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JJishop JTifljpg is the seventh Bishop the Anglican CjfhuveU actually consecrated in IJTew Zealand. ' " ' ■ The "North Otago Times'•'says that ADerwent potato weighing 41b llozshas been grown by Mr Laffey, of Cave Valley, Oamaru. An jj^nglish contractor is said to be building an air.-febip y/Tjioh is expected to have a speed of 150 miles"a»\ , The Czar of Russia drinks five quarts ,oi champagne a day. He is also said to have become a victim of the opium habit, and his splendid physique is rapidly weakening. The atte&^on of persons desiring f.o have their pianos tiiiitsd % vr repaired is directed to Mr W. Wooldridge's &(3yfcsJß&ment in this issue. ' ' i Mr Twopeny has resigned the editorship of the " Obago Daily Times," owing to a disagreement with the Board of Directors as to matte** of public policy. The following ,tuw £hg Hospital returns for the month of April:—ln Hospital Ist of month, 4; admitted during moutiv, 15: discharged, 7 ; died, 1 ; remaining vi Hospij&j, JstMay, JB9O, Jl. ' ''' Ida Benedict, has been totally -blind since last Octokov, i'q&h i# -uer seat at the I meeting of the " 6'hristian N.e>y Yorkers, '■' i and declared the her sight had Vudd^dy j been restored to her. lfc was veyy cei'taui ' p\vx,t the woman was able to see, and the ,ass^i]]])lage fell on their kness, and gave ihwijs If, n^jvftcle procured through faith. At the opening (rf tbs April term of the 'Supreme Court, Honol" 11:"* *1." IJ-x'-- . General announced the : |. !■■■■. ■. . ,a '-„ ] Charles Creighton, son '■ \ f,'L'eighton. journalist, to the position oF sUepuiy Attorney-General. The many friends ,'pf this .youiig gentleman in New Zealand will be pleased ft> lieajP.qf Jlis professional IMJlvanpement-] " " '

