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SPEOIALLY^UTHORISED WHOLE NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS.^ l" SALEAGEN 8 FOR MEW Z ALAND p^G to the^er houVat whichit •^: MESSRS-P.HAYMAN&CO. iLSJZ£^^&%FSk ?::"?> 5 ■: T. rV--. * FIRST EDITION of, the-'Guardian," . DUNEDIN CHRISTCHURCH,' mus t be delivered at the Office not later WELLINGTON, AND AUCKLAND than 2 p.m. * ■ { t;. ■ - .- } i r> " [ r !'. —rf" 1 " • •« p REPLACE Advertisements cannot ibe ■ "■ ' The above carry a complete Stock of guaranteed insertion, unless sent in \on . , , '■ the day previous to that on which they E. E. KUGELMANN & CO.S are intended to appear. i : "STANDARD H™^, MAGNETIC FREDEIiICK^SPEkCER, I , . '. „'rt, '. , Stock and Share Dealer, ' Which may be obtained from all Chemists ' ; and Storekeepers all over the globe. 155, FENCHURCH STREET, LONDON, E.G. : /ocal Agents for H. E. Kugelmannand > I Co.'s Magnetic Remedies— T7?'VERY description of Stock Exchange I These Goods can be procured from'the JQj business transacted at currentl following— market prices. Speculative Accounts opened from 1 per cent cover with unASHBURTON—C. M. Brooke, Chemist; limited profit, and strictly limited liability, John Obb and Co., Merchants J thus a client may buy, say £1000 Brigh- ,, RAKAIA— C.Hardy and Co., Merchants JtonA's at say 150, should the stock ad- —- vance to 155 and be sold, he wonld make :, ■ rpHESE unrivalled Herbal Medicines £50 pro nt, but on the other hand should 1 /are universally acknowledged to be the stock decline to 149, his only floss ' the best in the world. . Tbey are quite could be the £10 deposited. By carefully :., different to all others known, being watching the markets considerable profits absolutely unsurpassed in their universal can fe e made ; in many cases Operators excellence. They are absolutely specific w ho followed my advices have netted £50 for those complaints for which they; are profit on an outlay of £10 in a few days. specially prepared, and are free from £io commands £1000 Stock poison and all mineral drugs, f and ' are £20 „ £2000 „ uite pleasant to take. £30 £3<<oo „ THE BALSAM OF PARADISE ■ L_ ; . For all Lung and Throat Diseases. . As Bronchitis? Asthma, Wheezing, -\r \Jt7"TT d A"W?d "V Coughs, Colds, Fog Fever, Sore Throat, .A. ▼▼ -1 JUoUJJI >3 -A. Bleeding from the Lungs, Tightness on R/nmoA-WTrn? nmTn?<? the' Chest, Inflammation of Lungs, MERCANTILE OFFICES. Collapse ,of the Air Cells, Induration of Lungs, Congestion of Lungs, &c., &c. It ALL persons interested vi Commerce is the only medicine known to mankind should subscribe ta the British Volume that will completely cure consumption in of " Wilson's Mercantile Directory of the its early staces. It is composed of choice World," being X^flowe? seeds, gums, balsams, ;and [ THE ONLY DIRECTORY , herbs. It renovates and fattens the of weakest constitution, alike of young or •• GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND old. It is exceedingly pleasant, to take, ever published, cnntaming lists of all the and causes an immediate improvement in Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Principal dl who take' it. Sold in bottles at 2s 6d, Retail Trades. Price 355. t& 6b and 10s. Prices of Directories of any parts of the . "THE'BOOM OF THE COMING World on applcation. CENTURY," COMMERCIAL INQUIRIES regarding H. E. Kugelmann's Electric Essence.— the standing of any person or firm An external remedy for all pains or aches. • anlwered on receipt of full name, Nothing like this has ever been known, trade, and P.o. valuers. and nothing else will ever equal it. : If DEBT RECOVERY and Collection of . you have a rheumatic or gouty pain that Outstanemg Accounts undertaken you do not care about, obtain a bottle of on receipt of instructions and fee ■ ££££" SrefaiStadtata iMEROAKTIL E INFORMATION knee joints, all swellings* dropsy, back plied, advice tendered, and quesache, Bciatica, neuralgia, weak spines, tions of all kinds answered by umbaco, contractions, lameness, cramps, , w ,e^®£^?