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■VpOTIOE-All Persons found Tress rUDIiC Notices. Wanted. ~} W-Ly passing in pursuit) of game or , --—.-——7-7—7: 7 ; IV- —" f otherwise on the Riversdale Estate on CASH Advertisements under this and after this date will hjgJJggL SEEDS, PLANTS, & c fe^^r_3!lS2^S Rivem^o, 24th May. 5W6 TREES. TREES TREES. left * «*« Ofo*SEALY'S FRUIT TREES- m — '■■ "W™ yof^ l*"* Si T 8™* i Again tender my best" thanks to my »T A comfort you will find, "TNO7XT V >)hi, ?nr;, Plin-s, - '- numerous Customers and Correspon In " Caeson's fresh ground Coffee," ___ Cherries, Peaches, Apricots, Nectar dents for the support I have received The richest of its kind. 785 ines, and all other fruits. The merits of from them, and assure them that I shall *» rANTED KNOWN—The Strongall the varieties have been subjected to still conduct my Business in the future as y V Wear Boot for Men, Women ami severe tests during the last 15 years, and I have in the past, and all orders by post Children can only be had at W. H. the stock is now admitted to be the r otherwise will receive my prompt atten- Collier's. Largest and Choicest in Canterbury, fion. My Apple Trees are all worked on ■ ; — probably in the colony, to select from, all the blight proof stock, and are clean and !__> UUlfcj, BOO1S.—" Keep your feet ■warranted, and at your own prices. well grown ; also Pears, Plums, Cherries, -LJ Dry and save Doctor's Bills. I SEALY'S FOREST TREES Apricots, and all kinds of small Fruits, have a splendid Stock in now. Try my Of all kinds, innumerable in quantity, I have one of the largest stock of Forest Double-soled Shooters. Every pair well-grown and hardy—all kinds, all sizes, Trees in Canterbury, about 40,000 Larch, Guaranteed. Robert Alcorn, Ashburall prices, ' two years old, 40,000 do. one year old, ton Clothing Mart, Saimders' Buildings. SEALY'S ORNAMENTAL TREES, &c and 100,000 Pinus Insignia, one and two ~TUST~^ned, a few ladies plush Phoiccin quality, numerous in quantity. years old. Cupressus Macrocarpa, 1 have jackets, newest shapes, very cheap. SEALY'S MACROCARPA. ■ a grand line, vl make this a speciality. All —H. 0. Segers, Melford House. Tens of thousands in number A, large to 1^ TT/ANTBD every man mlh^_££ r£p 8L ygrOWllfOr ? W tohaveasit.oftheAshbuxU yeryiowpnees. Roses and Fancy Shrubs in great variety ls'-T? of Ef Alc, or^ „A.s hburton _, „ . aju^ 1 » ,J\^ i?- DjO. . ... ah f rPl »o Rimnliprl and ußntorl lw m Clothing Mart, Saunder's Buildings. ■ Endless in variety and choicest in quality. All trees suppnect and jplanted by m. —^& j_ — _ — _ — s — SEALY'S CATALOGUES will be guaranteed for 12 months. Cata- FUST Received —Over one ton English Forwarded free to any address on logue sent post free on application. t) and Continental Confectionery. Own application make as usual fresh daily.—H.G. Flower, ™ " "FAMES pORTEK Confectioner, East street. Notb.-I will only be responsible for JAMES XORTER, KNOWN.-The Cheapest „ Trees ordered du-ect from the Nursery or NURgERY MAN a™ SFFDSMAN VV House in Ashburtrn to buy through Messrs J. Sealt and Co. UJtbJUiYMAN AND bI^DbMAN, p rapery> Millinery) clothing, Boots, etc., THOST SEALY, A_LENTON is H. C. Segbrs, Melford House. __ ' Nurseryman, \\f ANTED KNOWN.-A lot of 1 Riverbank, Ashburton. ASHBURTOIS VV Ladies Cloth and Tweed Jackets, - ' considerably under usual cost price.