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"\/TR T. BULLOCK has received in- ! on account and by order of the Mortgagee, t^*im«»i lliJwP^^ajfcjffißaHßwSaw , the whole of the unsold sections of this ~OA lER.BR . S,, , Block viz:— _l 3 Builders, Undertakers, etc. ' Lots 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, each containing Corner Wakanui Road and Cass Street \ Acre fronting Trevor's Eoad ' (Next Central Hotel). j Hampstead. Or at Baker and Brown's Coach Factory, Also Lot 4 containing £ Acre corner , ■ HAVELOCK STREET. section, fronting Beach and 290 (Next the Court House.) J Trevor's Road. ~~" < Persons desirous of purchasing small TINWALD COAL AND FIREWOOD! paddocks near Town, are invited to DEPOT. I inspect these, and attend the sale. • \ ' i T A /CLOTHIER has for j Terms at sale. , ,t) • J3-. \J Sale—Best New-j castle, Westport, Grey Valley, and Mount > Sale at 12 noon, J'Somers Coal, Firewood and Stakes. ; Prime Oaten Straw and Sheaf Chaff, at T. BULLOCK, : Ashburton prices. * ! 5+17 Auctioneer. \ ' SATURDAY, MAT lOih. ~ IRONMOtIGEftY, •■ SPBCIALENTEY. JQHN OJtfcK & CO. A Team of ' , „. . A DRAUGHT HORSES 4 : SPECIAL VALUeToR CASH Shaft and Leading HARNESS. : to their Annual Balance. DRAT and FRAME. Double Furrow PLOUGH. Single Furrow PLOUGH. * Hayin L gtockg of j^ ■ Cambridge ROLLER. . ■ J\. ing Lines now landing, Purcha»et or JlAxtrtu we. * in v on nft r PT it, GRASS STRIPPER and Sundries. sers save trom^_ *° M Pe' cent Sale aULoUoek. c 12 new Bed9teads at & pr i ces m tittt t nnv Guns of all kinds, grand value 6t 22 T- Bsi j^r*B Powder SATURDAY, MAY 10th. 4 cases Fenders from 6s to £5 . 50 sets Fire Irons from 5s to 30s - AN IMPROVED FARM OF .4 casks Hollo ware and Kitchen Utensil 170 f\ ' 3 packages Lamps, Globes and Chimneys iO ACRES, • i U 1 case table and pocket Cutlery, grand MOUNT SOMERS. . ya l ue 3 casks Plough and Trace Chains MR T. BULLOCK has received in- 100 drums Raw and Boiled Oil structions from Mr Samuel 2 tons White Lead Christie to Sell by Public Auction at Paints and Varnishes of all kinds the Arcade, on the above date, — 5 bales Wall Paper His Improved Farm of 76 acres 1 rood 50 Register Grates from 14s 6d, 26 perches, R.S. 16718, being part 6d to £5 of the original Buccleugh Estate, Ranges and Stoves of all sorts conveniently situated near the 20 tons Bar Iron Mount Somers School. _ 1 ton Bolts and Nuts all sizes It is all fenced and cultivated, divided 4 packages Wringers and Mangles into 4 paddocks and now in "English ..New "Home Sewing Machine" best grasses and well watered. The land is of and simplest very good quality. A very desirable Leather Portmanteaus and travelling property. Trunks Terms : Small Cash deposit, balance by ' Leather Belting 1 Jin to 6in instalments. , Manilla and Flax Rope, l|in to 3in Sale at 12, Noon. ,40 coils of Plough Line T. BULLOCK, 2 cases Sellar's Mould Boards 5+19 Auctioneer. Hornsby's and Ransome's Plough - . . ' „ „, ' *"' . Shares, all sizes , * Acre together with . 