* . » „,. , . „- . juinsy! mumps, diphtheria, croup, and ADVERTISING of all kinds judiciously for all pains and aches. Never be with- undertaken and contracted for j . out it for snake bite, and all bites of without charge. ' insects or stings, and for burns, cuts,,and CIRCULARS printed, folded, addressed, scalds.' Price, 3s 6d and 7s. ' and despatched for home and H. E. KUGELMANN'S EYE OINT- foreign countries. MENT AND ANODYNE EMOLLIENT AGENCIES undertaken or arranged for This is undoubtedly' the finest Pharma- the sale of manufactures, patents ceutical Product of the century. An and specialities in every countryimmediate cure for chilblains <nnd frost- CONSIGNMENTS of every description of bites.' Nothing hitherto known can goods sent to suitable markets, and compare with this Ointment for its sold for account marvellous excellence, elegance of com- PATENTS procured _ « igns, trademarks rbination and superior effectiveness. It - copyrights regittered at home and •- will cure all eye diseases, as sun blight, abroad. aandy blight, watery blight, matter W GOODS of every kind supplied at wholetiumory blight, inflammation of eyes and sale prices. lids, chronic ophthalmia, and all and Prospectus free on application to every eye disease; and as well it is the WILLIAM WILSON AND SONS, oesfc arid nicest thing possible for fly bite, Stalbot Court, Eastcheap London, E.C. mosquito bites or stings of scorpions, Branches and connection in every part centipedes, spiders, etc. and for sor of the W/-r 7d. throats, coughs, mumps, quinsy, etc., it _______ ' is simply splendid. All weak nervous persons should use it to rub well in down p f-\ , ■ the spine and on the stomach. We "')■ *?''■' rfs guarantee that all who use this once will - ' '"""-' t1.1.1;.*; never be without it. Sold only in jars at PHOTOGRAPHERS, . 2s 6d and 5s each. oig Hi»h Street H. E. KUGELMANN'S HERBAL *X" ciSstchurch MAGNETIC OINTMENT. 1 emucii This unrivalled Herbal product is undoubtedly the besb ointment erer elaborated for curing old sores, bad legs, TTr TT nf\T f Tf T\ ulcers,' fistulas, piles, bleeding piles, W U ((),! \%h eruptions of the skin, broken chilblains '» • , -*-1-* \J\J±J±->± *' ** •• c tits, wounds, etc., etc. In jars at Is Id, ' - 9d, 2s 6d, and 5s each. " THE CORJSTEB THE HERBAL MAGNETIC TONIC LIVER AND STOMACH RESTORER. TUFAS effected the following SPECIAL For all liver complaints, biliousness, JH BARGAINS and is NOW jaundice, congested liver, enlarged liver OFFERING THEM, and spleen, languor, drowsiness, pains — between the shoulders, chronic indigestion and all stomach complaints, heart- No. I—HEAVY COLONIAL TWEED burn, flatulency, sour stomach, vomiting all colors for Boys' Suits of food, loss of appetite, sick headache S/*-) Per yard nervousness, nervous debility, prostration (usual e Y s 6d.) and the convalescing stages of all acute No# 2_ A j£ c of ¥ ± TRA WIDE diseases. Sold 111 bottles at 5s and 10s SHIRTING THE NATURAL ELECTRIC BLOOD IOJD 'per J ay& PURIFIER. (usually sold at Is 3d) This medicine has no equal for all blood No, 3—BLACK CASHMERES nnd skin diseases, perfectly free from S *^L-|-D per yard mercury, arsenic, and all mineral drugs. (worth Is lid) Never fails to cure the ' worse forms of jq- Q> 4_NEW GOLD BRAID TRlMecrofula, scurvy, eczema, itch, ulcers, MINGS, all colors, abscesses, sore legs and breasts, and all ncr virc\ diseases having their origin in the blood. \->2. "., o * s It will work wonders in every case, with- x „ (regular price Is 6d) out exception. See handbook. Prices, No- S~A lme of LADIES ULSTERS 4s 6d, 6s6d, and 12s 6d each bottle. IS/O THE FLUID HERBAL LIFE. (worth 255) This is the soul of plants, an absolute No, 6—MEN'S HEAVY ALL W00 T 'specific for chronic neuralgia, faceache, TROUSERS '-.oothache,*' tic doloreux, swollen face, -4 -4 /^> i cumboil, and earache. Price, Is 9d and , „ r, 4 iT/.