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yCIA.t/LTLRiSL.K<icdVfEjU^\H ATJO ' AGBNTSFOaNBff ZEALAND' MBSSUr P. HAYMAN & CO.EnnedfS Chris^htjrch, Wellington, , d Ao t and. The ab;vs carry ft cemclan rtWRh H. E. Ktigelmahs aito Co 'a Staneua Herba Magmtio Honicdies, *hch may dar obtain ( rom all Chemists and Storekeepers boll overo * Glebe. LOOAL AGENTS FOR H. B. KUGELMANN AUD OO.'S MAGNETIC MEDICJSfEBTbcse Goods caa be procured from the following,— ABHBUBTON-CM Bkookb,Chemist. Johw Obr & Co., Merchant BJLKAIA—O. Hardy awi OOi. Merchant Then unrivalled Herbal Moftcmea oie iniversally acknowledged to bo tho beet in tilt worldi They «re quite different to nil rtbers known, being absolutely unsurpassed in their mniversal excellence. They ara absolutely specific for thou complaints for which they are specially prepared, and are free from poison and all mineral drngi, and are qaite pleasant to take THB BALSAM OF PARADISE, FOB ALL LUNG AMD THROAT DISEASES A Bronchitis, Astbms, Wheeling, Congbi, Co Fog Fever, Bore Throat, Bleodirg from ajmob. Tightness on the Ohost, Inflammation of Lungs, uoll»pse of the Air Cell*, Induration Of Longs. Congestion of Lungs, eto., a to. It is the only medicine known to mankind that will aompletely core Consumption in its early Btatres. It is composed of choice fruits, flower ■Mdß. Sums, balsams, aud hem. It renovates mdfattensthe weakest constitution, alikeoi «onnß or old. It is exceedingly pleasant tc take, and causes an immediate improvement SJS"ho take it. Sold in bottles «t 8s 6d 4*, 6s, and 10s. THB BOOM OF THB COMING ÜBNTTJRS E.B. Kugelmann's BLBOTRIp ISSBBNOB An external remedy for all pains or aches. Nothing Uke thia nan ever been known, and nothing else will ever equal it. If you have a rheumatism or gouty pain that yoa do not can about, obtain a bottlo of this Elsctno Essence and it will make you happyi ITso; it " for sprained backa, knee joints, all Bwellwgs, droosr. back ache, sciatica, neuralgia, weak Urines, lumbago, contractions, lameness. cramps, quinsy, mumps, diphtheria, croup, and for all pains and aches. Never bo withoat it for snake bite, and all bitoß of inawta ox stings, and for burns cuts and soaldi. Prior |«6laad7 H. E. KUGELMANN'3 KYB OINTMENT AND ANODYN ■ EMOLIEHT. , jChis la nndcHbtedly the finest Pharme ceutical product of the century. An lamediat «ure for chilblains and frost-bites. Nothing hithsrto known oan compare with this Ointment for Its marvellous excellence, elegance of combination and Btiperior effectiveness. It will enr? all eye diseases, as Stm Bhght, Sandy Slight, Watery Blight, atattnr or Hamorf fi'^ff 1"' Inflammation cf Wyes aad Lids, Obr-jn'o Opthalmia, and all aad orery .Eye Dic n*s9' and an well it is thQ best and mcest ♦••-Irg poaabJe for Fly Bite, Mosquito Bitsa or Stic en of Scorpion", Geutipade*, bpider3,, and fo? B*ro Throats, doaghs, Mcrnps, Quinsy etc., it is simp* pplcndid. Ail wcai nervoan persooa shoild nsc it to rub wall m down the wine aid <n the stomach. We guarantee that all wlo uso this once will nevor fee jntbo«t it, SJld only in jar 3at 2s fid aad each. H, E. KITGBrjMANN'S HBBBAL MA&NB1I0 OINTMBNT. Ihls n^nvaiioa Herbal product is onionb^^dl^tli boat Ointmant evar elaborated ejeuriDL o 1 sirog, bad less, nlaors, fiatules Al*h, Weeding piles, crapnoag oi the i.