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K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGE If EATING'S COUGH JT^ZENGBSJ W IfEATINbS COUGH LOZEKGESi; BEATING'S COUGH tbCBNG^S.. ; If EATING'S COUGH ■ - LOZENGES* i' -'r 94, Commercial Road, Peckhara, July 12,1889. "Dear Sir, —lam a poor hand at expree? . ing may feelings on paper, but I should like to thank you, for your lozenges have don* . wonders for me in relieving my; terrible 1-', 1 cough. Since I had the ,operation' of "',, 'Tracheotomy' (the same as the late Emperor r '* i of Germany, and unlike him, thank God,' IV'C am still alive and getting OT;weU).performed 1- 1' at St. Bartholomew's Hospital for a,bduct.or paralysis of the vocal chords, no lone couM? -Ipossibly have had a more violent oougJi^ indeed it was bo bad at times that it quite exhausted me. The mucus algo,which waa very copious and hard^hW been softened, and I have been able to get rid of it without difficulty*—l am, sir, yours trulyi "Mr Kiting,". V ./^J^Bpfc.^; ■ ■ \ MEDICAIiiNoiK. The above speaks ior itwlf. From »t3rirt inquiry it appears that the .benefit') ftwaVusing Eeating'B Cough ; Lozenges, uundetr;'stated. The operation waa. a specially severe One,'and. was performed oy the , specialist, Dr H. T. Butlin, of Sfc; Bwthoto?, mew's Hospital. Sine* the oper*tibn T^ktr:; only means of relief ii th«n»e-of th«M Lozenges. •. i So successful ire" the/JtiukTofce | affords immediate benefit, althoughfroni Wm nature of the case the throat irritation kt Mr* tense. Mr Hill kindly »llow» any nieno* to be made to him.' . , , ( , IfEATING'S CiOUG^^ZEHOlffe^ r v If EATING'S COUGH LO2EXGI»" BEATING'S COUG^ LOIBNGm ,;; v K eating's couantozßifiDi^ ; Sold Bv»rywhm« in Ttt» . ' Proprietor—THOMAS KEATING, Ltmtfro. BUOOBSa SMR y 8881 TBS : holl"owai'8 "/->: pills & jiiii mms univbbsal MHDidnoi ia : J. HOUBBBOfiD aKQUIBITI IHIf * WHSBS, '•■ ««rv „.•■;/■■".. .; rzr•"■■':' , THE PILLg „ ■', . v . . , t ,v. Purify the Blood, impurt toe* to the Nem« •yitem, and act mott powerful* wtibbtldirjb: ..' r on the ■ .■.•■•• 'j-f ' ■■. 1 OVER AND BOWHLS, Piomotfng Digettie*; aatd iAauttdoa, aal endowing the whole bodily *—f with Sttcnsth7.uid vigon NervpM Headaches i Trembling with . LMritmde and Geoenf ■ Debility acickly yield to the potent force d' these well*known PilU, and they art ■< "• riTalleo in theii efficacy In all , i EM ALE COMPLAINTS, Rsmorlng all obttroctioni, •kinblearitkea pimples and boils, . better.' than . any othe tmmily medicine known. ! . THE OINTMENT HAS A WORLD. IDE REPUTATION. It heali every lc ; of Sort, Ulcers»adT . > Wound, more certainly than any other knows r > salve.. Its msTTellous penetrating ,power» r render it invaluable in all ' THROAT AND CHEST DISEASES, * Curing Bronchitis, Quinseys, and AethnM, . - " reducing Glandular Lumps, clotingTaM ■ "■' ? healing Abscesses ant'J Fittnlais, and lot , alleviating the excruciating tortura of ";! ' J RHEUMATISM, GOUT,> : : I And Neuralgia it U unsuipaMed. It nere t fails to remove Scurl and every species of aU TV . 9 disease, ' z -' "". .' '"/• ■';=', '' 'T> > The Pill* and Ointment are manntactwt • at No. 8, New Oxford/street(late^ **• ' > 6 Oxford street, London), and ore cold <by alt-<^v [ vendors of Patent Lines throoghiMt the'------j Civilized World. ' Tj ,*' Direction!