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President—E. G. Wright. Vice-Presi-dent—John Grigg. Judge—Matthew Stitt. Stewards—C. W; Purnell, E. G. Crisp, W. B. Denshire, Hugo Friedlander, J. C. N. Grigg, T. Leahy, W. Lyttelfcon, E. Saunders, M. Sfcitfc, and ' D. Thomas. Treasurer-^David Thoittas. Clork . of Sailes—lt. Friedlander. Cleik of Course—A. Hewscii.' " Haridi.capper—J. CreswelLjj.Stari^ff—Djjjrid Thomas. Secretary—Gv Bisset

, .. . . ..... .FIBST-D-VE. ..,,...,. , Not every, meeting held by thoAsliburton Rjicingf Club.lia^;bfccn-;8O signally i blessed with fine weather as ha's been the Autumn Meeting of 1890. ■.. The day. btoke a truo autumn morning,' the Bun Tiiing out of the sea with a'^burot;-" the most enthusiastic Irishman.' would ■ have' lieen |il«>iis(^l. .wiMi for s a St. Patrick's Day,. aixl j'i'o ni'irnng-, : niild".'and' '.talmy, jMitr" pi «::.i-»' ' /t "of" a • JglonbuV''_ J<lay. ,T;i;« [iiui:iit>u, was well, kept/ arid'" at high noon the, wp^%/f%ir Wit™ 1 and pleasant as a model, i daj p.'.,Jiiv,;sthe , Indian summer. Tlier'e was a fair "attendance of the public on tha.course.whejr>the l>ell rang for the firat Eac^,'bnt;!tttkl Kvas largely incre<'ißod"as;the day wore on.

The Club have made many mprovemente . on their I'ground'-recently; afhd-gtfttything now that ought-16.t0 "done under shelter has the advantage -of cover. Mr Henry h,id the luhcheufr'-'booth'Wider the grand stand, and provided a most appetizing repast. • -The tmtside bar watPih'&i^hands of Mr Davis of the Royal Hotc], ftn d Mr ■W; C. Davis had the cbrifeefco'tier's stallall under cover, tind the public path in front verandah protected. The Ashbur,ton Borough Brass .Band ,was on the lawn in front of the grand stand and, recruited by a euphonium and a cornet from Timaru were able to perform a programme of good inusic,-Mr Bisset,, the;secretary, was'as energetic as usual in ttie discharge of. his,duties, and all the- officials did 'their best to'make, a successful meeting.. The illness of MrDi/Th'omasrf-i^. .grippe again—npces^jtated .acTiangaiiitKeistartfir and Dr Leahy 'took/the-flag,'. and used it | satisfactorily. ,/_*.„" ''J -"■-'" ■'■■■* The ".fair." portion of the racecourse was better . patronised -'tKani (.usual. A shooting gallery* did -passable business, there was theitisual man with the monkey, stalls.,fqr the,;?' of" tripket^j Ff oys,fcers, .and so.forth V.and a*mari,Tntha l'b3ar; from "th>BpckyMountains,'"^..;,.. '-"., ,'.'.!.'v The 'following' arc the results''i-^ ~ Handicap ■. Hurdle R^ce,:,©* *45 >ltiovß ; r .v T> second horse to receive &hay& from " "'the'-sfciko. jOyer.. leigliV flights of 'hurclles'about 3ft"6in "liigh. Two' miles. _ 63.Mr L. 'MarkVs'blk 1 g Little y Arthur,' 6yrs lOst 10ib £ \,' (Walls) 1 107 Mr R. Kildare's bg Ixioh)-syrs list 121b (Lunn) 2 40 Mr J.-'iMeikleVbl^ Cathedral, aged ios«;4lb * J'.'. / (C. Hobbs) 3 23,,Mr_T.^Kearney's eh h Moana, -agedilOst ..'.-; ;/' ifiKiarney) 0 2;Mr' *S. L EslerVcti* jf Carpenter; „..., „(Collin) 6 2iVlr"iT. W; Reid's'gr'il? Nightingale 4yrs (Bamber) 0 The start effected by Dr Leahy was a fair one, and the six that faced him got away well together. At the" first hurdle, "Little,:* Arthur, was -w^llf-injfront,-jtwith /Cathedral a close Becond. In'the;'first half mile; or so the leader had :gamed':half ;;a ..dozen., lengths on'; Cathedral, -wHo 1 was r.twfce,"fchjit* to,'.-the,, good,, of'.lxion and ~Moariaj who were running-.t6sether.r ■At the stand, Little Arthur had "increased his lead very materially, with Cathedral still second, while Ixion had forged well /clear of -Moana. Little Arthur and Cathedral kept their places till about three furlongs.from home, '.when Ixion drew, nearer,Lpassed Cathedral/ (and'.::,landed over the last hurdle close on Little Arthur's heels..- A good ; race -,xfp the straight ensued, .and r Little Arthur.just ;%on by half a length:ifrom Ixion^who was half a dozen lengths ahead :.of •'tlathedral: ... Larry:, Markey 's wiri ■ 'was very popular, and horae and rider were,-hear-tily cheered as they came totlie weighing stand. Time, • Smiu 59secs. Dividend, £2 2s;' ur'J -.ii v- ,w>iv;i , Longbeach Plate, of 25 soys; second horse v to receive 5 soys from the stake. For district torses, three years old and upwards. Weight for age. * One mile. / , :>. ft 93 Messrs M. and C. Hobb's Road

