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'CTATiy /TJTFOBf^i 1 WHOLE? Al* J . - j Globe.. ■ ' Theaa Goods ma ba procured from the iolloTtfng,— RAKAIA-O. Hardy asd Co.. Merchant i Thw unrivalled Herbal Medicinesi are ShmCVn Sgg absoW mfcrpuod in THB BALSAM OF PARADIBE, FGB ALL JAJNG AHD THKOAT DISEASES A Bronchitis, A»thmß, Wheering, Ooaghs, Oo Fog Jever, Sore Throat, Bleeding from Tightness on tho Ohest, Inflammation of Lnngß, Collapse of the Air Oelli, Induction o fLungß, Congestion of Lungs, eto-, etc. It w the only medicine known to mankind that will oompletely cure Consumption in its early fitacofc It ii composed of choioa f rnita, flower seed- gums, bahams, and herbs. It renovates and fattens the weakest constitution, alike ol vonnjf or old. It la eweedingly pleaßant tc take and cawos an immediate improvement Kiwhotake it. Sold in betHea at 2, 6d 4b, 6t, and 10s. THB BOOM OF THB OOMfNG OHNTTJB t H B. Kugelreann'a BLBOTEIO 1538 EN OF. An external remedy for all pains or achoa, Nothing hke this haa ever been known, and nothing else -will ever equal it. If you have a rheumatism or gonty pain that you do not caro about, obtain a bottle of this Electric Essence and it will make you happy, Pso it forßorainad banks, kneelcints, all swellings, dropsy, back ache, eciatlca, neuralgia, weak nines, lumbago, contractions, lameness. crampß, quinsy, mumps, diphtheria, croup, and for all pains and achos. Never bo without it for snake bite, and all bitea of insects oi stingß, and for burns cuts and soalds. Prior Ifltidaid 7 H. B. KUGELMANN'S EYK OIKTi«ENE AND ANOPYN BMOLIEST. fhia is undoubtedly the finest Pbarme centicil product of the century. An imraodiat aure for chilblains and frost>bitO3. Nothing hitherto known oan compare with this Oint • imntfor ita marvollons excellence, elegance of CJtabiration and f=nporior effectiveness. It will euro all eye disease, as Sun Blight, Sandy 31ight, Watery Blight, tfattar or Hnmpry filis' 1* Inflammation of Lyes anl Lidn, Ohro»^ Opthalmia. and all and every Bye Ih>-*M5' and as well it ia ttw best and nicest thing poarfbli for Fly Bite, Mcaqiito Bitos or t=tHnga of Boorpion?, (Jent'pcdoa, bpidors, otc, and for flora Throat*, <;ojghs, Wurup3 : Quinsy etc it ia aimjv/ pplon-3id. Ah v,cat nervoar poraons should ace ir, to rub wdl in down the ' lpine and en tbo etomach. We guarantee that all who use tlra'cmce will noror be withoßt it, Sold only ia jar* at 2* >s<l an-1 taoh, H. B. KUaiiLMa.NN'B HflBE.iL MAttSBTIO OISTMSNT, Ihis nnriTaueu Herbal product is onloub^ily tho beat Olntrnout ovor elaborated <jcnringold aorps, ba-i lop, uloora, fistnlo3 Alt*,, bleoding p«ea, truptioas of the akl» brokaa chilblains, cuts, wounds, etc, c.3 ot< In jatß at U % 9A, e«- aad 6i o!iah • • • > '^ H^S HJCRBAL. MAQNSTIO TOXIC AND STOMAQH aESTOaKi^ For all liver compfotots, bilbnar.ess, jaun dice, congjstod lircr, enlarged livor and splosi Ungnof, oroxeinoes,- paina bstwesn ta ehouldora chronic in-Ugsatjon and all storaac comolaiuta, hoartburn,- flatulency, ay Btoawa, vomittmq of food, 13.