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T>^"k-f Wggg^gg WATCH and CLOCK : XiOuT "Ky^^C|| MAKER, JEWELLER, &c. Mnrrav 1111 m East Street> ] ? ipHS :i Ashburton A LARGE and Varied Assortment of New Jewellery, Plate &c. A magnificent Stock of Watches and Clocks, at prices ranging from a few shillings to £30. Every Watch or Clock sold will be guaranteed. I make a special .line o High Class English Watchea. ' i Well appointed Worshops under my personal superintendence assures all work being turned out promptly and m tirst-class condition. EVERYTHING SOLD WARRANTED — .^— — /,-,■•• v —- -■■■■■_] A;r;.' —. r.A - r'"tr,,r%^; ——r;; CLOVERS. CLOVERS. CLOVERS ■■'-■• i . 117 E ARE LANDING,-^ tix "Nelson and ex "Carrie L. Tyler.' RED CLOVER, WHITE CLOVER, COWGRASS, ALSIKE, TIMOTHY, etc., etc. ALL O F CHOIC ES T QUALITY, For which we are now Booking Orders at LOWEST CURRENT RATES \ -TT^E HAVE ALSO FOR SALEMACHINE DRESSED RYEGRASS and COCKSFOOT. FRIEDLANDER BROS. VpREES. TREES.—For Sale twelVe or "V] OTICE,— Anyone found |Tres - ;X fourteen thousand one and two- -^ passing m pursuit of game or year-old Macrocarpa ; finest plants m the otherwise on che Riyersdale Estate on district. Come and see for yourselves, and after this date will be prosecuted. Aleo five or six thousand Pinus Insignis, .■. j- X ; WILLIAMb. one and two years old, and all sorts of , ; Riversdale, 24th May ,76 early Potatoes and all sorts of Cabbage " "* Pjiuite, Gooseberries,' Currants, and, FARM ERS CO-OPERATIVE Khubarb. Apply ' j FIRE AND.MARINE INSURANCE MAIIHEW iiOOJNi^, . ASSOCIATION. OF CANTERBURY, Burnett Street East, LIMITED < i Ashbnrton.^ (Tq h& r J eg ( stered imder v The Oompa^ \ MISS ESSIE LACK,; -.;,,: pectus.- - OT7 TTMARU CAPITAL.. , £ICO,OOO, Ob 11MAKU, Divided into 20,000 Shares at £5 each, TTAS Commenced Tuition of Piano Ten a^ptih^tppUcat^n, _O_ and Singing m Ashburton T Shillings per share on allotment Miss Lack wm receive pupilsat Mason c £g F ?.^ c 'millAmtn^hr^ ZTfrZ if required P Balance, if retil nine pm. on MONDAYS and from ired b Five nine a.m. till twelve noon^nlUESD AYS s We at intervals of not less thanfcliee For mforniatjon regarding terms, xVc:, ; mbnt h s : apply at H.ML Jones' Music Warehouse • p KOVISIqNAL DIRECTOKS . rat Masonic Cottage. ,/; . lb» I . Megsrß s _ B ailey * W- Boa^ F> H _ f2O ■RTCWAP.D Brittan*, M. S. Campbell*, J. Campbellt, ; 0. Ensor*, .J. Gammack*, J. Grigg,; J. TN consequence of the amount of Poach- Gough* J. Haydon* J. Hardiet, 'R.: L. JL ing going on m the Creeks on the Higgins* W. Henderson* R. B. HoldsLagmhor E*tflte, the above reward will worth-, J.J. Her rick* W.B. Howellt, be paid to anyone giving information that A- S' Jll^oo^ » O J- T Kellandr, D. will lead to a convfetion. M'Millan* F, D. 8. Weave* A. Par-, From this date No One will be per- Hpns*, J. Paget H. W Peryman* J. mitted to FISH m the Creeks on the Jennie* R. H Rhodest, E. P. Scaly* Lacmhor Estate .J. lalbott, J. Wilront. ; DONALD MgLEAN, ° * Directors of the N.Z. Farmers CoLa^mhor, Ist April, 1889. ' ' operative of Canterbury, ° ' l , Limited, Christchurch. : 0 OOKS—Thousands of Books of every + Directors of the Canterbury Farmers' iJ) kind, including books on History, Co-operative Association, Timaru. Travels, Science, Religion, Fiction, etc., rt ,B.AN^ BRS,: S • °, f K?w Zealand, etc. Account Books and Stationery of Christchurch ; National Bank, Timaru. every description. A cheap line of En- Solicitous : Harper and Co., Chnstvelopes at 5s per thousand. Fancy Goods, church. including Albums, Rhoto Frames, Writing Sbcbrtary, too tkm :A. H. Turnbull. Cases, Work Boxes, Purses, Ladies' Hand ~~~~ Ba«s, Games and Puzzles. Music-A Applications for shave must be made large stock. Pianos, Accordians, Violins, upon .a form obtained from the Concelinas, etc. All Goods reduced for T ecre^ ry V^Um,., nt the offices of the Q as ]j New Zealand Farmers Co-operative AsL F ANDREWES & Co., sociation at Christchurcli, or from the Stationeas' Hall. Canterbury Farmers' Co-operative As--t~——^-t^t—r"T~ ssociation at Timaru, and must be forX? 1 T0 tM PER DAY to be warcle d to eit of the above addresses, BJ.L ddrt made by person of together with the amount payable on apeither sex' m their own localities, at work p ii cat i oll . Where the number of shares for us. New business. All meet with a n otfc{ . d is j ess thfm the number applied wonderfui success. Any one can 11 -do tl\ e. for the surplus money forwarded will be work. Capita 1 not required. VV c will credited m reduction of the amount paystart you. Outfit worth £1 mailed free.; able on allotment. The employment is particularly apapted Copieß o£ the propose( i Memorandum to the region m which this publication an( j Articles of Association may be iricirculates. Boys and girls earn nearly as spected at either of the above-mentioned much as men. Full particulars and m- offices, or at the offices of the Solicitors of structions mailed free. Now is the time the Association at Christchurch. —don't delay, but write to us at once. Applications for shares will be received Address—Stinson and Co., Portland up to and including Wednesday, the 30th Maine, United States. day of September next, 8*144 oTmT^kooke ■ seeds- seeW ! C H E M I S T VEGETABLE SEEDS. EARLY SF-ED POTATOES,— ip a «a t> <5 T R ■V. "R T ■ Including hA b 1 b i iv ..jj. «'THE BEAUTY OP BATH," Which last season produced on Mr ASHBURTON. Doherty's land, Tinwald, the enormous yield of some- r —- thing« over SEVENTEEN TONS PER ACRE. T3RKSCKIBES For X > ; TmiFTY (POUNDS (SOU*) of " The _ T _^, JD Beauty of Bath" Seed produced COUGHS, COLDS, THIRTEEN and THREE-QUARTER ™,-,. ,„ c BAGS of Superb Potatoes. RHEUMATISM, SKIN DISEASES, l A. W. RANDELL Other Minor Ailments FEUITGKOWEE, &C, — ASHBURTON. 8 39 BROOKE'S —-— - — ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, »*-*- Wm. SPARROW Are the best all round Family Medicine TREES. TREE'S. TREES. TAILOR Xi.^ain tender my best thanks to my numerous Customers and Correspori ■ dents for the support I have received from them, and assure them that I shall still conduct my Business m the future as \ ND 1 have m the past, and all orders by post r otherwise will receive my prompt attention. My Apple Trees are all worked on the blight proof stock, and are clean and well grown ; also Pears, Plums, Cherries, Apricots, and nil kinds of small Fruits. TV/T TH VT'O I have one of the largest stock of Forest IV/1 H j I \ r"} Trees m Canterbury, about 40,000 Larch, xu.o-ixi k_/ two years old, 40,000 do. one year old, and 100,000 Pinus Insignis, one and two years old. Cupressus Macrocarpa, I have a grand lino, I make this a speciality. All 11 Tk f4 H Tl my seedlings have been transplanted, klj U X II P X being equal to those m boxes. I have *«1 U IV v JJ II i ibout 100,000 one and two years old, also Roses and Fancy Shrubs m great variety, trees supplied and planted by m., will be guaranteed for 12 months. Catalogue sent post free on application. T^MES T) ORT E R J A.MES, XORTER, r EAST STREET. NURSERYMAN and SEEDSMAN '" ■"■■/' -1 A.v LEN TO N ' :<. ASHBURTON

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2515, 11 September 1890

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 4 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2515, 11 September 1890