^ Is per bottle. XT (usuaUy sold at .15s 6d) HERBAL AGNETIC LIVER PILLS Ol qaaa a ' These Pills are unrivalled, and superior OUUU yards ; fco all others for all liver troubles, bilious- of ness, costiveness, giddiness, indigestion, DRESS MATERIAL, newest ■wind, and heartburn. They are composed goods, bought at a discount of' solely of the vital properties of herbs, are /* TAr mx™ O coated and tasteless..c'At'J.s.9dand 3s US xtt*' £j each. These should be kept in every house, as they are a sure cure for numberless ills. TTr TT COLLIER THE CHILDREN S VITAL ESSENCE, i W « .LI , \_y OLL IE R This is a liquid food medicine, prepared and adapted exclusively for permanently removing the ailments ard diseases of "THE CORN Eft." nfants and children in every country and ■ ' . climate. It gives life, energy, flesh, bone CT FPMpj\jQ DDAC Mid muscle to the frail and wasted infant, \-J X LjL lJLJ_ji'iJ DiAvJO, and will restore the health, vitality, vigor, B URNE TT S TREE T, and plumpness of the weak, diseased, or "QEGto introduce to their Customers sickly child. Being pleasant to take, it !D a nd the Public a is readily taken by all. Sold in two sizes ■ NEW LINE OF KEROSENE only, price 2s 6d and 5s each, with our Which they have just landed and for guarantee attached, without which it can- w hich the Manufacturers claim many acl,not be genuine. vantages over the ordinary oil now in the HE^BALMAGNETICASTHMA CUR*, nmrktt, inasmuch as it is almost odourless 7nis unrivalled Herbal Compound is and free from offensive smell. It is extra v doubtedly the besfc inhalent in sill, refined and pex-fectly pure, and will, asthmaticalcomplaints and difficult breath-; therefore, produce a much softer and more ing, as dry asthma, humid asthma,. i?pas,! BRLLLIAJNT LIGHT, modic asthma, nervous asthma, bronchitis, ft win Not Dazzle or Injure the Eyes wheezing, tightness on the chest, catarrh. an( i altogether dispenses with the risk hay fever, colds in the head, &c, &c. attached to the ordinary lower grades, as Sold at 3s 6d, 6s and 10s, well as being very much more economical HERBAL MAGNETIC SNEEZING for household purposes, stoves, etc,, etq POWDER. Although being a little more costly., yet, This is a most useful little remedy of it to keep pace with the times, we will very uniform and positive character. It RETAIL IT at the USUAL PRICES, has, been devised and used for many years So Farmers and Householders will do well for colds in the head, catarrh in tho nose, i n Securing a Winter Supply, and in so bay fever, ozena, nasal polypus, and all doing we aie satisfied they will be pleased obstructions in the nose and nasal pas w ith their purchase, sages. Sold at 2g, ss. We have, also, to hand a GOOD ASSORTMENT OF CANDLES, H. E. KIIGELMANN & (.() B^ **&*\*f Colonial, including Carriage, Bedroom, Piano, etc. SOLE PROPRIETORS. Our Stock of TEAS is also Increasing, MAsruFACTUKERS of electric and pro I and we have, therefore, a Better Selection ■, . peietary medicines. ■ ). for Blending purposes and to select from, Distillers nf Essential Oils and Medica and desire to Draw Special Attention to Liqueurs, &c, &c. .our INDIAN, CEYLON, DARJELING FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YOP PEKOE, ASSAM PEKOE, and several CITY. U.S.A other varieties in packets or in bulk, so Australian Head Office and Warehouse Customers favoring us with a call will re--172 and 174, William street, Melbourne ,ceive our efforts to give satisfaction. Victoria. We will be pleased to wait upon CusPlantations and Reducing Establish ; tomers if requested, and orders by post ment at "Mount Paradise,' Gembiooc^! will be despatched without delay Orders Gippsland. JJ^n't fail to read our Des-,,delivered in Town or Suburbs" criptive HandtflQk, mailed free to an jQTE P H ENS TSROS y v (frees or may be had upon application, kvTEPHENS R0 S.

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2444, 18 June 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2444, 18 June 1890