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KEATING* «OUOB LMEKGEg ; |SEAt?I G'S COUGH LOZKffili ;/ ; |#BATINo S" COUGH LOZENGE* j/EATING'S . COVGR'iOCBSQtS. .; I/EATING'S COUGH LQZEffQIS. ' 94. Commercial Road, Peckham, ; .July 12,1889. "Dear Sir,—l am a poer hand at expres* ■ ing may feelings on paper, but I should like ' to thank .you, for your lore nges have done - wonders for me in relieving my terrible cough.;, Since I had (the/operation ef . 'Tracheotomy' (the same as the late Emperor of Germany, and,,unlike him, thank God, I am still alive and getting on well) performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital for bduct, c, t ; paralysis of the vocal chords, noone could , " possibly have' had''a more Violent coufh ' - Indeed itwaa'aoDad at time* that it doit; exhausted me. . Fhei amcar.ftleo, which] wae 1 very copious andjhar&'hee been aofteneqa and I have been able tb get rid of it withei* difficulty:—l ani, sir, yowa trmly, v "MrT. Keattng;" ■■ i /'jr. Qkb i; The above epeaks for ifcejf. ...From rifle* ; inquiry it appears that .the .benefit htm using Keating^ Cdugh Lozenges ie made*. Btated. The operation was ' a ■peciaQy severe one, and was performed by ftke specialist, Dr H. t Butlin, of Si, Barthele- ' ' mew's Hospital.' Binoe the'»peratioa> *b ■ only means of relief, ie. the use of ftfceee - Lozenges. So sacoessful an' they that eoe affords immediate benefit, although. fr«« ••' natureof thebaseithethrokt kritalietiip%• tense. Mr HiU kinder allow *if MfcMMt to be made to him. ' ' X eating's covqm umnom. KEAniTG'g COUCH VJEWMQM. I^SATmGH 00U« KMMM. |(Bi.TIKG'I COUCH LOZ1K«1». Proprietor—THOlULd KEAILTO, Dmiflfe , BUOOBBB rHK BEST TBS WOSXfi „ HOLLOWAX'tf PILLS &_OmTMENI mms DNIVBBfIIL MBDIOIHE U JL HOUSEHOLD alQUZglll BVEBI WJUfiBE, ■ ',--,.<" THE PILLS - Purify the Bloody impart tone to the Harm* system, and act most powerfully nttootfaUb on the - -, . ,* LIVER AND BOWELS, Promoting Digestion and as I endowing the whole bodily Imm* wltfc Strength and Tigor. Nehtmi "irsianhei. Tremblings, with Leatitulie; aod Geieni Debility quickly yield to the' potmt fetce • thefe well-known Pills, and they tre «•- ' rivaUeo jd their efficacy in all i'BMALB COMPLAINTS,' Removing all. obitructiosa>- akin blenrishet pimples and boils, bettor § thej any othc family'medicine^ knoWh;" ■ ■"'-*'* THE OISTMENT HAS.A WORLD. • IDE REPUTATION. It heals every k of Sore, Ulcer and Wound, mor; certainly thin my other known salve. Its marvellous penetrating power* render it invaluable in all . . THROAT AND CHEST DISEASES. Curing Bronchitis, Quinseys, and Astnsna. reducing Glandular 'Lumps, 1 doking and "'- ---healing Abscesses ant Futulas, and for alleviating the excruciating tortures of RHEUMATISM, GOUT, And .Neuralgia it ie unsuspassed. It neve fails to remove Scurf and every specia of iki disease, ■■ . .;,..