— __ . W. H. Collier, "The Corner." . i\/ ANTED Known —One hundred TAUtf AD ft XT f.A _«W-RTT-RTmsr rmTTSTTV V* and fifty Ladies'and Children's uUilrl UllU ft VV, ASHBURTON COUNTY Ulsters bought a great bargain (good ■r-f TT t.-r m j~t -r tt T-* qualities), now selling very cheap—H. C. ABK OFFERING GRAKD VALUE HUNTJLUB. ■»»"»- Th ___ in th. FoUowi,,g Wing Line, ANNUAL STEEPLECHASES \V STSS vanised Iron goods in Ashbarton, is at 0 burton on" thG RaCOT6 ' AA' W. FH.nkaford's Burnett Street A burton, on large stock kept on hand. Tin and Iron 4 Casks Saucepans, Boilers and Kettles PATRONS-Hon. John McLean, Matthew Public Notices. 4 Casks Lamps, Globes and Chimneys J™\ p . r ASHBURTON COUNTY COUNCIL. 1 Ca^e Table Knives, Forks, Spoons. „ Praams-John Gngg. __ 3 Casks Hough and Trace Chains. V? n PST ~T^5£ g mT AT OTICE is h™h V S^en that tb< 80 Tins White Lead. w?w'iWMßl^ ' JN Police intend to prosecute owners 40 Tins Red Lead. q I,™ pii ffn * tn at of Unregistered dogs iv the County. 120 Drums Raw and Roiled Oil. Stewards-G. 11. Aling ton J, C N. By order, Paints and Varnishes of all kinds. gfigg, Dr Leahy, H. G. Moore, W P. j/ MAIN WARING, 5 Bales Wall Papers. Chapman, J Jamieson D. McKendry, ?+7g Vl^ 50 Register GrateVfrom 14s 6d to £5, §•£• Buckley, H. H. Wright, W. LI _ Ranges Stoves, at all prices. _ B£>lht- _„ Q „ m M ? S S. T I M M- C 8 Cases Wringers and Mangles. Judge—M. btitt. Starter—D. Thomas. ___T_L has removed from the Lytteltor 50 Sets Fire Irons from 5s to 3Cs. Clerk of the Course—A. Hewson. Boarding House to those more commodi 50 Fenders from 6s to £5 Clerk of the Scales—A. J. Kelly. O us and central premises, 25 Tons Bar and Sheet Iron. HANDicAPPERS-Dr Leahy, M. Scott. Panama House, 1 Ton Bolts and Nuls, all sizes. * • Where friends, old and new, will be wel Leather Portmanteaus and Trunks. nn s^ s-7T~, **n *r* corned. Accommodation tor boarders ai Leather Belting, Uto 6in. PROGRAMME. reduced rates. Meals prepared in Mi Manilla and Flax llope, 1^ to 3in. 1. The Hunters' Hurdle Race, a Tiremo's well known style. 75? 35 Coils Plough Lines. handicap of 15 soys ; second horse tc ■*■■ ' —— L 2 Cases Mould Boards. receive 3 soys from die stake. For "OOOKS—Thousands of Books of ever] 5 Casks Hornsby's Plough Shares (new qualified hunters the property < -O kind, including books on History pattern.) " members of *>he Ashburton Cr.unty Travels, Science, Religion, Fiction, &c. 3 Caakv; Ransom's Plough Shares. Hunt Club. Maiden riders allowed &c. Account Books and Stationery 0: 3 Casks Buggy Springs and Axles. 71bs, Nomination, 10s : acceptance, every description. A cheap line of En 1 Cask Carriage Lamps. ss. About two miles; over eight velopes at 5s per thousand. Fanby Goods 20 Kegs Blue Stone. flights of hurcles, about 3 feet 6inclies including Albums, Photo Frames, Writing 10 Cases New Iron Bedsteads. high. Cases, Work-Boxes, Purses, Ladies' Ham 10 TONS CLOVER SEEDS. 2 Hunt Club Cup Steeplechase, a Bays, Games and Puzzles. Music—_ 100 Kegs Wire Nails. handicap of 30 ho\s ; second to large Stock. Pianos, Accordians, Violins 20 Ke«s Fencing Staples. . receive 3 soys and third horse to Concetmas, &c. A ll Goods reduced fo: 200 Coils Steel Fencing Wire, receive 2 soys from the stake. Open Cash. 80 Coils Barb Wire. to all qualified hunters, the property L- F. ANDREWES & CO. 1 Bale Seaming Twine. of members of a,ny recognised Hunt __. Stationers' Hall. 2 Cwt Bobit Mettle. Club. Minimum weight, lOst. Miirlen 25 Bundles Spades and Forks. riders allowed 71bs. Nomination, 3 Packages Screws, Locks iind Hinges. 