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KEATING »S CODGHipO^iSSB KEATINC4'S OOUQH LOZENGBB* JJEATINoS COUGH LOZfiNGE^ BEATING'S COUGI*, LOCENGE& K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. : 94, Commercial Road, Peckham, : ..._ - July 12,1889. "Dear Sir,—l am a poor hand at exprea* ing may feelings on paper, but I should like to thank you, for your lozenges have done : wonders for me in relieving my .terrible cough. Since I had the operation of ■tracheotomy' (the same as the late Emperor of Germany, and unlike him; thank- God. I amcf ti3i a^e »nd getting on well) performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital for abduct, or paralysis of the Vooal chords, no? one :eould possibly have had a more violenVoonghj indeed itvras so bad at time* that it quite " exhausted me. The mucus also, which; was very copious and'hftrd^hfct^ii^en^fteiied, f *°i * jwfcbeen able^getsuLciifc without difficulty,—l am, air, yours tiuly.' v...: "Mi T.Keating,'' ',^ The above speaks for itself, i From JMst inquiry it appears that the benefit "from using Keating'a Cough Lozenges is. understated. The operation was,- a 'specially ; severe one, and waß performed Dr. the specialist, Dr H. T. Butlin, of St.'BartlioWv mew's Hospital.. Since the bperaticifta* only means of relief is the os« of tiieee Lozenges. So aucresaful «re ibey that ea« affords immediate benefit; although: from tfte nature of the cane the throat irritationiis ia» ','' tense. Mr TTi» kindly allows any refeeenee % to be made to him. •. „r ~ : r - . ' COUGH LOZENGWI l/EATING'B COUGH LO2E2fQjBL * BEATING'S COUGH LOZUTGEB. - I^EAOJING'S COUGH LOZENGBft Proprietor—THOMAS KEATING, I«n4«ik ~SUOOBSb IHB BCBI IKB ..,;'. :;;^:^,-""-. PILLS &JOINTMENT. fIIHIB UNIYBBfIAL MBDIOmi Ifl M. HOUSEHOLD aEQUIBIT* ItlBT THI FILLS • --, Purify the Blood; impart tone to tfc« N<*rew •fftem, and set most powerMy fctsoothkdf ■ on the , •• !.:■■::• r^-'-c' -*-'„•-.■ - -'" LIVER AND BOWELS, ,- Promoting Digestion and Asrintiktios).f sa I endowing the whole bodily firasae ; with Strength and tigor. Nsrvbag- HttdseW Tiemblings, with Lsaritude ind^Gcntsni Debility quickly yield to the potent force o then well-known Pills, snd they are «a* riTftlleo in thdi efficacr in all ■ r.c ' : i EMALE COMPEAIKTS; - RemoTing all obitructions, •kmbleodiiMS pimples and boils; better than any otht famuy medicine known. '-•'' r ■■„-:' THE OWTMENT , , HAS A WORLD. IDE REPUTATION. It heals every k rof Sore, Ulcer snd Wound, more certainly than any other knows salve. Its marvellous penetrating powen render it invaluable in all . [ ■ •' , r ,: - THROAT AND CHEST DISEASES. .- Curing Bronchitis, Quinseys, and AsUmbsw reducing Glandular -Lumps,* doting sad healing Abscesses rani Fistulas,' and Tlof alleviating; the excruciating tortnres (A RHEUMATISM,, GOUT, : ; t r And Neuralgia it is ; unsurpassed. It neve (ails to remove Scurf and every species of ski dise?.EC -, . "-.,,"'., \^'.