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On (lit that Sir JuKii* Vogcl only received £60 for "Anno Domini, 2Q00," On Tuesday morning the tree labor crow of the Hauroto'were pelted with rotten eggs at Oamaru by some bystanders while taking m cargo. In Sydney recently a ni»eteen-year^old wife sued her eighteen-year-old husband for maintenance. The B#n Mr Mitobelson has pro ed the Aucklan&ci's to retain Auckland as the port of eajl for the &an Francisco mail service. It is that; the great violinist Renjenyi is fco visit London this' year. It is something Ijfce twenty years since he was last heard there. The Temperance party m (Jamaru are issuing papers with a view to secure a plebecite of the ratepayers on the temperance <qu£af;ion. Mjf James Brown, one of the candidates far Ashbnrton at the forthcoming elections, will address jthe electors at the Oddfellows' Jtall this evening. 4jb shoKring tliafc Ifew Zealand can breed tetter meg horses than Victoria or New South WalesJ Jt J^ay be mentioned that the six top weights m the Melbourne Cap are New jjs&land bred, , A tioudon banjoist, nanied Reuben R. Bi*<wts, has biepn all the page at smart Club concepts iof private parties lately, owing to' the Pritt&e of Wales having pronounced him , t " *~€lie3t player had aver lieard. tfß^ v pj,]^ i% g m i jj c3 j ™aps/.haa received A you,., (mm tlje Royal the honorary -"vytg her little brother's Humane Society for s. *"«4 feij into twelve Me at Portsmouth. The**.. --» {% asd feet of water, and his siater jump*;.. i kept him afloat until Mwtatance wrjved,