3 casks Buggy Springs and Axles 1 r\ COT 40 kegs Bluestont _. H f, Tjpif 75 kegs Wire Nails Ea elt ' 20 kegs. Fencing Staples , ;' MRT. BULLOCK has received fbaUseaming^ne _ instructions to sell by Public i case Babbet Metal . ' Auction at the Arcade on SATURDAY, 2Q bundles of Spades and Forkfi &c . May 10th, oh account and by Order of the 4 packageg Scre i WBj Lockg and Hingeß Mortgagee 4 p ac k a ges Saws, Chisels, and Planes Lots 74 and 85, each containing 38 6 cases Picks and Axes perches, having three frontages, 4 cases Gorse Knives ' " viz., on East Belt road in a line 8 cases Axe Pick arid Hammer Handle ■ with Grey Street and Green Lane i case Hammers ■ ;! on which is erected 5 Cottages. VALVOLINE, LUBROLINE, 'f. . —; . L . CASTOR, COLZA, OLIVE, LARD, Inspection Invited. and NEATSFOOT OILS ' \. Terms to Suit Purchasers. 2000 yds Galvanised WIRE. V '* « , HTw Shee P NETTING. ■ ' bale at l^JNoon The s i ni pii es t and most economical X ._, l' BUL.LUOJI, fence for feeding off turnips. '"'' ' 5121 Auctioneer. & l I SATURDAY, 10th MAY. T HNpvRRO^O | J ' J OHN \J R R Ou \J O.» A^ ACRES 4:1 v WHEATSTONE. : ~~ '- ~"~ vL- THE , . •: MR T. BULLOCK has received in- _ Q \ structions from the Proprietors SONS &' DAUGrHIkRS to seU by Public Auction at the Arcade A7 -^zr on the above date, 41 acres 29 perches OF I hMPhRANLJb being LOT 10 on Mr Grigg's Survey Plan, FRIENDLY BENEFIT SOCIETY. lately in the occupation of Mr r. . Tuxly ; it is fenced and cultivated -[BE Special Advantages offered by this and small Cottage thereon, well | Society are—lst, a large invested fund; I situated fronting the mainthorough- 2nd, the funeral donation being reassured by fare to Longbeach. the National Division; 3rd, a liberal relief during sickness, with choice of any doctor Liberal terms of payment. within the district for members and their il families, and as large funeral donation as is Sale at 12 Noon consistent with safety. T BULLOCK Grand Division has established a I k*oa ' a <-• „«,!». Central Sick Fund, which secures uniAuctioneer. formity of f ee s and benefits throughout New TUESDAY, MAY 13th. Zealand ; allows members to move from one | division to another without any increase of GROWING CROP OF contributions, and affords absolute security Ar\ A(\ to small or weak divisions, 4tU Acres of Turnips 4tU ' Benefit for Malk Members :-First six M-Rfp TiTTTTHPTr ha* -raonvvA in- months' sickness, 20s per week; second six T' -ft^ 51 Mv WniSt months > 13s; afterwards, 10s; death of a structions from .Mr WillaM membe ; £30; death of a member's wife, £10.. Morton, to sell by Public Auction at the Half th c above benefits are . received by Ashburton County Saleyards on the above fema i e me mbers. date. Honorary ; Members of .both sexes shall About 40 acres growing crop of turnips be entitled to! the senrices of the physician on the Railway Reserve between and apothecary, providing they paBS a satis-' the Village Settlement and Rakaia factory medical, examination, and recoup to Township. To be fed off by Ist the Division the amount of fees payable by it October next. Also 4 tons of to those officers on their account. * oaten straw chaff. . The pledge originally adopted has remained Sale at 11 o'clock unchanged until the present tune, and by it T ■RTTTTOPTT all formsof intoxicating drinks are proscribed. ' -1- -BU-J^y.^* The position the Sons and Daughters of otlo Auctioneer.