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*CrEt*MAN' "MItfHSETIC MEDICINES 1 . Thwe tmrlvalled Herbal Medicines are iriiyeiraally acknowledged to ba tha best to ha worid. They me quite Mora^t to dl jtners kno-OTJ, being absolutely unsurpassed in '■ their ian; voTHal escellenoe. ... „ Thav wo absoletelv speoifio, for those complaints. for wWoh they are epooiahT 'wared, and aie fees from poawn and all wbural&nitfc and are quite pleasant to take THE BALSAM OP PARADISE, FOB ALL * LUHGASD THROAT DISEASES A bronchitis, £athorn, Wheesring, Coughs, n«. ro» Fever, Bore Throat, Bleedir.gfrom ■BBS Tipatnesa on the Chest, lnflamraatio<a of"L&gB. Od^apw of the Ait Oolh, Indm&tion 0 JLnag* Congestion o< Langs, eto.,eLo. It Is tiwflnllmedicine known to mankind that will completely cure Cfcnrampfaon in its early «^e«t It i» composed of choice fruits, flower «£Ss ernns, baliami, aid hezbs. It renovatea tffiaSSi tto weakest constitution, alike oi vOTfIR otold. It* exceedingly, pleasant tt ' Ua* »nd caoiai an immediate improvement toSwhoSkeit. Sq» ta^fcVsiWfcfld •■■■-;• 4«,Ct,andlO§. ' ■ 'y. \ 'rHBBOOM OF THE COMING OEHTUB? H. B. .Kngelmacn'a BLIHTTRIO ESSENCE An external remedy for ail pains or aches, Nothing like ' this haß ever been known, and 1 nothing else -will ever equal it; If yon - have a rheumatism or goaty pain that yon do not care about, obtain a bottle of this Electric Essence and it will make you happy i Uso it for sprained backs, knee joints, all Bwollings. dropsy, back ache. iciatlaa,' neuralgia, weak spines, lumbago, contractions, lameness, crampsj-qninay, mumps, diphtheria, croup, and for all pains and achee. Never be without it for snake bite, and all bites of insects oi Btinge, and for burns cnta and soalds, Price la6daad7 ' ; Hi E. KUGELHANN'S BYE OIHTMENT AND ANODYN , . BMOLIENT. ■ > ', Ihiß ia undoubtedly the finest Phatm oeaticol product oi the century.' An immedia t «mro for chilblains and frost-bites. Nothing hitherto known oan compare with,this Oint • ; ment lot its nmrvellons excellence, elegance of combination and superior effectiveness. It will cure all eye diseases, as Sun Blight, Bandy • 3Hght, Watery Blight, Alatter or Hnmory , BligM, Inflammation of Eyea and Lids, Ohio»MJ Opthalsaia, and ell and every Eye : ' - Disuse • and as well it ia the best and nicest thing possible for Fly. Bite, Mosquito Bites or Btinm of Bcorpiona, Centipedes, Spiders, etc., ' and for Boro Thvoato, Coaghe, Mumps, Quinsy etc., it is simply splendid. All weak nervon* persons should use it to rub well in down the mine and on the stomach. "We guarantee that all who use this once will ,never be withost it. Bold only in jarß at 2b 6d and tach, r a. • H. B. KTJGELMAKN'S SU6BBAL MA&NJSTIU OINTMBNT, this uunvauea Herbal product ifl «• lonb*»aiy the beet Ointmont ever elaborated curing old eorea, bad legs, ulcer* flstules jtil», bleeding piles, eruptions of the iki» broken chilblains, cots, wounds, oto. o»o et. In j«fl at i» J, &d, 1* «d. wd &» e»chr. HH ;HJfiß,BAii MAQHETIO TOKIO AND BTOMASH BESTOBKB, For all liver coiaplaintflj bjlionoaees, wiles, ccngooted liver, enlarged liver and sp.ctt fcajnior. ciro<raneeß, pulna between th Bhonlder? chronic indigestion and all etom&c * eomolaiate, heartburn, flatulency; eos etomacb, vomitting oi iood, 1-na of apP^tu . rick headache, nervousness, nsrvona dobilit • arostratiof, and the convalescing Bta?