As; a tneana of reducing the bird nuisance m tha fcianth Island it has been suggested that professional" bird catchers should be encouraged to come to the, colony. During aumtner nights, it ia argued, thousands of birds might be captured m paddocks ana hedges, and sent to the Homo market m a refrigerating chamber. On the 29th instant cheap railway excursion tickets to Timant will be issued at Ashburton. The fares will be—6a 6d firstclass, and 4a 6d second-class. An opportunity will thus be afforded to Ashburton residents to be present at the Timarn Agricultural Show and races on the 29th and 30th. The train arrangements will be found m our advertising columns. It will be seen with satisfaction V»y a Urge number of our readers that Mr IS. G. Wright has consented, m response to a requisition, to conic forward, as a candidate for the representation of AshbnrtOn m the General Assembly, We have now, therefore, four candidates m the field—all good men, but of course of different views—ao that the electors have an ample choice, and every opportunity of selecting a good representative. There is an impression abroad that the Union Shipping Company is almost entirely ft local company. Such is, however, not by any nifans the case. There are forty-two shareholders m New Zealand whose combined interest only represents £46,680, not enough capital to build and equip even one of the big boats. On the other hand the amount of share capital held m Great Britain amounts to £353,320. Practically, therefore, it is an English company with a New Zealand monopoly.—Northern Exchange. Anew and destructive apple pest has been introduced to Victoria and New South Wales from that hotbed of pests, California. The grubs were found m an immature state m a shipment of apples recently, and Mr Crawford, entomologist of Adelaide, to whom they were submitted, thinks it is a new pest even to California itself, and that, if introduced it will be as destructive as the codlin moth, and as difficult to eradicate. Mr Crawford has suggested that the other colonies should be communicated with so that importers may be put on their guard. An interesting development is that of the small fruit industry m England. Discouraged from large undertakings m the cultivation of grain mauy English farmers Inva found profitable results m the cultui* of berries and other small fruit products. Including the orchard lands, where the small fruits are grown between the trees, there are already nearly fifty thousand acres under cultivation, and m the county of Kent alone about fifty thousand persona are now employed as pickers, growers, etc., and more than one hundred and fifty thousand tons of sugar are used annually m the industry. The United States harvest has been marked by intense heat, and there is a hard and parched quality about much of the grain, which is m striking contrast to what bids to be the condition of English and French crops. Though the Pacific seaboard has done better than anticipated, it will not equal m exports the season which cloied with July 31st. The Atlantic seaboard is siid to have 40,000,000 bushels le3s winter wheat to ship—of 1390 grain—as compared with last seasou, but the reserves are 20,000,000 bushels larger than a year ago. It is, therefore, assumed that the total difference will not be more than 20,000,000 bushels. The Askbtirton Cricket Club had a Married r Single match m the Domain yesterday, m which sixteen playera took part, making eight a-sUle. The married team were captained by L. F. Andrewes, and the bachelors by Dixon, of Tinwald. The scores were small on both sides, owing to the superiority of the bowling, Married getting only 28 and 35, and Single 21 and 20. For the Married the bowlers were G. Andrews, Kidd, and Cuthbertson, and for the bachelors Russell, Dixon, and Temple. The wicket was m fair condition, and 'the weather eujoyable. The Club is progressing favorably, and during the season may 5 be expected to hold its own better than ever it did. , A public meeting m connection with the Wesleyan Home Mission and Church Extension Fund was held m the Waterton Wesleyan Church on Tuesday evening. The night being exceptionally fine,, there was a large and appreciative audience present. The meeting, which 'vas opened with praise and prayer, was presided over by the Rev J. N. Buttle, who read the annual Home Mission Report, and having m a very liicid manner explained the object of its funds m an earnest and well ordered address, urged the claims of Home Mission work on those present. The Rfev R. 8. Bunn, of Tcmuka, appointed by the Wesleyan Conference as a deputation to visit the Ashburton Circuit m the interest of the fund, then addressed the meeting. Mr Watson also _ delivered an address', after which a collection was taken up, which, together with Sunday's and Home Mission box".-", showed a result of £1 4s lO^-d, as against £1 Is 8d last year. A vote of thanks to the speakers being returned by Mr Mo3es, by far the most uuccessful Home Mission meeting ever Waterton was brought to a close by the Ror R. S. Bunn pronouncing the, benediction. A rery large number of persons, not only m Ashburton, but throughout South Canterbury, and m particular m Waimate, where with her,husband and family she resided for some years, will read with unfeigned regret the announcement m another column of the death of Mrs Henry, wife of Mr John Henry, of the Commercial Hotel. The deceased was widely and deservedly respected as an exemplary wife and mother, a faithful friend, a kindly hostess, and above all, a consistent and devout member of the Church to which she belonged—the Catholic Church. Herself always ready to assist m every worthy enterprisa, she has transmitted her good qualities to her family, who m musical matters especially have been of great service m the Church choir and m Local concerts, and very sincere sympathy will be generally felt for them and Mr Henry m their bereavement, which is to them an irreparable loss. Mrs Henry, who was a native of County Carlow, Ireland, came out to New Zealand about 90 years ago, and would have been married 25 years next February. She had been m failing health for nearly two years, but only took to her bed about a month ago. During that time she had suffered greatly, and her medical advisers, Drs Tweed and "Trevor, though using all the resources of their skill, deemed her case hopeless for some three weeks past. She died peacefully at 7 o'clock last evening, and leaves seven children—four daughters and three sons —to mourn her loss. It will be seen by an advertisement m another place that the funeral will leave the hotel on Saturday morning at half-past ten o'clock for the Catholic Church, en route for the Ashburton Cemetery.

