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I/EATINGS COUGH LOZENGES ilfEATi'"6*B" COUGH LOfcEN.GESJ |# EATINGS COUGH . LOZENGES I/EATING'S COUGH LOCENGES. V EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. , 94, Commercial Road, Pcckham, , July 12,1889. "Dear Sir, —I am a poor hand at- exprea* ing may feelings on paper, bat I should like to thank you, for your lozenges have done wonders for me in relieving my 'terrible cough. Sir co I had the operation o 'Tracheotomy'(the same as the late Emperor of Germany, and unlike him, thank God, I am still alive and getting on well) performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital for Moot, o, paralysis' of the vocal chords, noone could •, possibly have had a, more violent- cough ; indeed it was so bad at times that ifc duito exhausted me. . The.mucus also, which wa very copious and hard, has been softeners and I have been able to get rid of ii without difficulty. --I am, sir/ yours truly, ,*''., , ,5-Mr t T.;Keating,» J "; . "J/ffii*. Medical Note. ,' • ■ The above speaks for itself. From strict inquiry it appears that the, benefit' from using Keating's Cough Lozenges 'is under* stated. The, operation was a specially severe one, and was performed by %h» ' specialist,<]>r H. T/Butlin, of Sti Bartholomew V Hospital. Since th« operation *hs> only means of relief is .the use >of 'these Lozenges. So successful ,are they i thai one affords immediate benefit, although from the nature of the case the throat irritationjis intense. Mr Hill kindly allows^ any reference to be made to him. " ■ " I/EATING'S COUGH IX)£ENG}E& KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. ■ -n. „ ; v, ■ ,■,,.; ,(• nil KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGESi I/EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. Sold .EvEßvwßiaaK lit TUJB.'/ Proprietor—THOMAS REATING; London. BUOCBHB -CHE. BEST TBB . , ' . . : • ;/: ■ HOLtOWAT'S pats & jointip. fpmS UNIVBBSAL MEDIOIHB IB J. HOUSEHOLD aBQUISITB SYXBr WBBSB. ■'/'f' ' - ■ :■''■■.'!" i.e.!? THE PILLS / "■" Purify the' Blood, input tone to the Nervow tystem, and tct most powerfully yet toothinelf on the ■ ' ,'. , .-, „".•„, f.'c r^ :, '• LIVER AND BOWELS, Promoting Digestion': and Assinllatioa, an 1 endowing the whole bodily , frame With Strength and rigor. Nenrous Headaches, > Tremblings, with, Lauittide and Genera DebUity quickly yield to the potent forte o these well-known Pills; and they are'^w rivalleo in then efficacy in all'; '■ >; 'i- n A BMALE COMPLAIKTSi; f Removinj; alt obitrnctions, ikm iblaatshes pimples and boils,r better', than any roth« family medicine known. ,>'».. -^[...-f THE QXtfTMENiC . : HAS A WORLDS IDE REPUTATIOK. It heals, e^rcry k, , of, Sore,; VUa nn4 Wound,, more certainly than any other known salve. Its trarvellons. penetrating 'power* render it invaluable in all "•.'■ .'„'■ THROAT AND CHEST DISEASES, Curing Kroncbitusi Quinseys, and Aitnba, reducing Glandohir' Lumps, clotlng^^nd ' healing Abscesses ant Fistulas; tad 1 i tor alleviating the excruciating torture* bl '»'{ - RHEUMATISM, GOUT,is And Neuralgia it is -ttnEuspasKd,, Unite fails to remove ScurJ and everp species of kkj ' diseace, „,..- , '-, -', ; i , _ _ t . ■, ■, ... - The Pills and Ointmetu are manui^cture " at No. .S, New Oxford street (iate* '533 Oxford atreet, London), and Are 'sold *by all"■• vendors of Patent 1 Lines, iHrbugSJut the Civilizet] World. *!!