•/ The Pills and Ointment are manutactmrc tt No. 8, New Oxford street (late 533 Oxford street, London); and are sold by ail vendors of Patent Lines throughout the ' Civilized World. / , '. ■ . ' ' , Direction*; fur use in almost eviry ianciiaf ■ B?f* Purchasers should look to the Labe on Pot and Eoxesi ' If tae.addrtu and strea are not>n they mie swtoai ■ ■■" . f UJMJi bo^,of. Olark'a b 41:piUa la waclantea to care nil djteehargei (/otk th« orlnary organ* In either sex (acquired ol : cocfltitutional), graval And palr« ta the, back. : Guaranteed frta ftom menorr Sold In bozea 4b 6d ©ach, by all chemiata and patent medioine Tendon. Sole proprietcra, TheUnoolnaaaMJdJaHdCoon^ tlca Dmc 00. Lincoln, EngJaii -Po» Oima Perfiimery* 207, Rue St.. Honor*, Pule, T E GRAND'S SPECIAL PRODUCTfi Xj „: , : .;■ ■ ■ Savon-Orba (Orln Soap)~From the for* mule of Dr Q. Rerell. The bait aoap for rendering the skin white and nfC Swestly and refreshingly eetata (rose, green and white). . /' SaTon-Orlsa-Velonte, , exqnliltelff ptv • . famed for tho toilet and bftika SaYon-Orli* Orlsa Soap)—Na, 9, extra : fine, in boree, fi oakeij 11 exqaiiita r , peifumajL No.-l- f; ;■, <<! ; L- 1.. Oirlia-Savon^lneorora, '■ npeclor 'boallty ; roie tea, white htUofatbptnM white „-^ violet-.:», ,;u'/;i ,-■•.■•"■'.''{ "l (T^' ' \ OrUa-Tonloa (extraot b! plaaU) to eleanae : /: the hair—new mown htr. ■Joinroae. .•.:-Tloletj-et«.'-'.J -1 ii ■'•'.',•,; .■ Otira-Powder—Flowers ol Carolina rlee 1 for ' ■oftenlng: and reireahlM the •kin 1 In axeelUnt boxee, with (ewdev OiUa-Veloatd—Flowan of tloe: powder, adhorlng to <th> akin, with tfie pa*. . fameof ne\7niobnhay i 1 Oilan-ilowen (white and ejaibesesl)—At,. excellent toiiet water, tonle^te tht ■' ekin, swe«Uj and deUoetely p#t ■ fumed '</ '' !;^ >' ; "?"' ' '■-• Aqsa-Orli*—New toilet water, wfreahlr4 ' • - fche;iHn. '■ -: •. " \l . : ,■ OHsa-H.y—A toile ' water with tht per* fame of new moon hay ; , Oiita-Aoldalfne—Tollet Vinegar, raromatta and disinfectant, r speolallf adapted , ; fo?.ladfeVtc£V«t», •, . ■ ;• >'f Ofilsa-Sooiah.Lav*uder—Bptlgi of Sco A lavondej flowers ; a rloh toilet waiev K B a-d«.oologae.Oili»~The. I h-llfe taJ, r ' r '- let watei • •-'•' ,c , -.{.t;; . v , Orka-Wator-iOoneentrated a»4; f ,ttl Sxtrkot of superior Esi sle ; _e r p vne Gontteo-QFl«a.DenUfrloe —^Anvex-it » 1 . prasoivlng the;, teett, ;; and ogansa In . . good haalth and{)reTentlßgidec«y OrlH-Dantalr^ ,I^;,eimU. or ;i powlder, of whitening tha teeth wlthoit affecting ; ,'ttjenamel;-; ;; •,,..; n;i: , : . l^- l ; ; . . Ess 0 !et Orlia-Lyi — Peifqmee soentlng Unen and i the \\ YaaMmtlim Otls»-OU—Variously petfun»td;fei Na . ■,- aeilng the hair nft and bvOllant, , preventing Ift falling off t Oiliß-L»cte (Oriir* .■ , Milk)—Aatemnldv v^ptlpn fifraoclEg tonio to : the ski itt/morlng sea -pot« and, preveutfr: Trrlnklei on the rfree.' -. > />[:. JI Oreme Orlsa (of Ninon-do Lesolos)—lfo# peodaolng * bsantlial white complex' 'ion with &e*oWiieii and velvety , .eoftneM ofjputh .■.,,;;„:> hf :y :-"\ ... OrlaftHno-Obloranta 4tKa beat hair dye)— . For inEtantftneonslj dyeing the halt. . to any anade, and with mvdangei bealth.. In boi©«, each with br«M« comb, piospßOtos,; andfbottle;» at ' ' r boxes, the bottle obis'withatet aeaa* „ io^di - ■■•' ■ ''■' >-^\'^!. f'; "»■■'■"

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2414, 30 April 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2414, 30 April 1890