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jJATINOS COUGH OZENGES "\ ■:. |/EATI G'S. WUGH^L6ZENS*§r ■ If EATINGS COUGH-LOZENGES" |/EATIW« COUGH; LOCENGES. BEATING'S COUGH LOZENGESr 94, Commercial Road, Peckham, r : . . ... Jir1y.12,.1889,, ; "Dear Sir, —I am poor hand at express ing may feelings on paper, but I should liks to thank you, for your- lozenges have 'done wonders for me r in relieving my. tetibfe cough. Since I had , the. .operation, of 'Tracheotomy' (thesdme as the laU Emperor 1 of Germany, and unlike him, thank God 'I i am still alive and getting on well)|perf6rtiied at St. Bartholomew's Hospital for aduct, or paralysis of the rocal chords, noone could possibly have had s>. more .violent coughs indeed it was so bad at times that it quite exhausted me. The mucu* also, which wae very copious and har<i,yiia»,beenj.softened ./ and I Tiaye r been able to get rid of U wi^tpM* / difficulty.—l am, sir, yours ttxdjJ , \ r; "M.rT. Keating?''..'''' ' VSJI HEX? 1 '•••■■ • M^DicAL^dm^'V^-^r^ 1 "' ■ ' ; The above speaks for itself Fromatriot ' inquiry it .appears, that/shf ylien^Hvtfrom using Keating's Cough Lo^e^geji.Jji, iflnjder* stated." The operation .was.'"a specially severe one,' 1 and was performed' trjf ihe specialist, Dr H. T. Buthn, of St. BarthoWmew's Hospital.. the .operation the only, means of relief is : the. use'pi >the«e Lozcngrs. So flucccsafill arc they tha-i one ; affords immediate benefit, although from t(e nature of the oase the throat irritafciett'tt is)tense.; Mr HUI Mildly aUows any, brferelc* i ,to be made toJiW r.,'<h,> >„ *»irf^A\v . '^^T^^COl/Gti/^l^Z^^.);; ■-. KE&TING'Sa COUGH^ LOZENGBB. *«< I , t r-,(.- > „. :. )r.'{ -:^h'.-...-.y. til M_r „L'?j ;•.« - | IT EATING'S COUGBCEOZENGEft,,^ KE AT IN G'S i C OU'G HL 0 ZEROES. Sold Evebvwhbre in Tw«i n J. Proprietor—THOMAS KEATING, London. nnJqcEBB rfl» best tub r ; i- • '■ '"■'■ WOBTB-.".* --"'"'7 ' 1-';; '• - HOLLO WAI' S - io '■ j,'.r - , . Ym'MWSBOt--mHIS; UNIVERSAL MEJDIOIHB ifl X HOUSEHOLU ftEQUIfiITSrITIBX ■- ■ -' ';' TUB FILLB "«ii:-^-; Purify the Blood, input tone to the Nerrow lystem, tnd act most powerftdly fcttoMMngl) ; on the. .: ; ■ :.- -..., .; ,-.- .- ?..,•„•• LIVER AND, BOWELS, ,' \ Promoting Digestion «pd JmmMkm.,iua.l . endowing the whole bodUy frtaie wltt 1! Strength and, vigor* ,> Ncnroat ■ Hesdachn^ Tremblings, with . LMfftndt, md; Gtnrra Debility qtickly yield to the potent fon* o r there wdll-known Pills, and they are "li riTalleo in tb'di efficaar In all l ''. :;, -"• n . - /EMALB COMPLAIKTS. • ' ■= Removing all obstructions, gkta bleK.bbeA pimplei and boils, better than .any oUte itmily medicine Inowb, ' i ' JiF ". ' ' THE* OINTMENT , i HAS A WORM). IDE REPUTATION, .It heal» etery k. M , nf; Sore, Ulcer, and r '■' Wound^mors certainly than any otherkfibwe ' 'salve Its roarvellbus penetrating powerr render it innlnable in all-■' -' Jy . " , > THROAT AND CHEST DISEASES, ► Curing Bronchitis, Quinsey* and, Aithaa, 7 reducing GJandulai .Lamps, cloking an^ . healing Abscesse* am Fittulai, and (bt •'• alleviating the excruciating tortures rol x '"u-'\ * RHEUMATISM, GOUT^ '' And Nentalgia it is unnupastecL' It nerre . \, dps (o remove Scurf, and every speciei of tkj\ 11 disefsev. ' . ' - r \ ''" ;j ,* /).