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|#EAI3NG S COUGH LOZBNGB§^ |#EATI G'S COUGH -LOZENGES^ ..';. |/EATINbS COUGH" LOZENGES "•: I/EATING'S COUGH LOCENGES. ] I/EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. 94. Commercial Road, Peckham, July 12,1889.. : " Dear Sir, —I am a" poor hand 'af expreaing may feelings on paper, but I should like to thank you, for your lozenges have done. . wonders for me in relieving my terrible cough. Since I had the operation o 1 'Tracheotomy' (the same as the late Emperor.. I of Germany, and unlike him, thank God, I | am still alive and getting on well) -performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital for bduct,. o, paralysis of the vocal.chords,.noone could possibly have had, a : more .violent, cough » indeed it was so bad _at times that! it duit exhausted me. The mucus also, which wae very copious and hard, has, been., aofteneq" and I have been 'able to get rid of it without ■ difficulty.—l am, sir, yours truly,':'• ' " Mr T. Keating," •• J. Hffifc. MeDIOAIi NoTB. , /: „.:" . The abovespeaks for itself. From' strict \* inquiry it appears that the benefit from '-. using Keating*a Cough Lozenges-is under- ■'" stated. The. operation was a specially severe one, and was, performed by. the-' specialist, Dr H. T. Butlin, of St. Bartholomew's FospitaL ■ Since, the operation tho = ■"." - only means of relief i8 l .th«.-..iue ptihati ; Lozenges. So successful .are they that ona . affords uomediate. benefit, although from, jtt* " nature of the case the.throai'irritatibn^iiii . tense. Mr Hill kindly allows any referenc* to be made to him. . ' -'- , ■ K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES; K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. ■ I/EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. I/EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES/ Sold Everywheee Or jiOT, .;., Proprietor—THOMAS KEATING, London;

SUOUBBB THE BEST TIB ' WOETB - . \; , HOLLOW AY'B \< ° >lV pills & mm. maiS UNIVEBSAL MHDIOIHI 18 A HOUSEHOLD aBQUISITB IVBBI WHBBB. „ , ; . / THB PILLS ;: Purify the Blood, impart tone to ,the Ner?Q» system, and act most powerful^ yet soothjaglf on the LIVER AND BOWELS, ". Promoting. Digestion and; AJtiiriilittton. an 1 endowing the whole bodily frmtoe witf Strength and vigor. Nervous Headaches^ Tremblings, with Lassitude and Genera Debility quickly yield to the potent force o them well-known Pills, and they »re «o rivalleo in theit efficacy in nil ■ ■ ( - _, ' - * i EMALE COMPLAINTS,. irj ; Removing all obstructions,. skin, blea&faes pimples and boils, better than any - otbe family medicine known. : \ THE OINTMENT "? , ! HAS A WORLD. lI*E REFUTATION. It heals every k of Sore, Ulcer and ' Wound, more certainly than any other known salve. Its marvellous penetrating powers render fit invaluable in all >; THROAT AND CHEST DISEASES, - Curing Bronchitis, Quinseys, and Asthma, . reducing' Glandular. Lumps, cloting t and healing. Abscesses ant Fistulas, and Jo? alleviating the excruciating tortures of .;--'; RHEUMATISM, GOUT,- i' ; And Neuralgia it is unsurpassed. , ItneVe fails to remove Scurf and every ipeci« of skir disesse. ' ' '' '-'''■.'■'•+ .'.' The Fills and Ointment are, manufacture at No, 8, New Oxloird'street .'(late Oxford street,. London), and axe told^lrf *Il vendors .of „Patent Lines throughiM3lthe Civilized World, ; ' „,-.-, > ': .< ••; Directions for use in jJtoost cvrry,l 3 npu!