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Veatings cough lozenges ; i KBATI G'SCOtJSH IOZENGES : ■If EATINGS, COIJGtt JLOZENGES^ - I/EATING* COUGH: LOZENGES. _ i I/EATING'S COUGH , LOZENGES. : 94, Commercial Road, Peckham, July, 12, 1889. "Dear Sir,—lam poor hand at expresiug may feelings on paper, .but I'should like to thank you, for your loj!enge6,have don* wonders for me in relieving my ter ib c cough. Since I had the , operation o 1 'Tracheotomy' (thesame as the lite Eihpe,r of Germany, and unlike him, thank God am still alive and getting on well) perform St. Bartholomew's Hospital fer,bduct, o, paralysis of the vocal chords, noone could possibly have had a more violent cough 'indeed it was so bad at times that it duit - .exhausted me. The mucus, also, which wae "wV copious and. hard, has been softeners r an,d I have been aT?Ie to get rid of if, without 'difficulty.—ramy§ir, yours truly. ' : ' . "Mr.T. Keating,"/ ; v c*#3<ll. : .'.,.- ; ■ '- , •." i '<]* 'A' . Medical iiTora.^.;' The above speaks for itself. ,JVom strict inquiry it appears that 1 l^He l benefit from -■• using iKeating's ; Cough, Lozengeei is; understated.- ■ The operation <■ was 7;. a■- specially severe, one, and r was performed..Tby the specialist, Dr H. T.'Butlib; of St." Bartholomew's Hospital.- rSihce' the operation the only means of,, relief is tha Use* of these : Lozenges.' Sp successful] are; they; that one affords immediate benefit, althoug^frpm the, nature of the case the throat irritation is intciißo. ■ Mr Hill kindly allowi any refercnco to bu made to him, I/EATING'S COUGH-LOZENGES. |JEATING iS l'.CptJG IH^LPZ^Eb. } . K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. COUGH LOZENGES. Sold' Evkrywhebb nr Tnjts. , Proprietor-mTOMAS^KEATING; frondon. SUCCKHb THS BEBT TBS HOLLOW AI'B ' PILLS t^m, mHIB UNIVERSAL MEDIOINI IB A HOUSEHOLD aIQUIBItB IY£BT WHSBBi : ' ■ ' ■"' THB PILLS :-,'■- Pnrlly the Blood, impart tone to the Nervou ijrttem, and act most poweifolljr jetMothiagl) on the ' ' ■'•.'■.<■•-' -i-^, LIVER AND BOWM& t? * Promoting Digertiett and An{m{l»ttmL an I the .^h^Joday^ffrMie, with Strength and vigor. Nenrotu. Headackn Tremblings, with Lattitnde and Genert' Debihty qcicklj yield to the potent force o thete well-known PilU, ud - they are an rivtUecn'n theit efficacr tn all: '■ .; i EMALE CpMPLAIKTS, / Remoying. »ll; obrtnictioni, ikfn : blemlfbe* pimples and boifa, better than: any othe family medicine known. '' ■ -''■ ■'•'-•"{l~ .tTHE OLS?TMENT v ■ HAS A WORLD. JpE vREI?UTATION. It erery k: f of Soire, Ulcer and Wound, more certainly than" any other-known salve.' Its marvellous pedetntfng power* invaluable in all < ,:; , ! ;.» . THROAT AND: CHEST DISEASES, Curing Bronchitis, Qninseys, and Asthma, . redncir.g Glandular. Lumps, doting aO a healing Abscesses anc Fistulas, and 'or - alleviating the excruciatirig torturee of „ , RHEUMATISM, GOUT r - And Neuralgia it U -unsujpaaied. Itse«e (ails to rensove Scur/and every specie* of »kl Hiyeisei ' ■"' '■'■''■ ■-''J ' •Jy<''*> ••£ -.' , The Jill*,nrid Ointment are rtanufictur* v at No. 8, New Oxfor'dTstreet (late 531 Oxford street; London);'and/are iold by "allvendors of Patent - Lines throaghout At Civilized World. „ ,„ „ ..,-.; : , ; ; . Directions, for almost ewy l»nffuii« t&? rwehasers shcnld look to theXabe ; on ?otand Boxes. If,ioe addr-^s and stree! are not an th«T aie ipvrloni '"',',' „ > i \ JSJfi bo^of Oltrk'4 •* *rpiii» ri'«K\J rantoa pp enre *U dlseh« s « f/on, th t arlnary organs In either .sex (seqetiid if constitutional),. grar*l And pai-% In »h € back.. GcMMitetl tr M frpna r «j«tcrjir Soifl Is boxes 4i"6dl.wehV bj ifl ehem/.t. and patent-Median* Vendors. Sole proprletora. Llncorn tad Midlttd Conn. t,ies. Ht£g, C<>; Xivr^rr^Euglmti, Fot sale by ibfe, «hotfc»t]§ HoweiiV.;- v \ -;,; 207, Roe St. Honorb, Pirn, ' LKGRAND'ftSFKOML'^RdDViTW , SaTonrOrbtft fOrla Bo»p)—f'rouj -\*iif lot. male of Dr P^Rereil. ■■ Th« bet lLeo»p for rendering the"Ate white and soft, Bweetly and refrcsWriylT (roM, gMCB/.-and whlt«X Savon-Ortia-Veloate, exqsltiielf pet* ; fnmed T j|p»<*^* te^et agd S»von.OrlM pritt^okpjUNn. 2, eitn Cae/fn boret, (J wkcir^ ;\ •xqniiltt , perfumee, JT6. I . r . .- , m . OilnrTboioK (tixtnpt of pl*ni#j. 10 cjbwih the h»li—new ihown h*y, ■■•rlolet^ito.:'-''l^ . , .\:\ r ■ Otin-Veloate—Flowers of iloo •' ppvket. •diunteg;^^ •\4mmw&* tame of new moon hty; . ■ OH«'Kowcn (wb^ and sin»bered)--rAi ezbellent tdilei watft, ionto to'thi skin, sweeUy aod dtllqtiety -pw fu^e<i: '"'v:\' --'J . ; OrlwHay—A totlo watet ; wjj^ ( f »•■ per .' fTiEiB of new moon h»y'';' 7 f '", -/" ' T OrittJAlßMoUire-^toflot Tto«^>ijta»tie, tnd dlslf.foouat,'. ipocfallv. adapted foi ladrei't:«%tß ', Ori««.Scot2h.L»76jder—Sptlgs of Bco oh larendor flowers ;■ iIcK ioUetw.iei Kiu-rteOologno.OrUa—The' i b-l;fs.tol. iet wttot I "■■■.■ Oriu-W»tar—Oono«ntf»l»d *Qd ttl '. '" Extwot of roperloi B*% dp c dtp Gonttes-Or'.sa.penUfrloe-r An-exu :• ' -': t r^efef7lng\thV;;tee^f^lJ-*^gaaji| In . good health and preventtncxlecfiv; Eh 0 ot Oilik-Ljb — Poifiittes" seonttng llnon and tho" handkotet?• t wlthont itsJniEkf r■ _, :j ;_ j.-_t- f,j t ;; O«lt»-OU—Variously perfumed j fo* re a aetlng the h»r» iifiiudßrilliant preventing tfr fa'Hng off ; 0rli»-1j«8t«:(OrJ!rr r Milk)--An emuhlv ! -;, lotion 1 'efrcerfi.g 'HMSs^ I'fcf jkf i * J ' vemovln'3"'red '• zfLiv '■>■$'& U eiu-'t/r ' wriaklci on th^'fti«%'•;! i;'::'' ''r'-;" ' Oreme Orli* (of Nfnbn d 6 LBn|jlAs)7--Fo» '' :■'rr" p^odadn? a b«»atlfal ;^hlic 6omp)«x 1 ' rloa i:wHh^,tbe'ei«i|irriaii!' f'tn ld v^tf ' "-; softnass of youth . ••';.-.■■ i Otiaallse-Ooioraote the beet h»l», Am)— ' 4 Foi.iM^ntanao^.d^Blttfjj^Tga, >• to an; sattde, and cltngoi health. In boxei, eaeb; irtth hrisei ccmb, proipsotoi, and hotUe; -ir ,"- boxti, the boktle only without mc«j , ,«oi^». r . _ ; „_;.,,- . ;,.„._- _ v^ 1, ' - ''• ■?

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume XII, Issue 2437, 29 May 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XII, Issue 2437, 29 May 1890