We regret to lawn from the Dunedin papers that Mr J. C, Brown, who has b««i for many years M.H.R. fop Tuapeka, is lying dangerously ill at Lawrf nee. • Miss Walker, who ban resigned the | position of mistress of the Doric School, was, on Friday, prenented with a handsome gold chain and purse of monej as a towmir of the respect and j esteem m which she is held by residents m t>he Rnkaia district. At Wellington ou Wednesday afternoon, Mr Erdly Culley Reynolds, second son of tho Hon W. H. Reynolds, M.Jb.O., was united m marriage to Miss Frances Edith Richardson, eldest daughter of the Hon Edward Eiclmrdcon, C.M.G., member for Kaipoi m the late Parliament. The sale of Ruakapnka, thn property of Mr W. PostlethwaLte, will t<>kc place at Geraldine to-morrow. The property consists of 5000 acres, and has been sub-divided into twenty farms of all sizes. The estate is one of the best m the.' Geraldine district, and affords an opportvonity to intending settlers to acquire a really good property. There were twenty-one natives arrested at Te Kuiti on. Wednesday m addition to Te Mahuki, the leader pf the new Maori fanaticism referred to m our telegrams from Auckland yesterday. The batch of prisoners will be taken to Auckland where they will be called upon to answer charges for riotous behaviour. The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Compaay, Limited, have received tho folloing cablegram from their London office, dated 21st inst. :— Wheat—Market is firmer. New Zealand wheat has advanced . 3d per 4961b*; since last report. New Zealand wheat f.a.q.,"to arrive iron ship, is worth, c.i./., 36s 3d per 4801bs, AugustSeptember bill of lading. Cyclones may move 3000 or 4000 miles, hare a dial neter of 800 or 1000 miles, and last a day or two, while tornadoes seldom move fart her than 50 or 60 miles, have a diameter of over half a mile, or continue more than twr> hours- The whirling motion m th« tornado is of far greater depth and velocity then m the cyclone and generally does more damage. If tb ey have not got the elixir of Me m the litytle island of Amorzos, m the .asgean Archipelago, they at any rate would seem to hr,vo attained the secret of long existence.. A recent Aisitor to the Island found that the two oldest inhabitants, named Postiri sincl Chiolini, wer« 139 anc 125 respectively. The senior still works m his garden, and took the incredulous visitor to the place where his actede naismncc, dated 11th November, 1751, was to be seen amongst the parish archives. The Highland Land Court issued decisions on the 29th August affecting several estates m the v/est of Ros3-shiro. On the Dundonatd estate the crofters have got an erefage. reduction of 25 per cent on their rent, and have had 68 por cent of their arrears cancelled. On Sir Arthur Mackenzie's estate, of Coul, the rents have been reduced 40 per cent, and 80 per cent of the arrears can-' celled. In Ullapool, which is the property of Lady Mathieson, of Lewes, the crofters have had their rents reduced 15 per cent, and 50 per cent of their arrears cancelled. The annual gathering m connection with the Plemington Presbyterian Church takes place to-morrow evening. Tea begins m the schoolroom at half-past five. The public meeting will be held when the tea is over m the church, and will be addressed by Revs Messrs Gray, Riddle, Beattie, and Mr Sawle, Rev A. Blake being m the chair. Selections of music will be given by a choir, and as much labor and care have been bestowed on the arrangements, it is hoped, given fine weather, that the meeting will prove a great success. A narrow escape from a serious accident took place this morning on the Terrace road, Tinwald. Mr Hanrahan's baker's cart (with (young Hanrahan driving) was going its rounds", and when passing Mr Thomas Sealy's Riverbank Nursery the horse suddenly tripped and fell, throwing the driver on to the road, and breaking some of the harness. The young man was a good deal shaken, but fortunately was otherwise unhurt, and after a spell was able to continue his journey. Mr Scaly kindly attended to the wants of the sufferer until he was m a condition to look after himself. The latest thing m striken, says thfl "Oainarn Mail-" took place at Vukeuri last Friday. On the conclusion of the Sunflower Minstrels' entertainment m aid of the school funds, the committee announced the usual dance, for which a subscription of 2s...was demanded. The eligible males of the district deemed the figure top high, and refused to "come m." The management, having ,persuaded the girls to come m, induced them to stop m the hall, under the impression that the young men would be unable to resist the temptation of joining m were they to. hear the music going and to know tho girls were waiting. However, the youths were adamant, and ultimately proceeded to their own assembly rooms, tod started a nival danee—freo. Tlie girls,recognising that the mountain would not come to Mahomet resolved to repair to the mountain, and forthwith left the school-houae m a body and joined the strikers, leaving the school committee to lament over the indestructible affinity of the sexes. A special meeting'of s the Canterbury Land Board was held at 11 a.m. on Wednesday; present—Messrs J. H. Baker (Chief Commissioner), D. M'Millau, and W. Kitson. The following Bectiotns were granted :—For cash. —Section 35878, 45a 2r 7p, m the Rangitata district, at Ll 5s per acre, to Edward M. Godwin. Section 36296, 272 acres m the Shepherd's Bush and Rangitata districts, at Ll 10s per acre, to Edward M. Goodwin. On Perpetual lease.—Lot 2,Reserve 349, 84a 2r 32p, iv the Geraldine district, at an annual rental of 10^d per acre, to Eugene Connor. On Deferred-payments.—Lot 13, Reserve 1371, 235 a Or lOp, m the Hinds district, at Ll Us 3d per acre, to James M'Keage. Licenses to prospect were granted to Thomas Sommervillo and Co. and David Stott. The Receiver of Land Revenue reported a number of deferredpayment, perpetual lease, and village homestead special settlement selectors m arrear with their payments, and the Board decided to take steps to obtain immediate payment from all those who owed more than two payments. After transacting a quantity of business of a routine character, the Board adjourned to Friday Oct. 31.

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LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2551, 23 October 1890

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LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2551, 23 October 1890

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