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V IATING* OOUGH LOSBK6EB ; , f/EAW G'S COUGH LOZIKOfiS, .IJBATINcsjS COUGH LOZENftBST jVEATING'S COUGH ! LOOBIfOIS. K EATING'S COUGH LQZENGB& i 94, Commercial Road, Peokhaa,.; 3 ■ " Dear Sk,—l am a poor hand at expr«s> ing may feelings on paper, but I should like to thank you, for your lore ngea hay« | done wonders for me in relieving, my, terrible cough. Since I had the operation •£ 'Tracheotomy'(the same as the late Emperor of Germany, and unlike him, thank God, I am still alive and getting oil well) performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital for bduct, o, paralysis of the vooal ohords; noone could possibly hare had* more violent ■ coagh indeed it was bo bad at time* that ft 4oifc; exhausted me. Thr mwus also, wtoicnVwae very copious and hard,, om ,b«far»oJK«ofi and I have been able to get nd of tt.wi*»«at difficulty.—l am, air. rotr* ttalr. "MriKeating^^JrTjr^^a^, : 'MBDViiX. NOW. ; ', The'aboT* Bpwk« foritaelL: Fioatt'iftAes inquiry it appears that th* benefit'fee* using Keating'* Tnsanjss ■"■■ifw stated. The operation waa a f agplftr severe one,, and was performed !V the specialist, Dr.H. V. Bntlu»,sqf fcft. Btrt^el*mew's Hospital. Bin<K. th* r «penh»» *c only means of r»li«f, if; toe, «*•/; of tk«a Lounges. So sncceesfnl are itbey' that eM affords immediate benefit, although treat Ifcs nature of the oaaa the throat irmatia* ■ fctenae. Mr Hill kindir allow* a# iiaiaiiMi to be made to him. , ■ ' ' ■ '■■'"' K EATING'S COUGH- HIIIHi— I^EAIUTQ-I COUGH L0111WBC; V KEATING'* OOUttH UTSOIfIM. '-* ■' j/EATIHG'iCOUftH LOZIKGIfc Proprietpr-THOMAI MAIEga, iMstf BUOOBBB UHB BBBT WB c i HOLLOW AX'f : '".'.'/1* PILLS &_ODiTMENT. mms uniybbbal MBDiona v X HOUSEHOLD ttBQUIBITIITIBI WHEBB. , •• THE PILLS f r*; !):^. • Purify the Blood, impart tone to the P«w« system, and act most powertoUy yet mrta^* on the ' ,', ",' ■-•';'' ",'';.' LIVER AND BOWHLS, ' Promoting' Digestion awTAaiaihtloa,' 'an I endowing the whole bodily frame with Strength and vigor. Nenbu HaadabiML Tremblings.; with / Laaritadaand■. Gentsa Debility quickly yield to the.:potent fans o these well-known Pilli, and they,u«: so* rivallea in their efficacy in all r^MALE COMPLAIKTS, • Removing all obstractionj, *ktn blmdjLc* pimplei and boils, better, than l«dv. etke family mediciDe known. ' '' - : - THE OINTMENT . HAS A WORLD.. IDE REPUTATION. It heals every k••'•.' of Sore, Ulcer u4 Wound, more certainly than any other koowa salve. . Its marrellous penetrating power* render it invaluable in all, > '\' THROAT AND CHEST DISEASBS, Curing. Bronchitia, Qninseyt, and AsthMa* reducing Glandular Lamps, daring, { «ad healing Abscesses ' ant' Fistulas, aad . [fet alltviating the excruciating tortores of " .-■ RHIBUMATISS, 1 GOUT, And Neuralgia it is unnupuied. ' It neve fails to amove Scurf and every species of aki disease. "' ■. '■■'.<' / ■ ■■■■ The Pills and Ointment are mannttcttbe at No. S, New Oxford street (late 533 Oxford street, London), and are sold by all vendors of. Patent Lines throughout th c Civilized World. ..