■;*'j ' ■ .!, ;;)K ■■« ; Directions for use in alrr,'ev*ry lanpkiae . TSS" Purchasers s}>oiijd look to the-Lsibe on ?o« amd Boxes.:. If me scMr^ss; sc^ • R «» ee » are not. en th»iT ?r& spnrton* -t.. r 1; • 1. 1^ > ■ ' >:,: V ■ OJSifi i>u.\ ot UlwVb b 4r P iiia ia>arraijtea w caro ell <iieohtrg"e»:i/qn* the arinary organa In cither ccx (acqeirod of coDStttHtional), gravel.*ud .pair« fn^the back. *,Guaranteed treo from mcrcntr Scid la borec 4i,6d ©wh, by »11 ehomlstt &»d patent naedlciue .vondore. Sole proprietore, The Lintoln «ad Midland Co,onti6h Dr^g-Co.. Uam\ti t , Englfcie, ( ,F6t 207, Ene St. ifbnore, PaVui T B GRpTD'B SPECIAL PBOpVpTS Savonr OeJso. (Otls& Sb»p)~FrQßi V*«i 'for. mcle of DtQ. Rbv6ll. Ui Tbe bei i tbtt for rendering ihookln whKe'3&d?fiift, Sweatly and BefresMnffl? eeirS* (roi»e.gMen »ndwWt«)l r > S»von-Orl»-VBlontei i;exqnlßltel7 per* famed pa tae tbllei and bfitha •' Sovon-OrJ» Oriisi! Soap)— No. a, !i extra fiats, In boxes, 6 e»k«isi 11 r «qol4lM ■ • perfumes, No.'l" 'r-;"' ri '-' >>' ;r-an OTlBa-SaTon-Ineorors; sptfedok J toio tea, wfeJtei J.WSIU -. ■; "violet '- r;. ■'-'•_ t('Mfi v:-.i(!o _ • OrtasvTonica (oxtraci of piatiii) toeieanst *th» halr—ne-Rr mbVu h»->' f awowoie, violet, eke. ! OrlM-F'owdnr—Flowen &f -.Oaroilsiii rtoe 1 fos softening and ' relieih^' th« akin ; In exoellent obxes; wlthlpdwdM • ' pnfi* '• '■ , : 1;• ;i i}!' "■■< vt.'iv.■)■■]!> Oiba-Velootft-^Flowere of rlee' powdw fciaering to *h-\ sUn *1^ 'ifei ft*. fomeof ttartnbon'hiy-' ' ! *•' -i; Otlra.Blowon (wblie and tmbVreifl^Ai essallent ftotlct wtt?t; <iidiil6 li6"tht/ - , iktn, • sweetly wi ■I<ftUca Tf&*-' n M ' tnmsi '>••■! "'■ ■■ ••■ -'iflrr-oiffr.;!* Iqaa-Osia*—New MM wttcs, VtffOßtlvi thsß-iskla ■ ■ ' '•• '.".•« < '!T * <, ' Ofta-Efig^-A'tcfl«' wAiw with ttii» pw« . *s)3io-of new;moon-Jißy \'"^.t.-,.v^ , Oit*rfi^oldßUne~To{let vljtioga*,; aitWatla xsud dfcJnfectaat, specially'»aftte4 tot' ladies 1 icitota ;- ■ '-- '&"* Orlsa-Sootah-liavbiados—Sprtga o/B»ii oh lavondei flcwen ; « rtohlollef watsi Sau-d9-Cologne.O»ls*~.T^ 1 b-!ifi bl. leV trriieji ■ ' ■ ' ■, Oili*.Wßto9—O&acest7al9d'and'' (tl :> • ' Eiitract of cspsrfor 3ta de c o r>« Qoatisn-OPi^m-Dentlfrioai ~ An oiu! *' p?BSBE7!ag the tostt snd !'is^'s In good fcsslth acdpreyisbJing ifecrif OrSia-Deatakc^ h x*st«' ct':!po»'»T ref;'tf wMtsning'th* teeth -tifitfccßt'iiffeotlni -fcLj'oaaaisl ■-'t-:m ; -v 1,. • _■ His'O •■' St OriB&«Ly«-w Pesfußwi 1/. ■ '." I Boisntlne llodn' and the bsidkwchft withoatiitatnSßg 1 -. • ' fv-i^A-ri^i \ Qrlsti'OU—V&»2onoly pwtanoi!;;'. fo/ jm aeffing the b»»r yift and b?Hl!isaV rt pxe7outlac 1 ft' -fn'llno off \ Jf/ OflHfc-r-acia' (Oi'Jr' M^k}~AV>nit}]4f T ' lotion e&hzttXzg ittit io,<hs!!stl i333ov!K'g Tec iroU"->ad/jpk^esiff'-w/flaikle»on l-ho *ace r ', ';'/ ;4 ''''Ji paoda3ln;' & b^r.iijM"r '■■>'•''■ «■•• n-vl« wh' >?ftH I49'sl^iVcaV-? #ug T.K-niy sofirtdßs «f T«'V»»k r ' ' ; -'A".l^; For iße^irtwieoifii:;? d^ctn^ .ih^'pli' to;ftny tasda:'and with no ieiagpr;'^ b«alth.; Xa 'b<>sf&s!,'d*ca''.»lt!h!b;rMet '•' aotnbj'prcspaotoß, and'bottle j';"^f/.'' bosoa, the bottle onlp withoijt wail aotidi • ■; t i;;.>",:.'"}?;," : ' - ! - '■ ' ' fif£> ,■_'.,.-■ =,aif =;

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2433, 19 May 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2433, 19 May 1890