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MtSRSP. HAYMAN&QO DUNEDIN CHRISTCffjRCH, WELLINGTON, AND AUCKLAND Tlie above Carry * complete Stock of E. E. KTOBLMAKN & CO.S STANDARD HERBAL MAGNETIC 1 REMEDIES, Which may be obtained from all Chemist* and Storekeers all over the globe. . ocal Agents lor H. E. Kugelmann and Co.VMaanetic Remedies— These Goods can be procure .*om th following — , A.SHBURTON—C. M. Brooke, Chemist; i John Orrand Co., Merchants RAKAIA—C. Hardy and Co., Merchants THESE unrivalled Herbal Medicines 1 are universally acknowleged to be the kesfc m the world. Tbey are quite different to all others know, being absolutely unsurpassed m tnelr mversal excellence They are absolute specified for those complaints for which they are specially prepared, and are free from, poi?gn Mid all Mineral drugs, and are For all Lung and Throat Diseases. As Bronchitis, »sth;na, Wheezing, Coughs, Colds, Fog Fever* Sore Throat, Bleeding from the Lungs, Tightness on the Chest, Inflammation of Lungs, Collapße of the Air Induration o! Lung* Congestion o Lungs, &c, &c. It is the only medicine known to mankind that will c mpletelycure consumption m its early Stages. It is composed of choice fruits, flower seeds, gums, balsams, and herbs. It renovates and fattens the weakest constitution, alike of young or old. It is exceedingly pleasant to take, and causes an immediate improvement m all who take it. Sold m .battles at 2s 6d, iB«THE dBOOM OF THE COMING CENTURY.' H. E. Kugelmann's Electric Essence.— An external remedy for all pains or aches. Nothing like this has ever been known, and nothing else will ever equal it. If you have a rheumatic or gouty pain that jou do not care about, obtain a bottle of ■ this Electric Essence and it will make you happy. Use it for sprained backs Inee joints, all swellings,, dropsy, back ache, sciatica, neuralgia, weak spines, ombago, contractions, lameness, cramps, mir»y, mumps, diphtheria, croup, and for »tt pains and aches. Never be without it for snake bite, and all bites of insect* or stings, and for burns, cuts, and KUGELMANN'S EYE OINTMENT AND ANODYNE EMOLLIENT Tl'us is undoubtedly the finest PharmaJ coutical Product of the century. An immediate cure for chilblain* and frostbites Nothing hitherto known can compare with this Ointment for its marvellous excellence, elegance of combination and superior effectiveness. It will cure all eye diseases, as sun blight, sandy blight, watery blight, matter or immory blight, inflammation of eyes and lids, chronic ophthalmia, and all and every eye disease ; arid as .well it is the •<, and nicest thing possible for fly bite, mosquito bites or stings o scorpions centipedes, spiders, etc. and for sor throats, coughs, mumps, quinsy etc., it i, simply splendid. All weak nervous , persons should use it to rub well m down ,Jie spine and on the stomach. We truahmtee that all who use this once will never be without it. Sold only m jars at 28 S^KOa&MAOTCfI HERBAL MAGNETIC OINTMENT, '/•hi unrated Herbal product is unr!mih*«dly thebesfc ointment eier elabo rated for curing old sores, bad legs, sf^V^ ******* 9V 2 F TT^A^ MAGNETIC TONIO r ™ AND It^ACH RESTORER. LlFfalU^o,^H biliousneea ourn, flatulency, sour stomach, * of food, loss of appetite sick hcadgw. nervousness, nervous debility, P«»f **£?, and the convalescing stages of all acote . diseases. Sold m bottles at 61 and H)« THE NATURAL LECTRI BLOOD This medicine has no equal for all blood and skin diseases, perfectly free from mercury, arsenic, and all mineral drugs. Never fails to cure the worse forms of scrofula, scurvy, eczema, itch, ulcers, abscesses, sore legs and breasts, and all diseases having their origin: m the Wood. It will work wonders m every case, witnbut exception. See handbook. Prices 4s 6d, 6s6d, and 12si6d each botcle. THE FLUID HERBAL LIFE. This is the soul of plants, an absolute specific for chronic neuralgia, faceache, toothache, tic doloreux, swollen face, stiimboil, and earache. Price, Is 9d and LIVER PILLS These Pills are unrivalled, and snp«rior to I'vlldtfiera for all liver troubles, biliousnpss oostiveness, giddines, indigestion, £m d smd heartburn. They are composed solely ol the vital properties of herbs, are S2d »»* tasteless: At Is 9d and 3s S Tiiese should be kept m every house as they are* sure cure for numberTHECHIIO)REN'S VITAL ESSENCE This is ft liquid food medicine, prepared and adapted exclusively for perraoAMiUy removing the ailments and diseases o infants and children m every eouncry^and dimate. It gives life, energy, health, bone and muscle to the frail and wasted infant, Mid will restore the hsalth, vitality, vigor, and plumpness of the weak, diseased, or sickly child. Being pleasant to take, it is readily taken by all. bold m two size only price 2s 6d and 5s each, with our guarantee attached, without which it can S?RBALMAGNETIOASTHMACURE r m <« unrivalled Herbal Compound is uniouL^tedly the best inhalent m all . Hthmat K'alcomplaints and difficult breath Was dr ▼ asthma, humid asthma, spas m&ic asthWa, nervous asthma, bronchitis, wWrinff tiK>toeßS on fche chest» catanhS IX%& m^ c head > &C" &° UrAA nf Ss 6o and l"s----"^BiS^MA^NE^SNEEZING This is a most useful little remedy of a re ry uniform and positive character. It has been devised and used for many years for colds m the head, catarrh m the nose hay fever, ozena, nasal polypus, and all i bteuctfons m the nose »nd nasal pas ' cages Sold at 2s, ss. ff.E.KUaELMANN&CG CLE PROPRD3TORS. i■■ . ■ - gtANOTACTUIIBIIB OF WtHCtMO ■ AND : ■** PRIBTABY MEDICINES. DiatiUew «f Essential Oils and Medw Liqueurs, &c, «Efe.. „ FOURTH AVENUE NEW V CITY. U.S.A Australian Head Office and Wannous 72, and 17< William street, Melbourne VStations and Reducing Establish ment at ■** Mount Parad^e,', Gembr o Gippsland. Don't fail to read our d iptive Handbook, mailed free to an dr Wt nj»y be h up on a|>pncat?on

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 4, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2553, 25 October 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 4 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2553, 25 October 1890