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*- "• "M A9NETIC "MEDICINES I . j ■ ■ i* ' Thcsa unrivalled ilerbal Madicinaß are aiversally acknowledged to bo the.bwt in ha world. They arc quite pifforsnt to *ll jthora kmrnD, bosr.fc abs-dntely uiurarpasaea in their auiversal rxcellenoe. , a ■ Thov are absolutely opociCo for thos» JSaldroga, and are quite pleasant to take THE BILfAM 0? PAHADIBE, FCTI ALL i LUfIOAKD THROAT DISEASES a Bronchitis, Aithma, Wheezing, Coughs, Pf Jos; Fever, Soro Throat, Bleodirg fioin ■nee Tißhtncsa on the Cheat, JLnflamzaati<ro of Lnnes, CollapßO of the Air Cells, Indmstion o Lungs Congestion of Lungs, etc , etc- Itw tie only medicine known to mankind that will -Smnletely core Consumption in its early It fo composed of chcico frnits, flower MeargwnSjbdeamß, &c« herbs. It renovates and fattens the weakest constitution, alike oi tonne or old. It is exceedingly pleasant tc *Zk* and can** an immediate improvement &aVwhoKit. Bold in bottlea h 2» 6d THE EO&M OF THE COMING GENIUS* H.B. Kngelroann's MiEOTRIO 15SSENCE An external remedy for all pains or aebes, Nothing like this has ever baen known, and nothing else will over equal it. IE yon have a rheumatism or gouty pain that yoa do not care about, obtain a ■ bottle of this Electric Essence and it will make you happyi, ; Uso it for sprained backs, knee jointei all trillings, dropsyi back ache, sciatica, neuralgia, weak ipincs, lumbago, contractions; , lameness, cramps,-quinsy, mumps, diphtheria; croup, and for all painn and aches. Never be without it for snake bite, and all bites of insects oi Btinge, and for burns cats and soaldi. Trio? Bgfdand 7 ' " H. B. KUGELMANN'S = fiYB OINTMENT AND ANODTN EMOLIKNT. fhis ia nndcabtedly the finest Paarm centical product of the century. An uamedia t enre for chilblain! and frost-bites. Nothing hitherto known oan .compare with this Ointment for it 3 marvellous excellence, elegance cf combination and puperior effectiveness. It will cure all eye diseases, as Sun Blight; Sandy Slight, Watery Blight, Matter or Humory , BliaMj Inflammation of Eyes,and Lids, CJbroo'o Opthalmia, and all and every Eye Die^ae; and ac well it is the best and nicest thing possible for Fly Bite, Moeqaito Biteilor Brines of Scorpions, Gontipedes. Spiders, otc., and for Sore Throats, Ooagha, Mnmps, Qnroty ate, it is Bimpi/ splendid. All weak nervou. persons should use it to rub well in do^n mm ipine and on ths utomacsh. We guarantee . that all who use this once will never be without it. Sold only in jars at 2(^Sd and »»ch. _^_ v f> * ■ . . H. B. KUGBLMANN'B [ ji^BBAL MASNBTIO OINTMENT. Ihis nnnvanea • Herbal product ia »n----<oub<»aly the best Ointment ever elaborated curiDg old sores, bad legß, ulcers, fistulee bleeding pUes, eruptions of tho skl» broken ciilblMns, cuts, wounds, eta, etc eti hx i»is at i» -.'