The Matron of the Hospital desires to acknowledge with thanks receipt of flowers , from Mrs Lea, books from Mrs Pattman, I and fruit from Mr John Stapleton for the j use of the inmates. | The land taken up in the colony during April was—Cash land, 7948 acres; deferred payment, 4585 acres; perpetual lease, 27,937 acres; total, 40,470 acres. To-day Bernard Cullen was released on bail, pending an appeal to the District I Court from the sentence imposed by Mr,' i Shea Lawlor on Monday. c'ln' a good "many parts of the town the pump w.ellsare tV rr''M; -. -V". '\-: ■' ■ 1 ■i-; 1'.lof waterJ In, 1 -, ". ■.'.- . ■ :'.; '• seve. ■ 'V. :, V. •■■ ...;. of the wells have not been ■■» ''■'■•■ "■■■ >«■: ■■ ■ *"' ' * There is a fairly full supply of water in the Domain at present. The swimming bath has a foot or two in it, the second pool is nearly up to the by-wash, and the reservoir is up to its ordinary height. ' , '; ' The Aninat correspondent of the "Press" .■- !\ i : A j;cf-'»i in this district has received, .iiTvicc «>:" !mK- .- •,'»! of a large consignment of 'butt'6r, ivKi'eh waV sent Home in the summer, vthe net resiilt hehig a clear profit of 9£d.per lb after paying all charges. According to the Wellington correspondent of the "Press "the leader of the Opposition, Mrßallance, is likely to be opposed next ■ election by Mr Peat or Mr Parsons, or both. These gentlemen are old residents of Wanganui but are not considered likely to give Mr Ballance much trouble. A large area of Crown Lands described as good pastoral country will be open for application on and after the 27th insf comprising a total of 29,250 acres on the Three Springs, Albury, Opawa, Mount Nessing, Levels, and Cannington runs, and the Brothers Range. The cash price ranges from 15s to 35s per acre." ' ~* . South Africa must' be a perfect paradise for feminine domestics. The w ( agesthey can earn there seems almost fabulous. A nurie, girl can command 30s at Capetown, £3 at Kimberley, and £5 to £7 per month at Johannesburg; a cook £4 per month, at Capetown, £7 at Kimberley, and £12 to £14 at Johannesberg. But barmaids are still more highly favored mortals. These charmers can count on obtaining £6 per month at Capetown, £8 at Kimberley, aud from £20 to £30 per month at Johannesberg—£36o a i year for a barmaid ! , An apostle of energy was dilating the other clay on his pet hobby. " Why," said he, " look at B- ;■•■! . Landed here-with | 15s in his pocket 20' years ago, and !is now, '. worth £40,000 ! There's energy for you !" "Oh," rejoined his companion, "that's! .nothing. Look at j, D ! Lauded at ■ Auckland 25 years ago with 5s in his pocket. ! He got a I asket on credit, and began selling trotters." " Yes, yes,", eagerly interrupted the apostle »f energy; '' and now ?" " Well, he's still selling selling trotters, but—he, owes for the basket!"— New Zealand Times. After dispussing the action of the Auckland Asylumauthoritiesin dismissing spc old helpless, friendless patients, and leaving them at the door of the offices of the Charitable Aid Board, tne latter passed a resolution con- | demning the action of the Government as unjust and discourteous and declining to | accept responsibility. The six men were subsequently brought before the Police Court when the justices commented equally,: severely upon the conduct of the Board. , Ultimately a Salvation Army officer in Court ! offered to provide for the men till satis- | factory arrangements were made. The retrenchers (says the " Schoolmaster " ' might take a hint from an occurrence which has happened in Nelson. Two young ladies, ! twins, .have i applied in a school for the '< position of mistress. They do not want to separate, and so desire to act as one teacher 'at the rate of salary for one. If those Board members who object to going to the Government for more money " can only encourage the maintenance of a regular supply of twins, they may save the country money and also ■ mike it clear that twins have another purpose than simply that of giving us food for laughter. j The usual weekly session of the Dawn of :Peace Lodge, 1.0. G.T., was. held,in the Templar Hall on Thursday evening. The : Lodge was opened in the usual manner by |Bro. Pearson, C.T., and after the usua], routine of business had been gone through,' , the newly-elected officers were installed by .Bro. G. Scott, L.D., as follows:—Bro. G. ; W Andrews, C.T.; Bro. Rooke, V.T. ; Bro. ■E. Andrews, S.; Sis. E. Nelson, F.S. ; Bro. E. Parkin, M.; Sis. J. Lcitch, C. ; Sis.' I Page, S.P.S. ; Bro. M. Kerr, A.S.; Bro. j Hawkins, I.G. ; Bro. Hoult, O.G. the I Lodge was then closed in due form by Bro. G; W. Ai\dre)vs; C.T. While the Local Government Bill was in | Parliament,'Mr Gladstone, it is alleged, thus expressed himself on the licensing clauses :— ('I do not believe the conscience of the people will allow publicans to be deprived of t!ieiv'means of living without equitable compensation; I imagine the surviving houses would reap the benefit of a diminution of the number in - increased custom. Why not make them pay for it hi heavy licensing ?" The right lion gentleman is said to have added that he favoured the Swedish system, by which-i 1. 1 ]■"-. ;■■ 'I;.": i-• be sold at cost price, as t ■ y... . . - ' .. had no interest in the sale. * )..■'•,•. A case of the new trance disease, known as "La Nona," is reported v f to have .taken place at St Leonard's, Hastings. It appears that a gentleman staying at an hotel in the western part of the borough; who has had influenza, went to beer one evening at the usual time. Not coming down at the customary hour the next morning, his room was entered, and he was found to be fast asleep-" All efforts to wake him were fruitless, although three doctors were called in, and mustard plasters applied ,to his.fe;et. He', eyoatually came out of the trance late at night in a state of extreme exhaustion, and still lies very weak and ill. Who shall say that the lot of the insurance agent is a happy one ? In a place somewhere in the North Island a sign is posted up ii> [aworkyaid "No dogs or insurance agents j admitted." But this is nothing to what was done by some workmen in a certain iron | foundry. The . insurance man, with the keenness ?■>- " -<■■■•.■' \< < r all agents, had ferreted'c .■ ■■::■. ! ": >\. "',' lives," buf he was asked to call ngain. "He did, but what met his gaze on this occassion turned him sad. . The mtft had made, a small wooden box ifi ■ the shape of a coffin, in • which' was placed a number of bones, while powder and dynamite adorned each side of the box. And this ghastly thing was nailed to a post in the back yard bearing the solemn inscription 1. " 'JLhis was tlie fate of the last insurance agent.". ->Tlie men were bothered no. more, and the a^ent has sought fresh fields. Hollo watt's*. Pills. "—lndigestion. —How much thought has Veen bestowed, and what voluminous treatises have been written upon ihis lujjyergal and, •ny J-- ' .-V .. .which i 3 with certainty a) ■ ■ :■ ;■■■,- * ! without fear of relapse by a course ot this purifying, soothing, and tonic medicine ! It acts directly on the stomach, liver, and bowels— then indirectly, though no less effectively, on the brain, nerves, vessels, and glands, introducing such order throughout the entire .ajrsteiH tljafc harmony dwells between each organ and its. functions. Dyspepsia need no longer be the bugbear of the; public, since Hollo way's Pills are ; fully', competent lo subdue the mosb chronic and distressing pases of impaired digestion, and to restore the miserable sufferer' to health, strength, and cheerfulness. We cjip, the following important testimonial from the* i"-,-..-- .*""■■ ■y"(NiS.W.) of the 30th Ma "■ I ■..■■„■■.■ comment; — ,'.-Mr,John I. ■ ';..■"'* "^5 illi Mountain, writes to us ■■ : ■ "■" ■ for four years with acute gravel, he has <-■:-.■ - :- **■•:.• complete relief by using *• ■ ■■'■ .■ * >■ ■■' JJuoalyptic Extract. He says :—.'' Seeing the stUu iiixj-raci, 4.4y^rtised in the 'Illawarra Mercury",' his intense Buf%'h)g induced him to obtain a bottle of the medicine from Mr ijosking, < chemist*, of this town, and that the use of it gave him great relief at *?n<?o. He states that between lOfch March iiVvfc,'j \yliei^ }\q obtained Hie first bottle of .the extvact, and" tliy Iss}, fhe 'use of that medicine continued to affoi'il him fcelijjf, tp which he had been a stranger for four years.' Mr Loveday writes also that he has found the Eucalypti Extract a cure for rheumatism as well as gravel. He requests us to publish i>ki<i uiformation through the ' Mercury.' We li'ivt! much ]^uiio,tij'c in complying with Mr Lovoduy'a request, whos-'c word cumiot bo doubled, and who can have no object in view, oilier than :i pure desire to benent sulfcrillg t humaoity."-—(Advf) %