-. '; I The Pills and Ointment are manuiacttire. i at No. 8, New Oxford . street (kre'l 53^ s Oxford street, London), and artfOidi by all „, i vendors of Patert Lives., througbout.the i Civilized World. -^ .., ;. „ V j- ' Pirectirns <ot use in aJifost'cvtry, idriguVßfe tSB~ Purchasers should JooV to the 1 Lalw ! on Vot and Boses. If-iae *Wr»g» r.siiA itritL' are not en thrv are spirfnai ' ; • FE boj o| OlirW's "*';4l~plllri* wirrantea w curei all dUcbargcß f f on. ».b» orinary urg»iie>ic either tex (seqetred of cccatJlutioual). gr»y«lr*r>d faJ- i Id tt* bscV, Gnar»nl«£ d irea , frcra . tur-rcory Boid In boxes It 6d e*ch, by »ll,cbcmU!« pr* patent.medicine vendors. v Bolt,rj;ioi lliiri, The Lincoln aari Midia^r! Cpi>iatit..Drng lOo.V' L'tHcbln.^Ei'jflia'it'. 4/- Fet; ■ «ale br thfe .i»hu.e»*J Dcdicsv ' - j»7, Rne ;St; Hp»pri» X Bwniiklil, : J RGBAND/SSF^OLflj.PjiO^UPiTl • _|^ ■ ':'£*.•".: ;.- ; > ,\ ; . SsiTou-OrlsafOrlta'Soap)—? t^is.W male of Djf Q. Rot ell". The.boVt iio»p . for rendering kh«'ikin whUe s^i? sofC Sweetly and retoMblnffiy Utwfm' . (rose, green »Dd irbttc). . ! SaTon^rltfi-^lpntit,; [vfZnnb!tfllf^ir»pMßr Sayon-Or'no . Or!i?, to)~k^. •tin Ofisa-Savon-ilns^o? t, ti^riot' (jnali^ ; ; rote tea, whitis hailo^iope and whti* ... vlolttr..;- ' -V "I>Jr:f -'sit O*ta» : Tbnloa (extiaot ipl»pU»] t tQ et«Mt«t '- .the t , mown^hftjf^^oiijiosji, . violet, etc ' • „\,r4 . ,.r r (Jrl«WPWde>^Jnbw*ri:cif' &toifn» tloaj - foi softening and 1-1 reffethinl 1 *m akia-t In aWllent boWfQ with poW3rt .. polf "; i lull .f. ■ ';0C '* I 'I^ ,-^T ".- OtUn-Velpi^er-fl^flM •dheiing to thi ,ikir. ; wltb tiJsj ; pet. tame of new rn&onjh»? r :, .: , f . „.; Oiiw-Floweii (<*Kfte »nd ambtae^)—Ai: nxoellent toilet Wit^r, '■tpcfo:,tb,th»skin, •wmilt abd eeUcately pM fumed-' •■•: ;.-'•.•-' , ■■^"■•■l[ *~ T »-y* iqß».O»ii»^-Ntw SolUt wateir, «Jif«*k4i»i the skin, -/ ", * -;,T .".V-.-a? OrUa-H»y—A toils watet with,-thfr petfomaofnewpiboa t»y . „ „ OrlM-Actdyilnd--Tb^eVvlneeit t^ Wrsui«t!c and dMnf^tant, luckily »da P t«! fofiadiM* tciMii " '"■"/" : r-'' J '":!>' Ori».Scqtah^L«T«ader^-Spf li(i d» Bu, eh . laTendof flow«r« ; a iich;tolfetw»;t« l3ku-da-0ologao.0ilia—• The . I h.Ufeotoi. let w»4oi OiUa-Wttei-MJonoenmted and rtl ' gxttaoVotwpofiorßrade c c ct Goottes-OjlM-Dentlfrfee — An ezi« t preserving the toetk and gams In good health' and preventing^ dec*| Oriia-Deniaire, h cmUci- pow <?.cr, f of whttoning tha teeth wlthoat »ffwtro| tli enamel " Bm O et Orlia-Lya — Porfumea ■eentlng Unen and the handkerctfc wtthoot atatnlni' Oili»*Oil—yevlooily perfumed ; fo# tea aerlng the hair wft and brilliant preventing Ifr falling oit . OrlM-Laote (OrJr- JflJk)—An c a tilth loUoio 'efmtlr^ tonic to MAi ksmorlng red ;}6ti «rd picrirf-'r wrluklea on the face Orema Oilaa (of Niaca da Leaelos)—i»ot pecdnplng a baaqiifnl.. vbUD,opaphx ion with , kh'a oloixuei*. and. : »elT*ii aaftnasiof yonth OrUallne-Ooloc*i;« tb<u,;bMtiialrLd7e)~ For lastantan«onjMj-4reiig tbe-hati to any eaade, and *ith :BO'ajn#o)r ' health. In baot, *ettr< witfef bNrwi oomb, pwepeotw, and kbttle'j or . boree, the bottte onr* wtthctit abet* wrf* ' " '••'.■■■

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume XIV, Issue 2431, 3 June 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XIV, Issue 2431, 3 June 1890