,-Metal,: Betray^r-^-Nancy;' 3yrs ' v^dstßlbs" ;;...^vi;:. JHi(Jackson) 1 20 Mr T. Daly's br g Liberator, 3yrs, i ,: 9sfcllbJ; ... ?:../) 'x&.,-. :..(P0x) 2 23 Mr H.iLambert's'Ch f Loo, 3yrs, T .... .Bsfc.iPlb, ; ;.7.. v (M'Grath) . 3 2&Mc J.'GliS. JGrigg'sblk^Apmma, syrs, Bst 131b ... (Rosewarne) 0 •-7 Mr:A. :James' blk g Outlaw, syrs, s*V:'Bst2lb ... (Holmes) 0 49 "Mr W^Russell's br c Breadalbarie, 3yrs,rßst f lplb; , nv . (W. Brown) 0 A fair "start""'showed Liberator and Outlaw^ heading the troop,, which position they "keipt: till they had: Tdunded the^turn home when'Road*Metal yWhVnsKl till now been in third position drew up his leeway and headed the lot as he entered the straight.; ;^ From,thatf point home the race was his own and he won in the easiest tof -canters'by a vg<Jb4 Tlength,^halfca^dozen lengths "Beparatirigithe second4n3tthird horses- Time, lmin SOsecs. Dividend. £2 2s; »/:/. . ' -,

ASHBURTON AUTUMN HANDICAP, of; 60 /'. soys ;\second Horse the » ' stake. 1 f One'mile and a- half. 43 Mr P. J. Henley's eh m Yarra, 4yrs ... ... ... (Kingham) 1 ,24 Mr.D. Rutherford's b h'Ahua. ' "aged * ,;.;.! '..."' .1 (Gtark) 2 . 36 Mr A. L. Popham'B,b h Alcinous, '■'- 4yra,; t r ..... • (Fl'Holmes) 3 - .26 Mr W. 0.- Webb's eh :h - Ruby, - ily 6yrs. IIJ. r > .l.i"i. i.H^ite) 0 156 Mr D. O'Brien's b c Helmsman,

I 3JM., ..w... r ...,,(W. Holmes) 0 0' Mr JMJL. Reid's g an' Nightingale,' i.iijrfi,l -i- „>^'-i.J^<McGrandle) o The start was an excellent one, and Jfarra took the front from it, at once, "with Helmsman ftrsFnex^jMSJ^fche others in "a' biinch behind, AEua' last*. Yarn made the running-very hot—until. the stand jvas passed, ,and along the stretch to the back of the course; vhiving Helmsman still close behind ; but about half a mile or s<>.-> from r home Helmsman fell back rbeafeni^ahd Ahuacame throughiiis horses and took second place, Yarrs 'leading. also^ picked tip -a bit of ground, but could not recover enough to .affect Yarpi's position, who came up^the straight with a pronounced lead. The'"run homo was an s; exciting finish, the-mare winning by half a iength, and a length marking ofl second and. third. T Tim©,r2mi» Dividend, £6 3$<, ■:■'•;„ . '■" '«. ri♦". ?.. Noy^lj Rack, of 25 sovp. <Tl»e Itwinner to be sold by auotion immtjdiwtely after the race, the whole of the proceeds to goto the funds idfithe Club. Weight, Bst, any overweight to be declared.l; ;Half"a nu'le. )> 12 Mr F. N. Black's cti m'Duchess of

