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"" ASHBURTON YARDS. MESSRS MILES AND CO. areVinstructed to offer at the abovf , Yards on TUESDAY, IOfchJUNE. QKf • i Bred EWES in lamb to ' Lincoln •Rams. ■ A_f\f\ Merino EWES in lamb to , jtKJKJ Lincoln Rams. ■ ' '<■ f Both lots are sound mouthed. J. T. FORD, Auctioneer. GEO. JAMESON,' -:,'■" 6|7 ; : Agent, Ashburton. FJk CJOvGil% GOLIH'; JitcnsWi'a, Asthma, Influenza, Gob«ol ptloa, &3 KAY'S Oomponnd Ewoaoe of Ltrised, Aniseed, Senega, Squill, Tola, etc., with Ohlorodjrne. KAY'S Ooaipoaud, a deaiplceat «ipWo to'cfcnt, tot Coagha, scilds and ebM complaints; KAY'S Oompoonu, for Oougbr *nd OoMi to equally iervlee»ble fo» Ho>ae>«ad O»ttle. .'• .. . .■•'',< -J: KAY'3 Tie Piiia, a specific In Faoa-»)h9, etc, CoaWai; Qnleffo#, Iron, eto. . ;- -- ; > .■-.■..'>;r?.a nOAGUMS^. — Oiineu, forßroken ■--'• : ■' ■ VSoH-Ev =•**.-.*#-{*.;'•-••" i-'-.'^n :i -■i/:K iXY"'{»rtoTHiea6i.filial; " -■-•■-" E: "- •:'-• Stoikpo"-'--lj&j»Kta$ # ' Pronounced" the'bes*. Mecharlcal &♦£' Extractor in tHe Market, .ef it j-tiHs--' .' the Cork the eas^st, and removes il'-' ;; <" it quickest from the Screw, . - - -7' Its use prevents the carbonated cr othet beverages, imd aiiows flic jc'dimeot to rarnain undisturbed in the botke. ■* }•'_ '<% Designed Tor the use of hotels, rtstKomiti, saloorii. dubs, and: faniilte?. Ornamental--in .appearance and full cickcl,p!?fcd.! t Special terms to jobbers. MaEufactuif'** • - „ & WALKE& TOOL COMi'A^T, Our Gas Governor, ' i -liE American, Muz saving Co:vp:-ny«ie- . i- 'sire to'p^rticu'ariy call •'--■-" :v!rr. o.' gas consumers to thei* ■;,.'»,'.:-. . ; (I\** GOVERNOR or . P.F.GUI.ATOP;' wßicK.ii'; attached to the tntter for the gu'rj. ose'. of 're- ' ducing '.lie pressure from the street jywxics, and" Ve?pin'K if'ttnjform ip the pipes lhroi •.rhout the. lnr"uiJi;t. T, thereby prevcalini^ hlr.w n'jj-' 4 md waste M (he burners, cousir^rheai ■) give a sfcn>*y nr.o •b'-illtaDt li'cht t at the 11 nr.tiire savrng-'torn 15 to 50 per cent of the ■►"is.?; , T?.cse GOVERNORS -trc in ufs .a.-i the Puitlic TJuiitlin^s at Washington,*. iogthe CaT»i:o!,,, where they weie placed r,{\ rcomcetitire '.fsisqiairrt all comers, ;ncl«d» "44 the niLrrtuy Rnci g'lj'cerine rrachir.'e^; oathe,Msn»' h.-!tr.n £!cvs;ed Railway, i-bPT2 they have s=a>*ed over 5?5,ooo since |K?4« fiftvinjf Bn,c»9.i7in five months: the Mutual hi'c, New York Life, Liverpool- ?jid • London; ftad GJol--e Jnsr.rr.cce Corcpany's, Astor House, "-inckir House, zm\ many otlrer public -iod jmvate buil-Jings. Our mac nines arc £tian>ri« teed lor eve years. We gu^rrn'ee a large per .cntE^e of saving over ?.ny oibtrt. All cmmunicalicns will recei'se -^ 'ompt s.t^ntion' 1 , The price is no^:'jal, sind Is more than covesed t^e HrEJ year; by fl> savipu- ii !;?»■ Sfr.d for I'sjcphlets, Agcpts waut^l, AMKRICAS. 'JAb HAVING CO., No. aj. DEV STREVT N>v? Yon . ■ '; "•i'O^'LK'a pKjcvVaoY^v ai-:d f . STh.FL P.IIL- K<J« F.^fi9Al£A' , qufrV-y correct ah i??»i-.ii:.-tftir-!t, and reiiere the d'lstr^tsP'Wg ?<'iTs #o'gn=-•'■ rr»!«=nt w?tli tK.rt &«\ riaF» 1# rid si'd'2S ftii. of a'l O'' fiui I'-** f*cd ?;.U'Pr Mf^r'jio I V»-»r<diH'* Pecys-ntti -jtsjy bf 'ri'*eT,ji;c-pln ivnd TyJ'diars" O^isnti^s Crr>r C l:^., n:rco:a Hcne-fi w«i;r?, . f i, Si iia Jnrp, OAba.QCOTATiorxS roil OKIiJiBS" _ s _ PLUM'S PLUMS r . Frcm 2d per Ib, . ■■' :ArßiiEs.;;;AVPt«::: 'v:( . ' ' ■ Wura'ld j-er ib; ; , '],' ", # 1 OTOEil* FROlf rf " ' ; ; Kijua'ly Or.t-ap, -: '^. :'.-. .IVrATOES JuTiscKP of Small Xo'b, ' ' . •=■ /CIiK&P. I".' ■;.;■" •"' ■•' —at—- ; •-■■ r r 'l;';' i _;, Scorns &BUNiofis ' iK^ffißffl^S AH"wiflßr»i;fet» I , • {gS^^^^^J cltlicr Corns cr - I^^^lmwS^^ StiniQins sicild iTliey elvo ease: rslSMSll^^ Ii atoaco, P^l^l' E ' gsneraUy f curies i& =ft ft^ 1 •days. I Prlco ls'Ui?sr tos, of all Chemists. | PAN TEAXCIb/.O '/A;., abb. 3 PO3TLAGD OLiKUON, "<YI»2SbY N.B W & lIKL Bt. U itN r*:. V 10., AUrVi-V.V./A J MACHJNt.RY- [) Ai>:n ' S-iS'l. Sift-; it. Aunts'. I*'. 17 Pitt S'lP.sxr, t.ux;u?. Ovav. hYi;Mcv, N.S.W., v •-':.*. P^i.-^K* SiikFtT.'Wist,- ---; MLKLPJUt.N£, Vi.;■■.,.«!.*. " / .SO.'.F. AliL.N".^ FOX k ; [• •'\. f--y *•■■. <■ ■ • **■ co >\o:Lin. Mwhiucry Frank & Co.'■ Wovi \Vnt"i;in^ Macrintty Boalt'j Variety MoriiUogacd LK>tcUuUb|

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume XIV, Issue 2431, 3 June 1890

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XIV, Issue 2431, 3 June 1890