-y: ---iy.: " The Pills and Ointment are manuractort at No. 8, New Oxford-street (late;- 533 Oxford street, London), and are sold byiSl vendors of Patent Lines trlroujthout ths ; Civilized World. ™ ; --.' " Directions for use in almost every lsngnjin IW Purchasers should look to the X,sbt on ?ot and Boxes. If me sd<btu aad'sir** are not on they are aptuiou ri • ■- ■■ ;.-•.) . OJSK bos of 01»tk's. 841 plHris wstranteo. to onre all dlsehargee f^om U>« orlnsry organs in sith«i s«x(aoqolrad of constitutional), gravsl *nd psins in tb» back. Guaranteed : ftes fiom instouy Bold In boxes 4b 6d •aob, by all ohssnists and patent medlolne vendors. 861s proprietorß, The lincoba sad ( Midland Coin, tieii Drag Co. Lincoln, EcglaLd. Yot ■sle by the whoieeale Honees. .; ; : Onsa £$$w*Mk< 207, Rne St. Honore,Psiu>, v r T E GSAND'B SPECIAL PRODUOTS Savoa-Orfxa (Orlia Soap)— From ibefot. mole of Dr Q. ReveU. Thebe»ts<iap foi rendering the skin white sh^«oft. Sweetly and refreihinsjlf " sesjnW (rooe, green and white). "•;: -1 : Savon-Orlsa-Yeloate^ exqnUitelv pev* 1 tamed for the toilet and b»th» . Savon-Orli* Orin Soap)— No. 8, exin fine, in boxes,' 8 cakes, 11 exqulsits [ perfumes, No. 1 \-- }i '\- ' }-*\ OrtM-Sstvon^Liooroie,, soperiov qfiiilty, rose tea, white bellotiope and white • tiolet- 01. ,; . ,:■ -,>J^ .--^-^o Oiisa-Tonioa (extwot of Tplsnti)l .treiteinse the calf—new mown hsy, tJoenoM, • ■ violet, eto. i; -■■"' ■ '■: ,„• -. '-i.- f ,, Ojlaa-Powder—Flowen of OarollnVitte 1 fot softening and rtfreshrng tha f skin jln exosUent boxes, with powdee puff Oilia-Veloate—Flowets of rice ■powdee, adhsilng to the skin,; with -tha pet' fame of new moon nif >« ■ v"^ OiUa-Flowen (white and amWedJ—Ak exoellent/toilet; watei, tonic to: thf skin, sweetly end deUcatelf :p>i fumed ■ j.-_ • „"•; -'' , u "",L^.;" Aqua-OilM—Naw toilet watev, iefreshlp& the akin • Orlxa-H»y—A toile watei with the pef fame of new moon nay \ :.; Oitia-Aoldalins—ToUet vlnegat, eiobiatia , aud ! diilnfeetant, speoially adapted fot ladies 1 tcMets, ": „: -V OelM'Sootoh-Lavwder—Spiigf of B^y^eh lavbndet flowers j eneh toilet watei S*u-d«.Qolbgne-Orisa—Tbe t • h-Ufa' tol. -' let wates •;■. "i /. -::-.v ': :i;-Oflsa-Watai—Oonoentrated and; ill ' v Extraot of superior Baa da 0 o :ne Goattes-Orisa-Dentlfrloe>-An ezfii \ • preserving the teeth, and gains In good health andprerentlng decay Orlxa-Dentaiie, Ik dsbUi of jpow An, ef whltonlng th« teeth withoit aifeetlni Hi enamel .•. ■ . Em Orlaa et Orlsa-tyi — Peifumes f0 aoonting linen and the handketeL!a without italnlng . OilwOU—Variously perfumed _; toi tek aerlng thß hair gift and brilliant, .[ preventlog i fr " -fa'llng^fl: Orla»-L«cte (Orirr Milk)-An emalsiv „ ictlo^ 'efreßCirig tonio to the ski removing "d =poU *cd prevesifr wtiakle* on the feoe Oreme Orisa (of Ninon de LenolosV—Foi 1 pioduelng » beantlfol white ooaiplex ion with ths eleamesi and velvety softness of youth , „ , • Oi!«allne.Oolorante fthe, beat habdyefc-. F6l lnstantaneooily dyeing the halt to any snade, and with no dangs> health. In boxes, each with brttess oomb, ptospectoi, and bottle; or boxes, the bottle onlj without aocei ; soeirt , . "

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2401, 15 April 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2401, 15 April 1890