^ Temperance occupy is a standing testimony TTTVT ACRES r>/ \ i " of tne value of Total Abstinence principles, • IU4- *}' )4- and compares favorably with any other I) \J 1C ?/ -■' -c Friendly Society j?the sickness rate showing ri^mmnTio V. • -i j c j.u i one-third less than that of other Societies npENDERS are invited for the lease, notbased on total abstinence principles;, the JL for 3or 5 years, of R.b. 288d7 con- death rate being only six per thousand in the tabling 304 acres 2 roods, CAIRNBIIAE, g ons and Daughters of Temperance, aa the pfOperty of W. H. "Wyini-Williams a g a i n st nine per thousand, the yearly average Esq., Christchurch. death rate of other Societies. ■ ' 1 Tenders to be sent to the undersigned This Order should command the support on or before MONDAY noon, MAY 12th. and attention of all earnest temperance The highest or a:iy tender not necessarily workers, as it gives uncontrovertible testiaccepted mony'of the value of total abstinence to the ' rp BULLOCK health of the body; exerts a decided ink*ir ' WBfafp Affft'nf fluence on public opinion, and provides an 616 Estate Agent.^ opportunit^ for to tal abstainers to make SPECIAL ENTRY provision for themselves in case of sickness, " accident, or death. , SJATTTPT>AV MAVv %n The Lod Se meets MONDAY, 12th May, SATURDAY, MAfr dRD. &nd each 6 a it er nate Monday, at the Q EVERALReaUy Good TRICYCLES, Te "*lar ™' *****»> %* ' ' Ik) new Every Total Abstainer Should Join. ALFRED HARRISON, 4 213 W. MURRAY, Sec--5 11 Auctioneer. ■■■■■■—■ ■■■■■. ■ -«»» Miles and Co. „ o TINWALDYARD^ bll^Bp Dipping 1 TUESDAY, MAY 6th. . .. *v ly/TESSRS MILES & CO. are instructed jj/Ji to offer on the above date, -vr-r- » •- < ryi\f, 4 and 6-tooth first-cross Ewes. 8-f »■;' (}{ ]■ |\ »-{I"S /Bill ," (*. *• "^«-. * Jt.^Sta- J4-^X r^Jr C\f\i\ 8-tooth Crossbred Ewes. ViT ,,m TtTT"n Tin T»vTT\ 200 • i.x.FORD, NEu-PUBLIC DIPAuctioneer. . RAILWAY RESERVE, GEO. JAMESON, ...-., . . - ' ; a 4§227 Agent. Ashburton. MOUNT HUTT ROAD BOARD. Opposite Ashburton Saleyards, -r- tm-owTr ■ ~^ ,- *i, 4.* +i * i IS NOW GOING ON 1 I T HEREBY give Notice that the fol- r JL lowing Candidates have been Man {n attendance eve Monday, nominated as Members for the Mount WednesdaY) and Friday from 9 to T^°^R°a^TSfT?YrOTDNFY other days can be r.rr.-.n.T0.-l by applying BAKER, HENRY OrOLDNJIiY. f o C M BROOKI-" hV- < k-°-' BROWNE, MATTHEW INGLE. t0 °" m" prtotp • ' ' : a •^ ILi AN>- i, , Three Farthings per head over 500. 01^ After Ist May, O gneP Farthing per head: take place on MONDAY, sth May, 1890, more> at the Road Board Office, Methven, and n , , lf •* « ,'•«.,, t.. at the Schoolhouses, Lauriston and HfOOKC $ I 6 luCl SM6B Diß Barrhill, between the hours of 9 a.m. '' c r and 6 p.m., in accordance with the Local Equal to any, and superior to most, is | Elections Act, 1876, and the Acts sold in the Ashburton County only at 6s | amending the same. per gallon, used 1 to 110 and or 120 gal- J F. MAINWARING, lons of water, goes further and is cheape 4|2 Returning Officer. < han any OTHER DIP.

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Page 3 Advertisements Column 2 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XII, Issue 2419, 2 May 1890