- »d, ?a «. and 6a e*cn. For oil liver complaints, bjlionane33, ;ann congected liver, enlarged liver and spieei Jancnor, drowsiness, pains bstweoti tn fhoclders chronic indigestion aaa all atoaac coaplainte, hasrtbinn, flatnlcncy, but ' Btomaoh, vomittins of food, lofH of appetat rick headache, norvoap.iess, servons dcbilit • orotstration, end the coavalescina? atigaa oi & aooto Aiseaiea. Sold io bottfiß at 6s »nd BE yArUKAL'RLTSOTRK? PU HIKES. b!s rarditini baa no equal _ lot all , diseases, par^ctly free from/acrenrv c -13, and nil mineral drag*, thivot f&\& to ithe wtr3t forcaa of scrof^s scurvy rtijp., Ucb, ttlcere, abcoBBCB, sore legsnnd •: i If ond all dißcoses hnviris: the\r origin blood. It wiU woTfe wonders in oru „ .-ii,,..* p_,^ r *j«« —nee hanubook,pnoo d ■"■'■;:'. •:;.! ■■ "■ ■"'! oach bottlo. TBE FLUID HEEB4L LIFE This i« the soul oi. plants, and nbSoloat •n-oirtc for chronic i:e-arnlgift, focoaih «.f>vta« 'ho t'cdJoreux, swollen fa:e, <?iimboU.ant >cbr, prlcol»M-«uidßßpcrbottU. . HB SEBBAL DJAGNBTIO LI"? tell PJi-I. i ul These Fills are unitvrJlad, and enrertor col oi'ie's for all livsr troabbs, N bilionencs beativeriOPß, pi^.dmesa, indigestion, vnnd and fit.artbtirn. They are componeJ aoia*? of thr KWbA properties of herbs, ore coated, ond tgateieES, 13 9d atd 33 each. These shonld ( be hept m every hocse, aa the/ are a sure cure for nnmfcerls£B ills. THE CHILBBEN'B VITAT, E^KNCfa. This is a liquid lood modiclne, pepare4 nr.d adapted exclußivaly for pernaaneatlv removing all ailments and cisiases of infact3 and crildraa in every country <*nd clinioto. Jt gives life, energy, flash, bone.. -.d muscle to the trail and waste infart, and vnll restore the bealtb. vitality, vigour, nnd plaraenuae of the weak, dueased. or sickly rhil<s. Bemtr Vleaeant to take, it is leal.jr taken by all two s'zes only, pries 2s 61 and ss«jcn A our gnarantee ntta<--ho3, without which it """SffiSkGHBTJO SNEEZING 1 .POWDER. ; TMb 'm » taoßt useful l\ttle remedy iif uyary D Jfcrm and rofliti?e cUaractof. It 'aasbtvn briv d an 3 r.aod or mvx? yesrß for Coips in i^ > Ho:ni, Oat.-»r.-b ia the nose, Hay F-jv r im, Naesi Polypua, and *11 Obptroct 0)B jh Nose or Nasal ?ase-\gn3. Sola at 2s, 8. H £'. BTTfiELMANH" & UO BOLt! PBOf &lETOR3 (Pi X 0 nriftf ion 0K (\ ' "'j'TJir lo pro'ect the p^oplo from bein, "<efrA'J !p/J ;;nd chc-.tcJ, the A.tier. -h,. Hop i3il';>'i^ Cornpatny offer? the a.ho "> i"l.i\i/ard for the arrest and co '» i*tioi. of' at/ person o>" pa>sons »• e<s * -= ' Hi; Amoricr..! H">p -'Bitters Co.ti ..uf--"> bodies, an.-) for selling any vi'" ,oV;:;m or compound as the ,'sn li-i ' a ;! origin a! O'\ Sou '^'s Airieri c.i l-!cp Outers, o." f-;r counierfriitinf. (he 00-npin/s Lab-ji—.i Clinch o J J G»--:<3ii H'>i>s on a V/hits LaWei, wit!> « t Lick Ltit^rs. >: 7-* p-> f;*» ri"---v'•?■ *I'r '" TT?^! MfH^ Q T"" Ti^ R ;.i4T'<.» :...}■''■'■ Ar.D ntili ! r-«r am. yfr^'^" '.'L'--l'rrlM "F „-. ,-.., » .■'-. ni" '-■'• I-"'-!-"-. '''■ 3. „,. . .., !;„,,!' s t'..a:ime* : " n•, „.^ / '. »i..i •••.». -0 «'■' 'i ll- ■ „, „-, f r .r-.v o v;,-"' »lit'.-ir I ■ >■•;■■•• '".',.','. >.'!v/ ill' rWu"r"'"Mi vu.rl i '<> :'- '•>'.(> ..!• ■ >■„'. „-"(v1 !'!'. ."Olllt! 1!. Al.iflK'.W) JJO)' fi'H"'- 1 KG OlllEil IJESW. TAKE IW Ofilt

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2422, 6 May 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2422, 6 May 1890