It should be mentioned with respect to the sitting of the Resident Magistrate's Court on Monday (it being stated in our report that Messrs Shea liawlor ',• and' A. Harrison occupied the Bench), that Mr Lawlor only sat while the case of Cullen was before the Court, Mr Harrison' taking bis seat subsequently. The attention of members of the Ashburton County Hunt Club is drawn to an advertislnent jwhich appears in another column. Owing to the continued dry weather it has been decided, not to hunt any more until sufficient rain falls to soften the surface of the ground at .least,... at being impossible to hunt owing to bad scent, and the certainty of crippling the horses*^ ;./ We draw attention to the fact. that a I social' dance will 'take place^to-mbrrow evening in the Orange Hall, the proceeds of which , will be devoted to the benefit of My P. O'Connor, who had the misfortune recently to break his leg. In connection withithis we- are desired by ,Mr,J.<C*-Duneau>tomen-; tion 1 that in writing'.qiit,jbh» adyerlileijient which appeared in yesterday's issue he inadvertently . omitted %o nlention the rekson why the benefit'was tendered to Mr O'Corinor. We observe that the, Tim~n ynp-?^. whenever they have occasion i-> -«■■ • i-« ;li,-. part of the breakwater j which" d6flects' from a straight ;line, iiivariably 'speak: of it- as'> the "kant." In the interest of the Queen's 1 English we protest against this misspelling of the 'word,..which-;oughti to 'begin with a "c" instead of a " k." There is no auch as " kant" in any standard dictionary exbept as the proper name of a German philospper —in fact "kan^'is?^ cant: termiwlrich can't be tolerated. '" ) It is notified in the "Gazette" that on and after 6th June, 29 sections of land of areas ranging respectively from 3 acres to 2316 acres in Selwyn County between Bankside and Rakaia on the east side of! the railway, will be open for selection, the'cash price ranging from 15s to £1 per acre. Also on the 12th June a number of sections of from ,5 acres i0|1970 acres on the Waitohi Hills,' near Gerafldine, at prices ranging from 10s to 30s per acre! ■ All England is just now crazy on' the subject of paper pillows. You tear' the paper into very small pieces, not bigger|than your finger-nail, and .thejfv pujbithem Hnto a pillow-sack of drilling or light tickiiig."" They are very cool for hot climates, and much superior to feather pillows. The newspapers are printing appeals for them for hospitals. Newspaper'is not'nice for use, as there,'is a disagreeable odour from printer's ink j but brown or white paper and old envelopes are the best. As you tear them, stuff them into an old pillow-case, and you can see when you get enough. The easiest way is to; tear or cut the paper in strips about half an \ inch wide, and then tear or, cut across. The finer it' is the lighter it makes the pillows. ?

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LOCAL AND GENERAL, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2422, 6 May 1890

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LOCAL AND GENERAL Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2422, 6 May 1890

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