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YE AUNG'S COU&HLOZENO&9 ■I/EATING'S" COUGH * LOZENGES. K EATINGS COUG& LOZENQES.! v ■/EATING'S COUGH LOCEfTGE^' K EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES; 94, Commercial Road, Peckham, "- ■ July 12,1889.' "Dear Sir,—l am a poor hand at expresing may feelings on paper, but I should like -. to.thank you, for your lozenges have'done wonders for me in relieving myx terrible cough. ' Since I had the operation ;of •Tracheotomy' (the same as the late Emperor of Germany, and unlike him, thank. God,: I am still alive and getting on Wjejl) performed at St. Bartholomews Hospital for abduct, or paralysis of the; vocal 'chords, no ope could possibly have had a .more violent cough!; - indeed it was bo bad at times that-it'quite exhausted me. The mucus also; "which vrtto very copious and hard/has been reoftened, and I have been; able to get rid of it without difßculty.—lam,.sir,,youw truly, V,, , ■ ,x "Mr fc Keating," „ , : f »NF*Hna.- , '■• ..'Mbdio^lNoie. . ". •".".;' 4 The above gpeaks for itSetti- *rbm kfttel inquiry it ajroeara < that the' benefif'frVil using Heating's Cough Lozenges is under--stated. The operation was 1 a specially severe one, and -wait perforfned By**** specialist, Dr H. T. Butlin, of St Butholo* mew's Hospital.: Since the operation;tli« only means of, relief is, the use of ftheM( Lozenges. So successful are.they.ttabona affords immediate benefit, althougafrom tba nature of the case the throat irritation lain* tense. Mr Hill kindly, allows any reference to bemad© to him. 1 J v • ,:t i. „■ '■ K EATING'S COUGBE LOZENdfISS..' f ' If EATING'S COUGH f.LOZENGES;;;, '•;; COUQH LOZE^pß^' -v K EATING'S COUGH LOZENQBS. .Sold „., -'^fj> Proprietor—THOMAS KEATING, Lwiiy BUOOBBB IHB BIBT TBB ; ; ; '; •. wcm (;vv" v'.Z :-\!^ : fITEOB T7NIYBBBAL MKDIODni II' '^ X HOUBKHOUD nKQUIBITI IfKBX » : „.' '.TH"I; PILLB i'l^'-r'S* Porlfy the Blood, impart toot toUttNwvm lyitem, and act most poweifdly r*twoO^«lf v on the . ■,- , " „,, ...,^T * • UVBlt AND -B^WBLS, , Pipmbtlng tHgettieo and A-'~"iMtii. Ml endowing the; whole, bodily fn««, -^,' Strength and Tigor. Nerroa Hi^i^i^r ? Tremblingi, with Lavitade and Gma , Debility quickly yield to Uw potent force o;' J the«e well-known Pilli, and they art ta> riTaUeointheiiefficacvlnaU > f : > s ' i : r. xEMALB COMPLAINTS,^i; V;*f Removing all obstructions,, akin bbobfce* . pimplet and boili, better ta»3: say «tkf.)";: family medicine known., ; J,: - ,-; ? THEoijmiENT . f ::j,. HAS A WORLD.V IDE REPUTAT|<^f;.; It feeali every k of Sore, Ulcer and Wound, more certainly thananr other kabwa'^ lalTe. IU m^rvellout penetrating powen'; render it inTahubleinall ,' r -.ft •>'* i»"3 v"' - THROAT AND CHEST DISEASBS, Curing Bronchitia, Qainicyi, and AilltHw 11 reducing Glanduliu ■ .rljunp*, <claringiiawi> r ' healing Abscesses: mt.[ VvfclMM,, un& 3m \ alienating the excruciating tortam olt r>« r^ RHEUMAT)(SS, GO#T, :^,;;.. And Neuralgia it is. unsutpaMed,\ftjMr»»,r^ fails to remove Scurf and eVery species 0f5k1 , ;,.; disease. -J r- -J -'-'v," ,'.'' ."';": ~ ::\\'": -.'" c''i'--'-The Pills and Ointment are mannfactire at No. 8, New Oxford street (late 533 ',' Oxford street, London),' and are sold by ail - : vendors of Patent Lines throufheut thl ' Civilized World. . ■ ■ Directionb for use. in almost every !