« of appent tjck hondcyjbe, aorvon^os^ narvous dobilit proflttation, 3n3 t!i2 con 7 vloficin^ aU^.KJ o{ a, ncnto diaaas^ dcld in boto^a at 6s And mch, 118 '^ArUIIA.L ELEOTHIG PUi'IFIEa. U-3 medicin'j na.-, no eq«al for ail 10->. -*km duwaees, ocrto-tl? tree froai ratrcary ; Ci*.c, an<i all niiD" d? tg'J, S-voi taiU t < >:-:ths wonst foinn of Borofc. 1-*, fnurvy, f <e^s \ir.h, u'ecia, ftbessaafi, £otv logn and reacts, and a!; dis-nisa h.iv.Qj? th->ir origin lr, the bloo-i. It will worfc wondera ln ( .«r;rj B »30 vyitliout oiOsprr)n.~' Joa handbook, la d,Cs ca, aad 12« 6d each bottle. TH3 FLUID HEIJSiL LIFE Thia i* tho soul o! plant?, and aDiolutt •pacific for chronic i.oaralgia, fcvceaih •, tooth jho, tic dolorous, swollen iaco, gumbiu, anrf .cche, I'iice Is 9d and 3* rer bottlf, DB fIERBAL HAGKET]CO LlVhtt PJhL Thca Pills are onvivallcd, and eupcrior ttll oharß for all lWcr tronblefl, biliousne b CO3tivene3S, piddiuoaa, indigestion, mad and heartburn. Thoy aro componei solely of the vital properties of horb3, are contod and Vxstole«B. At Is 9d aad 3s each. These honW bo kept in every houw, a» thny are enra (or nambirl"3 15 Ulbrau CEILOHBH'd VITAL ESSBHOB. This ia a liquid lood medicine, prepared and tdiptod exclaaivoly for permanently removing ailments urid distaaes of infants and children in overy country and climate It gives lifo,energv, flesh, bane and muaclo to rue rail and nr^te-i infant, ac<l will restore the ncnlih. vitality, vigour, and plr.mpness of the Teak, diaeasoJ, or sickly child. Being ♦leawut to take, it is raadily taken by all?old in two Biz 93 only, price 2a 64 aad 5s each vith oit truarantea attached, without whroh ancot be genmno. iiEBBAI MVGHKTIO flTHli 057 i Th:s nnrivallel Herbal O-<mponnd is nntjoubt&dlv the bo?t all Asthmatioal coiipi<»int3 and JJi>knlt Brsathing, as Dry Asthma Hamid Aathma, Spasmodic Agtima, N-T7OU6 Astlima, Broachitiß, Whacziag Teblao33 on tin Chest. Oitarrh, Hay Fever, 'Jolds in t»io riead, Ac, &h SoJ 1 ob 3a <3d, 6e nd lCs. POWDBB, 't'M^ 'f * most waefnl little rcKiGd? »f v *zrj niioDa and • os:ti?9 character. It ar>aboc», orieed aui n red or miny yoErs for Ool«?a ie lr i'RfM, C'vtMrr'i ia tho nose, Hay I?)v:r «in, N^sal Po'ypuq, and r,H Obstruct Hcbo or Naial P«3-.»n9. Soia at 2a, a. SOLE PKOI-HIETOiU Manutiictarcro cf Elcotno cad Prorrictin Melioinoa, Dia.ilbra of Es^&tiU Oils aqc Medial Lqa-jra, etc., etc.,4t\ Avcnns, N?w YofkOrt? U.S.A. AU«ri!wa y»dOHci and W .rehouse; L ni 171 Wi'.U.iai stni'.'f, UDlbourne, W.-PlacfciUon^ anil reiaoicg ciitttbli3ha?/..>8 f lionat cT.rArtiao,' UfeusbrjosJ, Gippsland L'on't fail to ,6-Mi Ojoo.-iption Uanlv o»tjtl fro to a? "'v ox »a? *■« •! >,np.i« lioo

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2399, 12 April 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 1 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2399, 12 April 1890