«f brckea ihilblairs, cits, wonnds, efcr, o o an In jaw at W l 9d, 8 ad>atd 6b owhm i ■'a U'A H«RBAJU MAONBTIO TOSIp AND STOMAOH HBSTOIUSti. For nil liver complaints, bilbnsneaa, fa n Ace, con^astid lirer, cnlargai h7er an.l spir.ot. ianMOf, cio-TPinew, p*'.ai b't^en th ehonliers cLronic inaigsation uA all atovacc coaxp'&iitf, hiartburn, ri^Tlency, but,. Etomiob, voraitting of fond. lon of a . tick hfindachc, nnvowns**, nervous debdu ■ prostration, oni the ooayft'osans? ai*gj» of &, ncatn diaefwa-. Bold in bottf-w at 6s ftud PUPlFiifiil. hta medicire h« equal for all "., ilin dieeaesj -jvW^T ««' "r o» '"^/L c i.o, and aU m oeral df asp « jvoi B'j tho worst fo-as of ecrofu'v, eoarv/ Sie.ns, itch, nlotrs, slwwseß, J fljro legs and reastg and'iJl diECMsa having their ong'n id the Wcod. It will vrorS .wondera vi mtf raao with etcsptiou.—Sou handbook, pricj ta 'i,9a 6ct. and 12a 6d eaoh*bottte. THK JELUIi) KESB4L HFB This is the scul of plants, aad! abwlnU, 'pocifio lor chronic ; v?:.. 1 ■'. ■•. f ■■" :'•' ■"■ toOl<s jhe, tta doloroux, an-jiJfi ::.■«..-. .v.-.i.^an-I Frice la »d and 3a Fer bcttlp., 118 HBBBAL MAQNBTIO lilVfca PItL Thcee Pills are wnivalled, and Buporior nil others lor all livar troublcfl,bUioußno b coativenefts, piddinees, indigeetion, wind and bcartburn. Thoy ore compoaai eololy of the vital properties of herbs, are coatod end totalesß. At Is 8d aad 3s each. These hculd ba kept in evary house, aa they ar«3 . cn-e for nntnberles* illsTHK CEILDEEE»'-5 VITAL ESSEISOE. This is a liquid lood medicine, prepared and idapted exclnaively for permanently removrng oilmenU and diseases of infants and children in ever? oonntry and climate. It gives life, energy, flesh, bone and muscla to tho and wasted mtxut, and will restore *he hoilth, vitality, vigour, and plrupness of the u&. disessed, or sickly child. Being tleaJnt to take, it ia readily token by all. gold in two BiMS only, price 2b "M ssd 5s each vifch onr jycarantea attached, without whi«a annot ba cennino. J^IBAI MAGNUTIO UTH^A OUQ Th's unrivalled Herbal Oonnioond Js anrioabtcdlv the beßt inhalant in a^l Asthmatioai oon,p«.ints and Di Bcnlt Brsathing. as Dry Asthma Humid Asfch r.a, Spasmodic Astama, Nervous Astln», Bronchitis, Wheezing, Tichtncsß on the Chest, Catarrh, Hay Fever, ' Kin the rtead, *c, Ac. Sold at Ss Cd, 6s udlOß. ebsal Magnetic snbeeihg; POWDER. TMs it » most usef a! little remedy >tv very D«orm nnd rositifs character. It 'w^been ur'.ord ani used or many yews for Colds in IV- » Head, Oatvrrb ia the nose, Hay Fey I ■: na, Nasal Polypus, ond all Obstruot.ons je Ncsa oi Nasal Pwngrs. Boia at 2s, b. fiOLB PROtaIBTOEI JMancjaa ureia of Electro sad Proprietarj Jieliones, l. lia'willera of Essential Oils aao Uedi frl L-qccrß, etc., etc., 4th Avenae, New YofkCity U.B.A. - .- üßUftiin HeadO.llco and Warehousi j n. 174 William street, Mslbource, Pant.tion^ and redncirg isstullißhniKits fiioi.Dt fi.racißV GaabraoJ, Q ppßland l?cn't fail to read Description HandV* rPted fra- to^ DT %!" « «»Y *- **> >,nplicitioa,

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2403, 17 April 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2403, 17 April 1890