■■£■ afg ' Pwrchasers should look to the Labe ■■' on Pot and Boxes. If vie additst raa4 strea :. are not on they axe spirjoiu . ; /^^.j iiit:--v, OWE bo^ of Clark'a mil pUU U watrautea co enre all dl*oharge«?/on*'^«* ? arlnary organs In either aex (aoqnlrcd of ocnstiiiutlonal), grard and palm In th« back. Gcirantecd tree from sneieUT Bold in boxes 4a 6d s«eh^by all ohemlsta and patent mediolna Tiendonuvl floli pro> prietonr, The/Llnooln and Bildland Ooan* tIM [Drug Ca. Llneoln, England, cf& sale by the whotosala Hooiei.; -• '■; , , Onza ; SOT, Bne St. Honor*, Parfc^ T E GRAND'S SPECIAL PBODUGTB Saron-Orlia (OrUa Bc«p)—*re*i the, foi> mule of D. Q. ReVellJ the be*t^oap : for rendering tkeikln^whlte and sjofk Bwet9tiy and refmhlnfly ■««««• . (roie, green anoVwhito). Savon Orisa-Veloate, exquisitely pat*. fumed for the toilet and bath. SaTon-Oilia Ortaa Soap)— No. V*xt» fine. In boxei, 6 eaktf, 11 raqilaltt perfumei. No. 1 loi ca ' Orim-SaTon-lnooroni r raperlor qvalltirf , role iaa, wUh» i.lloUoj). aal irhfti - vdVi ! x *• ... 3^*'^ 1 Oiiia-Tordoa (exiraet 6f planU) toat^WM;; the haii—mw mown hay,-^e«aroM, OrUa-Powder-Flowenof Oarolrnajio»i foi softening and rerreihla/tia 1 skin; In axttUtfttb^xee, whlTpiwia. ■■ aprtfl j «-!i <■"•■! . „ Orlm-Veloate—Flowsw of rlo» powday, adaailng to th* skl»i wltk ir p^itume of new moon hay ... o;uft-no OrUa-Flowen (whlU and aatbetwd)r^Ai : •xoeUent toilet Watn, tonle to th* ! skin, sweeUy aad dtlloateJy p« •Jumad.. -:: .i-"'.'-U-- T, -■>. "v 3. I'^ Aqu-OiiM-New tollat water, talia«W»i f» Cthilkln^ I" „^, Orlsa-Hay—A toiU water with ibi ptf fame of new moon hay '" Orftt-Aoldallne—Toilet Tlnegaf, arqmafcU and disinfectant^ specially adafiii Orlsa-Sootoh-Larfctdet—Sptlgs-4>l8«o c* ; larendar nowmf^fehtonatwV* Kau-de-Oologna-Orba—f^a lvh-L'fa tol. : Ist watai-nr;ijoo?-:'.v >.sv7-a ira-ij. Orlia-Water—Oonoentvaied and itl . Eitratot of s*perloriß*B d« o^na Gouttee-Oiis«-Dentlfrtea exu'» . preserving the taetk -and gnaM ra good health,and ptavantlngdaeaylj OrU»-Dentalre, In pj»«^ or pow de»i iff ;: whitening th* teeth wlthoat afacalag : tkaenamel *"-;r ';.;,/ "fuV-; EsiOrlia etOrli»L>s-Perfume.>o seentlng Unen and the handkarttfa wlthont italnlng ~ - : OrUa-OHT-Vwlouslypatfumed:; Soften ' derlng the hair ti*ft and btUllant,; : preventing Ifr falling off: < u/. lotion fefresblng tonic to Ita ik| r korapvlng iied spots «ud preventfr wtlnllei on the ftee ■, / Oreme Orlia (of Ninon de Lent>los)—Fof psodMlng•• beiitUml whiteeomnlex Jon with^^*«cOJ|Mn«»iriiß4[Til?iif>! Jpftnaai.'ofifPW^rrA hsuil'^.i Orl«alin?qolorti?te tor lnrtan*f«^l»J%»tog J»f„ Kalil w , to any anad*i and with Jno. danger health. In bores; each with him . oomb, protp«rt»s, and bottle; ct 1!■; r boxea, thaootUa only wUhoataoeat , h to^^i ' ■ ' ' ' -. •'■■ '■■>' ■

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6, Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2397, 10 April 1890

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Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 Ashburton Guardian, Volume VII, Issue 2397, 10 April 1890