15s ; acceptance, 15s. About three 2 Cases Saws, Chisels and Planes. miles, over such jumps and course as "-ivy* r . f~t 10 Cases Axes and Picks. the Stewards sliall direct. N.B. — Jj^j ri'HE 4 Cases Knives. The winner of this race to have the JO Cases Pick Axe and Hammer option of receiving the prize in a Handles. piece of plate or in specie. NEW ZEALAND 2 Cases Hammers. 3. Hack Race, of 10 sjvs, no weight 2 Bales Door Mats. under lOst. For horses that have 10 Crate-sChina, and Earthenware, includ- never been nominated for a handican . «—.,».»•.■-»• New Toilet Dinner, Tea and or any classic race. Post entry lO.s (\\ A TUT f\l P. 17 ,1 J^Tflß V Dessert Ware. Some of these are to go to the fund. Three quarters of vli'iliil^U L/ivlvlVl really beautiful goods. a mile on the ilat. 150 Cases Oils, including Valvolme, 4. Maiden Steeplechase Plate, of 15 Lubroline, Canter, Colza, Olive soys ; second horse to receive 3 sovh FOR Lard and Neatsfcot—this can all from the stake. For qualified hunters had in any quantity. the property of members of the 150 Cases KEROSENE, Light of th Ashburfcon County Hunt Club, that O V E E T 0 A T S Age ; the very best. have never won an advertised steeple- ' chase. Weight for age. Maiden riders allowed 7lbsf. Entrance 15s. and About two miles. GROCERY DEPARTMENT 5. Ladies' Bracelet Handicap, of 20 m»mTin-nn,-A™ soys; the first horse to receive a WATE RPB< »OFS. WILL Always be found STOCKED bracelet of the value of 15 aovs , the with GOODS of First Class second horse to receive a bracelet of QUALITY, the value of 5 soys. Open to all —Including— qualified hunters, the property of pti-ciAp-pann nnrl TSITST YTfMTSTC in thp Indian Ceylon and China TEAS, members of any recognised Hunt CHEAPEST and BE&I HOUbL m the Mauritius Sugar, Club. A high weight handicap. JJisraicc Crushed Loaf Sugar, Gentlemen riders. Maiden rider Pure Coffee, allowed 71b. Horses before starting Candles, for this race must qualify over a flight T7-RAT/FIT me! COMFORT Oatmeal, ofhurdles in front of the stand to the U-&&LJ111 dllU LAJiVLI UXtl Rollitt and Cos. Flour, satisfaction of the Stewards. All FOX Butter from Mr John Grigg s horses to be nominated by ladies. Famous Dairy. Nomination, 10s ; acceptance, 10s. , About two miles on the flat. OU/" 6 Consolation Steeplechase, a handicap —— of 10 soys. Nomination 10s, to be , w , 1 • *t tt- 1 made to the Secretary immediately Jhe Celebrated Werthem New Highafter the Ladies' Bracelet is run ; arm Sewing Machines on easy Time payacceptance free, to be notified to the ments; IflU&l fIDD AMR Pfl Secretary within 10 minutes of the ~" UUnll Unn MllU UU., declaration of the weights. About . WFBBFT? TTI one mile and a half. ( 1 w H- WMJBB.K, \T\ .__ V J Manager _L' T-A/l T)r\T> rm t>O GENERAL RULES. 