. Talker highly commended, A. Spring commended. Pony (mare or gelding), not exceeding 13 hands high, and thoroughly quiet to ride. To be showu in saddle, and ridden by a boy or girl—F. Standish 1, Clarke Bros 2. J. Orr, and Co.. £1 Is ; Pony on the ground^ 14 hands or under—J. bhearcrl HORSE-SHOEING. ] Judges—Messrs J. Maxwell, T. Whitta, and P. Duncan. ■■ ' Marshal—Mr D. Brick. Shod Hack—J. Rogers 1, W. Kidd 2, J. H. Stephens highly commended. , Shod Draught Horße--J. McConnell 1, J. H. Stephens 2, G. Kidd 3 leApissUatch. Mr W. C. Walker, M.H.R., £3 3s, to be added to the Association's prize in the Leaping Match.- Mr Helmore'e Silo 1. PIGS. Judges—Messrs J. T. Green and Houston. Marshals—Messrs H. and T. Hunt; N.Z. Farmers' Co-Operative Association, £3 3s; to the largest praeUker in Pigs. Confined to the County. J. Studholme, junr., £2 ; to the largest prizetaker in Pigs. (Open). BERKSHIRE. Boar over 12 montlis old—^A. W. Randall, 1. Boar under 12 months old—W. Wills, 1. Sow over 12 months old—A. W.. Rnndall 1, W. Bramley 2. Sow under 12 months old—W. Wills 1, W. Bramley 2, highly commended and commended, Sow with litter of not less than 6 —W. Wills 1, J. Tasker 1. ANY BRKBn. Pen of three Porkers—W. Bramley, 1 and 2. FOR EXHIBITION 1 ONLY. W. Wills, highly commended. DOGS. NHEKP DOGS. Judges—Messrs Donald Cameron and M. Millar. Marshal - Mr G. W. Leadley. Smooth-coated Collie Sheep Dog or Slut—J. Moore 1, L. Rattray 2. Rough-coated Collie Sheep Dog or Slut —G. J. Cholmondeley 1, L. Rattray 2. Cattle Dog or Slut—J. R. Williams 1. PRODUCE. Judges—Messrs J. Stringfellbw and 0. Hardy. Marshals—Messrs J. Tucker, D. Williamaoiv J. Scaly and R. Friedlander. The President's Prize, Silver Cup, value £5 ss; for the largest prizetaker in Produce (all classes). H. Zander, prize, value £1 Is ; for the ! best collection of dairy produce. ! The Proprietors of "Weekly Press," i Christen urch, £1 Is ; for the largest prizetaker in Butter. : 31bs Separator Butter (without prints)— Mrs McGruinness 1 and 2. ■ • 31bs Powdered-Butter (Separator)— Mrs McGuinness 1 and 2. ■ ! 31bs Fresh Butter, without prints, other tlmn Separator—Mra J. Patterson 1, Mrs A. McKeir/ie 2, Mrs E. Stephens highly commended, Miss S. Wilson commended.' Donald Williamson, Box Tea; 31b« Fresh Butter.—Mrs J. Patterson 1. 31bs Powdered Butter, other than Separator—Mrs A. McKeiuue 1, Mrs Prebblo 2, Mrs Ashtoii highly commended, Mrs J. Small commended. Display of Fancy Butter not less than 31b«, <jua}ity to be takw into comidem-'

twn, otlior than Separator—Mrs J. Small 1 uiM2, Mis 11. Claika highly commended. Stophi™ Bros., £1 Is ; display of Fancy Butter— Mrs Small ]. '' Keg of filter? Butter, fit for exportsion, not k-iss limn 281U, butter to have - been deposited with the Secretary not less than 21 ,lnya previous to the ShowMrs .1. Small J, Mrs Prebblo 2. Colonial Cheese of not loss than 1511 m— 5J M '" 3 l}l™ y *' mm M- McKouzio 2, Mrs A. Mclvenmo highly commended. aide of bficou (smokod)—J. Fletelior 1, A. J. Huston,, curodat Vlernimrtaw Factory, 2, L\ iloult highly commended. . Sidxj of Bacon (iU)smoked)XT. Hoult 1, Mrs',l.'Small 2! * ■ Two-Haaw («m ( *ed)—,J: 'Fletcher 1, A. J Huston, cured afc Flenghfit^n Fju; toi-y 2, T. Hoult highly commended. Two HaniH (unsmokod)—i-A. J, Huston, cured af Flemincjton Factory 1, J. Hoult ,2, MrsJ. Croy hiflflilycoirimeVuled* 12 Hon Egi?a—Mi^s McDonald 1, Mrs J. Saiall 2, Mrs Brookshaw highly commeuded. . ' . ■ ■

12 Duck Eggs—Mrs J. Small 1 and 2, Arthur Williams highly commended.

Two Loaves ot Home marie Bread— Mrs J. Porter, I, Mrs J, Small 2, Miss K. Horsey highly commended. . „,. Mrs George Jameson, £Ila ;,tif« loaves of home-made.bread, made,froin flour ground in the .County, not to be baked in a baker s oven—Mrs J. Taifc i. K. Thomas, £1, O r sack of flour ; two loaves.Bread, made with flour ground at the Wakanui Mills—Mrs J. Small 1. W. Rollit, £1, or saA of .flour; two loaves bread, made from flour ground in the Canterbury Mills—Mrs J. Porjber 1. Dish of Honey-Mr P. Anderson 1. back of Barley, not less three, bushels —J. Bonifant 1. M. Digby, 10 gillonsbjst Ale; three bushels malting barley— J: Bonifant 1. EXTRA EXHIBITS. Mrs Taylor, Blackberry Jam and Apple Jelly, highly commended, , Mrs : John Doyle, Apple Jelly, Pumpkin. Jam, and Quince Jam, highly commended-; A. W. Randall, 24 bundles Rhubarb, highly commendted. N.Z MANUFACTURES. extra; sxhibit. J. Heseltine, ,«et Dog-Cart Harness, highly commended.

Collection of New, Zealand Manufactured Woollen Goods-Andrew Orr highly commended.* l' i • Collection of Drain Pipes, of New Zealand make—G. Jameson' highly 1 commended,, Friedlander rßros;, highly commended.

SMALL BIRDS. Ist Prize, £1 lO.s, 2nd do, 12s, to the boy who has sold mosfc Tmall Birds' Heads or Eggs from 30th June-Last to 80th October. The prized to' be' decided upon by certificate* being shown from Road Board or Qounty Councils. \ r John Small, £1 Is, to the winner of above—W. C. Smith, 1, H. Clarke 2.

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DRAUGHT HORSES., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2559, 1 November 1890

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DRAUGHT HORSES. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2559, 1 November 1890

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