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K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES '■-.-. TZEATING'S COUGHf LOZENGES TXEATING'SI .COUGH LOZENGES, T^EATING.'S COUGH LOZENGES ; ' 94, Commercial Road, Feckham, July.l 2, 1890 " Dear Sir,—l am a pdor hand at express* > ing my feelings on paper,' but I should like ■>- to thank you, i for your lozenges have, doiie wonders, for me in relieving; my terrible cough. Since I had ■ the • operation. x>f 'Tracheotomy' ,(the same, as the .late. Emperor of Germany, and unlike him, .thank God I am still alive and getting on weji) performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital fpr aduct, or paralysis of the^vbcal chords, none; . could possibly have had a more' ,violent cough, indeed it was bo bad 'at time that it quite exhausted me. The mucus also, which was .very copious and hardj has been' softened and Lhave been able to get rid of it without difficulty^—lam,, sir^ yours truly,) ! „ m • . J.;HILL. • Mr T.; Keating.;. . -, * ; .. r .' ; . Medical Note. . r .a',([^o The above speaks :for itselt, From, atrfct inquiry it appears that the -benefit' from using Keating's; Cough Lozenge»4« understated. The operation was *' specially severe one, and was performed I>y the specialist, Dr H. T. ButHn, Jof Stl Bartholomew's Hospital. Since the operation *he only means of relief is th« use of these Lozenges. _So successful are they that one affords immediate; benefit, although from 4fce nature of the case the throat irritation iatttense. Mr* Hill kindly allowß any referenoe to be made to him. ,-, ;; r,, , v -„,.y, i 1 () Veating's cpuGs.,Loz^^;; >) V EATING'S COUGH Ifl^&lprf VEATING'S COUGH LOZEJNG^. >\ K EATING'S COUGH LODGES. Sold E^rywhSkb in Tnw.^- > "*r Proprietor—THOMA&K^TDfGjLbnaoiL BUGOBBB IHB BEST TBB *" WOBTB ; , . M v .- HOLLOW Af>B , i> mHIB TJNIVFBSAL MBOIOIHK 18 JL HOUSEHOLD x»BQDISITI'»yiIIT Purl.'y the Blood, impart tone to the'-Nmov •yitem, and act most powerfully yet »oothMili on the —'• - ->..>,.-.,-—. LIVER AND BOWELS, . Promotfng H Digeidoh .uid AMimlladoa, tnl endowing the whole' bodily frame wltb Strength and tigor. Nemwi Headaches Tremblings, with Lusitnde and Genera.' Debility qrickly yield to the potent ftrc¥ b thews well-known Pilli, md they ia* »o rivalleoin theii eracacTlnaJl '- :■ i BMALB COMPLAIK-ts, ,v Removing all obrtructioni,. akin UeaWiefl pimplei and boils, better: than any otb« family medicine J^nown. • THE OINTMENT HAS A WORLD. IDE REPUTATION. It heals every k of Sore, UJ*e r an«J Wound, mora certainly than any other known salve. Its marvellous' penetrating powerf' render it invaluable in'all -"■ '■■vT-.A THROAT AND CHEST DISEASES -. Curing BronchitM, Quinseys, and -Aitltmiu' redccmg Glandular Lump*, clokfnr *n& healing Abscesses ant Fistula*, and lor alleviating the- excruciating tortures of RHETT.MATISM, GOUT, And Neuralgj« a is unsuspawed. Itnc»e fails to remove Scnrf and every species of ski diFCRse. , _ The Fills nnd Ointmect are manuhlctarc at No. 8, New Oxford street (l»te c« Ox/ord street, London), and-are sold byafl vendors of P«tent Lines throKghaat'th» Civilised World. . '. ■ vL , Directions for use in almost evtry lanpiiag* ?