* for use in almost evny 'langnaae' ' t KS* Purchasers sbci^ld look to the Labe j on Pot and Boxes. If we address and strca f, are not on they ax« spwiowi / \"- r'f' ''-^ * OJSKbo^of Oltrk'i b 41 plfti la warranteacooarealldlKihargetf/omth* urinary organs In e'thw aex (aoqalred of ' oonsUtutional), gratd; *nd palni In lh« . back. Guarantee i ttra from meworr Boid In boxea 4i 64 each, by all ehemiste and patent aedlotoe T^dori... Bole, prcr r pfletors, The Lincoln aa.dMldla.nd Connties Drug Co.. Lincoln, EnglaLtL Fot \ sale by the wholesale Honaea. r . -

207, Rne St. Honor*. Pwta, T E GRAND'S SPECIAL FBODUOT* JLI ■ —•'-■ -'' •: Hto'.-vv. Savou-Orlra (Orlsa Soan)--FroDi tte'4aew ■'■ mole of D» p. Re veil. Thvbettieat foi rendwlng th» skin whit* md Hl\ ; Sweetly s>nd refNshlnflf sujjj J-: (rose, green and white). r ; SaTon-OrUa-Veloute, - exqalsitelv ' pts*I amed £ or the toilet and bathi SaToh-Orlia Orla Boap>-^Vo: S, ntn -■ fine, in box«a, 6 oaks*, tt MqElslte ■ pexfomei^ No.l ■ i'-;r: -;. "I >-' ■- ■ "•■•.r-'t^ - OiUa-Savon-Inoorore, sapwlor ~qoalllfv^ --,■- rose tea, white liaUotoopra&d whJlt , Violei-M .-.*; ::i' ; .; -;•'--*■ (DJ^X Orlaa-Tonloa (extra«t:of i^attta^to itlta»tt - the hair—new mown^hay, ■femroM, -• violet, etc» : '„ ■■:■.■-: a'Cf] : - Orlaa-Powder—Flowers efOatollna rise } .. (or., loftantngoand refreshing tot skin; In eioeUent boxeSjirUh powdee I OiUa-V«lgite—Flowen of rioe posnlet,; adhering to the skin, wUhvtka ■pnih:-: ■ tame of hew moon hay: ' : ' : Ofitft'Flowm (whlti and a«bewd)—A» - (sioellent t toilet wstet, touts to th« ' skin, swestly tad dtUeately p«f famod ~: :.- ,"-" /-r jVj ,"--r-v> .%•-,• Aqaa-OiUa—Now toilet water, rtlMshlrv the iWtt; -;■'.' ' "'. ■:A - .' -' \'. ■'I 1 - •-■ V.ri Oilsa-Hay—A tods water with tha pat--1 ' fame of new]moon hay ■••'<■: ?r-r ■\y y Oil»-Aeldollne—ToUetvinsfar, atoasatlerv and dlsinfeeteo*, spadaily adapted for ladles 1 tcH«tr- ":. Orlsa-Sootoh-LatfiadM—SpHfS of 8»o elr lavender flowers^ a tiwtolleiwatet Bau*de-Oolo|ne-Orba| r Tha i^h*Ufa tot* ■ 'let -watoii- ■■ •- "*? ■?'- l "'.-f.'- ' ■' Qriia-Water—Oonoenttatedand; ttl-; : Kxtraot of superior B»a da 00-n#i; r Gonttea-OfLtt-Dentlfrice — An axil r ; preserving ths |»«tfc and Ingood health and r/ravanUng ds)aa| '>&"-" OrLsfi-Dehtaua, In pwrti or po» dat, el whltonlng th« teeth wlthoit aflaettef 1 - tL>enamel - .-l)': •-r "~ >-:*'^~> o^, --■ Kin Orlsa et OrUa-Lys — Porfimas : ■eentlngi linen and ■, tha handkercL'4'!- , wlthont sUlnlng : - - QilwOll— Vuloaslyporfamed; foi r«n : aerlng the hair silt and brilliant,' . • -: ■ preventbg Ifr fa'llng oil', > : Oriw-Laote (Orlr Mllk)-An smnlrlr lotion *efre«ntogtoniec*o the ski wamovlng sed spots *cd prevstsftel; wrlnkleionthe faoa ; ; '' - -; Owma Oilaa (of Nlaon de Lenclos)—-For i pwdnelng*baaßt^^hlte^^« ; *' fon with^'the eUarness snd vafvWly ! •':" ;(ofteiß»:ol"F'w* li;:' 1 •' ri;' 1-!:r- r T r-;? ■;• Ori»Hne.Oolorante, (the teat hat*dy«)Fot Imtantaneoaily dyeing tht nib : ■ to any snade, and with no dangel^r • health. la boxai, each with brwat < ; comb, prospectos, and bottla; - boxee, the bottle only wlthoit aoaaa" r:

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume xii, Issue 3402, 16 April 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume xii, Issue 3402, 16 April 1890