«^< Jar Purchasers should look to., the f Lube: on" ?ot and Bo.xes. If me ad'lrsss and sfj-e* • are n^l en they aie si>«r»o« „,.., ,-\: „.; „. UJN'K bii^of ,OV»>)t;i;X44pih»;»B^warT. ractea to onre jail of>crt£fgea"f/ i qnji” the orinairy orgaua in '6i|;bef,.Bex;^ac<iui[reflccimtitntlotial), gravol Vdcl \fzl- V/tn:-the back. Gc»anti>cd fr^a^frqni, uacrenry ' Sold in taoxea 4» 6d each; by, 4H'cheniiejsj and patent medicine venders. V.Solv.prpprletcte, The'Lincdln *nc'MJtliaS<lC'ccn. Het D'-jr Or, T'r'^nj.rEKgJaiil. Yog iais by il-.t- -liin-lt Docs'ee. „ tea Pe^iiiery # 2Q7, Eaeist.KHonorsPwto,r:..*, T E GRAIJD'S BPKOIAL PR0BUOT8; Savon-Or|» (Orls* Soap)—T'rom l*»e for. male of Dr Q. llereU.udThe bett^wap for rpnd?rJng the akin white nuiitfUi Eweatly and refreihWlF •etate'firow, green and whH«).i; ,' 0^1: S»von-Orli».yeloat«, r *sqnialteiT 'P»r» . famed (or thetollet and b»ths -:■ -; S*voc».O»Jm Orlto SoapJ—N b. 2, exti* fine, In bo)te«; 6 eakoii _Z% oxqildt* . ; petfamei, No. i,r, ; <.J,<-/,\ ,-i ■•jn^i Ortaa-S^Ton-Inooroie, , sapoiJoY qnaiUyT . coin tea, Vhstfl.^fcolSbtiop«iHcdvflilfe „.^L f ip|9Jk: , i ;.: :, :•-.,-/ ;,;I"W;-;'','; -ymU; OrU»jTo)alio* (extrao*;.iof,'plajits^to^ Mititiit* :tbe,iisir—-bew, mowo hay; «onsiro»#,' ' ..ibTM*t»f«k9«.i.iiuuu vm x;^ :.U:il( \iVi\-OrJw-Powder—FlOsrerii/of G^olina rleefj • tot flotteQlQg»(jd ; :refresiling -ttie'- , *kla ;in exoG.n«*nt hoxe>, with-powdtt' '■ ■ VA&,,: J. L'-.}. „---; I.o>-,V-> .i. •• .:-.'.-.ifi;Jvr Orltt' Veioat«r-)iloir[Bfi'i binHcaH .^oirilsjt^ . ssdheiing to thT skb? t ;?7l4h. >ho p#s> r fame of new moon;h*jr >r '.-• -^ 'i ill** Ofim-Ylowen ; (trhlte and, ankbeted>—Ak ox^elleat ioi!otw»Wj; tonic to thi T , ekio, tweedy acdvd«Hc»tely; pN' .:■ funned. ; „ . > ;.- y -y,':u. n:ji£ ■-•''j£:wo • Aqa*-Orli»—Niw toilet wttet, mlimMlp^ . .^jiha^kiH:,;.^.-- -' .- -tr,". i ,v. '■'■■(■ r<"< o»laarH»y,T-4!ttt«le ■ fatet; wltb toe^f' Oil«3i-Aeldallno—rToilet > aroanUe and, difl^febtsnt, speelaUjr adapted : , j;ob Udiei'Ltcl^ti " '.-. ■,'., . ?\j Ofitj[-Sook|h-Lj|fbader—Sptlgs :6t St^ eh: . kreodefj fiowen t -• rhS toilet water Baa-49-Oologne.OiUarf-T»ie : t h^llfe tol> .4f -list;- wat«r ,._', J-^'tiw-.i '-• h -•■■.•■ OrUii-WatßirrOoneentnkled;*nd t r tIV;-:A o Bxtraeio/laperloißaa-de'iic^'-BtV.^ . Oantt»a-Or!s*.Dentlfrlc» — An ox.i : ;i^ - pressrv/mgr the taath sn?l r^ntnt ln r ' good health and prWentlDg decay" Orii*-,R«ntM?re, ;l^ &*&(/• ot po* dery; ol" ,;. whUpniog th* toctb without afleetlnf ■rv'tl-yenamel','.> .^, -, '.: -; --i *'. '-.:Vi SeitsOji ijoe]k;-orlM-Lya-?-; ; Peifi/uee ;••■' I;. ■ iOontl«g H&suand thehandkoretlfl > wlthoiat •^jalffing . ; OilwO|l-rr!V&«iou«ly ttorfntnad ; itti K8..----doting th* t»«4trs%ft and faril!! ■■■ - (reveutlo^l fe o:: fa ling off O7isa-L«ata (Oii" Aailk>-r^u ruvlslv lotion fctr*Bti\Tff tonfc to tbe:-;iki'<' vsinorln? :cd ;puts tr,6 yteretttr wrinkle*oa tha *aSB ■' '.' Qre-nfl Otl» (<tf Woon d-s Lflno|ci)- iJPto« il piod-irin? * MsntifuJ is>hire l?oiBple'K! i)Q with l-b--: ■^ncnaJi r-nd relvoty; ■ '.sofiaff of >(»".i s fa '■ * ■ ' ' 9ei»Han.Golor'"T<! '"p lut«t d ? e)i-i r Tcr Jratantsreonsiy dVeln^ the 'halt . loiaHfrtfrdai »"d.■frith/.nocdanafb? ';■'f . health? •'■lß'-*-«et f '«aflh;with:brßi»i i ioreib,'ip"?o«PeQ-'3"i*«« bottle;: it •<• Sotoaf'bi-' bottle only without acetitwffjf * ■ ' ■ - ••■■''. :i. ■■.-.- .' ".■; .:' '!/ - '. . .-'.' ■ '•■,-■■•■ {■■;'.:.■:

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2434, 20 May 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2434, 20 May 1890