^Sf Turchascis sl'culd Icck to the Labe on ar.d Boses. Tf;tni» sd^T^ni! Br ,v» F f Tff : are nof <•« fVr^ «r^ tntTtnin. „\.,,'■,'' mik P^FfJMMf, 207, Rue St. Honor©, Paris, ~T E GRAND'S SPECIAL PRODUCTS J-J , ■ :...",/. Savon-Oriza (Oriza Soap^Erojn, the formule* of Dr O. Reveti. The best soap for rendering white and sdffe. Sweetly and refreshingly . scented (rose, green and white). -: ■ , • „ >; Savon-Oriza-Yelonte, exquisitely/ .perfumed for the toilet and baths. V\ ' Savon-Oriza (Oriza SoapV-No. 2, «itra fine, in. boxes, 6 cakes. 12 exquisite perfumes, No. 1. ;, ; '■ ■. ,-. . 5 ..- A ; Oriza-Savon-Incorore, superior quality, ; rose tea, white heliotrope rand- whit© violet. .. -i-Aqua-Oriaa—New toilet water,'refreshing to the skin. , : „.!•. Orka-Hay—A jrater; -.wifch t*« perfume of hew mow^j. hay,' ■- :•, } Oriza-Aciduliner-Toilek Tineg&r, aromatic and disinfectant,: ipwially adapted for ladies' toilets. ,';:. , Xj ,>,-'.!< .; r Qriza-Scoteh-Laje»der^Sprigß jai (BootclL lavender; flowers j; a «ch.toi^ti»rater. Eau - de ?., Cologho - Oriza **-;Theridgh-lif* ; ; toilet water.;, ;„ „ ;.-. '; :h;;lI ' Oriza-^Yater—Concenkra^ted;, and uUsting. > . .Extract; of, sup#ripr E«u-de^C6logne^ Gouttes-Oriza TDJantifric^raiAji :extradt fpr^tMth and gtuna in good.h^lth and ■ pri\tentingtdecay.ri; i Oriza-Dentaire,' ,In "pasttl or. jtawder,i £« whitening the teeth-jrithoufcftf&ctinf the enamel. .'';■:,': .;^'i^.C r<n Ess - Oriza - et - Orlw-Lys—Perfumes foi scenting linen and the h«ridkelrchM J without staining. Jit •"*:."■" ot Oriza-Oil-—Variously parfumed; torjveti- ' dering the hair soft and brjlli»ni,ah<J' preventing it from falling off. ''J °'[ l Oriza-Lacfce (Oriza Milk)—An enrolsfv* lotion, refreshing todio ttx the.iskin, 1 removing red spots and preventing ; wrinkles.on the face.' -' '-■"•" "' :i Creme Oriza (of Ninon de Ji6ntioq)m£Fdt producing, a beautiful whit#; complexionwitK the clearness and'telreiy t softness of youth. :-.^ ;: „: Orizaline-Colorahfce (the best hair dye)—» For instantaneously dyeing the hair to.toy shade, arid with no :dahger^to health. In boxes,- each withbrushfeß, comb, prospectus, and bottle; or in boxes, ,the . bottle only without accessories. . . Ess-Oriza-Incolore Violefcte ol n c ■' iy, most exquifiite perfume, quite ft nosegay of violets. T -':•■■ •■ <■• Ess-Oriza: Suave white htliotropo Boa quet rof the flower - ' '.r-.'t-», ".> .-:^ CHERTSEY SHEEP DIP. : - FARMERS OF THE {JHERTSEY DISTRICT. I Have much pleasure in Btatirig thatmy -.. tender for : the; CHERTSEYIDIPihaii been accepted, and that I willuse MURTON^ AND WHITE'S PREMIER DIP through-; out the season. — - My man will be, at the, Cbertsey Saleyards every MONDAY, ;"^EpNESI)AY, ,|a^d FRIDAY, during the Season commencing MARCH I9th, from BB'clocK;tili;,4. Prices for Dip]Mg Id pcr dhe^,d tiil 14th Aril, l|d to 14th May.' . , , : I would strongly. advise'^ai^hers' to Dip Early. Instructions can' be left with Mr McDowell, Chertsey. •; D. THOMAS, 1 44 AJ3hburton. > jO O Ki^\ ( \ To lend'on: approved 1 &tAV\J\J freehold wMvatty. 1 JOHN 0. CORE, : ; lt Barrister& Solicitor,/ . ;; », , Burnetb St Ashburton. „■ ■'

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2438, 11 June 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2438, 11 June 1890