1 J\_L_b O JQ; X Jcj MO • No entry will be received for any of the ; . Races except upon this condition :—That __ ||51 |^ all disputes and objections arising out of " _-_-—-— BR/ W& fcne racing shall be decided by a majority y_3__?V ' jl v of the Stewards present, or those whom Jo&^**Sl\ J_^^^hT*^ A NDREW ARR'S they may appoint. Their decisions upon £$$/$'- *« PmiU^^-^ JLJLNDREW VjRR S all pointo connected with the carrying out Y^l^j^ 1 mffiKi&r of this Programme shall be final. /^ fc^lw m»^^^\ All entrie.s to be sealed and addressed 4^ / "*Wlr «^^ . GREAT rm s to the Secretary, Ashburton, entrance /^ r. **%-> 3L -T^ S£| money enclosed, with the name, age at K^i-sf {^ the time of ent'-y, name of owner, pedi- J%f^H\ ANNUAL SALE gree, and performances of the horse, and %p^^'\ fl\^^t^> k$ ' ' j^3 colors of the rider. /'•*'' //, \ \ Entries by telegram must be confirmed (A'iTiiGUT TC_Ttt WjTM_TE-Tm (Q by writing at the earliest opportunity. ]So nomination or acceptance will be «* M received on any pretence whatever after THE CHRISTCHURCH DENTAL DP -f DTPV ie 'lour nftmed» an(l Ul|less accompanied .SURGERY, j LJK/L1 JlKx by the necessary amount in cash. Corner of Cashel and High streets. All horses must be ridden in colors. J3 L^ A qualified hunter shall mean any horw Q "A/T YE R S AND /""10. r that has been fairly hunted at least three >. ) • J3_J_ --^ (OS 11 CLO THING t- _l times with any recognised pack of hounds SURGEON DENTISTS. , W^ during the season 1890, and the Master's And at Dunedin and Westport. / J * certificate of qualification must be prof ANT> j duced at the .scales. -TTTE have gained the FIRST AWARD * Gentlemen riders. -Names must be VV at the Dunedin Exhibition for M », sent in to the Secretary on or before 2nd Artificial Dentures and Mechanical Appli/'/1/OTC August for the approval of the Com- ancestor the Mouth, and it is with the jd ■ liUUld %—^ mittee. greatest confidence that we guarantee the Five per cent will be deducted from all highest class work and perfect fit at the aW winnings towards the expenses of the most moderate cost Will Commence » Course. ' __* ktffi T!ie Committee reserve to' themselves A Single Artificial Tooth, 10s. m Saturday, July sth the 1 right of refusing any entry, amlin the Complete Set — Upper and Lower— h- •■■ event'of bad weather of postponing the temporary and permanent, £10 10s. pi . — meeting from day to clay or for any longer Natural, Durable, Comfortable _ ' # period. . Artificial Teeth Replaced Temporarily altr The orcatcst BARGAINS The Races will be run under the Rule* most immediately after the extraction over'aeen in Asliburon. iiv of Racing and the New Zealand Grand of decayed teeth or stumps without extra tux National Steeplechase Rules in all cases cc or charge. SEE HANDBILLS. I* where they apply. _ Arrangem enfcs c^nTe made for part or \ NOMINATIONS &c monthly payments. ; Nominations to be accompanied by fees A DMINISTERING NITROUS OXIDE AWDRPW ORR n name, at'o, and description of'the horse 3AS .several times daily for the past ten nMW " Om and colors of rider, and in the hands of years, we fearlessly assert that extraction J _ff he Secretary not later than 9 p.m. on of teeth under its influence is perfectly _______ Egg A TURD AY, July 19th, 1890. painless and positively safe !_?iL-Ji iJ!L_LJ^S!!!SSES!SS!S_ Weights will be declared on MONDAY —~ July 28th, 1890 Fee for Administration, ss. Acceptances must be made to th Extraction, 2s 6d. Secretary not later than 9 p.m. on Artificial Teeth and Dentures made by SATURDAY, August 2nd, 1890 other dentists repaired or remodelled at E J. FOOKS, small cost. I lion Secretary * Hours of attendance—-9 a.m. to 6 pt«l.

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 1 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2466, 16 July 1890