-.' „, ™ „„. Directioru for use in almost every language S2&" Purchasers should look to the Labe on Pot and Boxes. If me address and. itree are not on they aie snnrioui UJSft bo?; of Olark'a M 41 pllli la warrantea so core ail dlschargei f/out tb« urinary organa in either aex (abqnlred of oonatltutlonal), gravel *nd pWr< In the back. 1 Guaranteed fee* horn mercoW Sold in boxes 4b 6d ea«h, by ill efcemiita and patent medicine yeixdon. S6te proprietors, The Lincoln tad Midland Waa. tie* Drue Obi Hn«nlni JStogML Fo» ■*lejf tfat WOX4WOI Hoasl^C j; 0* 207, Rne St. Honors, ParJ«, T EGRAKD'BSPKpiAti: f RQPCOTS Savon-Orlxa (Otlsa Soap)— From the for* mole of Or 0. ReToil. The bo»t eoap foi rendering the nklnirhlte and ioft. Sweetly and rofreshln^ly, scettte (roae, green and white). , : . t;irrl Saton-Orlsa-Veloate, e^qnWtely per' famed for the toilet, and bath* •,; - Savon-Orisa Orii»,Boap)h-JSro. 2, extra fine, iv. boxes, 6 oakes, ;i exqaldte peifamee, No. 1 OfflM'Savon-Jbieorote, raperlor qnall.yj roie tea, white heliotrope and white „- violet,. , „,„, , • , m , , ft . „;,,.;„ .i (l , f ■, - OrUa-TonJca (extnofc of .nlaj^kf) to.oltittaa the hair—new mown hay, Woeaiote, .. violet, etc. r ,s ,;. ,/■ * l <,y.,i; y . jj Orlw-Fowder—Flowen of Oarolin«rrloe j foi ioftening. rad; refNehlßf f U>i fkia; in exoeUsnt boxea, wl-k powder • P«ff ', '» r ...:- ---••••- . Qita.Veloite-r-Blowera of tie*, powder, adhering ta thi ikla, with the p*r. fnme of new moon,hay 1 „:,;,, Oilw-Flowen (white and wnbered)—Ai exseUant tciletlwater,- toiilo nto th« ■kin, tweetJf and delieatelj p# v , famed-., ' . „,,;■.,,;-.,•.. -./.-i f ■„■,,' Aqae-Orl*a--New tollot water, ve^reahir-^ , -.' theikln ".: \ - r " ~.; ' ' . OrUa-Hay—A toil* watet whh the p«fame of uew moon hmy : . . Orlak-Acldnllne—Tollet vtoegw, uomatln „ aod dUlafectaat, aneoteUy ikdaptod . for Udi«i' temti,^. 1 <..;-., •. j,.. \-. ". Oriia.Sootoh.Lav»4iier~Sp»|gs of Bib eb lavender flowers; a rich toilet water Kaa-de-Oolcgno-Oriia— The i > h-Ufe toi> : let w»t«, ', ■•■•';•• ■■[_:: OtUa-Water—Ooneentratad acd itl ExttMtof laperior Sci de o oiit Gonttei-O*iu-Dentlfrloe —An exu r < ■:• preserving the teeth sand game In good hs»lth and prßYenUng.deeaf ; OrlM?Dentaire, l"i pjuiU or pow d«. 9* whitening th* teeth wlthoit kfleeltmt ' tktenamel ' '' , ' r v BuO !et Orli»-Ly« - P w fwnef ' scenthttg linen and the kattdketr!^* withoat rUinlttg r Orb»-CHl—Vwlouslyperfwßed; /«rw» daring the halt s*ft»ndbrllliaut, preventing! fr jfaUiag olt ;: VM Oriivtmoto (Orif >*. , Ifilk)-An imnirfv lotloa i-efreenlng tonic to ihe ski MmovUhg roc =?otfc icd preventfr^ ■ wrlnklei oa the faae 1":; i ■';,','' '•;' , Oramo Orla* (of Niaon, de Leaelor)—P©# psodnolag » beaotlhil white oomjplex loa with the,c!e«niß«i,ajiAnvelvety 'eoftnew of youtfe ■ \\ „ ... f ,-/ ■ OrUallno-Ooloranto fthe beet halt dye>For lastantaaeooily d|elng the hai» 1 to any taiad^i amd with 7 no danger' health. In boxer, each with brore*. aomb, proapeotns, and bottle ; or boxer, the bottla. onlf without acoa» ..BOfJ^S: ':, •/ „,r ■■<-.. >„.' '-.

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume XII, Issue 2413, 29 April 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume XII, Issue 2413, 29 April 1890