^» of a, »CDt© Aißsaiea, gold in bott'na »t 6s and HBWATUBAL ET^ECTBIQ ULQOB PUPIFIEB. Ms meditjiEai has no equal for all akin diseases j perfectly free from «crcnry «. jio, and nil mineral drugs, fltfvot tails to ithe wtat forma of. ecroftf*, ;scurvy ifiro, itcfc, tslceis, abestsce, sore legs and idlrW all i:::cvr- Yr.rrp frr'r ong«n blond. It w.". ■■■■■-'. ■*■;:■ n-'r-InJ»vf TSfitliont ezccptiip-.—Seo handbQOit, proa d ,5s 6<l, and 12s 6d each bottle. . ■im', 'iLUIii t'ESBiL LIFE. This' i'J t;H- soul of plants, and aOßoloat •p»<s:,fc "•- chronic r-"; I rr^;- ri: il ';"^.,'! l ," „, \r%\ ft Price la »d and Se per bottle, HE HERBAL UtSßXai uU rS P7IL vl These Piliß ate unvivaU'fl.aa-1 ftiirerior 001 ojiierfl *or all livtf troab'efl. bUionsnos ieitivenesß, piddineja, indigtsfcion, mnd nnd Titartbnrn. They .w cowpc?o- solely of the tastal piopetties of b-hs, »-c ccoted end fcwueiess, At la 91 a- d3i each. Those shonl > bi heptin e»cry \oz2Q, aa tbev aro a euro tura for nnmberlsEß ille. TKP< CHrLDBBN'H "7ITAT- ES»BNCR. This ia a )\qvH tood medicine, pepared nrd adapt?d exclusively for permaneufcly removinp. all ailment «ad diseases of iofant? and clildran in every cotintry <vnd clituate. Tt gives life, enorpy, fosb, bona- ndmusclj! to the trail and waste infant, and will restore the • health; vitality, vigour, plumenuEe of the weak, diseased, or sickly child. Being pleasant to take, it is ?eally taken by nil two BJZB3 only, prio3 & 6-J and fiseich A our guarantee atta'he?, without which it tfinn°S b|airMAGNßTlO SBBBBIW J7OWDER. This ia » most useful Kttlo reaje3y 'A - /-'jry • jjtferm and roa;ti?o character. Itaaibc^i ori-vd ani tißed or a-.tiy years for Go! 'f; m IJ- > He«rt, Oat\rrb ia tbe nrae, np.yl?-.' r ma, Nasal Polyrus. an'J &H Obptruct ono jb So«e oi Naaal Paei^gfia. Sold at 2a, a. RtWAfib abll f- 'rder to protect the people from beirt v ; defrauded and cheated, the American Hop Bitted Company offers thfi nbc/3 Reward for tha arrest and conviction of any person or persons refifi'.ig the American Hop Bitters Company's bottles, and for selling any vi!e nostrum or compound as the genuine and original Dr. Soule's American Hop Bitters, or for counterfeiting the Company's Label —a Bunch oV Green Hops on a White Label 3 with Black Letters. ' (A MEDICINE, NOT A DRINK), COSTAIK3 HOPS, BHJ&MHJ, BIA?*BB2EAH;E, HANS9J3LKSN. AotthePurbbt and Beut Mbotcai, QuALracBQJ ■ T7^E2:"sr c?T72£:s All Diseasf3 of the Stomach, Bowels, Blood, LWer, ■KMnSSand Urinary Orgwiß, Nervousness, Slevplenneas: Female Complaints and Drunkenness. ' •'fHOUSMJDS UPON THQUSAHDS!!! »* ioUw, ."vi ,-f'tho most wonderful cures, volunt \\fr "i'uVi, a do not publish them, as they do »;•* It. is our medfoino, Dr. S.n.. a . A. «. -W n.ui>i;ittei3.thatmakeß the euro. It •-.-.. „v',«• fu.J»d ani a»ver can. We will Rive wftr-i :.' \ l' kl . for h-v similar to their owi- ' ?-. , v .,,i .{(.j. town' t-eißhbor, aj t'.wre it ■< . ."!^^ioiulm In the kirfw world but can shy^ ZSk' l,y Ur. Soule'u Ainerieau Hep Bitters. ,j|B OTHER GHttiE. TAKE NO OTHE '

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2421, 5 May 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2421, 5 May 1890