Albany, aged (91b over)... (Cox) 1 45 Mr M. Scott's eh m Goldfinch, aged „ (Ray) 2 45 Messrs M. and C. Hobbs' b g -„. Collingwood, 3yrs , ...,|<Y.oung) 3 11 Mr,T. .Daly's b m Lady; Darling, „; 6yrs ; ... /.1.,,. . .<:. C (Kyle) 3 Mr Ri. Gaskin's b m Misssuy, nged ... (Hw) * 28 Jtfj T, Tilaon's b- m ,E[nma,',agftd ' [■ ....(Kinigan) Q 2Mr S Esler'B, bg t Jock, aged ; 1 ! ■ " ■'•■>■*•■•'< (Price) 0, 42 Mr A. Vioylu's eh f Vjuiity, 2yrs' (Brown) 0 2 Mr A. Nicholas 1 t b g Whirlpool, syrt^ „. {J«cl*Bon}

4 Mr J. Scottsbinßelladonna, syrs (Leeson) 0 10 Mr R. Bennett's blk g Jack 11, aged... (McGrath) 0 , 25 Mr C. Henry's blk g Glenrowan, 6yrs ... (White) 0 ' 2Mr J. Cass' br g Zest, aged (Healy) 0 10 Ma C. Harold's gr m Hett, 4yrs (Bamber) 0 - After a lot of fiddle-faddling at the post, Dr. Leahy got the whole bunch of fifteen away well together. After a stride or two Duchess of Albany's white colors showed out well to the front, and kept her position securely, notwithstanding strong efforts on the part of Goldfinch to forge ahead. In the straight there was a flutter home, but the Duchess held her own and won easily by three lengths, a pleasing disappointment to the .12 ticket holders who trusted her, Collingwood being a half length in rear of Goldfinch. Time, 50|secs. Dividend—£lß Is. Mr Harrison put up the winner to .' • auction after the race and sold her for £15, the buyer being her owner. District Welter Handicap, of 30 soys; second horse to receive 5 soys from the stake. Distaict horses only. ] 47 Mr T. 1 Daly's br g Liberator, 3yrs ' ; < Bst-91b ...: ... (McGrath) 1 1 71 Messrs Mi and 0. Hobbs' b c Road ','' Metal, "3yrs,9st 81b... (Jackson) 2 V 64 Mr H. Coulter's eh mMartha, 4yrs, ■'.. 95t51b... ... ... (Brown) 3 l ; ? ",,2o''Mr a L I. MarkeyVb.m Authentic, ' , oyrs, Bst 121b (Leeson) 4 !, 18 Mr A. Frisby's Jack, aged,lost 51b ;, „ t ,)-• . , (Johns) 0 \ : 6'Mr. .S.i Esler's eh g Derby, 6yrs. .. ..x \9st 121b ... ... ... (Kerr) 0 21 Mr M. Scott's eh g Pennine, 4yrs, .'-9sfc2lb ■' ... '...'(McDonald) 0 0 Mr J. M. Reid's br g Cymaro, aged/Bst'Blb... .:. (Bamber) 0 10 Mr J. C. N. Grigg's eh m Zuleilca, •' ' 4yrs, Bst 41b ... ... (White) 0 H Mr J. Gaskin's eh g Taumutu, 3yrs, " ' ' Bst "..'.' ' (Holmes) 0 There,was some trouble for a while at the start, but the lot were ultimately got ' away' wbll, Martha getting the best of it. Passing the stand the chestnut was still leading with Authentic in company, and the two a couple of lengths in front of \ Liberator and Road Metal. At the back of the course Liberator had worked to the front, and Road Metal had passed Authentic and Martha. At the turn to come into the straight a fine race began, and Liberator ran a neck and neck tussle for' first or second place with Road Metal, the/former won by half a length, . and Martha, the third horse, was a langth . in rear of Road Metal. Time, 2min 43£secs. Dividend—£s 2s. , Flying Handicap, of 30 soys; second • i. horse to receive 5 soys from the stake. r Three-quarters of a mile. 134 Mr A. L. Popham's b h Alcinous, -' 4yrs, 9st3lb (Brown) 1 85 Mr W. Russell's c f Red Cross, >; '■' 3yrs, 7stslb ... ... (Kingan) 2 75 Mr P. Butler's b c Leinster, 3yrs, 7st3lb : (Ray) 3 4 Mr T. H. Lukies' eh m Jenny, Lynn, aged, 6st ... (I. Price) 0 | Out of a tedious start Leinster came first, but was 1 passed by Red Cross at the bend, who at the same place had a short lead of Jenny Lynn, Alcinous last. In the straight it seemed as if Red Cross ought to win, but Alcinous coming along under the whip challenged the chestnut, and just won on the post by a short head, - Leinster two or three lengths behind the second horse. This was perhaps the most exciting run of the day. Time, lmin 16 3-sths sees. Dividend—£2.

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AUTUMN MEETING., Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2409, 24 April 1890

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AUTUMN MEETING. Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2409, 24 April 1890

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